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There are three levels of living (lifestyle) and two states of being (identity & existence).

You must of have heard of Man being created in the tripartite state: Spirit, Soul & Body, but this best form of living & existence was lost when mankind fell.
Mankind encountered spiritual death, which doesn’t mean cessation of existence, but separation from God and utter powerlessness to influence perfect living.
Hence the first level of living which people are on, is:

1. The BODY.
The ruling principle here is SIN: everyone was corrupted by sin and even believers today who are without sin nature present in them, are here on this level still subject to its promptings & mortality.
Actions carried out here in scripture are called “Deeds of the body”; this forms the first part of the two-part state of being called FLESH.
People who live on this level make decisions based on pleasure & pain, their view & outlook on life, choices too are entirely based on feelings & physical senses; “it pleases me so it is good”; they don’t live with a sense of something greater but how they feel.
“I’m angry with you so I cuss you out; I see an opportunity to gain stuff, I take it; no references to sin or such, I like I do; YOLO - let’s eat, drink and enjoy life before we die” life on this level is as it appeals to moods, feelings, and human propensities & proclivities.
There is really little or no notion of faith in an invisible being, as of course invisibility is imperceptible to natural senses, and life here is ruled by physical impulses.
There’s no pleasing God here; it’s all about pleasing feelings. Some examples of people living on this level are the unsaved, the heathen, the Godless, the faithless, Agnostics; a notable philosophy of life here is Hedonism.
Habits on this level not only enslave (in addictions), but are generally unhealthy, indisciplined and lacking restraint hence though are a characteristic of a spiritually-dead state, often very easily lead to physical death too.
The next level of living which people are on is:

2. The MIND.
This in no way implies that those who live on the level of the body don’t use their mind but realm of dominance here is mind-power, logic, intellect, knowledge, morality.

The ruling principle here is the LAW.
On this level, a deeper soul search and observation of life, nature, society & reason teach that people cannot afford to live their lives wholly on feelings. And it is at this point the concept of morality and its consequences come in.
Now although not everybody had the laws of Moses, which became one of the earliest codices on the the rule of morality and ethical living (especially from a divine point of view), but the underlying principle of both the Law and all other moral laws is Good works.
Romans 2:12-16 teaches that even gentiles who don’t have Moses’ Law could equally be punished for breaking it in principle because its underlying themes (without the writ) are already on people’s consciences.
e.g. Societies that knew nothing of the 5th commandment already trained their people to honour their parents; because mankind innately knew, and wherever it was gotten right morally, a model had been laid for others to follow. Except those who deliberately violate conscience.
Actions carried out here, according to Scripture are called “Deeds of the Law”, and in their broad form, popularly known as Morals or ethical principles.
This forms the second part of the two-part state called the FLESH.
Morality can be flawed, conscience can be polluted, knowledge can be erroneous; living on this level doesn’t mean people are free from the sin-stain; the difference however is that they have an idealistic goal they strive at attaining.
People who live on this level make their choices of good & evil based on a standard of morals & ethics they believe to be necessary for living, e.g. Pro-life & Pro-choice are both moralistic/ethical views on one topic “Abortion”.
People’s understanding of morals is broad and sophisticated; could be rigid or flexible but choices here even when they’re to serve physical cravings are justifiable or excused by some sort of moral, ethical standing.
“It is good” or “it is bad”, Right or Wrong comes into play here.

And honestly It is relatively closer to the knowledge of God than just living to pleasure, but it is still far off on its own. Laws may compel people to act a certain way, but cannot make a person be good.
Standards are strong in some areas and weak in some others; and the desire and will to do what one knows to be good does not always amount to the ability to do it, and all the time.
“I don’t smoke, it’s bad for my health” but you’re an alcoholic and excessive drinking is bad for your health too. “I don’t cheat on my spouse” but you’re mean & bitter to people. It excuses you in one but condemns you in another.
There’s no pleasing God here: one can live on this level and be an Atheist, worship a false god, worship a Cosmic effect, or try to please even the true God yet fail on this level, ending up on the same level as the one who was out to please their senses outrightly.
Even the Jews who received the Law of Moses, being obligated to it, fall in this category as well.

All human philosophies lie either in the first plane or mostly in this: philosophies of pain, indifference, wealth, gnostism, polytheism, monotheism, atheism.
For all have sinned.
Both living according to the body and its desires, or a human notion of truth brings you back to the same result. The imperfection of your own humanity is not fixed; whether you live by thoughts or feelings, miss it and you are condemnable before God.
This level of living is what Paul the Apostle described in Romans 7; assenting to the Law with the mind but unable to produce life on that level because of the ruling principle of sin present the body.
Both form the state of being called FLESH.
The third level of living and the only other state of being, opposed to FLESH is:

3. The SPIRIT.

The ruling force here is the Spirit of God: here you’re raised to an elevated state, a new creature: beyond what sense living, or powerless idealistic living can give you.
This is what is called being “born again”, the true Christian life. Everyone who believes Jesus Christ was given to them to raise them from the old state into this new is given God’s Spirit as they await their new bodies.
Only in this state is Mankind a perfect representation of the wholeness God’s divine nature espouses: the three (3) in one (1). The most important part of you is raised, but even more, God comes in to live there by His Spirit.
The imperfections of the body, and the failings of standard cannot restrict this life in the Spirit, and even though this body is still subject to the rule of mortality, the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead overrides it through faith.
For instance: peradventure the body falls ill like the next person, by recognizing and acknowledging that the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in it, its healing is brought about, hence you overcome natural imperfections.
A person who was a slave to compulsive addictive behavior, by recognizing & acknowledging the Spirit now living in them, would begin producing fruits of righteousness.
Actions carried out here, according to Scripture are called “Fruit of the Spirit” not “deeds” (like the others, having an idea of Work) because it is like a fertile ground or womb where what is planted in, at the right time grows out itself.
Practical right living is observed in people here because by the Spirit they’re helped to put to death the deeds of the body, and are also made free from the failings of the obligations to the deeds of the law.
A person who was entirely limited to human strengths, capacities & knowledge could begin to demonstrate supernatural giftings of wisdom & power that builds people into a better & stronger life.
This state of living in the Spirit while having the mind and body ruled by it is the highest level of living and the most powerful there is. Your life is pleasing to God and you don’t stand condemned before God when you slip because you’re raised by the Spirit into higher.
Romans 8 describes this life so well: you get to engage every part of you in righteousness; especially your spirit which none of the other levels can; including conversing in a spiritual language with God, a language too high for mind & body yet specific & detailed to your needs.
Living on this level and in this state is True Life, which doesn’t end with this body’s decay but continues forever. It is so powerful that it would eventually raise the body into a new form.
If you want to begin to live in the Spirit, even while you have this body & mind you just have to believe & confess that Jesus Christ died for your sins and was raised for your justification/acquittal, that He is your Lord & Master, He does the rest...

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