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Thread: About that Mueller Report…

1. The dust has settled somewhat since the redacted Mueller report was flung to the far corners of the US by AG Barr. There have been tons of analyses – from all sides of the political spectrum.
2. You will note that the Democrats’ narrative has shifted from “release the report,” to “release the unredacted report,” to “Barr misrepresented the report’s conclusions,” to now impugning Barr’s integrity and calling for his impeachment!
3. What up with that? AG Barr has been the epitome of a reasoned, dispassionate, unflappable, and TRUTHFUL attorney general – as all of us have seen when we watched his responses in congressional hearings to date – ….
3A. … not the least of which was that Democrat character assassination slander-fest perpetrated by Senate Democrats on 1 May!
4. The real news made during his Senate testimony was his disclosure that he’s looking into the origins of the Special Counsel’s investigation, i.e., whether the predicate was false to begin with (we know the answer to that one since the fake dossier was opposition research!).
5. That, tied with DoJ OIG Horowitz’s rpt that will be released within the next month, have driven the Democrats absolutely insane with fear, & that’s the reason they are going after AG Barr with all guns blazing! They seek to discredit him in the eyes of the public. Won’t work!
6. The one-two punch of Barr’s internal investigation and the OIG rpt is going to flatten Dems. And the political consequences for them are dire! And the fact that the Mueller rpt is essentially over now, and Dems didn’t get what they wanted, has shifted their narrative BIGLY!
7. Democrats don’t want to discuss the report itself any more, but I do. Here are some excerpts from an excellent summary of what was wrong with the report itself (despite the fact that the president was exonerated!):

8. [There was] No Attempt to Grapple with the Investigation’s Troubling Underpinnings. Russiagate in many ways appears to be the fruit of a poisonous tree of epic proportions. Allegations of a treasonous Russian conspiracy led to beyond novel legal theories, ….
8A. … including the ludicrous invocation of the Logan Act, pervasive unmasking, spying on a presidential campaign by a political adversary based in part on a salacious and unverified dossier gleaned from sketchy Russian sources by a foreign agent and ….
8B. … paid for by an opposition campaign, chicanerous circularity in the warrants backing the spying, the use of informants to perhaps entrap campaign members, a deluge of leaks (some of which were illegal), and much else.
9. [There was] No Discussion of Whether the Special Counsel’s Appointment Was Legitimate. A special counsel must be appointed based on a criminal investigation. The Mueller special counsel stemmed from a counterintelligence investigation.
9A. A special counsel’s scope must be tailored to “a specific factual statement of the matter to be investigated.” The Mueller special counsel order did not seem to adhere to this standard, and in practice, its scope was virtually unlimited.
10. [There was] No Discussion of Special Counsel’s Perceived Bias. The appearance of conflict based upon the composition of the special counsel team is striking.
10A. To highlight the affiliations of just a few members: Andrew Weissmann attended Hillary Clinton’s election night 2016 party and cheered on Obama DOJ holdover and former acting attorney general Sally Yates’ defying of a directive from President Trump.
10B. Democrats with deep ties to the administration under which the Russia investigations commenced, as well as Donald Trump’s presidential opponent, predominated in the special counsel’s office.
11. [The report skated] Over the Papadopoulos Predicate for the Collusion Investigations. The Mueller report asserts that the investigation into collusion began when a foreign official (presumably unnamed former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer) ….
11A. … told the FBI that Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos conveyed to him that the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton that could help the Trump campaign.
11B. There is not even an attempt to grapple with the theory that Papadopoulos was set up, based on sketchy approaches from USG informants and foreign counterparts who seemed to be fishing for validation from Papadopoulos that he had knowledge about this Russian “dirt.”
12. [The report] Never Mentions Steele or His Dossier in the ‘Collusion’ Section. Amazingly, in spite of the centrality of former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele’s so-called dossier to former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page’s Foreign Intel Surv Act (FISA) ….
12A. … warrant applications, and the dossier’s dissemination across the highest levels of the intelligence community and law enforcement, neither Steele nor his dossier are mentioned once in the collusion section of the Mueller report.
13. [The report excluded] Relevant Information About Numerous Actors. It is simply stunning the level of exculpatory evidence or at least needed context the Mueller report omits. While Steele and his dossier merit their own section, here are several other significant examples:
13A. [These were not mentioned in the report: Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS; Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya; Felix Sater’s “colorful background and career as an IC asset; Oleg Deripaska had served as an asset to Mueller’s FBI dating back to 2009; and Stefan Halper!]
14. [The report raises] Potential Russia Violations about Trump Not Applied to Clinton. The Mueller report explores the novel theory that the infamous June 2016 Trump Tower mtg between senior campaign officials and Veselnitskya could have had campaign finance law implications.
14A. [Given] the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee funding of the Steele dossier, …. should not the special counsel’s office have investigated the Clinton campaign for campaign finance violations associated with the Steele dossier?
15. The special counsel appears to have purposely sought to exclude any details pointing to an attempt to frame the Trump campaign by doctoring a Trump-Russia collusion narrative and entrapping campaign members, ….
15A. … in spite of the fact there was no collusion, and ample evidence backing such a theory.


Read the rest of this excellent analysis here:…
16. My turn. I am also greatly bothered by the fact that Mueller says nothing about the Podesta brothers (John and Tony) and their connections to Oleg Deripaska and to Putin-connected bankers and anti-Magnitsky Act Russian government advocates through their lobbying firm.
17. John Podesta of course was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager in 2016, and was directly involved in the false Russiagate narrative when his e-mails were compromised (his access password was "password"!).
18. The Podestas worked for exactly the same suspicious Russians and Ukrainians that Manafort did and were never mentioned by the Mueller report even though their profits were about $150 million, whereas Manafort gained about $67 million.
19. Further, about two weeks before Manafort was whacked by several Mueller indictments on various financial crimes charges totally unconnected to the Trump campaign (including FARA violations), and preceding his short stint as Trump campaign manager by as much as 11 years, ….
19A. … the Podesta brothers' 20+ year old lobbying firm suddenly and for no apparent reason finally registered under FARA stipulations as an agent of foreign entities and lobbies and also suddenly dissolved itself and siphoned and distributed all its assets ….
19B. … in small packets to a bunch of new dummy "P.O. Box" corporations that would be difficult to trace and prosecute. There are no such things as coincidences!
20. It appears clearly that someone inside Mueller's team (who could have been ANY of the 17 Clinton-sycophant lawyers on the team, e.g., Andrew Weissmann or Jeannie Rhee) leaked the Manafort indictment in advance.
21. This would have been done so the Podesta brothers could protect themselves and cover their tracks "legally" because they had huge liabilities for the same financial crimes as Manafort, and even more indications of corruption and collusion with Russian and Ukrainian agents.
22. And then, is it not a bit unusual that Christopher Steele, Stefan Halper, and Professor Mifsud – all known British intelligence and FBI informants – have entirely magically disappeared from any public traceability and are unavailable for follow-on investigations ….
22A. … as to who tasked them to do what they did in honeypot entrapment operations against minor low-level Trump campaign associates?
23. And now we have Azra Turk (an FBI operative working for Halper as a "research assistant") and the FBI counter-intelligence operatives who infiltrated VP Pence's intelligence briefings and meetings (including the wife of Pence's chief of staff, ….
23A. … who happened to be working as an "analyst" for FBI seditionist traitor Peter Strzok).
24. Yet the Mueller report – which is a horrendously partial, partisan political hack job – does not mention their roles at all!
25. The report is silent about the real Dem & UK gov't collusion with the Russians (& Ukrainians!) to steal the 2016 election for Hillary, & then to bring down President-elect Trump. This stinks of a massive conspiracy as bad as anything from the KGB/NKVD days of Lavrentiy Beria!
26. There is NO WAY that such a conspiracy could have been carried by so many principals of so many US intelligence and law enforcement agencies without total direction, approval, and control by the Obama White House, including Barack Obama himself!
27. No wonder the Dems’ narrative has shifted to attacking AG Barr; they know (or at least suspect) what is in the offing! Fortunately, @POTUS’s legal team is ahead of the game and have sent AG Barr a letter that scorches the Mueller rpt on legal grounds:…
28. This letter sets the table for the release of the OIG rpt, as well as the completion of AG Barr’s investigation of the predicate for the Mueller investigation. @POTUS is in counter-attack mode, and the Democrats are going to experience Trumpenfreude first hand! ///The end.
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