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Orwellian Cloud Hovers Over Russia-gate - Ray McGovern Calls out the Elephant in the room During the Barr Hearings - There is No Evidence that Russia Hacked the DNC consortiumnews.com/2019/05/03/orw…
The major premise of the Mueller Report is that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee and gave WikiLeaks highly embarrassing emails.
The two former NSA technical directors in VIPS can readily explain how the DNC emails were not hacked — by Russia or anyone else — but rather were copied and leaked by someone with physical access to the DNC computers.
VIPS researchers first reported hard forensic evidence to support that judgment in a July 2017 memorandum for the president. A report of their findings were given both to the President the Mueller's special counsel.
Substantial evidence that has accumulated that strengthens VIPs confidence in its report & related conclusions. Their conclusions are not based on squishy intel “assessments,” but rather on empirical, forensic investigations — evidence based on fundamental principles of science.
Yet all “serious” members of the establishment, including Barr, his Senate interrogators, & the “mainstream media” feel required to accept as dogma the evidence-free conventional wisdom that Russia hacked into the DNC, especially now since it's been codified in the Mueller Report
What remains unacknowledged in the Mueller report and the Political Establishment is the absence of an evidence-based major premise that should have been in place to anchor the rhetoric and accusations about Russia-gate over the past three years - the origins of the DNC "hack"
With a lack of evidence sufficient to support a major premise of the Mueller Report, that the DNC was hacked by the Russians, the root of Russiagate falls of its own weight.
The Mueller report, like the Establishment, is basing it's assumption that the DNC was hacked by the Russians because of the finding of reports from US intelligence, led by John Brennan and James Clapper. Yet even Brennan admitted to the US Congress he doesn't do "evidence"
In the same odd vein, Brennan’s former FBI counterpart James Comey chose not to “do evidence” when he failed to seize and inspect the DNC computers that a contractor-of-ill-repute working for the DNC claimed were hacked by Russia
Wednesday’s Senate hearing brought a painful flashback to a similarly widely-held, but evidence-free dogma — that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction before the U.S. attacked that country. The same people pushing the DNC hack myth are the same ones who pushed the WMD myth.
The role of the misleader about Russia Hacking the DNC goes, once again, to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, whose “credits” go back to the WMD fiasco in which he played a central role.
Before the war on Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld put Clapper in charge of analysis of satellite imagery, the most definitive collection system for information on WMD
In his memoir, Clapper admits, with stomach-churning nonchalance, that “intelligence officers, including me, were so eager to help [spread the Cheney/Bush claim that Iraq had a ‘rogue WMD program’] that we found what wasn’t really there.” [Emphasis added]
Ray McGovern Confronted Clapper about his lie about Iraqi WMD and the Origins of the DNC "Hack" - "It was leaked, Clapper, and you know that because you talked to NSA.”:
Read More about McGovern's confrontation of Clapper about his lies about Iraqi WMD and the DNC Hack. raymcgovern.com/2019/01/06/tra…
Despite forensic and satellite date showing there were no WMD in Iraq, Rumsfeld, Clapper, Cheney/Bush, & others convinces over 2/3 of Americans not only that Saddam Hussein had all manner of WMD but also that he played a role in the attacks of 9/11.
Today, Clapper with the help of the media who repeat his lies, has convinced roughly the same percentage of Americans to believe that the Russias brought us Trump.
When Ray McGovern confronted Clapper about the myth of the Russia Hack of the DNC, Clapper kept referring to the intelligence assessment of January 6, 2017. (We now know that that report was written by Brennan's hand chosen loyalists, including Peter Strzok.)
A Transcript of Ray McGovern's confrontation of Clapper is here. A few highlights are below. raymcgovern.com/2019/01/06/tra…
McGovern to Clapper: "Your superiors were hell bent on finding ways to blame Trump’s victory on the Russians. Do you think that your efforts were guilty of the same sin here? Do you think that you found a lot of things that weren’t really there?" (like when he lied about Iraq?
Read Clapper's bumbling response and his claim that the Obama team didn't want America to have the impression that Russian meddling affected the outcome of the 2016 election of President Trump (yet the Russian hoax did just opposite and delegitimized his presidency):
McGovern to Clapper: Pres. Obama said 2 days before he left town: The conclusions of the intel community — 10 days after you briefed him — with respect to how WikiLeaks got the DNC emails are “inconclusive” end quote. Why would he say that if you had said it was conclusive?
Clapper's response to why Obama said that Brennan's Intel Report of January 6, 2017 were inconclusive regarding the Russia Hack of the DNC, when Clapper claimed otherwise - "I don't know"
McGovern then Confronts Clapper on his lies, and tells him he should Confess to the American people. Clapper refuses.
Watch Ray McGovern confront Clapper on his lies about the Russia Hack of the DNC. A lot of squirming going on. 👇🤔@social77media
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