Liquid is antifa. A medley of assorted fluids tossed at neo-Nazis & right-wing bigots: Milkshake on Tommy Robinson, coffee poured on Patrick Little & Alex Jones, water thrown at Tomi Lahren & Steve King, Princess Nokia dumping soup on racist, Liquid Ass sprayed on Richard Spencer
Anti-Fascist Liquid Action
Milkshake is antifa* #AntiFascistLiquidAction #MilkshakeDivision

*Cruelty-free/gluten-free/non-GMO/organic/ethically-sourced/vegan substitutes available: Soy, Rice, Almond, Coconut, Cashew, Hemp ...etc.
Video of anti-feminist Carl Benjamin aka "Sargon of Akkad" (who loves using the n-word & admires Nazis) drenched in milkshake (after also being hit w/ horse shit), the 3rd time he had milkshake (& fish) tossed at him while campaigning as European Parliament candidate for UKIP.
"Benjamin branded the protestors as “zealots” after we were interrupted by a woman throwing dead fish at him."…
More in this thread on how Carl Benjamin aka "Sargon of Akkad" (European Parliament candidate for UKIP) regularly uses the n-word, defends pedophilia, says Nazis were "cool" and "successful" and racism has been "unironically good" for the black community":
Carl Benjamin aka "Sargon of Akkad" on the alt-right "Classical Liberal" Holocaust denier "RockingMrE"'s podcast discussing "Race Realism" and advocating for British cultural Imperialism/supremacy and keeping borders closed as a cultural/civic nationalist:
Carl Benjamin, banned on Twitter/Patreon & had his Sargon of Akkad youtube channel demonetized after his remarks about raping a MP, wants followers to join the neo-Nazi social network Gab whose founder Andrew Torba is known for making anti-semitic remarks.…
Carl Benjamin employees a Holocaust denier as his bodyguard. Not a surprise considering his "Sargon of Akkad" Gab account is full of racist, anti-semitic hatred from his followers.
Mark Meechan/"Count Dankula", another UKIP candidate fined for making a dog do Nazi salutes to “sieg heil"/"gas the Jews”, used racial slurs on his Discord server full of posts about killing Jews, gassing black people, nuking Muslims & torturing gay people…
Video evidence that shows Carl Benjamin employees a Holocaust denier as his bodyguard. Not a surprise considering his "Sargon of Akkad" Gab account is full of racist, anti-semitic hatred from his followers.
Carl Benjamin aka "Sargon of Akkad" uses the same holocaust-denier bodyguard as Tommy Robinson: Youtuber "Reverend Simon Sideways"
Udderly brilliant! 4th time this week UKIP’s Carl Benjamin aka “Sargon of Akkad” got milkshake poured on him. It’s almost becoming a dairy occurrence now that our supersoldiers are really milking it in case it all quickly turns sour. #AntiFascistLiquidAction #OperationMilkshake
So much for the lactose-intolerant left!
[Milkshake - Village People] A montage to celebrate the latest battle to lactose the intolerant: Xenophobic Brexit Party leader #NigelFarage got milkshaked w/ a banana & salted caramel milkshake. #AntiFascistLiquidAction #MolotovMilkshake
Anti-Fascist Liquid Action - Milkshake Hooligans #LactoseTheIntolerant
Check out our new commercial for Molotov Milkshake® from Anti-fascist Liquid Action's Milkshake Division! Lactose The Intolerant™ #SplashTheFash #MilkshakesAgainstFascism
Shake It Up! At Molotov Milkshake®, we value diversity of tactics, so crank up the summer vibes and splash your local fascists with milkshake, eggs, coffee, soup, horse manure, Liquid Ass, or just a good ol’ fashioned punch. Lactose The Intolerant™ #SplashTheFash
Our new “Shake It Up” Molotov Milkshake commercial includes the latest milkshaking of a Breitbart “reporter” in Manchester.
Milkshaking has now reached US soil. For those about to shake it up, we salute you. #MilkshakeChallenge
#MilkshakeChallenge is now spreading everywhere! We're seeing reports of neo-Nazi street artist Dan Park getting milkshaked in Malmö, Sweden #SplashTheFash
This Milkshake Machine Kills Fascists. Make Racists Wear Milkshakes Again! Lactose The Intolerant! #SplashTheFash #MilkshakeChallenge
Exclusive photo from an armed training session of the Anti-Fascist Liquid Action's Milkshake Division at a secret, undisclosed location
This Milkshake Kills Fascists. Lactose The Intolerant! #SplashTheFash #MilkshakesAgainstFascism
Anti-fascist Liquid Action's Milkshake Division has a new member. Gritty has teamed up with "No Master" Shake! We can't wait to see who gets milkshaked next! #MilkshakeChallenge #SplashTheFash #Gritty
First they threw milkshakes at Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson”, and I laughed because it was hilarious.
Then they threw milkshakes at Carl Benjamin aka “Sargon of Akkad”, and I laughed even more because it was riotously funny.
Then they milkshaked Nigel Farage, and..
We’re unveiling a new logo as part of our rebranding to celebrate our new co-mascot #Gritty alongside “No Master” Shake.
Shake It Up™ with Molotov Milkshake® #SplashTheFash
Practice your aim with the #SplashTheFash video game!🥤…
🥤Protip: If you'd rather not dump all that tasty banana & salted caramel milkshake on a bunch of fascists, you can always throw hydroxylic acid (Dihydrogen Monoxide) on them!💦 They don't cost as much as a milkshake and are much easier to come by. Try adding some turmeric spice!
🌈🦄We're excited to announce that Lady Rainicorn has joined our team at Molotov Milkshake® alongside "No Master" Shake and #Gritty!🥤👹
Check out our new logo from the latest photoshoot!📸Shake It Up!™ #SplashTheFash #MilkshakeChallenge
Oh, and Milo Yiannopoulos got milkshaked last week while campaigning with Carl Benjamin ("Sargon of Akkad")
We would love to donate Molotov Milkshakes to the Tactical Ice Cream Unit, the mobile distribution center for frosty treats for the streets and food for thought, so that the people can be fully prepared whenever inspiration strikes to #SplashTheFash! 🍦🏴🥤
🍦The Tactical Ice Cream Unit doesn't just hand out frosty treats for the people but also acts as a mobile infoshop by distributing propaganda from community groups. It's prepared for protests & civil uprising situations, equipped w/ medic supplies, gas masks, water balloons, etc
For more information on the Tactical Ice Cream Unit (TICU)🏴🍦, check out this handy brochure from the Center for Tactical Magic:…
Matt Gaetz, the Florida Congrssman with ties to white nationalists, got milkshaked today! Looks like it was strawberry. #SplashTheFash #MilkshakeChallenge
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