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This weekend's #SaturdaySchool is a little out of the box ... inspired by my amazing daughter @kellynkimbrell who has been part of the team a long time now - we present #SoJustChi
I want us to begin to explore how social justice relates to our scientific, spiritual, philosophical, and ethical beliefs in our #SaturdaySchool discussions - #SoJustChi is part of that attempt
Some of u know, I've been encouraging myself to be braver, to say the things I believe are right/true. My children are champions of this pursuit, and my daughter has especially been vocal in cheering me on when I let fear stop me from doing what I want or speaking my truth.
Asked my daughter @kellynkimbrell, for her bday this weekend, to choose the #SaturdaySchool topic - and she asked me to talk about chi ... so here we are - this week is #SoJustChi and it's my views on chi and how those perspectives relate to my social justice goals and values.
This week's #SaturdaySchool topic may be not look like some of our others, which rely heavily on well documented academic and scholar research - while we will share resources, I may also be doing some preaching about how I personally think about chi.
#SoJustChi #SaturdaySchool
I'm also interested in your views on #chi, and if they/how they affect your world views especially related to social justice. Please visit #SoJustChi to explore what we are posting there and share your thoughts #SaturdaySchool
I like to define concepts when we start discussing a topic, and this one is complicated. This week, even more so, because there are many meanings to the word, many ways to apply what we think it is to our views and beliefs.
#SoJustWords #SoJustChi #SaturdaySchool
#Chi, or #qi if using Chinese pinyin, is an ancient concept that is so old, it's my understanding no one really knows when or where the concept actually 1st emerged. Additionally, many other cultures have their own words and terms for what I'm calling here today "chi" #SoJustChi
Many people have heard of chi, tai chi, acupuncture, and other things related to some more common conversations about chi/qi - it can get quite bound to one interpretation, aspect, or application. There are so many ways people use the concept of chi #SoJustChi #SoJustReligion
So what is chi? It's the life force we all share, a seemingly unexplainable energy, some think of it as vibration, the breath of God or a life giver-it's the current of life-not everyone realizes they believe chi exists, but many do believe in the concept by some name #SoJustChi
There are many ways to disagree about what #chi is, where it comes from or how it is/isn't transferred, and if/how we can use it for deeper understanding or better lives. I want to find our common ground. #SoJustChi #SaturdaySchool
I find particular delight in looking past the names we call this concept of chi and understand how many of us hold this large general view in common, even if we think of it or apply it in very different ways. #SoJustWords
#SoJustChi #SaturdaySchool
Some view us all as God's children+believe we all share common familial supernatural force of God's life-giving power. Some conceive us as all being part of the same universe, driven by forces we cannot explain. There are many names for the energy of life and the source of it.
For the sake of this discussion, I will use the term #chi in the most general way, and then we can talk about its specific applications and extensions with the terms that have been use for those. #SoJustChi #SaturdaySchool

However ...
Adopting this word for such a gen concept is limited if we don't explore ways Chinese have used it for centuries. The simple translation of "life force" is not the full concept accompanying it for so long, the idea the vital life force of qi connects everything in the universe.
This is actually a decent overview. The concept section particularly interests me about chi/qi.
Qi - Wikipedia en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qi #SoJustWords #chi #qi
#SoJustChi #SaturdaySchool
The identification of #chi as anything like a "real" scientific concept is almost non-existent in "Western" academic or professional journals, and it's considered a pseudoscience in most of those circles. I acknowledge that fully in this discussion. #SoJustChi #SaturdaySchool
I hope u will share your thoughts on this - I really don't wanna *just* preach, I'm interested in what u think of these ideas that we all share a life force, energy, connection, chi.
Wachu think?
#SoJustChi #SaturdaySchool
I think we create divides between science and other methods of gaining understanding of the world around us. The more I learn about science, the better I am able to imagine and discern parts of the world I don't understand. And none of my beliefs about chi conflict w science.
In fact, the more I have learned about physics, particularly astrophysics, the more I realize that the existence of universal forces we do not understand (but may name) is not only plausible - it's certain. Absolutely certain.
#SoJustChi #SaturdaySchool
For me, the term #chi is simultaneously an acknowledgment of a universal life energy force as well as a symbol to represent a kind of variable, for a thing I do not fully understand. #SoJustChi

I think some people use the words God or even "the universe" to do this.
I haven't read this, but it looks really interesting to me ...
A Brief History of #Qi | Paradigm Publications ow.ly/A3DY30oDqul #chi #SoJustChi
The concept of #chi binding us all together, or being present in all of us and all the universe aligns with my beliefs about socio-economic politics, that our freedoms and justice are also all tied together - the "all ships rise with the tide" idea #SoJustChi #SaturdaySchool
Each of the #SaturdaySchool #SoJustHashtags has its own Pinterest board for resources - here’s #SoJustChi -> pin.it/6yhrc4n3664emu / thank u so much to @kellynkimbrell for her contributions! We will keep adding to this:
There are also items posted at #SoJustChi from my @RCEmporium account and we will keep adding to the hashtag, just like we do with all the #SoJustHashtags - I hope to hear from some of you about this :)
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