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Jimin’s pretty sure he’s been flirting with the hot barista from his favorite coffee shop in the university. He’s also pretty sure the guy’s flirting back. Now if only the guy stops mistaking him for a student. He’s a professor for christ’s sake.

It was surreal for Jimin to be accepted right after graduating. Granted, it was his own university that offered the job, but he’s happy nonetheless.

Still, with how young and fresh out of school he is, it was inevitable for people to be surprised that oh? you’re the teacher?
It’s mostly students that react that way, already expecting the professor Jimin has replaced for some of the classes. Kindly enough, they listen when he instructs them, and they don’t question his authority. Most of the misunderstandings usually stay as first time impressions.
That’s the keyword here: usually.

Jimin is never fond of people continuously mistaking him as a student.

So when the cute barista at the cafe asked if he wanted a student discount, he expected himself to be peeved not to blush and nod and stutter because he’s just so... hot.
When he ended up taking the cup with the student discount, he did have some sense to mutter that he’s not actually a student. The pout that came with it made him more adorable than intended, and maybe that’s why the guy laughed in response.

Jimin learned that his name is Yoongi.
He was one of the new hires in Jimin’s favorite coffee shop. Apparently the girl that regularly made Jimin’s order left, and the shop was in need of new people.

While the shop is small and not always packed, they do still get customers, usually people in need of some solitude.
Jimin likes the place, always did even when he was still a student.

He even likes the latte Yoongi prepared for him despite the latter never having made his regular before.

He thinks Yoongi’s really cute.

So he does what anyone would do when a person finds another attractive, he flirts.

What he did not expect was Yoongi to smirk at each attempt, offer him another of his student discounts, and flirt right back.
It’s really fucking cute, and Jimin’s over the moon with the idea of Yoongi being interested in him. There’s really just one weird thing about it.

“Does he really think you’re a student?” Taehyung asked him when he told the story, and the question sums up most of his confusion.
“I don’t know,” he sighs, tapping his favorite pen on the table lightly.

They’re reading through student papers in one of the faculty conference rooms, and Taehyung’s casual mention of wanting coffee made him remember Yoongi and his favorite latte.
“Don’t get me wrong,” Taehyung starts. “I think it’s cute he’s flirting with you, but it’s weird that he still thinks you’re a student.” He doesn’t look up at Jimin as he speaks, eyes on the paper in front of him. Jimin knows he’s not actually reading it.

“Have you told him?”
“I have. Multiple times actually.” Jimin recalls every correction he makes, and he groans internally with how it’s usually him pouting and muttering and probably looking like he’s lying to look older.

Taehyung laughs when he sees his frown.
“You just gotta get your point across as clearly as possible, Chim.” Taehyung turns the page of the essay he’s holding, and he moves his pen along the paper as he continues.

“Maybe try to act less cute when you do it.”
And he does! But he’s been cute all his life so that’s already pretty hard to accomplish.

He sighs without meaning to as Yoongi hands him his favorite order.

“Something wrong, sweetheart?” The nickname makes him flush, but Jimin merely shakes his head.
“Can’t be nothing with you all pouty like that,” Yoongi chuckles.

There aren’t that many people in the cafe today, and Yoongi takes the opportunity to lead Jimin to one of the high tables near the counter.

Jimin pouts harder and takes a sip of his drink. Delicious as always.
“It’s good.” He comments, and Yoongi postively beams at the praise.

“Made sure it’d be for you, pretty,” Yoongi replies easily, but Jimin can see how his compliment makes him really happy despite the kind of flirty response.

It’s cute. Jimin groans.
Yoongi frowns as Jimin slurps harder on his drink.

“What’s wrong?”

“You,” Jimin admits without thought. It makes Yoongi chuckle.

“What about me?” Is he serious?

“You keep giving me student discounts.”

Yoongi didn’t really think that was a bad thing. “What’s wrong with that?”
“I’m not a student.”

Yoongi’s heard that, heard him say that so many times already. Jimin just doesn’t know why Yoongi doesn’t believe him.

Until he says it.

“You always come here to study since you’ve been in that uni,” Yoongi points out. “You that excited to graduate?”


Yoongi looks at him, confused.

“Until now,” he continues. “You’re still studying here. Aren’t you doing your thesis or something?”

Jimin has no idea where he got that idea, doesn’t even know how Yoongi’s aware he’s been visiting the cafe since he was a student.
He’s about to ask when the bell chimes as it’s opened.


They both turn.

Despite everything, Jimin slips into a smile at the familiar face. “Hello, Jiwoo.”
“Good afternoon, sir!” She responds, bright energy radiating as always. Jimin notices she’s with two other people currently checking the menu, giving her time to greet her professor.

“Thank you for helping me with the topic earlier,” she tells him. “I think I get it now.”
Jimin laughs softly.

“Just make sure you check your go over your notes,” he tells her. He chances a glance back at Yoongi who had gone quiet upon her approach, and he didn’t know what to expect.

Yoongi’s looking between the two of them with wide eyes, mouth slightly open.
Before he could ask why, he hears one of his student’s companions ask where the barista is. Yoongi stands.

“Be right back,” he mumbles before heading back to the counter.

When Yoongi leaves, Jiwoo also bows to Jimin and tells him she’ll go back to her friends. He lets her.
Yoongi doesn’t come back until Jiwoo and her friends have paid for the drinks. She waves at Jimin before heading out.

He doesn’t hear Yoongi walking back to him until he speaks. “She’s your student?”

When he turns to him, there’s a small pout on Yoongi’s lips. He nods.
Yoongi groans this time as he sits back down, and Jimin widens his eyes.

“You really thought I was a student?”

“You always come here to study,” Yoongi defends. “Didn’t think you graduated already.”

“How do you know that?”
There’s no mistake the blush creeping onto Yoongi’s face. He’s adorable.

“I went here a couple of times,” he admits softly, as if afraid the two other remaining people in the coffee shop would hear despite them being so far away.

“Went here more often to see you.”

“Is that why you already knew what I’d order?” Yoongi blushes harder, pale skin making it easy to notice.

“Always saw you studying here, you don’t look that different so I thought-“

Jimin giggles. “I graduated a few months ago. They took me in right after.”

“You’re so cute, Yoongi,” he laughs brightly. Yoongi simply rolls his eyes at him.

So he liked him long before Jimin even noticed him? So cute. Too cute.

“You don’t go to our school though.” Yoongi nods in affirmation.

“I live nearby, so I’ve always known this place.”
Jimin snickers. “Did you get yourself hired so you can see me?” He grins. “That’s so cute.”

He couldn’t help the teasing, and somehow it clicked something in Yoongi, because he’s suddenly smirking.

“Just wanted to see your pretty face again,” he admits, head close to Jimin’s.
“Really pretty you know? All cute and pouty every time you study.”

“Yoongi,” Jimin whispers, because his voice is getting deep and he really doesn’t want to feel tingly right now in public.

When he squirms, Yoongi chuckles, voice as deep as ever.
“How about a date then? If your busy professor life allows it.”

There are new people coming in and Jimin can tell with the bell chiming. Yoongi stands up to head to the counter, but he can tell he’s waiting for Jimin’s response.

He’s shy, and the smile is small as he says yes.
Yoongi beams, squeezing his hand once before quickly whispering something near his ear.

“I’ll kiss you later if you’re up for it.”

Jimin blushes at the thought and shoves a laughing Yoongi back to the counter.
He has to leave while Yoongi’s busy with the customers, needing to go back to the faculty. And as he packs his things he sees Yoongi approaching him, favorite latte in hand. At the drink, Jimin can’t help but blurt out.

“Do I still get student discounts?”

Yoongi laughs.
It’s when he’s back in his shared office that he notices the scrawl on the side of the cup. There’s a number written along with a heart and words telling him to call if he’s up for that kiss. He squeals. Softly.

Taehyung looks up at him at the sound. “What’s up?”
Jimin’s grinning as he puts his stuff back down his desk.

“I think,” he pauses dramatically. “I think I have a date.”

Taehyung’s eyes widen, and Jimin’s quick to mention. “He knows I’m a professor now.”

“Does that mean no more student discounts?”

Jimin laughs.
They do go on a date that night with Yoongi picking him up right at his department building.

Jimin would wonder how he even got in, but he’s too busy making out with the guy right now to ask after the stellar date so yes.

He’s happy.
the end.
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