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Muslim feel their heritage being vanished after renaming 2 cities. We Hindus didnt feel our heritage being vanished after renaming n destruction on Millions of Hindu TEMPLES over year.
#Thread About those Mosques which is built over a temple and cities which being renamed.
2) The Kashi Vishwanath - The original Jotir linga is missing as it was exploit by mughal.
However, it was rebuilt during Akbar era and Aurangzeb destroyed it again in 1669.
3) The Krishna Janmabhoomi temple -

After being demolished in 1017 AD the temple was rebuilt by Bir Singh Bundela. Again it was destroyed by Aurangzeb and Shahi Idgah mosque was built above the Keshava Deo Temple.
4) Rudra Mahalaya - located in Gujrat, in the bank of Saraswati River.
The temple was destroyed by Khilji during 1410-1444 & later Ahmed Shah I demolished this temple n converted some part of it into conjoined mosque.
5) BHOJSHALA- was a gurukul cum swaraswati mandir made by Rajà bhoj in MP.
This temple was 1st attacked by Khilji in 1305, they killed 1200 Students bcz they refused to convert. And converted it into a Dargha.
6) Adinath Mandir - In WB. By the name u can assume that it was a temple once.
7) Bhadrakali Mandir - Earlier known as karnavari. In Ahmedabad. Its filigree carvings of flower, paisley motifs, lotus and creepers give us a idea that was a hindu temple. Demolished by Ahmad Shah in 1411
8) Vijay Mandir- By the name of Mosque you again can get the truth behind the mosque. It was dedicated to Charchika mata.
Arangzeb looted and demolished this temple in 1658
9) Somnath Mandir - Thankfully it is restored. The entire temple priest was massacred n temple valuables looted by Ghazni. In 1026 Ghazni 1st looted this temple. Than Adzal Khan.
10) Qutub Minar - I can give you atleast w50 example of ruins of Jain and Hindu Mandir in Qutub Minar. Some of them added below.
11) Vishveshwur Mandir - Aurangzeb construed a lofty mosque. Rearranging ancient stone. you can see the difference clearly with empty eye too.
12) Govind DEV Temple- Aurangzeb hijrah built a mosque at Mathura. This mosque was built on the site of temple.
13) Bhima Devi Mandir- In Harayana. demolished by Arungzeb
14) Madan Mohan Mandir - The statue of original Mohan doesnt presnt in temple now. The original was demolished by Mughals.
15) Chausath Yogini Mandir- In MP. A story present behind this temple. once Arungzeb decided to kill anyone whom he puts his sword on n didnt hear any sound. He came to temple n destroyed it since he didnt hear any sound frm idols.
16) Ellora :- Arungzeb destroyed this too. He used to enjoy destroying temples.
17) The Martand Sun Temple- Oldest temple of century is named as Saitan ka Gufa now.
18) Modhera Sun Temple:- The temple was plundered by Ghazni who took the original idol carved in gold. The shrine is destroyed by Khilji later.
19) Temples in Hampi:- You will still find the ruins, if u visit there.
20) Meenakshi Mandir- It is rebuilt by Arya Natha Mudaliyar in 17th century. was abolished by muslims in 1310
21) Dwarkadhish:- It is said that Dwarka temple was also attacked by muslim rulers. Someone kept Murti of dwarkadhish in a well to save the murti from Them.
22) Nalanda :- 1st university of Mankind. Epitome of knowledge demolished by Bhaktiyar khilji.
23) Gyanvapi Mosque-
The mosque was built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1669 CE, after destroying a Hindu temple. The remnants of the Hindu temple can be seen on the walls of the Gyanvapi mosque.The demolished temple
24) Temples of Andhra Pradesh.

24) Jami Masjid ar temple site at penukonda in Anantpur.
25) Dargha of Fakhruddin at temple site.
26) Dargha of Shah Hadiri in Guntur.
27) Toli Masjid in Hyderabad in which temple material were used.
28) Haji Kamal Masjid.
25) Assam

28) Poa Masjid built at temple site in Hajo.

29) Mazar of a Muslim who styled himself as Sultan Ghiyas-ud-n Balban at temple site.
26) West Bengal
30) Kasha Mosque in Brisal temple
31) In Rajnagar several old mosque built in temple site
32)Mosque built for Al-ud-din khilji at Bania Pukur in kolkata has temple material used to build it.
33) Tomb of Bibi Pari in Dhaka has temple material used.
27) 32) In rampal a temple was converted into a mosque.
28) Bihar

33.Dargah of Hazrat Shahbaz built on Temple site.
34.Mosque of Mujahidpur built on a Temple site
35.Dargah of Shah Jumman Madariyya built on Temple site in Hilsa, Patna.
36.Jami Mosque built on Temple site in Jana, Patna.
37. In Gaya Shahi Mosque of Nadirganj.
29) Delhi
38.Mosque at Begumpur

39.Quwwat Ul Islam Mosque

40.Qutub Minar

41.Alai Darwaza

42.Dargah of Shah Turkman

43.Madarsa and Maqbara of Ala-ud-Din Khilji

44.Kalu Sarai Mosque

45.Maqbara of Bahlul Lodhi

46.Lal Mahal

47.Nili Mosque

48.Kalan Mosque
30 Gujrat

49. In Ahmedabad Malik Sarang Mosque, Sayyid Alam Mosque, Haibat Khan Mosque, Maqbara of Sultan Ahmad Shah-1 were built on Temple sites.

50.Dekwara Mosque built on a temple site.

51.Mosque and Mazar of Bahlol Khan Ghazi built on a Temple site.
31) 52. Hilal Khan Qazi Mosque in which Temple ruins were used.

53.Khirni Mosque which is a converted Bavan Jinalaya Temple.

54.Jami Mosque at Ranpur built on a Temple site.

55.Jami Mosque of Baroda built on a Temple site.
56. Dargah of Panch bibi of Baroda in which Temple materials were used.

57. Borwad and Jami Mosque built on Temple site in Junagarh.
33. Harayana

58.Jami Mosque in Faridabad.

59.Dargah of Shah Qumais was a Temple site in Ambala.

60.In Nuh Mosque temple materials were used to build it.

61.Mosque in Bawal which is a Part of Gurgaon was a Temple site.
62.Jami Masjid in Farrukhnagar, Gurgaon was a Temple site.

63.Mosque at Barwala Hissar was a Temple site.

64.Hissar city was built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq with Temple materials


65.Jahangiri Gate in Kangra in which destroyed Temple Materials were used
35. Karnataka

66.Dargah of Qasim Sahib which is a converted temple in Bangalore.

67.Dargah of Saballi Sahib which is a converted temple in Bangalore.

68.In Belgaum the Masjid-i-Safa in the Fort was a Temple site.
69.In Belgaum the Jami Mosque is a Temple site.

70.In Bellary a Temple was destroyed and a Mosque was built by Tipu Sultan.

71.In Hampi one can find a Mosque and an Idgah within the ruins of the Vijaynagar Empire.
72. In Bidar the Kali Masjid, Dargah of Shah Wali-ul-lah Ganj Nishin, Takht Mahal, Gagan Mahal, Madrsah of Mahmud Gawan were built on Temple sites or by Temple ruins.

73.In Bijapur the Mahal Mosque is made by destroyed Trikuta temple materials.
74.Second Gateway of the Hill fort in Badami is built by Vishnu Temple materials.

75.In Bijapur the Zangiri Mosque, Makka Mosque, Andu Mosque, Bukhara Mosque etc. are either on Temple sites or built by Temple materials.
38. Kashmir
74.Ziarat of Farrukhzad Sahib in Amburher has Temple materials used.75Mosque at Bijbehra was a Temple site
Ziarat of Baba ImamDin Rishi in Gulmarg was a Temple site.

In Srinagar Ziarat of Bahau-ud-Din Sahib is converted Jayaswamin Temple
39. Kerala
76.Jami Masjid at Kollam is built from Temple materials.
77.Fort built by Tipu Sultan in Palghat is built from Temple materials


78.Muhi-ud-din Palli Mosque was a Temple site.

79.Prot-Palli mosque was a Temple site.
40. MP
80.Dargah of Suleiman Shah was a Temple site in Betul.

81.In Bhopal the Mosque at Berasia was a Temple site.

82.In Bilaspur Nagina Mahal and Idgah were Temple sites.
83.In Dewas the three mosques were built on Temple sites.

84.Dhar was the capital of Raja Bhoja Paramar which was converted into a Muslim capital and the Kamal Mosque, Lat Mosque and Mazar of Abhul-ul-llah Shah Changai were built on Temple sites and
42. 85. Jami Mosque in Mandu was a temple site.

86.Mosque at Bari in Dholpur was a Temple site.

87.In Guna the Moti Mosque, Jami Mosque, Qurbani Chabutra, Dargah of Mewa Shah and an Idgah was either a Temple site or were built from Temple materials.
43. 88. In Indore the Mosque at Depalpur stands on a Temple site.

89.In Morena three Mosques stand on Temple sites.
44. Maharashtra
90.In Ahmadnagar the Mullah Mosque in Bhingar was a Temple site.

91.Dargah of Ramzan Shah Sawar was a Temple site in Ahmadnagar.

92.Jami Mosque in Akola was a Temple site.

93.Qadimi Mosque in Manglurpir in Akola has Temple materials used in.
94.Jami Mosque at Narnala was a Temple site.

95.In Amrawati the Daru Shifa Mosque and Chowk Mosque were Temple sites.

96.In Aurangabad the Qala Mosque in the Antur Fort was a Temple site.

97.Jami Mosque, Lal Mosque and Maqbara.
46. Punjab
98.Mazar of Bibi Haji Rattan is a converted Temple site in Bhatinda.

99.In Gurdaspur the Jami Mosque was a Temple site.

In Jalandhar the Badshahi Sarai is built on a Buddhist Vihara.

In Ludhiana Dargah n Mosque of Ali Sarmast was a Temple site.
47. Tamil Nadu
102.In Kanchipuram many mosques were previously Temple sites.

103.In Kovalam the Dargah of Malik bin Dinar was a Temple site.

104.In Pallavapuram the hill of Panchpandavmalai was named as Maula Pahad.
48. 105.In Annamalai the fort was repaired by Tipu Sultan using Temple materials.

106.In Madras the Jami Mosque stands at the Temple site.

107.In Devipatnam the Large Mosque was a Temple site.
49. 108,In Tiruparankunram the Sikander Mosque is at top the hill n stands amidst the ruins of Brahmanical, Buddhist and Jain Temples.

109,Arcot was a city of Temples before it’s occupation by Muslims and the Jami Mosque, Mosque and Mazar of Tipu Awliya, Qala Mosque, Mosque.
50. UP
110. In Agra the Jami Mosque by Jahanara, Kalan Mosque, Humayun Mosque, Dargah of Kamal Khan, Chini ka Rauza, Fatehpur Sikri Complex, Sikandra Complex were either once Temples sites or have been made by Temple materials.
111)In Aligarh the Idgah, Dargah of Shykh Jalal-ud-din Chisti and a Mosque were Temple sites.

112)In Allahabad the Fort of Akbar was a Temple site. Same with Qadim Mosque and the Jami Mosque.

113)In Azamgarh Mosque at Dobrighat and Ganjahar were Temple sites.
114)In Bahraich the Dargah of Salar Mas-ud-Ghazi was a Suryadeva Temple.

115)Jami Mosque in Balia was a Temple site.

116)In Bara Banki district the Imambara, Dargah of Haji Waris Ali Shah and the Mosque at Fatehpur were Temple sites.
53. 117) In Bijnor the Fort and the Mosque inside it at Kiratpur has Temple materials used in it.

118)In Etah the Mazar of Hazrat Husain and Jami Mosque were once Temple sites.

119)In Faizabad the Qala Mosque, Babri Mosque, Mosque built by Aurangzeb at the site of Swargadeva.
120)In Kannauj the Dina Mosque has temple materials used in it. The Dargah of Baba Haji Pir was a Temple site.
55. Rajasthan

121)Ajmer was a Hindu capital converted into a Muslim city where Qalandar Mosque, Ganj-i-Shahidan Mosque, Dargah of Moin-ud-din Chisti, Annasagar Baradari etc. were all built by Temple materials or are on Temple sites.
56. 122)In Alwar Mazar of Makhdum Shah is on a Temple site.

123)In Bharatpur the Chaursi Khamba Mosque was a Kamyakeshwara Temple. Idgah near Jhalar Baoli was a Temple site and the Mosque at Bhitari-Bahari Mahalla has been made by the ruins of a Vishnu Temple.
124)In Chittorgarh the Qanati Mosque was a Temple site.

125)In Jaipur the Jami Mosque in Amber was a Temple site.

126)In Jaipur the Jami Mosque and Tripolia Darwaza at Naraina have been made by Hindu Temple materials.
127)In Jaisalmer the Faqiron-ka-Taqqiya and the Mosque were a Temple site.

128)In Jodhpur the the Yak-Minar Mosque was a Temple site.

129)The Jami Mosque at Pipar city in Jodhpur was a Temple site.
130)In Kota the mosque at Baran was a Temple site and the Miran mosque in Bundi was a Temple site.

131)In Nagaur the mosques at Amarpur, Bakalia and Balapir were Temple sites.
131 till now. Will try to add more. Please Share this. it took 3 days to research.
For the ppl who are asking for source.
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