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So let's talk about something I see very often in white supremacists: complete socio-economic ignorance.

Here's a white supremacist insisting he's only interested in the "prosperity of his people" but economics and foreign policy are "secondary concerns."
How does this guy think prosperity for white people is going to come about? "An immigration policy that preserves our [white] demographics."

How does he think that's going to ensure prosperity for the white race? He never told me. Because he doesn't care about economics.
Now, when most white supremacists in America want to talk about a period of time when everything was great for (white) Americans, they usually choose the 1950s, where wages were great, social mobility existed and the nuclear family was sacrosanct.

Why was it like that?
So this isn't the best chart, but notice the GDP peak for the United States around 1950. The United States accounted for 40% of the ENTIRE WORLD'S gross domestic product. Was this because of some fantastic, unimaginable white economic miracle?
I'm wracking my brains here, guys, what was it that happened a few years before the 1950s?

It's on the tip of my tongue, uh, guys, what happened in the 40s, what was it?
Oh right
Uh yeah so turns out if the entire rest of the planet descends into nigh-apocalyptic violence that never touches the continent you're living on, you grab a gigantic share of the world's gross domestic product because NONE OF THE OTHER COUNTRIES CAN... PRODUCE THINGS
India's industrial economy was an absolute joke in the 1950s. It had been intentionally hamstrung by its colonial masters and then, when it gained independence, artificially partitioned in an attempt to cause internecine violence between itself and Pakistan to slow development.
It was widely known that India would - what with its immense landmass, ridiculous natural resources and incredibly fertile soil - probably become an industrial juggernaut that would far outpace its former master, the United Kingdom. Hence why Pakistan and Bangladesh happened.
The United Kingdom had practised this strategy a few years previously, where it had prevented the nightmare scenario of establishing an industrially and economically competitive neighbour on its doorstep by forcing Ireland to fight itself.
And of course the various world powers had, in a rare display of Capitalist-Communist conviviality, decided to split Germany in two to ensure that it never became a world-shaking economic and industrial powerhouse again.

That went swimmingly, of course.
So who was going to compete with the United States during that time period?

Europe? It had practically bombed itself back to the Gilded Age.
China? Wouldn't be globally relevant for another 20 years.
The USSR? Trade embargoes against socialist countries shrank their market.
The United States, through the low-risk, high-reward play of being physically separated from World War 2 by two massive oceans, were able to profit massively from the war by taking no damage and being the strongest man standing at the end.
This led to a brief economic golden age where the United States was THE most industrially developed country on the planet AND shipping costs had not dropped low enough for it to be financially feasible to outsource your industry to a non-white country with no worker protections.
(Also it was almost exclusively white people who benefited from all this because segregation, discrimination and poor education opportunities had essentially frozen black people out of most high-paying, high-skilled jobs)
But the United States was also VERY good at geopolitics back then. It saw the writing on the wall regarding China, so it sponsored massive investment in Japan and later (South) Korea to act as local economic and political counterbalances.
Honest question, everyone: do you think the United States is protecting Taiwan from China because it cares about the autonomy of some dipshit island barely larger than the state of Maryland?

No, it's because that island has the world's 21st largest GDP and it opposes China.
The ironclad alliance the US has with the Saudi dynasty - which, incidentally, is (part of) the reason the US is so at odds with most of the rest of the Middle East - was to lock down steady access to petrochemicals.
There has never been a time SINCE 1950 wherein United States production of petrochemicals has outstripped its consumption of them. It has ALWAYS, to some extent, relied on petrochemical imports and since 1950, the gap has increased precipitously.
So, we're 70 years on from 1950, and the world has changed.

China became an industrial and economic titan, although everyone knew that was going to happen. It also has basically no worker protections, so it's an attractive place for companies to outsource their labour to.
The European Union as a semi-unified economic bloc has a GDP that is close to competitive with the United States. Brazil and India are emerging as new powerhouses. Russia lost a lot of face, but maintains significant political and economic power and wishes to get back on top.
But the United States is slipping.

However unethical and immoral they were, the Kissinger generation were reasonably good geopoliticians, but they're all dying or retiring. The new generation doesn't understand why their predecessors did what they did, and doesn't care to learn.
The United States simply can't be competitive as an industrial nation anymore because its factory workers and manual labourers expect things like living wages, reasonable hours and health benefits. It's not cost-effective to pay for those when you could just outsource the work.
One source of cheap labour is a country like China, where workers can be paid barely anything and forced to work 14 hours a day with very little operational health and safety compliance. Shipping is now so cheap that even with a Pacific trip factored in, money is still saved.
Another source of cheap labour, closer to home, for things that can't be outsourced to China is... you guessed it, illegal immigrants.

You don't have to abide by minimum wage laws. You don't have to provide benefits. Their working conditions don't need to be safe.
I mean, who the heck are they going to appeal to? The government will deport them if they file a complaint. The government will probably also ignore the complaint, for that matter.
But the upshot of this is that all those red-blooded™, white-skinned™, hard-working™ Real American™ workers have been priced out of the market. They do silly things like form unions and demand reasonable wages.

Why spend all that money on those whiners when you can... not?
The 1950s were an extremely brief window of time in which the average white US worker had:

1. no local competition due to segregation and racism
2. no global competition due to the aftermath of colonialism and World War 2
3. some leverage over his employer
The lack of adequate history education in the United States leaves a lot of its citizens without the mental tools and array of facts necessary to look at the country as anything other than an isolated, integral entity that's never influenced by the rest of the world.
White supremacists are particularly unable to see any period of white prosperity as being anything other than solely the result of white ingenuity and industriousness.

Nevermind that up until the 1500s, East Asia accounted for 70% of the world's GDP.

The United States was not, at any time in its history, wealthy through ethical means, but it's forgotten even the means by which it became wealthy unethically. It's high on its own supply. It imagines it got powerful by grit, hard work and determination.
The deep irony of the situation is that the people who made the ruthless choices that made America wealthy and powerful cloaked their actions and the justifications for their actions in propaganda made to make them seem moral, but it worked too well. Too many people believed it.
America's grasp on the world is slipping because it convinced itself it's always been playing the game honestly, winning by doing a good wrestlemans. It's simplified complex geopolitics down to a game of sports, where the man who sports the hardest wins.
Leaders who seem urbane, cunning, diplomatic - basically, in any way "political" - are unpopular. Trump shouts the loudest, postures the hardest, smiles smugly and humiliates his opponents. People think that's how America always won.
I'm deeply tired of capital-R hashtag Resisters, but one of their memes does get something right, if not for the right reasons:

Trump and his supporters think Trump is Tywin, but Trump is actually Joffrey.

That's... much closer to reality than even the Resisters understand.
Trump, like Joffrey, is a descendant of the people who made his country great (for a particular class of men). He has no understanding of the things his predecessors did to put him in his position, but thinks that he does, and so has no patience for learning anything.
But Tywin's ruthless politicking, while bringing short-to-mid-term success, had horrible long-term consequences that he was either too arrogant to foresee or too unempathetic to care about.

A competent leader might have navigated them, but Joffrey took the throne.
And that's kind of a good metaphor not just for Trump and his predecessors for but for society in general.

People have forgotten that America didn't win by divine right or honourable competition. It won by being the most ruthless, conniving, underhanded sonofabitch it could be.
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