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Thread: There’s Spying in the Air….

1. And as much as the Democrats try to bury the topic, in reality it’s about to bury them! Let’s look at some of the revelations from Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday show on FNC.
2. First off, George Papadopolous (Pdop henceforth) was interviewed about his claims that the FBI sent an undercover agent to interrogate him in 2016. That was just one of several efforts made to spy on him.
3. Almost all of Maria’s whole show was focused on looking back at whether there was probable cause to start a criminal investigation into Donald Trump in 2016-2017. The Mueller report found no collusion or obstruction, but the Obama FBI spied on the Trump campaign.
4. Bartiromo (B): But was there a legal predicate – probable cause to justify spying? AG Barr is investigating that. The FBI claims that it launched a spying campaign in the summer of 2016 because of Pdop’s conversation with an Australian diplomat.
5. B: It was stunning to me the level of people that reached out to you (Pdop). Before we start on the timeline, have you ever been to Russia?

Pdop: no.
6. B: Did you have any colleagues with whom you were associated who worked in Russia or for the Russian government?
6A. Pdop: absolutely not. In fact, I was working in a conservative think-tank for five years before joining Republican presidential campaigns [Carson and then Trump] and also working in the oil industry business.
7. B: At the end of 2015, you were working on the Ben Carson campaign, and you reached out to Corey Lewandowski (Trump campaign) to try to join.

Pdop: yes, I called Lewandowski first, and when he told me they “weren’t hiring, I then joined the Carson campaign.
8. B: in January 2016, when the Carson campaign folded, someone reached out to you via Linkedin.

Pdop: I was contacted by a company called the London Centre for International Law Practice. I decided to go to work for them.
9. B: so you learned that this company had been working with the FBI in the past.

9A. Pdop: all the officials that I was working with were either connected to Western governments or Western intelligence organizations. There were no Russians whatsoever working for this company.
10. B: why would a company like that (working with Western intel agencies) reach out to you? Were more people besides you spied upon?
10A. Pdop: I took the job, but it seemed like a fabricated position in a front company of some kind.
10B. I told them later I was leaving to work on the Trump campaign, and they invited him to meet people at Link University Campus in Rome to meet people who (they said) would supposedly be helpful to the Trump campaign.
11. B: Tell me about this Misfud guy you met in Rome.

11A. Pdop: I was greeted by the former Italian foreign minister and other Italians affiliated with the university, who introduced me to Mifsud in mid-March.
11B. Mifsud started talking about Trump and Putin and that he would introduce me to people in the Russian government (but never did). In late April, Misfud told me that he had Hillary Clinton’s emails, and I became very suspicious.
12. B: Mifsud’s disclosure about the emails was the reason you were invited to Rome, correct? He wanted you to tell Trump you could get the emails. Did you tell the Trump campaign?
12A. Pdop: I think Mifsud was some sort of plant. He’s being protected by some intelligence people and went into hiding for two years. I did NOT convey anything about the emails, as that “wasn’t my job.”
13. B: Over the course of the next four weeks, strange things happen, i.e., you were contacted by US, British and Australian intel officials. What was that all about?
13A. Pdop: On 15 Apr 2016, the Australian government reached out to me for the first time. On 26 Apr, Mifsud reached out to me with the email information, and on 2 May Tobias Ellwood (from the British ministry of foreign affairs) contacted me.
13B. On 4 May I was contacted by two officials from the US Defense Intelligence Agency in London (Gregory Baker and Terrence Dudley). Then on 10 May, Australian diplomat Alexander Downer met with me (I reported to Congress under oath that I though he was spying on me).
14. B: this all happened before there was any FISA warrant on you….
14A. Pdop: I got caught in a perjury trap when interviewed by Mueller’s FBI agents when I told them I met Mifsud and Downer in March as opposed to April. Also, the honeypots and money thrown my way that I refused.
15. B: … and you feel that this was entrapment.

15A. Pdop: yes, and I hope that it can be proven that Mifsud (working with all these intel agencies to entrap me), then the truth will finally come out when the president declassified the FISA warrant applications.
16. B: what will we learn when the declassified documents are released?
16A. Pdop: we will find out that Australia and others interfered with the US election, and who Mifsud was really working for, as well as who was running all these spies at me and other people on the campaign like Michael Flynn who encountered Stefan Halper in 2015.
17. B: Pdop is supposed to be the predicate for the counterintelligence investigation. We will get into this further with Devin Nunes (R-CA), ranking member of the House Intel Committee.
18. B: according to the Mueller report, Mifsud has “deep ties to the Russian government.” Nunes sent a letter to the State Dept and CIA demanding documents about Mifsud’s supposed links to Moscow.
19. B: looking into the predicate gets to the heart of answering why the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign and spy on some of its members. What was your reaction to the comments just made by Pdop?
19A. Nunes (N): every time I hear Pdop speak, he presents more and more info. If the FBI has transcripts of any conversations Pdop had with Mifsud, Downer, or whomever, Congress and American people have a right to know this. I now call the Mueller report the “Mueller dossier”!
19B. There were FBI leakers to the news media that were picked up and leaked by the Mueller dossier team.
19C. The reason this is related to Mifsud is because he’s the first one that we know of that goes to someone in the Trump campaign who said he knew where the Clinton emails were. In the Mueller dossier, they use a fake news story to describe Mifsud.
20. B: it was the London Centre of Law that told Pdop to meet Mifsud in Rome. Mifsud then tells Pdop that Russia has the Clinton emails. Do you find it odd that all these international intel agencies are reaching out to Pdop? Why would they be interested in him?
20A. N: what about the boondoggle freebie trip to Rome? How many companies do that for departing employees?
20B. N: (after a commercial break) I don’t think that the American people expected the Mueller crew to write a 400+ page report based on news stories that the FBI fed to the media. They pick a news story & then cherry-pick it and don’t report that Mifsud is a Western intel asset!
20C. Anyone who does a WWW search of Mifsud and Linked University Campus in Rome (where he worked) can see that Mifsud met with foreign dignitaries all the time. How is that we spend $30M on this investigation, and they can’t even tell us who Mifsud really is?
20D. We believe that he actually has ties to the US State Dept. Mueller makes Mifsud out to be a Russian asset under Putin’s control, yet Mifsud has ties to US, UK, and Italian intelligence services.
21. B: do you believe that the FBI had all these sources out to entrap people from the Trump campaign so that they could claim that there a conspiracy that Trump colluded with the Russians?
21A. N: I’m not worried about whether they were spying on the Trump campaign, as that is fact. What I want to know is how many spies were involved in this.
21B. In my letter, we also point out that Pdop caused the FBI/Mueller team problems in 2017 (as stated in the Mueller report) because he didn’t relate his Mifsud conversation about the emails. So how did the FBI team then know to continually ask Pdop about the emails in 2016?
22. B: the FISA warrant on Pdop didn’t get approved until Oct 2016, so was all this spying on Pdop illegal?
22A. N: I never knew that we could use counterintelligence capabilities to spy on Americans. We don’t know all this yet for sure, but we suspect this was exactly what was happening.
23. B: House Democrats threaten to hold AG Barr in contempt if he doesn’t produce the full unredacted Mueller report by 0900 on Monday AM. Joining me now is Jim Jordan (R-OH), ranking member on the House Oversight Committee. Your reaction to Pdop and Nunes comments?
23A. Jordan (J): the fundamental question is, was Joseph Mifsud working for Western intelligence, and if he was, that changes it all. AG Barr has reported that he’s going to get to the bottom of this, and it’s important that we do find out how this all started.
23B. J: on 23 Jan 2017, Chuck Schumer said that, if you mess with the intel community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you. The question is, did that really play out?
23C. Did the IC really do that and target the Trump campaign and then his presidency? AG Barr is going to find out.
24. B: if we find out that Mifsud was working for the FBI, then we find out that it was all entrapment.
24A. J: it’s not just Mifsud, it’s also Azra Turk who was trying to set Pdop up. We already know about the Russian dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign used to get the Carter Page FISA warrant app approved. Spying definitely occurred. Was there a proper predicate for it?
24B. J: referring to Trump counsel Flood’s letter to DoJ, unelected bureaucrats answer to the elected people, not the other way around. Add that to Schumer’s statement, and that’s why it’s so important that AG Barr and DoJ IG Horowitz get to the bottom of this.
25. B: it’s extraordinary that all these foreign intel agencies are reaching out to him, getting him a job, sending him to Rome to meet Mifsud, etc
25A. J: how much did US taxpayers pay Christopher Steele, Azra Turk and Stefan Halper?
26. B: my sources are telling me that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler is going to mark up a resolution to hold AG Barr in contempt on Wednesday.
26A. J: probably so. These guys are bound and determined to go after the AG and President Trump and do nothing to help the country. AG Barr three weeks ago made four important points. First, spying did occur.
26B. Second, there is a basis for his concern that the spying was not properly predicated. Third, there was failure of leadership at the top of the FBI (Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, etc.).
26C. Fourth, he used two terms that I’ve never heard before: unauthorized surveillance and political surveillance.
26D. The Democrats are scared. They talk about obstruction of justice, but the real obstruction of justice is what the Democrats are trying to do to the AG. They’re trying to stop him from digging to get the answers we’ve been discussing.
26E. they mislead the people twice. They mislead the FISA court when they took the Clinton campaign’s paid-for dossier as the basis for the Page FISA warrant application. And secondly, they mislead people on Mifsud going after Pdop.
26F. If we now learn that Mifsud was working as a Western intel asset, then this all gets blown up.
27. B: do you think we’ll get accountability for the FISA abuse and the obstructing of the AG that has taken place?
27A. J: I do. I think IG Horowitz will release his report soon, for starters.
28. B: I now ask my next guest, Michael Mukasey [Bush 43’s AG], for his comments on today’s interviews.
28A. Mukasey (M): the counterintelligence investigation like preceded Pdop’s involvement. The OIG will release his report soon, and there will likely be a grand jury empowered to investigate various aspects of his findings and discover what really happened.
29. B: did AG Barr lie in his Senate testimony last week?

29A. M: no. AG Barr answered all questions in the House hearing accurately.
30. B: is this obstruction on the part of the Democrats to try to take down an honest broker like AG Barr?
30A. M: I think this is an attempt to divert attention in part, and also an attempt to discredit what AG Barr intends to do (i.e., investigate all the events that started this whole thing).
31. B: the FISA warrant didn’t happen until later in the year, but it’s clear that there was spying going on before they had the warrants to do so. Is that a fair statement?
31A. M: you don’t need a warrant to put a spy in to talk to someone; however, you do need a good reason. When you’re talking about putting an agent in to talk to someone in a political campaign, you need a VERY good reason.
31B. That’s what the AG had in mind when he wondered whether this was all properly predicated, not whether there was a warrant but whether there was a good reason. I think the answer to that will likely turn out to be no. There were plenty of bad reasons.
32. B: people want to know how far up the chain this all went. Did President Obama know about it? Are we going to see accountability for people who did perhaps try to entrap Trump campaign members?
32A. M: we’re going to see accountability. When William Barr says we’re going to conduct an investigation into how all of this started, and believes he has good reason to do so, he will follow through.
32B. He’s said he’s putting together a team in DoJ with access to a grand jury, and he will find out what happened and who was responsible for what happen.
32C. I think this accounts for a lot of the reasons why people in Congress are accusing him of making false statements to Congress in order to discredit what he is about to do. He is not a man easily deterred.

<end of comments from Bartiromo’s show>
33. Drip, drip, drip. It’s all coming out, and the “star of the show” is spying on the Trump campaign, just as the President told us way back in early 2017 (and for which he was ridiculed incessantly since then).
34. Well, the worm has turned, hasn’t it? Even the NYT admits his campaign was spied upon! And yet the Democrats tried to diminish AG Barr’s use of the term by playing word games during his congressional testimony.
35. We covered that in yesterday’s thread in which the AG gave the Democrats way better then he received – especially in his exchange with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) on the use of the word “spying”:
36. A small group of senior DoJ, FBI, and IC people were up to their eyeballs in sedition during the 2016 presidential campaign, and used Western intel assets as spies to illegally entrap Trump campaign operatives and others. All in service of Hillary Clinton and the Dem Party.
37. No wonder the Democrats and their allies want to erase the word “spying” from the public consciousness! Fortunately, @POTUS and his congressional allies are counterattacking on all fronts. Can’t wait to see what the DoJ OIG and AG Barr produce in their investigations!
38. We’re going to hear much, much more about Democrat-initiated illegal spying on Americans over the next year. And personally, I like the phrase “vote Democrat and get spied upon” as one campaign slogan among many for 2020. How about you? ///The end.
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