Comrades I write to you from the bright lexit future where I languish in a DeEducation camp 4 My dequitivist revocateur stopbrexoise wrongness & 2 get out of solitary I now pay tribute to the dear leader Jeremy Corbyn and heroes of #Brexit class struggle 4 lexitism in one cuntry
Now @UKLabour is a glorious dictatorship of the Lexetariat in which the cadres of Jezbollah are guided by the infallible mutterings of comrade Kipper but not all realise the struggle 4 lexit through #Brexit was opposed by powerful dequitivist revocateur counterbrexiteer forces
it is often thought the salvation of #Brexit was entirely due to the genius of comrade Kipper corbyn class warrior and Eric morecambe impersonator but we should not forget the heroic cadres of Jezbollasists who inspired by the teachings of comrade corbyn worked 2 save #Brexit
Jezbollist comrade Richard Burgon who saw that the best way to relieve the poverty of the oppressed masses of the brexletariat was to make the entire country poorer. class struggle would be intensified cos nearly all classes would be struggling due 2 #brexit
Another lexiter inspired by the teachings of the dear leader was comrade Rebecca Long Bailey who saw the way to unite the UK was to do a deal with the tories that everyone would hate as the prelude 20 years of joyous and triumphant #Brexit negotiations
Another of the dear leader comrade corbyns comrades was comrade Len Mckluskey Comrade Mckluskey saw the best way to free the workers from The Exploitation of bosses was to take their jobs away and foresaw #Brexit would liberate unprecedented numbers from wage slavery
Last & definitely least of Jezbollacist lexiters is man boy corbyn fan boy Owen Jones who attacked #ultraremainers 4 their extremist desire 2 change sod all & refusal 2 embrace the truly socialist PATH of an ideologically inspired #Brexit leap off a cliff led by ALTRIGHT nutters
comrade Corbyn foresaw the inevitable triumph of lexitism would be preceeded by an initial victory 4 Gammonist reactionaries who were unwitting agents of lexitist class struggle cos they had zero socialist intent & were witless tossers #Brexit
One reactionary #Brexit agent was Esther Mcgilet many questioned how she could be an agent of socialism being responsible for many deaths of the disabled but corbyn with his unique understanding of class struggle knew stalin had killed millions of people which made it OK
Comrade corbyn Combined his deep understanding of lexitism with a long term alliance with the grand wizards of the ERG with whom he voted more times than any other Labour MP they were compadres in #Brexit class struggle albeit struggling for completely different classes
most prominent unwitting agent of class struggle was tory leader net curtain twitching racist and medusa lookalike Kim BOT MAY seen here with beloved the tories were a true party of the poor hungry masses having made masses more people poor & hungry #Brexit
Comrade corbyn was happy to see the yellow vests who possessed a yearning for lexitism on one Cuntry thst no words could express cos none of their words expressed any such thing cos they'd never F**King heard of marx but corbyn delighted in their mass agitation for #Brexit
Thus #Brexit resulted in a unique historic alignment of social forces favouring the class struggle victory of lexitism but unfortunately Kim BOT MAY as well as being an unwitting agent of class struggle was also plain F**King witless & brexletariat victory was threatened
Gammonist tory brexiters were in danger of losing brexit to a ruthless counterbrexiteer insurgency. Dequitivists absurdly claimed #Brexit was a F*c*ING stupid idea led by lying incompetent w*nkmuffins but those ignorant of lexit class struggle were listening 2 this propaganda
defeats for Gammonist brexiters led 2 comrade corbyn & comrade Mckluskey being assailed by stopbrexoise revocateurs like 72% of the Labour Party membership who wanted a 2nd ref. the fearless warriors of #Brexit class war steadfastly resisted counterbrexiteer pressure
To save #brexit corbyn sent comrade Barry Gardiner to James cleverly 2 bail out Kim BOT MAY but whilst the dear leader wanted #Brexit he wanted the tories to own it & the consequences cos all property is theft but the tories wanted joint ownership so the deal failed
Comrade corbyn and his lexiter disciples understood that as counter revolution follows revolution so #brexit was followed by #stopbrexit yet following the failure to make a #Brexit pact with Kim BOT MAY comrade corbyn & his lexit cadre risked being overwhelmed by #ultraremainers
The counterbrexiteer threat to #Brexit worried comrade seumas Milne whose deep knowledge of the British proletariat came from his public school education and whose yearning for the workers paradise lost of the USSR derived from never having to live under Soviet communism
Comrade milne was a friend of beloved kleptocratic hero of the brexletariat Vladimir Putin who helped others in the #Brexit struggle like Moggski & banski out of pure altruisim Putin made milne realise that to save brexit he must become the puppet master of comrade corbyn
Comrade milne also realised that to save the victory of the brexletariat Lexitist class struggle must temporarily conjoin with the Gammonist faragist struggle to send Forrins back where they belong & so resolved to speak to comrade corbyn
Farage is not a true brexiter said The dear leader. He the dear leader spoke of the EU as a military frankenstein pursuing an agressive military foreign policy to firm a European empire with an EU army . Farage tamely claimed the EU was merely going to form army
Yet comrade Corbyn though questioning the faragists true brexitological zeal for making up absurd lies about the EU had also read MEIN KIPP & was impressed by nigey's ability to mobilise the masses for #Brexit so gave his blessing to comrade milne to meet nigel Farage
Accordingly recalling the heady days of the molotov ribbentrop pact comrade milne met Farage to form a nistarist faragist euro election pact. A save #Brexit unpopular front
Comrade corbyn and comrade milne met faragist Gammonist leader and agreed that if a vote 4 Labour was a vote 4 lexit class struggle #Brexit would be saved & if they pissed off labour voters into voting libdem Farage would win and this too would be a vote for #Brexit
And so the dear leader comrade corbyn formed an anti stopbrexoise unpopular front with faragist Gammonist leader Nigel Farage Rebecca Long Bailey delighted in making #Brexit buddies with the Oswald Moseley wannabe & the daily mail hailed comrade corbyn as the Saviour of #Brexit
Nb what I hadn't realised in my ignorance of class struggle is that the real communist Party of GREAT BRITAIN says vote nigel farage
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