I've broke down the hearing and went to the meat of the hearing bypassing all the filibustering nonsense. And if you pay attention there are a couple of telling things in there mixed in with the same ole stuff. I'll try and point that all out best I can and explain my point.
Here's Shaheen the lady that got rattled when Barr told her about spying. She tried it again, and Wray went with the term I wouldn't use. She tried to take him out of context with the yes or no nonsense & Wray didn't go for it. Wray explained in context killing her tactic.
If you noticed she tried to cut him off, and he finished his answer, very effective on his part. But the MSM including Fox is just using his original answer in their sound bite completely ignoring his followup with context. Typical media BS
Shaheen asks about warrants, opening the door for a very important answer, because they are talking about FISA warrants. Wray tight in the middle says "A number of relative Warrants were obtained" That's a big plural for those watching. More than just Carter Page. This confirms.
Again at the end of this clip you find another sound bite being used, where Wray says I don't "personally" have any evidence. Careful before you react, he threw in "personally" for a reason. To understand it better you have to understand the OIG and how they work. I'll explain.
Under normal day to day, the OIG idles in the background doing normal oversight. However when they take on an investigation by referral, they swoop in & take custody of all evidence to analyze in their own realm & go to work. Everyone else is off limits. Thus "personally" is true
Beginning of this clip is funny, Wray's last answer stumped her and she was stuck where to go, it shows she didn't get the answer she wanted to further her narrative, she's stuck so she shifts gears. She tries to go after Barr a little and Wray didn't take the bait.
So she pivots to the same ole narrative "It's clear the Russians meddled" *yawn* anf Wray give her a long drawn out answer pretty much killing her clock because he knows where's she's going, talking points 101. Notice Wray starts the answer with "I appreciate the question"
In my experience when they start and answer it's always a couple of things, first it's a delay tactic, and two they are fixing to blow smoke up your ass or just pacify you with big words with little substance, smoke and mirrors 101
Here she just shows how inept she is to be questioning the Director of the FBI, thinking there is one guru to handle it all, she has no idea how complex the investigative world is. I wish Wray would have blown her mind & just said "Trump is in charge!" the meltdown would be epic
Here the token Liberal Republican asks a question that concerned me some the way Wray answered. I'm not comfortable with the FBI sharing a damn thing with Social Media and then relying on them to police it. It green lights them to go after people they disagree with politically
Here father time reminds everyone that he's been in DC too long and tries to brag about it some.

J Edgar Hoover story oh joy. The low point in the history of Law Enforcement. I lived it and really am not fond of it.
Here old dummy makes a point he never realizes. @SenatorLeahy brings up if a foreign gov offers up assistance, opposition research, stolen info, social media ads, would you want them to tell the FBI? Oh how the irony drips off that question he through out trying to bash Trump.
@SenatorLeahy who was the only campaign to actually had opposition research from a foreign adversary, and actually gave it to the FBI thru back channels passing it off as actual intelligence? Huh? I didn't hear you!

@HillaryClinton paid for it $ they funneled it thru Bruce Ohr!
You damn Democrats make so much of the Trump Tower meeting, where @DonaldJTrumpJr met with a female lawyer that happened to be Russian, but did she give any oppo research material? Any stolen emails? Anything at all?

No she wanted to talk about Russian Adoptions!
@HillaryClinton laundered money thru Perkins Coie, to Pay FusionGPS, to pay a Foreign national, to contact Russians to try and get dirt on @realDonaldTrump oppo research nonsense. Did Hillary call the FBI and tell them @SenatorLeahy? I guess she did & they used it to get a FISA
@HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump @SenatorLeahy Okay, here @SenatorLeahy starts off with a blatant lie. Please roll the clip or produce the tweet where @realDonaldTrump ever said he's like to use the Justice Dept as a political weapon to go after his opponents. Please prove your statement you old lying SOB.
Wray didn't answer it the way I would have but he did make it clear he hasn't been asked to do anything. Leahy is just an old lying hack doing what he does.
Here ole Possum Puss Jack Reed wasted time trying to start a narrative on the Russians favor @realDonaldTrump it's typical 100% crap from the left. Typical political hack, Wray wasted little time with it.
@realDonaldTrump Here Ole possum puss starts his constant mumbling and rambling trying to sound intelligent but he's just trying to use provided talking points, and refers to the old Jan '17 IC report that has turned out to be a pile of garbage complied of Crowdstrike nonsense.
And as Wray is trying to answer the bumbling fool, he interrupts trying to insert his own words into Wray's answer, complete amateur night BS. Laughable at best. He went to the Hirono school of questioning and sucks at it.
I'm going to insert this in here not because it has any breaking news but just because it needs to be said. There are good FBI agents out there that do their jobs and do it well.
Here @SenJohnKennedy makes a good point and asks a careful question that Wray doesn't answer. To me it shows Wray doesn't really want to tough the Clinton investigation. It all began way before Wray was there, back in 2014, so he stays away from it for good reason.
It's be reopened as we know and the DOJ is looking into all that. The FBI knows what went on, they prove it with all these new Vault releases, they have the files, they have emails and texts we haven't seen. I think there is more going on and Wray stays away from the question
Another good question, from @SenJohnKennedy but again this falls into a pre Wray era and he again avoids answering it direct, but you have to remember the PIG has those files looking into that, and the FBI is hands off on that for now. That's about all the answer you'd expect.
@SenJohnKennedy @SenJohnKennedy hits up Wray with the declassification question and Wray gives the company answer which is par for the course pretty much. Nice try but I'm sure Kennedy knew that answer was coming before he asked but tried anyway
@SenJohnKennedy Again @SenJohnKennedy emphasized that it was just a group at the FBI that went off the reservation, and Wray again gave the company answer, a bit much IMHO but he was laying it on pretty thick. Wray banged the gong pretty good on the caseload at FBI but it a given they're busy
@SenJohnKennedy Here @ChrisCoons emphasizes the fact that Hillary should have contacted the @FBI that she had received dirt from a foreign power, instead of sneaking it in the back door disguised as intelligence thru an intermediary like Bruce Ohr, & get it out in the open instead of a FISA
@SenJohnKennedy @ChrisCoons @FBI This little weasel Schatz is a hack, I've never heard him try to make a point ever that doesn't involve race. This beta male is the worst, & tries to boost his own standing with all this white guilt nonsense constantly, & a supporter of the Iran nuclear agreement. #Idiot
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