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There's a hearing going on right now, where a bunch of Democrats are screaming about executive privilege and Barr lol.

Rep Jeffries just listed all the times that President Trump allowed executive branch members to talk to Mueller without invoking executive privilege without realizing that he was proving Trump's point about how he didn't obstruct anything 😂😂😂
😂 this dummy claims "this is a deadly serious moment"

I mean I guess he is technically correct, we are watching the death of the DNC and the media right in front of our eyes.
Listen to their arguments. They aren't talking about what's in the Mueller report, because what's in the report clears Trump of all wrongdoing.

They're talking about redactions and Barrs summary, because they literally only have smoke and mirrors left as a strategy.
"This is a search for the truth" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ABC News knows that literally no one cares about this hearing so they are showing a barge transporting an airplane through a river lol.

I have been watching that primarily
"We were attacked by a foreign adversary. We have an attorney general that refuses to give us the details of that attack"

He just called for impeachment of Barr and Trump based on a report that says President Trump had nothing to do with the attack by Russia on our election lol.
"Obstructed justice. That's a legalise term for acted guilty, a lot" this moron can't even form complete coherent sentences 😂😂😂
Weeks after the Mueller report came out:

"President Trump called Putin. They talked for 90 minute...that's your leader, the commander in cheat, he called the guy that attacked us"

😂 listen to their arguments! "The President of the USA can't talk to the leader of Russia ever!"
I love Rep Lesko 😂

"I think that my Democrat colleagues are still in denial that the President was actually elected. I saw it on election night, I stayed up late in Arizona, and I saw the meltdown of some of my Democrat colleagues and the media"
"We had a member of this committee eat chicken and pose with a ceramic chicken. I mean, this is all political theater and political show that makes for, ya know, good TV but are we getting things done? No we are not getting things done" Rep. Lesko
"What is the Trump administration hiding from the American people?" asks a complete dummy lol
"We're manufacturing a crisis. We're manufacturing something that doesn't need to exist and doesn't need to happen." Rep Collins. Absolutely correct!
"...he brought down the curtain on this entire thing when he said "No documents. How do we impeach? We don't have the documents, how do we impeach?" (cont...)
"... because right now, let's be honest, by that very statement he's making the claim that they don't have enough to impeach because Mueller didn't give them impeachment. The report did not show collusion and did not charge obstruction. There's nothing to impeach!" Rep. Collins
This lunatic is screaming about the emoluments clause 😂😂
The Democrats keep saying they're speaking for the people but I bet a large portion of independent voters are regretting their decision to vote for Democrats once they learned the fake news media lied to them about collusion for years.
Rep. Cline is talking in a calm, peaceful and joking manner. He is saying that he hopes the Mueller redactions get released because the Democrats are just going "aha! The smoking gun is in the redactions!" 😂

The GOP is doing great in this hearing. The Dems, literally lunatics.
LOL is Nadler freaking asleep!??!
The barge is still on the river with the plane on it!
Wow that's cool looking!
Here comes the fake tears!! She literally wails and fake cries and that's all she does.
She just called President Trump invoking executive privilege "unprecedented" so you can safely not even listen to anything she is shrieking about lol.
She is giving a history lesson about separation of powers while not recognizing that's what executive privilege is all about lol.
"It would just be" the judiciary committee and intel committee that would see everything, she claims, as if both of those committees don't leak to the media all the time anything they ever hear about Trump.
😂😂😂😂 look at this empty room. She is wailing and shrieking into a group of a dozen bored onlookers.
Oh lordy, she did it again, literally every time she speaks she talks about the child separation policy at the border as if it wasn't started by President Obama lol.
😂😂😂 she just tripped up her words in her speech so she literally stopped fake crying for a second until she remembered the next lines. OMG
Rep. Gaetz just said that since his mic was cut last week he is going to use it all week whenever he can and not yield 😂
Talking about the Democrats claiming this is all "deadly serious"

"If we are holding up the rule of law as this great virtue, why then would we ask the Attorney General to break the law in order to serve the rule of law?"
"It has never been our intention, as we've stated before, to ask the Attorney General to violate the law" lies Rep. Nadler.
WOOO! look at that plane on that barge on that river!
They want AG Barr to help them ask the courts to allow him to hand their corrupt committee all of the grand jury materials 😂😂😂

Good luck dummies!
The barge is gone but I found a tv to watch in the background instead of listening to Nadler.

Unfortunately the TV was showing Nadler talking while he was talking in the same room so it did not help lol.
Now they are all confused about what they are arguing about LOL you can't make up how awful our congress is.

"Are we asking him for classified documents and grand jury materials or not? You are saying we aren't but we thought you were saying that!"
Dude just said "I'm not trying to score political points here I'm genuinely confused about what we're arguing about" basically 😂😂😂
Rep. Collins is arguing now that because everyone doesn't even know what's going on this is way too quick to push for contempt charges lmao.
Everyone's now yielding back and forth to each other until Nadler speaks and Nadler claims that "two months" have gone by so it's not too quick, even though literally no one knows what they are arguing about at the moment. 😂

They're just pushing ahead with contempt even though they spent the last 10 minutes trying to figure out what they are even talking about and what they are saying he is doing that they are holding him in contempt for lol.

Absolute. Joke. Hearing.
Rep. Collins points out, yet again, that Rep. Nadler is wanting to hold AG Barr in contempt for something that Nadler himself can request the courts to turn over and has said he would do anyways lol.
LOL she is complaining about President Trump not sitting down for an in person perjury trap interview with Mueller.

HAHAHAHAHAH these people are so sad and pathetic.
Now she is freaking out and complaining about AG Barr asking President Trump to invoke executive privilege. She sounds like every left wing blue checkmark on twitter. There is no happiness inside her. She is a ball of misery and hate lol. Babbling nonsense.
🎶Hello darkness my old friend....
lol the room just keeps getting more and more empty and they are still trying to figure out exactly what they are holding him in contempt for, whether it's for turning over grand jury materials or not.
Now Rep. Jackson Lee is asking rhetorical questions about the Obama administration and playing whataboutism saying the GOP would be doing the same thing they are doing today.

lol is she saying they were right to do those things or that she is wrong to do them now? Good lord 😂
She is now claiming that everyone is just acting confused when it's very clear what they are all talking about.

Even though Nadler and half the room spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what they are even talking about lol.
Again, claiming this is historic that President Trump is invoking executive privilege. Just lies on top of lies on top of confusion all to set a fake news narrative. The media will just report the "contempt" part not this trainwreck of a hearing.
Rep. Collins blasts Rep. Jackson Lee for trying to speak hypothetically about a situation that happened before (holding Holder in contempt) and that the Democrats flipped out about it lol. Like I said, what even was her argument? That they were right then or she is wrong now?
LOL Rep. Jackson Lee is now saying that the actions of Holder are different because these acts she is talking about today have to do with the President himself.

Literally just said "It's different this time cuz ORANGE MAN IS BAD"
Rep. Collins is again saying that this is all crazy, they don't even know what they're all talking about, and it's a rush to charge contempt lol.
"We all know that Russia, a foreign adversary, attacked our country" ok that's great and all but have the Democrats heard that President Trump and everyone associated with his campaign had nothing to do with it? According to Mueller's report that they are all screaming about?
She is now saying that the attack by Russia is still going on and she's right. The Democrats and the fake news media are doing all the heavy lifting for the Russians with hearings like this and refusing to accept the results of no less than three investigations.
"Donald Trump will stand for re-election again in a very short period of time and we don't have 400 days to wait..."

Letting the cat out of the bag again! They need to rush because they are running out of time to impeach before he gets re-elected and they get voted out.
I was confused by what happened but my fears were correct. They didn't even vote on contempt yet lol. They're taking a lunch break for an hour.
LOL the hearing room has a TV on the wall showing the youtube stream of the hearing itself from their own youtube channel. Gotta make sure they all look good on camera, that's what it's all about!
And our long national nightmare continues
Nadler sleeping again lol.

He falls asleep anytime someone reads his own words back to him. I don't blame him.
Rep. Buck is just reading all of Rep. Nadler's statements about Clinton's impeachment, including that he called the impeachment a "partisan coup d'etat" 😂
Rep. Nadler said everything he just said was incorrect and that he is mischaracterizing his views from 1998 and that his views can change over time blah blah blah and back on the contempt track.
Rep. Nadler agreed with Rep. Buck about the need to investigate further. I don't know why Rep. Buck said that in the first place, that Mueller's report is biased so they should investigate instead of demanding the report 🤦‍♂️
More screaming and lying about AG Barr and demanding he be held in contempt.
Rep. Demings is now lying and saying that the only reason President Trump wasn't charged with obstruction is because he is President. Lying and shouting, these are the only cards the Democrats have left to play.
Now yelling about the AG Barr summary letter, which even Mueller said was factually accurate, and which we all know was accurate because the report has been released and we can read it.
She said that AG Barr knows that people are too busy to read for themselves and got to the key issue at hand with his letter, it set the narrative and they weren't allowed to push their lies about what it said for weeks. Pathetic.
"Congressional oversight is what this is about today" Rep. Correa

lol no it's not, your Democrat colleagues have already stated multiple times that this is about impeaching President Trump.
It's seriously insane for them to keep saying that AG Barr's letter didn't accurately portray the report when WE CAN READ THE REPORT OURSELVES lol.

Unbelievable how stupid they think we all are.

Three in a row!

The House GOP better not have given up again and just let them finish out the hearing by lying all in a row without being checked by anyone. That's such a terrible strategy.
"Wouldn't all of us like to hide 8% of our lives?" she asks, not realizing that she is making the President's argument for him yet again lol.

Yes, we all have a reasonable right to privacy and not to be subjected to endless investigations into all aspects of our lives dummy.
Nice, we got a Republican here. Talking about how Mueller, Barr and Rosenstein are all seasoned prosecutors and know when they are able to indict someone and that there was no collusion or conspiracy or obstruction.
lol I love this guy.

Rep Sensenbrenner points out that everyone is talking about the AG Barr summary letter when anyone can take a few days and read the actual report for themselves.
Rep Sensenbrenner talking about separation of powers now, and points out that congress doesn't prosecute people lol. He is wrecking the left and their entire narrative.
"What we're seeing here is subpoena first and then figure out what we can do to make people embarrassed because they cannot comply with all parts of the subpoena"

Rep Sensenbrenner
"The chairman has put the attorney general between a rock and a hard place. Comply with the subpoena, you violate the law on grand jury secrecy. Blow off the subpoena, and you end up being found in contempt." Rep Sensenbrenner
They're literally still arguing back and forth about what the subpoena is demanding and whether or not it includes material AG Barr is not legally allowed to provide to them. LOL disaster.
Rep Nadler said that the subpoena was considered to be the beginning of a dialogue. Rep Buck is back and saying that is ridiculous, it's a demand not an initiation of dialogue lol.
"This is a contempt hearing" he says, but I think he is being overly generous because this is a clown show.
Rep. Nadler calls on Rep. Powell and she said that she would like to get the conversation back on track, and then she starts giving a speech about her life story 😂🤦‍♂️
Basically "Let's get back on track here, AG Barr and President Trump are dictators" 😂

They literally don't care at all what's happening, they aren't paying attention, just waiting to read their prepared speech that is identical to everyone elses.
Can someone fill Rep. Mucarsel-Powell in on the fact that everyone is still trying to figure out what a subpoena is and what is legal to disclose to congress and not? She is reading CNN talking points now about AG Barr protecting the President lol.
"Being a mom, I can assure you that I can do more than one thing at a time" is literally a sentence read by a Congresswoman during a contempt hearing in case you were wondering if this was all just a chance to cut a political ad or not for her.
Rep Collins is back and he is begging the Democrats to listen to him about how insane they are being lol. He is reading the subpoena and pointing out they are trying to ask AG Barr to break the law.
He points out that they are asking him to add an amendment to say that they aren't asking for grand jury material because the way it's currently written it's demanding him to turn over things he can't legally turn over and Nadler won't do it.
Rep Nadler can't do that, because then it makes the subpoena worthless, and then they can't hold him in contempt.

Interesting. I bet Rep Nadler continues and forces contempt through and the media praises him but this is nuts.
lol the tone of the Republicans voices are cracking me up. They're literally like begging them to recognize what they are doing. That once they move to contempt a judge is going to say that he can't comply legally with their subpoena so what are they even doing?
Rep. Collins points out again they are rushing things and asking what they are even doing here.
Rep Nadler, as predicted, is going to push through with contempt. He said the Republicans are beating a dead horse. That's freaking hilarious because this is a contempt hearing about furthering the Russia collusion hoax 😂
He said the subpoena is lawful. It isn't. Push through contempt dummies let's get the courts involved 😂.

He said that they have made clear the 6e material isn't part of the subpoena, but it is, Rep Collins read it and so did he. They're asking for everything unredacted.
"It does matter what's in the subpoena. It does matter" Rep Collins almost laughing while begging them to just get it. Just recognize. Just literally understand the facts of the matter at hand.

The Democrats have no intention to do that though lol.
Rep Neguse trying to get us back on RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA again. Talking about how they attacked the 2016 election lol.

Seriously, why keep pointing that out when the next sentence is "and no Americans were involved in any way shape or form with any of it" 😂
Rep. Neguse says that it is not an unreasonable request, to demand that AG Barr break the law.

He said he is at a loss for why the Republicans aren't joining them in their efforts. You can't make this up 😂
The Republicans are back, and they are again just begging them to recognize that what they are doing is insane and that this is a contempt hearing, not a political game.
Rep Johnson said that this is an abuse of their authority and he is absolutely correct.
Rep Biggs says that the Republicans aren't arguing that Russia didn't interfere with the election, and that people that keep bringing it up need to recognize that it has nothing at all to do with AG Barr or any of this.
"What I'm seeing today is, we will issue a subpoena but when it comes time to enforce the subpoena through something called a contempt citation, we will start modifying what we really intended. That cannot stand." Rep Biggs
This dummy is back lol. I wonder if he is about to spill the beans about how this is all about impeachment again.
He just mocked the Republicans for continuously bringing up grand jury laws and how what they are asking AG Barr to do is illegal. Told a story about badgering his wife to marry him. The Democrats all laughed. They're literally out of their minds with this.
His job is to get the hearing back to the vote on contempt because they're going to vote to hold AG Barr in contempt no matter what. This has always been about going after Trump and impeachment and nothing is going to stop them.
Rep Neguse is now quoting the House Intel committee and Adam Schiff saying that it's perfectly legal what they are doing lol. You can't make this up. "This liar over here said that we're good so let's get this contempt stuff going" 😂
"Remember the main thing we're talking about is not rule 6e, the main thing we're talking about is the absolute stonewalling by the Justice Department, the Attorney General and the President not only of the unredacted Mueller report and the underlying evidence but of everything"
Rep Nadler is just going to push on through with illegally ordering the AG Barr to turn over information and holding him in contempt. Lol. "Remember why we are here today, it's all about the Orange Man, let's not let the law get in the way" basically this entire hearing.
"The intel committee is not on this subpoena" Rep Collins, destroying that stupid argument lol.
This maniac is back and literally screaming about RUSSIA election interference and pretending that Republicans haven't always denounced it lol.
"Hundreds of contacts" between the Trump campaign and Russians.


"SPEAKING TO RUSSIANS IS ILLEGAL!" the maniac wails into the void.
"There's outrage to be had" she wails lol.
"History is watching" "Will you be on the side of obstruction?"

😂😂😂😂 she has FULL BLOWN TDS. She is falling apart here. Everyone else on the left is just stupid or acting it up but she really is unhinged. Wow.
"This is about Russia's attacks on the United States of America" oh lordy she is back lol.

No, this about charging Barr with contempt at all costs, and if it was about Russia you would all be admitting President Trump had NOTHING to do with it!
"Who cares if it was President Obama that was President when the Russians attacked. I don't understand that point at all" Rep Swalwell, we know you don't get it but thanks for being so honest 😂
Swalwell and Cicilline tried to huddle on a parliamentary inquiry and Rep Nadler shot them down and said it was invalid 😂😂😂
And around and around in circles we go. Republicans again just begging the Democrats to recognize that what they are doing is asking the Attorney General to break the law while the Democrats shout "ORANGE MAN BAD RUSSIA. BARR PROTECTS ORANGE MAN SO BARR MAN BAD TOO!"
"We've wasted an entire day" boy have we ever lol. It's already mid afternoon. What a waste of time.
"All of this sweet talk is killing me. Now I know how my wife must have felt" literally just babbling nonsense again. Will you all please just hold the vote everyone knows is coming already and hold AG Barr in contempt, illegally, so that we can all get on with our day?
Yelling again about AG Barr not replying to their illegal subpoena lol. Yelling about contempt. Oh my goodness I think we may be hitting the home stretch here and about to watch this sham of a vote finally.
He literally keeps babbling "Sweet talk. Sweet talk." and Rep Johnson just started laughing at him. He was explaining about how what they are doing is illegal but really, they should recognize by now the Democrats don't care.
"You have the votes to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt of Congress, which will be meaningless because you will never be able to enforce such a vote of contempt before a court of proper jurisdiction..." Rep Gohmert
"...you cannot legally before a court have someone in contempt for refusing to do what the law says they cannot do." Rep Gohmert
Rep Jackson-Lee said that what has happened with President Trump and AG Barr refusing to comply with their illegal demands is a "Saturday Night Massacre" lol. So dramatic.
She is now just repeating Saturday Night Massacre over and over again.
They're literally just all asking the lady how she recorded their votes now to stall for time to let two more people get back to vote this is so ridiculous. Disorganized clown show. Stop the madness and finish your fraud vote already lol. Fake congress!
"People don't have to keep asking how they were recorded" Nadler says, thankfully. They all laugh because this is such a great day for our countries history and all. Nothing embarrassing or disgraceful going on here that they should be contemplating.

She is the worst!
To recap:

The Democrats are flagrantly violating the law by demanding AG Barr violate the law and they don't care at all because this is all, by their own admission, just a means to an end to impeach. Get ready for annoying summer.

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