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#taekookAU | It’s You

Jungkook has gone his entire life thinking he had a dead Soulmate. His black tattoo echoed his lonely celebrity life. One day, his tattoo fills with vibrant colors & a lonely Omega stumbles into his life with a complicated past... from another entire world
This is my first BTS fanfic so I’ll be trying my best 🤗 I’m still new to Twitter though and much more used to Ao3 so please put up with me haha

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“Jungkook is busy today. If you wish to contact us for an interview, please contact the agency. Thank you.”

Namjoon shut the door firmly closed, but Jungkook could still hear the loud screaming of girls in the background and the yelling of the paparazzi.
The older Alpha gave Jungkook a worried look, but he stubbornly ignored it.

“What do we have next in our schedule?” Jungkook asked him.

Namjoon shook his head. The idol looked like a dead man walking. No way as his manager that he would allow this to continue any longer.
“You should rest, Jungkook. I am going to clear your schedule. You need a break,” Namjoon said bluntly, but he knew Jungkook wouldn’t like that.

“I don’t need a break!” the idol exclaimed. Namjoon shook his head.

“No, I am taking you home and cancelling everything.”
“Jungkook,” Namjoon said to a glowering Alpha, “as your friend and manager, listen to me. I am taking you home.”

“I don’t want to go back there,” Jungkook huffed. Namjoon shook his head at the younger, but he knew where Jungkook was coming from as well.
Being stuck in such a big and empty mansion was simply suffocating. It just reminded the young Alpha of how lonely he was.

Namjoon scratches his head for second, before sighing. He should just do it. Jin probably would be happy as well with his decision.
“Want to come over for dinner? Jin probably made extra, knowing him,” Namjoon laughed sheepishly and rubbed his arm chest fondly.

Jungkook eyed his manager suspiciously. It was the worst kept secret that Namjoon and the CEO were courting. They even had matching soulmarks...
Namjoon was a lot more secretive about the courtship, but he was much too obvious since the clumsy Alpha tripped over himself for the older Omega.

Seokjin would brag to anyone who asked about his soulmate. It was often laughable why they pretended they weren’t courting.
It must be nice... having a Soulmate.

Jungkook felt his soulmate burn at the thought. The inky blackness of the mark was simply a reminder that Jungkook’s fated was dead.

How ironic. Jungkook was part of the lucky 5% who had a soulmate and his soulmate was dead.
Should he go with dinner with them? Did Namjoon pity him or something?

Jungkook was one of the most famous - probably THE most famous - idol in South Korea. It also wasn’t a secret that Jungkook was a lone wolf as well. He didn’t have close friends, really. Maybe besides Yoongi
However, seeing that hopeful look Namjoon was giving him, how could Jungkook say no? It’s not that big of a deal, right?

I mean, besides having a dinner cooked by the entire CEO of your company who is one of the richest people in the world with your manager. No biggie.
Jungkook gave a helpless smile and removed his hands from his pockets.

“Mind if I invite Yoongi?” the younger Alpha asked.

The huge smile Jungkook got in return made him decide he made the right decision immediately.

“Of course! Knowing him, he hasn’t left his studio.”
Namjoon shook his head with an exasperated smile. Jungkook gave a small laugh in reply at the true statement.

Knowing Yoongi, he was probably looked up in his room making songs for hours straight.

Namjoon ruffled the younger’s hair fondly.

“Let’s call him right now.”
Picking him his phone and dialing his friend’s phone number, it took the ache of loneliness away a bit. He was still loved all the same.

Namjoon had always treated him like a close friend, Jin like he was Jin’s child, and Yoongi as a trusted confidant. His Goldens supported him
Having a dead soulmate hurt. The fact that he was packless was not comforting either. However... he wasn’t alone either.

His Soulmate may be dead, but it wasn’t the end of the world either. Maybe things would turn out okay.

At least, that’s what Jungkook told himself.

“V!” someone screamed loudly. “Hurry!”

A small gray and white wolf glanced worriedly behind him. Blood dripped from the wolf’s ear speckled the pure white snow

They had to hurry. They had to run. They were going to get caught! If they didn’t outrun their enemies...
In the distance, Jimin could see a golden brown wolf fighting their foes. The growls and howls filled the empty night.

Jimin felt his hands tingle with the warmth, before trying to shake it off. He would be a burden to V right now if he dared to try. Their best option was to run
“V!” Jimin yelled again. Their bond hummed with a mixture of worry, panic, fear, and determination. The feeling were enough to knock him off his feet.

V gave a loud howl in response to Jimin’s cry. His golden eyes locked with Jimin’s silver eyes.

“Go without me,” V told Jimin
Jimin was tired, but determined.

“Not without you!” the older snapped through their bond.

“I can’t protect you and fight them at the same time. You are more important. Go!”

“We don’t know what is out there! How will I find you again?”

“We will meet again” V said confidently
“PROMISE ME THAT, YOU IDIOT!” Jimin screamed through their pack bond.

V narrowly dodged his foe and rolled sideways.

“Of course, Chimmy. I can’t leave my soulmate alone, right?” V answered telepathically.

Jimin gave a loud howl in response, before vanishing into the temple.
There was a moment of pure silence and both sides stopped fighting. And then, he was gone. V lost Jimin’s presence completely and felt an absence in his mind of the missing bond.

V felt a swell of panic at the loneliness. Memories flashed in his mind of life before meeting Jimin
However, V had to focus. He was outnumbered and tired from the constant running and fighting. He had to hurry, destroy the portal, and then join Jimin on the other side. If V didn’t stop them here, Jimin wouldn’t be safe on the other side and would be captured.
V can’t let that happen. He won’t let that happen. It’s his duty to protect Jimin. V made an oath and would die for Jimin’s sake. The Omega would scream at V for thinking such things, but Jimin was V’s only reason for living anymore. They both were nothing without each other.
The mysterious creature of darkness hissed at him.

“I will just kill you, Beta, and then go after the Omega. You both can run and run all you want, but you will be captured someday. If not from me, someone else. You can’t outrun destiny.”

V was silent.
The creature laughed mockingly.

“What is it, pup? Cat for your tongue?”

V growled at it, but felt a wave of dizziness. He was losing blood. He had to make a run for it now, or else risk passing out and left vulnerable. If that happens, ChimChim will-
V had a single moment to escape. The servant tackled the creature aside. The creature’s minions went into a frenzy, before V made a mad dash towards the temple. He had to hurry. He had to hurry.

“Fools! Leave me! Stop the Beta and capture the Omega!” the creature shrieked.
V didn’t even pause to look back. V was an experienced fighter, but he also knew when it was best to run. He had to escape.

However, V was so impulsive that he didn’t even pause to think about how he would prevent their enemies from following them... unless he took a risk.
The wolf dived into the temple. In front of him was thousand of years of traditions and history. Yet, he didn’t even bother to look around.

He was more interested in the portal. Legends spoke about a portal between worlds that was lost long ago until reawakened.
Jimin used the portal to escape. Now it was V’s turn.

He barely had a moment to thinking since he knew he had to act fast. He momentarily prayed - even if he didn’t believe - that he was making the right decision.

He picked up the ancient statue that was the key to the portal.
V didn’t have anyone else important besides Jimin, but he can’t say the same for his friend. Jimin had a greater role to play in this world than V and would leave behind more.

What was more important though? Did V have the right to make this choice?
“I am sorry, Chimmy,” V apologized. He didn’t have a choice.

Standing before the portal, minions rushed in behind the wolf. Holding the statue in his mouth, V threw it on the ground, shattering it to pieces. There wasn’t moment to waste.
In a single second, the portal flicked and V dived in. The next second, the portal was no more.

Standing in front of a ruined statue, a missing portal, and empty ruins, the creature and its minions screamed in fury. Their prey, on the other hand, were far far far away from home.
~In South Korea~

Jungkook grinned at Namjoon excitedly. The older started to talk about his beloved soulmate. Despite it being kind of sappy, it was really sweet. It also made the idol really hungry the Omega’s home cooking.

However, they didn’t expect a phone call from the CEO
Namjoon frowned and picked up the phone immediately. The two began to rapidly talk.

“Uh huh. Okay, yeah, I can take him home. Fill me in on the details when I get there? Okay, love you too.”

Namjoon shut the phone and looked at Jungkook sadly.
Jungkook frowned worriedly.

“What happened?”

Namjoon sighed. “Some big emergency. It seems we will have to cancel that dinner. I am going to take you home. I am really sorry about that. I’ll make it up to you and Yoongi later.”

Jungkook shook his head.
“Don’t worry about it. I hope Hyung is okay!” Jungkook replied. Namjoon have Jungkook a tired smile, but the idol could see the worried look in his eyes.

“Let me go tell Yoongi then. I feel bad since I haven’t seen him in a while either,” Namjoon said.
The manager called the producer, who reassured it was fine and that he was actually going to call them to cancel on them as well. Namjoon, though puzzled at the words, made Yoongi promise to take care of himself and hung up.

“I guess something popped up,” Namjoon frowned.
Meanwhile, Yoongi hung up at his phone and frowned in puzzlement of what to do. He rubbed his hand awkwardly to relieve the itch. Laying on his bed was the most gorgeous Omega he has ever seen. And the weirdest thing? The Omega was his lost soulmate... who fell out of the sky
Yoongi’s black mark of an inked sun and moon shimmered with a variety of colors now. For his entire life, like Jungkook, Yoongi assumed his soulmate was dead. And now this?
On the other side of town, a puzzled Seokjin faced a similar problem with an unknown injured wolf in his guest bedroom. As Jin cleaned out the wolf’s wounds, he quickly noticed a matching soulmate mark to a certain celebrity full of beautiful colors.

Huh? What was going on?
I made a mistake with breaking the thread with the very first tweet (RIP), but this is going to be an AU with main focus on TaeKook with YoonMin being another major pairing, and then NamJin on the side~

It didn’t occur to mention this earlier oops. Sorry!
The Omega wrinkled his nose and pitched his nose. He just wanted a nice dinner with his husband (they weren’t mated/married yet but shhh.. Jin would eventually make his Joonie man up bc who wouldn’t want to tap this?) and his angsty son stuck in a 23 year old body-not this KDrama
However, the Omega’s mothering instincts screamed for him to help this strange wolf. He couldn’t leave the wolf to die - especially since now he knew that the wolf was Kookie’s Soulmate. The same very idol who has very much wealthy & popular that was employed under Jin’s company.
Seokjin vaguely wondered how he would even begin to explain this to Joonie. Of course, his Alpha would have to know since this was bound to cause a scandal. They have long sidestepped the issue of Jungkook’s soulmate, to the point that some believed he didn’t have one.
It was an easy lie since it was rare in the first place. This only made so many omegas and betas more hopeful for the chance that Jungkook would fall in love with them, feeding to his popularity.

Jin pouted and grumbled, knowing Joonie would work overtime to handle all of this.
He poked the sleeping beauty on the cheek.

“You owe me for this, you got me?” Jin grumbled. The Omega also wrinkled his nose at the strange smell coming from the wolf. It was bland like a Beta’s... but also kind of weird? Jin just couldn’t place his finger on it either.
There were so many questions Jin wanted to ask the sleeping wolf, starting from his injuries, where he came from, why did his mark have colors while Jungkook’s didn’t for his entire life, and so many more.

However, Jin wouldn’t get any answers anytime soon till the wolf woke up
The Omega stood up. He had to make some important calls before his Joonie came home.

He placed a wet towel on his guest’s forehead and tucked the bed. He left a glass of water on the desk with a note with his phone number, if needed. He patted Kookie’s soulmate cheek fondly.
“You probably will probably cause me a lot of problems, especially my Joonie, but maybe with you finally here, Jungkook might learn to smile again. He wasn’t always like this, ya know? I miss the old him.” Jin smiled sadly as the silence echoed no reply.
When Jin removed his hand, the Beta gave a whine of distress. Jin’s eyes widened with surprise, but the Beta didn’t say anything.

He briefly wondered if it was okay to leave his guest alone. However, he couldn’t stay either. He bit his lip guiltily.
Jin went a wave of calming pheremones, watching as the human snuggled into the pillows contently. He sighed in relief. Seokjin glanced one more time behind him, before quietly closing his door. However, Jin didn’t hear the lonely whimper and the longing thought of Jimin from Tae.
~Earlier At JinHit~

Yoongi grumbled as he angrily sipped his coffee. He didn’t know how to put these feelings into words. Yoongi had this melancholy song written, but it lacked something. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t perfect.

Yoongi scowled when he drank his last coffee as well.
Great. Just great.

Yoongi frowned and glared at his lyrics angrily. Nothing was going right today. The producer groaned loudly and fell back into his chair. How splendid! How fantastic! This was all going amazing!

Yoongi wondered if it was possible to choke on your own sarcasm.
There was hardly a point to stay here anymore. The producer stood up from his desk and picked up his keys. He should head back to his apartment. Maybe it would help clear his head as well.

Yoongi ducked out of there quickly. He quickly noticed how everyone ran out of his way.
He vaguely wondered why. Despite being an Alpha, Yoongi was a lot more mellow compared to others. He wasn’t like a brooding Jungkook, nor did he command everyone like Namjoon. Yoongi was basically a short grump who suited being a Befa. He wasn’t big, strong, or your typical Alpha
A heavy feeling filled his chest, emphasized when a clumsy Beta tripped over herself apologizing when she accidentally blocked his way.

Maybe Yoongi was just destined to be alone, he bitterly wondered. He glanced at his gloves. He never took them off since it hurt to look at.
His black mark would be beautiful as if it were a tattoo if it didn’t represent so much pain.

It’s so unlike his packmate’s beautiful flowering tree, wrapped in vines. Yoongi knew that the mark had some sappy meaning in the flower language, knowing his lovesick friend and Jin.
Namjoon couldn’t relate to his childhood friend’s woes. Hoseok didn’t have a soulmate mark either.

The only one that could understand his loneliness was Jungkook. Yoongi frowned at the thought of the lonely, angry Alpha. Jungkook was much too young to already be so broken.
Yoongi looked up at the cloudy sky above him. The Alpha vaguely remembered that Jungkook and Namjoon were supposed to be together doing some idol work. Jin was always busy as CEO. Hoseok was teaching some trainees. This all left Yoongi alone. But it’s fine. It’s all fine, right?
...Maybe if he told himself that enough times, he could convince himself that.

Yoongi sighed and walked away. He should just quickly head home, before he goes into a lock-myself-in-my-apartment-for-days-and-not-come-out phase.
Yoongi opened the door to his apartment. He quickly ducked inside, shutting the door closed. He flipped on the lights and light flooded into his apartment. Yoongi definitely made enough money to live in a life of complete luxuries, and while it was nice, he tended more simplicity
He lived in a high-end place. It was luxurious, but not overwhelming. It definitely modest compared to Jin's or Jungkook's grandiose place. The main reason why he bought the apartment, though, was for the soundproof studio and balcony overseeing the city that came with the place
Yoongi sat down, a bit unsure what to do. Everyone he knew was busy. Most of the time, he was emmersed in his work until someone dragged him out to see the light of day. In all honesty, Yoongi couldn’t really recall the last time he willingly left work ontime. Should he sleep?
As if someone was heading Yoongi's awkward mindstate, his phone began to ring. It was Namjoon! The two had a quick conversation and it was decided that Yoongi would come to have dinner with them. Namjoon was a bit surprised that they wouldn’t have to drag him out of work, but
even if Yoongi was at work still, he also knew when it was a lost cause. Jin would probably drag him by the ear and lecture Yoongi loudly for all the company to see about taking care of his health. (Yes, it was happened before and it did hurt his pride) Plus, Yoongi did miss his
friend too. There was that.

He decided to freshen up a bit with a quick shower before heading out. Yet, when he saw the sun peeking over his beloved city, he couldn’t help but walk over to the balcony. It was a nice view, after all. Colors painted the sky and lights flicked on.
It was comforting to bask in the beauty and noise of his home. While standing outside, the Alpha felt a shiver down his spine. It felt foreboding. He felt his inner work perk up out of its usual sleepy state. His wolf began to wag its tail happily. That's strange. Why would it-
Then the strangest, most life changing this happened.

There was a brief flash of light that forced the songwriter to cover his eyes. When Yoongi was able to look back, he could see someone FLOATING IN THE FUCKING AIR.
It was probably the most beautiful person he has ever seen surrounded by a halo of light.

His usually lazy wolf was barking happily at the sight. The bewildered Alpha didn’t know what to do. Luckily, his body did and he caught the person that gently floated down into his arms
The first thing he thought was that he caught an angel. The second thought was more worrying when he noticed that the person was injured.

His wolf growled unhappily at the sight, growing the words “Mine. Mine,” over and over again.
He didn’t know what until he looked down at the person's hand. On the angel's left hand was a matching soulmate mark to Yoongi's right hand. It was the most surreal moment in his life.

In Yoongi's shook of the floating person, he didn’t realized that his right hand was burning.
It wasn’t hard to put the pieces together that Yoongi was holding his fucking soulmate in his arms. Millions of questions bounced around his head, ranging from why his soulmate was floating, how he was going to tell his friends, & why was the boy too stunning for this world.
His wolf tried to nudge his soulmate's inner wolf worriedly. The angel whimpered the word “V” and snuggled into Yoongi's arms tightly.

V? What was a V? Or was it a person?

One thing was for sure... Yoongi's life was never going to be the same.
~Later On~

V was in a haze. He felt like he was floating on a cloud, without a worry in the world. He felt content. He felt safe and felt like he had no worries. He haven’t had the feeling since... well, ever.

V didn’t want to ever leave this feeling of safety and happiness
Yet, his brain told him to wake up. V's body slowly start to wake up from his overwhelming feeling of exhaustion. The first thing he noticed was unfamiliar scents assaulted his senses. He smelled an Omega, which though did make him slightly uncomfortable, was much better than an
Alpha. The next thing he noticed was that he was in a soft bed. He was so accustomed to sleeping on hard surfaces, and lately on the ground, so why was he in an actual bed??? That doesn’t make sense. The last, and most important thing, was that V realized Jimin wasn’t there
V sat up abruptly.

His body was worn out and tired, but he had to find his packbrother first and foremost. V didn’t really know where he was or what happened, but he needed to protect Jimin. Jimin's life was his priority.

He had to get of here and look for him.
V looked around. He quickly realized that he... wasn’t anywhere he recognized?

His whole body ached and his brain hurt. He felt too scrambled to recall anything that happened. From what he gathered so far though is that he was in a foreign place with the scent of a stranger.
Where has Jimin? V poked his bond with his packmate, but only static replied him. Their bond felt muffled and V couldn’t contact his best friend.

Goosebumps ran up his body and, admittedly, he felt scared and worried. V wasn’t used to being completely alone for a long time.
Once upon a time, being alone was his way of life, but it would be an understatement that he hated it. Jimin was the warmth that his lonely heart craved, while V filled in the gaps of doubt and fear in Jimin’s heart. They were two broken friends who found each other...
V’s whole life was Jimin. The fact that he was utterly alone was his worst nightmare imagineable.

V gripped his heart and he clenched his bedsheets. He could picture a anxious, vulnerable Jimin who was far away. Possibly even in danger as well
V took a deep breath. There were three possible scenarios right now. The first was that they were captured. The second was that they were separated and someone took V in. The third was that Jimin was nearby, but somewhere else. The 3rd scenario was the least likely since Jimin
would dare leave V’s side, especially if V was badly injured.

Speaking of injuries - V looked down and frowned. He was wearing soft clothing that were very omega smelling and bigger than him. He was also covered in bandages as well and his body ached in pain and exhaustion.
His head also hurt. Ugh.

V assumed that he might have hurt his head somehow, which is why his brain is so out of it.

V groaned, rubbing his face. He was especially worried about Jiminie. His other half/soulmate/his only friend/his entire purpose of existence is to protect him.
V didn’t know where he was, Jimin was likely missing, he was injured, his packbond was out-of-wack for some reason, their enemies could still be chasing them, and he didn’t have any of his weapons on him.

If this didn’t spell disaster, he wasn’t sure what would then.
V downed the water after he sniffed out for any possible drugs in it to see if it was safe to drink. He didn’t dare touch the medicine though. That wasn’t safe at all.

The wolf bit his lip nervously, before subtly sneaking out of his foreign bed. Surprisingly, the room was left
unlocked. Either, the security was very lax or V wasn’t actually prisoner. He didn’t know which to trust since... it implied two very different situations, but he didn’t like either of them.

V sneaked across the mysterious halls, dotted with mini lights above him. Mysterious
pieces of art filled the hallway as well. They weren’t painted? How was that possible??? What was this magic???

His body hummed with tingles. His body ached to unleash his withheld energy on the world, but this wasn’t the time for that. The foreign sweet of omega assaulted V’s

As he snuck out, V was very careful to control his body movements to make as little noise as possible. He could hear voices as well. He had to be careful.

V slowly crept towards the voices and his ears heightened their senses to listen to the conversation.
“Joonie, I am telling you! I saw what I saw!” a male voice huffed loudly. V’s sensitive ears twitched at the noise.

His body was tense, ready for a fight. He had to get closer to observe the enemy. Sure, eavesdropping may help, but only so much. He needed more information.
Was he in a dangerous place where he was a friend or foe? Where were his weapons?

Ideas of plans slowly formed in his mind as V focused his senses to listen more.

“No no no! I don’t want to hear that,” the male voice complained. “I am telling you the truth. I know it’s absurd
but I have no other explanation. I found him on the side of the road on my way. Of course, I couldn’t leave him there! I mean, he was injured. Who knows how bad it could’ve been... ” the male voice trailed off worriedly, before continuing. “Don’t bother telling me that was
reckless. I don’t want to hear that from you, Mister Clumsy. If your wolf goes into overprotective mode, then my wolf is allowed to go into a nurturing mode and you have no right to complain or worry about me. Got it?” the male quickly fired off at this “Joonie”.
From that single conversation, V learned a lot. Joonie was an Alpha while the owner of the home was an Omega. It sounds like the Alpha wasn’t home, but V wasn’t quite sure since a strong Alpha smell also lingered in the den like the Omega’s. But at least he knew he wasn’t a
captive of sorts. It sounded like the Omega found him.

That’s a disappointment, V thought. If the Omega knew more, maybe the haze would clear more easily.

However, V had to focus on more concerning matters like Jimin.

It sounds and smells like the Omega is cooking right now
“Anyways, Joonie, there is a lot more serious reason why I took the Beta in despite the fact that he smells kinda weird. I think this revelation could shake your whole world. Well, besides the fact that you have a handsome face like me in your life,” the Omega joked to Joonie.
V wondered how the Omega was communicating with the Alpha. Was it through a magic mirror? Or maybe a charmed messages?

V was so eager to learn more that he was distracted, but luckily his body reacted before his mind did.

V rolled to the sides when a strong Alpha smell flooded
the halls.

V felt a gust of wind pass by him as a large light gray wolf stared him down.

V stared in a bit shock, before scowling. Was the Alpha trying to kill him or something?!

The Alpha barked at him and the commotion drew the Omega out of his kitchen. The door banged open
and a beautiful man walked out. He had beautiful light brown hair, but was also wearing a pink apron?

The sweet smell of jasmine and berries flooded V’s senses. Omega. It greatly contrasted with the musky scent of woods and mint coming from the Alpha

“Joonie!?” gasped the Omega
Ahh. So this was Joonie. V narrowed his eyes.

The Alpha puffed out his chest and growled. He was trying to make V submit. The nerve!

“Joonie! Wait, you didn’t let me fully explain before you turned off your phone!” the Omega huffed in annoyance and tried to stand between the
two wolves.

“Jin, stay out of this! You are right. He smells really weird. He smells abnormal. I don’t trust him,” Joonie snarled.

The Omega (Jin, V noted) rolled his eyes. “Reel in your Alpha instructs, Love. That’s your wolf talking. Let your brain think before you act.
We should all calmly talk together and learn more over a nice dinner, okay? Now go and shift back.“

The Alpha slowly conceded to the Omega, much to V’s shock.

Did the Alpha... obey the Omega? Want was going on here? That wasn’t normal. Normally, the Alpha would beat the Omega
into submission. To dare interfere was one of the biggest mistakes Omega made before being punished by their “wonderful” Alphas. Yet, here was an unmated Alpha willing to listen to another Omega?

V felt shocked to his core and couldn’t even move. This went against... everything
Another handsome man appear as the wolf shifted into his human form. He looked a bit dorky, but also cute, V casually noted, with a hint of danger to him.

The danger could be seen in those narrowed eyes directed at him, but the anger also vanished. It was replaced with worry
and concern. The Alpha darted a glance towards the Omega stuck in the middle.

Ah, V realized, the earlier outburst was out of concern for Jin. That explained it.

The itch under his skin intensified as the Alpha stared him down.

“Who are you? Where do you come from? Where is
your pack?” the Alpha asked in a more gentler tone.

V didn’t reply. There was an awkward silence that filled the air.

Jin frowned and crossed his arms and gave V curious glance, which was justified. He didn’t know anything about the Omega either and vice versa.
Yet, no matter how much the two stared home down, V couldn’t answer their questions if he could try.

That’s right. He couldn’t answer if he wanted. He could only communicate through his pack bond.

After all... V was mute. He hasn’t been able to speak for years after that day.
(Sorry that my updates have been so slow since recent exams have been kicking my butt. I’ll try and continue to write this more often since I know a few of you guys are enjoying it so far. Or at least, I hope you are haha. Your lovely retweets/likes really encouraged me! 💜 you!)
V stared helplessly at them. His hands fell uselessly at his side. His gloves clinged to his sweaty hands, as if betraying his actual fears and worries.

He tried to sign at them that he had no voice, but only got blank stares in return.

They didn’t know Voiceless? That was...
V bit his lip. Pieces started to fall into place, but that didn’t mean he had to like it.

He was in a place he didn’t know. He didn’t recognize the stuff around him. The lack of nature and stone castles puzzled him. They didn’t understand Voiceless either.
Due to most fairies, dryads, and other such creatures lacking the ability to speak the Common Tongue, Voiceless was a worldwide language using body language. Every single creature in the world knew it. From pups, to witches, to mermaids, to dragon shifters.
V’s head hurt at the thought.

He wasn’t captured. He wasn’t in some random village.

He was in an entirely different world. Far far far from home.

Did he and Jimin... actually? But that’s impossible! It was forbidden and dangerous.

V’s head spinned and his legs shaked.
He heard the two wolves scream in alarm, before V crumbled onto the ground.

He was caught by the Omega and cradled in his lap. He looked up to see concerned brown eyes and a gentle touch. V gave a weak smile before blacking out.

His body was on fire.
His thigh felt uncomfortable.

His soulmark burned.

Jin hissed when the Beta passed out in his lap. Fuck. Again? It seemed the wolf agitated his wounds... and they still didn’t have any more answers than what they started with.

Jin looked up at his Alpha worriedly.
“What should we do?” the Omega said, gently checking up on the Beta.

“Jin, I still don’t believe... what do you mean that he flying? Wolves can’t fly!?” Namjoon groaned and rubbed his face, recalling their earlier argument.

“Maybe he is an angel!” Jin huffed.
The Alpha groaned at the thought. He sighed.

“Love, I am a bit skeptical about that. Anyways, onto a more serious matter. I know you have a softy side, but why did you exactly take him in? The real reason. I don’t want him to end up hurting you. I am worried about you.”
The Omega cooed at his sweet courting Alpha. The CEO would kiss him if he didn’t have a Beta in his lap.

But onto the more serious reason. Jin frowned and motioned to the wolf. He gently rolled up the shorts that the Beta was wearing.

“Look, Joonie,” Jin whispered softly.
“B-But that’s impossible!” the Alpha stammered.

“Nothing is impossible,” Jin snapped back. “I mean, Jungkook has always been kind of special. There is a plausible explanation for this, but I have to make sure about this. This is serious. Very.”
Namjoon felt a headache coming on. He couldn’t believe it. It should’ve been impossible.

Yet, staring right at his face, was a matching COLORED soulmate tattoo to Jungkook’s.

“He’s Jungkook’s Soulmate,” Jin whispered softly. “We need answers to this.”
Namjoon pulled out his cellphone. “I should call Jungkook... he needs to come here immediately.”

The phone rang a moment, before finally being picked up. “Hey, Jungkook?”

“Heeeeeya RM. Namjoon. Joonie. oH! Did you know that Joonie rhymes with Foodie hehehe?”
Namjoon groaned. “Jungkook, What the hell at you doing?! Are you drunk? Again? You promised me! You have been sober for a while now. Why again?”

Jungkook only giggled in reply. The very drunk idol was in no state for revelations and interrogations.

“Stay there. I am coming.”
“Nooooooooo! You are going to ruin my fun again!” Jungkook whined like an overgrown child. “Go hang out with Jin and be busy. Like Yoongi. Go have fun without me.”

Namjoon blinked in surprise. “Jungkook, are you lonely?”

There was a brief silence and the line went dead.
The Alpha looked at the Omega helplessly, before picking up his jacket. Looks like he had some damage control to do.

Hopefully Jungkook wouldn’t do anything dumb. He could only hope.
However, it shouldn’t be Jungkook that Namjoon should be worried about. There were darker forces at work here.

After all, Jungkook’s life was in danger and he might not make it out alive.
~What happened earlier~

His manager dropped him off at his house. Jungkook knew he shouldn’t be, but he would be lying if he was pouty and maybe a tad grumpy.

Just a tad.

If Jin was here, he would probably pinch his cheeks and call him a baby. Maybe he was overreacting,
but you could hardly blame him!

Here he thought he could get his mind off of... things

The idol sighed and didn’t even bothering taking off his shoes before flipping on his bed. His house (or mansion, more accurately) was too clean and pristine. It was too lonely - void of life
You see, Jungkook may have had a handful of servants bustling around, but they were more like the “seen and not heard” people trained by his stepfather.

Jungkook paused at that thought. He didn’t want to go down that train of thought
The idol stirred his bed and cuddled the pillow next to him.

He knew he had problems. He was regarded as a troublesome celebrity that appeared on the news for less than desirable news. He also didn’t have a lot of friends or people backing him up either
His only friends were only because of JinHit. Without JinHit, Jungkook would probably be all alone. Although he said tough words too often, they were all his family and filled the aches of loneliness that constantly haunted him. The idol hugged his pillow tighter.
All alone in this expensive mansion just made him upset. If he continued to mope, well, his less than savory habits will pop up. Namjoon would probably kill him if he was caught out making out with a fling or out drunk again.

The celebrity groaned. Should he play a game?
Maybe he should do a VLive with his beloved Goldens. Despite his flaws, his fans still loved him for his appearance and talents. They were really sweet and forgave him for his mistakes.

Jungkook smiled at the thought. His fans were the reason he was here.
They kept him going during blocks in the road and gave him the love the times when he needed it the most. If JinHit was his family, then his fans were all his encouraging & overly excited friends.

The fond memory of his Goldens helped clear some of his loneliness. Yeah!
That’s what he should do. He should do a VLive! The Alpha grinned in pride at the thought. Why didn’t he think to do this sooner? Jungkook couldn’t even remember the last time he did a VLife, after all!

The idol turned on his computer excitedly.
[one broadcast later]

Jungkook fell back with a content smile on his face. His Goldens always made things a bit better.

The Alpha sighed and groaned. He was bored and lonely. It was almost almost night at the moment and honestly, though he should care, he didn’t.
He felt cold. There was a chill in his bones, he felt empty, and just...

Something was wrong with him.

His inner wolf was agitated and wailing and howling to the point it was giving the idol a headache. The wolf was stubborn as well, much to his annoyance.
He had to end the broadcast because he could no longer focus on the comments due to his wolf.

His head throbbed in pain.

Jungkook stood up. He was done with this moping around. If he was lonely, bored, and in pain - then well, he is going to give his life then!
He is only in his 20s after all. Aside from the fact that his manager will kill him, well, he hardly listened to Namjoon most of the time. This was not anything new or strange.

The idol picked up a hat and a black jacket. He was going to go to a bar.
Jungkook was drunk. Very very very much drunk.

The idol laughed as he stumbled around the street. He nearly stumbled, but caught himself. He called Namjoon a while ago, but then he hung up on him. His manager would burst his fun again.
Namjoon can go and make out with Jin, Jungkook huffed. He didn’t need him. He didn’t need Yoongi either. He-he had himself! And that was enough!

The idol groaned as he leaned against a wall. He should’ve gone to a high class hotel instead of a nearby random bar.
At least if he did that, he could pass out in a bed. Where was he again? A bit disoriented, the Alpha shrugged. It was fiiiiiiiine.

At that moment, Jungkook felt his hair prickle. Goosebumps ran up and down his body and his eyes automatically dilated. His wolf sat straight up.
Something was very wrong here. Was there someone following him?

The drunk Alpha didn’t know exactly what to do. Should he fight?

Ow. His head made is hard to think. He was too disoriented to fight in the first place either way.

He had to go out of here.
His body shuddered as if something was boring their eyes into his body. Something evil was here.

The next thing he knew, the Alpha was running. Every building was a blur. People and lights melded together as he tried to run, while his Alpha instincts were yelling at him to fight
He didn’t stop. His body felt hot and something felt painful. Was something burning? No. That wasn’t important

The wolf heard something running behind him. How many were there? One? Five? Ten? Or were there more?

There were a lot and they were fast. He heard growling and snarls
Jungkook took one glance behind me and saw nothing but darkness and glaring bloodred eyes.

The Alpha was athletic. He almost tripped, but weaved his way in and out of the city and alleyways. He had to get out of here. Something was chasing him... or hunting him.
Jungkook didn’t dare look back, before he saw a familiar car and person. It was Namjoon!

Jungkook was about to yell out, but he felt a sharp pain on his shoulder. The Alpha cried out in shook. It felt like acid pouring on his body. He screamed.

Everything went black
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There was panic everywhere. Reporters were taking pictures and fans were trying to push their way true and the police was trying to keep everyone away

The doctors yelled orders as the nurses rushed an unconscious Jungkook into the hospital. Namjoon looked at the boy worriedly
“How is he?” he asked the doctor. “What is his condition?”

The doctor shook his head as the doors slammed behind them away from the chaos

“I don’t know what is wrong with him. See that bite mark? Looks like a wolf but it is.. weird. It’s yellow and it’s steaming. What happened?
Namjoon darted his eyes nervously. “I told you it was by another wolf, but they got away before I can stop them. Anyways, that isn’t important. Please. You got to help Jungkook. Is he...?”

The manager led the question unsaid and the doctor nodded.
“From what I can tell, it seems similar to a very potent venom. It is killing him. If we only had some of the venom, we could make an antidote. I honestly don’t know what this is, therefore, I don’t know how it will affect him. It looks deadly and likely will kill him.”
“Then save him! You are a doctor, aren’t you!?” Namjoon growled. His brown eyes flickered a bloodred color. The doctor took a step away.

“Sir, we are doing everything we can. I must attend to the patient and we will do everything we can do to save him. Please, excuse me & calm
down.” The doctor walked away, leaving a worried Alpha behind.

Namjoon heaved a breathe as he tried to calm down. His nerves were getting to him. He was worried about Jungkook. Omg, what if the kid actually dies... if Jungkook leaves before his time...
Namjoon tried to shake his head form the thought. Jungkook was strong and his wolf was stubborn. They could make out of this.

He had to call Jin, Yoongi, and Hoseok about what happened. They needed to know.

As Namjoon opened his phone, his real worry came to mind.
Jungkook wasn’t attacked by a wolf. If it was a wolf, then it was a wolf that he had never seen before

It was a creature of nightmares. It seemed more like a living part of the night than a creature. There were only yellow eyes with glittering white fangs dripping in blood
There was no life in those eyes though. That was the scary part. If Namjoon didn’t see the creature moving, he would’ve assumed it was dead

Something about that... thing terrified the Alpha to his core. His wolf felt unsettled at the memory. Something just felt so wrong about it
Don’t even get him started on the fact that he was in the car. He was helpless to watch that THING bite Jungkook. He was ready to rip it apart, but then he realized he saw dozens of the same yellow eyes staring at him. And then the next second, they were gone,
leaving him and an injured Jungkook alone in the night.

It was a surreal experience to even think about.

The manager groaned as he opened to see dozens of emails and articles about Jungkook.

Focus. Their friends needed to know first and he would handle this mess later
He called Hoseok first. Talking to the Beta always brought the mood up.

“Hiya! What’s up, RM?” Hoseok said cheerfully. The dancer was humming a tune and Namjoon heard foot steps. Ah. The Beta was practicing a routine, probably.

“Nothing good,” the Alpha sighed
The Beta stopped moving.

“Tell me everything,” he said in a deadly serious tone.

[one rundown later]

“...and now I am waiting for an update on Jungkook’s condition. I think the medical professionals are baffled though. It was by a creature I have never seen before. After all,
why kind of wolf has venom?! That isn’t possible... I honestly don’t know what that was. I have been trying to think possibilities, but who knows,” the manager sighed.

Surprisingly, Hoseok was silent. He said no encouraging words or anything. There was no reason from the Beta
“I gotta go. See you later.”

There was a beep as the Beta hung up. Namjoon stared in shook at the uncharacteristic reaction before he almost tripped on air as he tried to dodge a nurse. Ack, he dropped his phone!

Jin would kill him if he broke another phone! This was the 12th!
On the other side of the line, Hoseok frowned at his cell and turned it off. The male groaned as he recalled the conversation.

“Shadowhunters,” he whispered and rubbed his face. F*ck. His past was catching up with him.
Is it possible that someone found out he used the portal? No, that was impossible. He was a nobody and he used it YEARS ago. Plus, they should’ve been after him and not Jungkook. But why the Alpha? That doesn’t make any sense...
Hoseok frowned as he tried to think of an explanation. But more importantly, he had to go save Jungkook. The Alpha would die without his help.

Here he was, in a better life pretending to be a Beta and trying to leave his past life behind, but some things aren’t met to be
The Fairy stood up.

He had a Shadowhunter to track down and tame. He needed that venom to save Jungkook. He was on a time limit, after all.

Shadowhunters viciously track down prey and wait like persistent vultures for the remains. That means... they would be near Jungkook
He was their prey at the moment, after all.

The Fairy glanced at the mirror and looked at his appreance. He was so ordinary. His face didn’t look gentle and soft like toner fairies. His skin didn’t sparkle like glitter and his eyes didn’t change all the colors of the rainbow
He was so plain and unfairy like. Instead of having tingling laughter of bells, his was more like a hideous horse. Instead of commanding musical instruments, he commanded his body. Instead of taming the gardens, he tamed animals.
He was a disgrace to all fairies and was an outcast. He left it all behind and broke many laws to travel to an unknown world. It was so different and so inmagical but so so so much better than his own home.
It was easy to adjust. It was easy to act like he was ordinary since he has being doing that his entire life. He found a home and family in JinHit, which he never had before.

Hoseok wouldn’t admit it, but he was scared. Scared about having Shadowhunters in this world meant and
if his own fears unravel into reality.

But he had to do this. If he didn’t do anything, his beloved maknae would die.

And so, the Fairy got to work. He had venom to acquire and a dying Alpha to save
~In Jungkook’s Dreams~

The Idol stood in a meadow. Flowers of many different colors filled his eyes - as if a painter spattered different shades of colors on the greenery.

There was something off. Jungkook didn’t recognize any of the plants or where he was, but strangely...
he felt at peace. The answer of why was at the tip of his tongue, but the Alpha didn’t know why.

Something was missing from this place. What was it...?

As if answering that question, Jungkook turned around where a handsome wolf was standing behind him.
The word beautiful popped in his mind when he looked into its golden eyes. It was as if everything in the world snapped into place with that wolf.

Jungkook stepped forward. He felt at the peace for the first time in a long time.

He knelt down and touched the beautiful wolf.
“Who are you?” Jungkook softly whispered

The wolf blinked at him. He said nothing, but just wagged his tail happily & barked

Jungkook frowned and rubbed the wolf’s cheek. He stared into those glistening, knowing eyes

“Why do I sense so much pain from your eyes? Do I know you?”
The wolf licked the Alpha’s cheek in reply, before playfully bouncing away. He barked at Jungkook to follow him

Jungkook stood there, reaching out for the wolf when-

And then Jungkook thought no more.
While one half fell deep asleep between life and death, another awoke to panicked shouting.

V frowned to the very loud arguing.

The wolf swung his legs out of the bed for the second time and crept closer to the noises. His nose twitched at the fruity smell. That smell-!
“Yoongi, I demand a proper explanation to your Hyung! What is exactly going on here-!?” Jin yelled very loudly throughout the apartment.

An unfamiliar voice groaned in exasperation.

“I don’t need to repeat myself again. We should get going to the hospital!”
“You can’t just show up here telling me to go to a hospital WITH your long-lost or dead soulmate WITHOUT an explanation. I have a similar situation with Jungkook’s weird soulmate on my hands as well and having some answers would be nice. I mean, you try taking care of an
unconscious wolf when you should be seducing a charming handsome Alpha into finally mating you. I have been up since 3 am and this is what your BOSS deserves! Oh, but you don’t have to worry about it, sweetie” Jin cooed. “It isn’t your fault Yoongi doesn’t have any manners.”
The first voice groaned very loudly in exasperation. “You are impossible and we don’t have F*CKING TIME FOR THIS, JIN! Hoseok called me and-“

Jin cut the first voice off by asking, “Hoseok? What about him?”

“Dear me, let me just finish since I honestly am so done.”
Jin barked a laughter at the words. “Dear me? I have never heard you sound so polite before! Are you okay, Yoongi?”

The first voice gave a loud sigh. “Cut me some crap, Jin. I don’t want to-“ The voice cut himself off

Jin chuckled at there was a sound of someone ruffling hair.
“Aw. Looks like the cold mean Yoongi is just a softy around his soulmate~ I mean, you suck at trying to avoid cursing considering you just cussed me out, but at least your tried! Ooh. I better be the caterer at your wedding then! I will help plan it and everything!” Jin exclaimed
Yoongi gave a loud exasperated sigh.

V peeked out of the hallway. He could see Jin arguing with a small mint colored Alpha. V frowned at seeing another Alpha, but also wondered where did Namjoon disappear to. He can’t smell the lanky Alpha.
He sniffed the air. There was that smell again! V’s previous exhaustion disappeared at his mind focused

He looked more closely at the group at the door and gasped

“Ya know, my soulmate has a name. It’s Jimin,” the shorty snapped and wrapped his arm protectively around the Omega
His pack mate gave a small shy smile and wave. His black hair was a bit messy, but those familiar eyes was filled with curiosity.

V grinned. “Jiminie!!!” the bodyguard screamed in joy through their telepathic bond. The Omega ran straight towards his best friend.
Yoongi gave a surprised shout as he was tackled aside by some random person and his soulmate was yanked out of his arms. His wolf and Yoongi growled protectively. What was this random person doing with HIS soulmate?

However, Jin put an arm in front of the Alpha to stop him.
“Look!” The elder quietly whispered. “I think they know each other.”

Yoongi stopped to see a taller person - he smelled like a Beta - cuddling his adorable soulmate. Jimin gave the biggest smile and his eyes lit up. The Omega happily returned the hug & the two scented each other
The Alpha stopped his growling, but crossed his arms. A flare of jealousy filled his chest uncomfortably

It was so strange. Yoongi was used to feeling cold, but in just a few hours, Jimin made him feel so many emotions he never felt before.

He wanted to protect his soulmate &
love him with all his heart. He felt protective and like he had a true purpose now

However, that doesn’t mean he had to like a Beta scenting HIS soulmate, even if they knew each other

“Jimin, who is that?” Yoongi said loudly. Jimin looked up from cuddling the Beta’s neck.
The Beta gave him a sharp glare and Yoongi returned that glare tenfold. He wouldn’t let anyone get in between him and his gorgeous Omega

Jimin gave a soft giggle and smiled. “This is my best friend and pack mate, V! Tae- I mean, V has been with me for a long long time.
I told you about him, Yoongi! He’s the person I was looking for! V, this is my soulmate, Yoongi! After we... left home, I ended up in Yoongi’s place. Some things happened, and even though I was scared, he was with me the whole way. I am so lucky to have found him,” Jimin said &
gave the softest smile that melted Yoongi’s heart.

Jin muffled his laughter at the whipped look on Yoongi’s face. The Omega never thought he would see the day that the Alpha would be so smitten! He sneakily took a few pictures for blackmail later
Yoongi looked at the Beta & held out his hand

“I’m Yoongi,” the Alpha grunted. The Beta looked at his hand, before giving a firm shake & nod. The Beta didn’t say anything, but looked at Yoongi with narrowed eyes

Yoongi didn’t like that. Was this Beta challenging him for Jimin?
Before Yoongi could say anything more, his phone buzzed and he hissed. He had forgotten why he was here!

He checked the texts of yelling at him in all caps to get to the hospital ASAP. Yoongi quickly shoved his phone into the pocket.

“Shit. We gotta go now! Jin, c’mon.
We don’t have time to waste anymore!”

The Omega frowned, before motioning to V. “What about V?”

The Alpha tilted his head, vaguely wondering why V - who Jimin knew - was with Jin. But that wasn’t important right now

“Bring him! Jin, you gotta drive to the nearest hospital NOW”
Yoongi quickly shoved Jin out of the doorway and slammed the door closed. Jin gave a loud indignant sound, but he ignored his complaints. He gave a hard push to the Omega towards the elevator

V stood up from his cuddling in the floor. He gave a concerned glance at Jimin.
Jimin shook his head. V quickly followed Jin

Yoongi sighed as his phone kept vibrating. Jimin, as if sensing his worries & stress, grabbed Yoongi’s hand & squeezed it

Yoongi looked at his soulmate in awe. No one ever took his hand before. If with Jimin, things may be okay
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V sat quietly in this weird moving contraption. He felt overwhelmed about, well, everything. If he had any doubts, they immediately disappeared. He really was in an entirely different world

There were fireless lights everywhere in different colors. There were strange buildings.
People were holding rectangle boxes everywhere. Noises filled his sensitive ears. Simply put: he was overwhelmed and out-of-depth

The only person by his side, who also looked very uncomfortable, was Jimin. V glanced at his best friend who gave a hesitant shrug and smile.
Jimin was perched on Yoongi's lap. The stranger was hugging Jimin tightly and even scenting his neck. Scenting!

V quietly stewed at the sight. Who did this person think he was!? Jimin had suitors, yes, but no one has actually never gotten past the kiss-my-cheek stage
V tapped their telepathic bond.

‘Jimin, who is this guy?’ V asked. ‘What exactly happened to you?’ Jimin gave a sheepish smile at the questions.

‘After we went through the portal, I was unconscious. Somehow though, I ended up with Yoongi. I know he seems scary, but I trust him.
He has been just really sweet with me and has been really understanding, even though I haven’t given him any answers like how I got there or who I am,’ Jimin said gently to his best friend.

V frowned at the explanation ‘Are you sure we can trust him? Why did he even help you?’
Jimin tilted his head at the question as Yoongi tightened his gold around his waist. Even though he should be upset at how protective Yoongi was, his inner wolf just preened at the attention. He didn’t even know Yoongi that long, but his wolf trusted him
As to why Yoongi seemed to be so sweet on him, Jimin didn’t really have an answer

‘Well, he did call me his “soulmate” a few times. Whatever that means, I have no idea’ Jimin offered. V pondered the foreign word. He recognized it from the arguments, but didn’t know what it meant
V then pondered about the story of the portal. The legend about it so far was pretty accurate that it was scary. V wished he spent more time looking up the legends, before actually using the portal.

Once upon a time, the worlds were all connected. It was interesting to think
that the fact that they all spoke the same Tongue represented that. However, due to the worlds later being separated, their societies slowly developed very differently on its own.

V was thankful to the fact that he could at least communicate, though some words and phrases flew
over his head. Soulmate being one of them.

To be honest, the bodyguard was quite scared to be in a foreign environment. He was in a completely different world and society. But... it was also worth it. They got away and that's what mattered. Jimin was safe.
V wasn’t looking forward to debriefing their entire situation to this group of wolves. Nor was he looking forward to catching up on the rules and survival of this world either

The Omega sighed as he tugged in his choker that blocked his scent. How much depth should he go into?
He fiddled with his black leather gloves nervously and took deep breathes. V could sense the tension in the vehicle. Someone could probably need a sword to cut through it

They kept mentioning about this “Jungkook.” V didn’t know who he was, nor cared, but his wolf certainly did
The entire group pulled up to a large white building. It smelled strongly of herbs, cleanliness, and a strong minty smell. The strong smells felt too overwhelming. V felt his head hurt at the many different scents. V eyed Jimin, who gagged on the smell. Yeah, it was awful
V was reluctant to go inside. Plus, there were so many people inside. Strangers! This increased the likeliness of Jimin being in danger, plus, their entire group was composed of weird strangers. Yoongi was here too and V didn’t trust him at all
However, his wolf was acting completely different. His usually wary wolf seemed... excited? The thing was basically jumping around and wagging its tail! It was really eager to go inside! Was he going crazy or something?
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V felt Jimin’s anxiety from the other end of their bond. He inched closer to his best friend and grabbed his hand. However, unfortunately, Yoongi saw that and grabbed Jimin’s OTHER hand. The Alpha glared at V. What the hell? Jimin was HIS friend and part of HIS pack. If anything,
Yoongi was in the wrong here! He had no right to touch Jimin!!! People who touched Jimin would get their hands chopped off, if they were lucky. However, V wasn’t feeling generous and was craving something to potentially harm the Alpha. A knife would be good.
Unfortunately, V lost most of his weapons along the way when they fled their home. But he did have a two small knives in his boots. Maybe he if reached down discreetly...

Despite how the handholding was supposed to be comforting the Omega, it actually created the opposite effect
Jimin smiles nervously as he felt two rival wolves on either side of him. Omg, they are actually growling at each other. The Omega sighed. Why him?

The rest of the group glanced at the strange trio. Yoongi and V were locked in a glaring match, it seemed.
Jin groaned. They had more important things to worry about!

Jin eyed the entrance to the hospital warily. There wasn’t a back entrance they could take, so it looks like they just had to jump into the fray. It will probably be all over the tabloids, but what can you do?
Hopefully Joonie was doing damage control...

The CEO strolled towards the riled up wolves. Was Yoongi actually secreting Dominance Pheromones? Despite being very fed up, it was sweet to see the Alpha so protective of his soulmate. Jin has never seen Yoongi act like this before!
He gave a harsh slap on both of their stubborn heads. V actually grabbed his hand midslap (Wth?!), but Yoongi snarled in surprise

“Why did you do that, Jin?” the Alpha loudly complained and rubbed his head.

“Be quiet, you brat, and behave!” Jin scolded him. How rude!
Jimin giggled softly at their antics, which immediately melted the tensions. Yoongi sighed, but rubbed his neck sheepishly and mumbled an apology. Jin nodded in approval. The CEO gave a harsh look to V, who was still holding his wrist.

The Beta blinked in confusion.
Jin raised his arm in reply and tilted his head to Jimin. The Beta’s eyes lit up in realization. How adorable! He quickly let go of his arm and have a perfect 90 degree bow

“Sorry for causing an inconvenience!” V apologized. Jin shifted uncomfortably.
He felt like he was a Master scolding a Servant. V said his apology in such a robotic tone, as if he was used to apologizing in such a manner. Jin didn’t really want to ponder the implications, especially since he saw a lot of scars on V’s back when he was treating V…
“It’s fine. Just both of you, stop standing there and having a stare off! We have things to do and places to be. Plus, think of poor Jimin caught up in the crossfire,” he scolded both of the wolves. They bowed their heads in shame, but Jimin gave a delighted grin at the scene
The Omega tightly squeezed both hands in fondness. He always needed V by his side, especially because of everything they have been through. And there was Yoongi who was quickly squirming his way into Jimin’s heart

He no longer felt nervous, especially with these two by his side
The two wolves looked over Jimin’s head and nodded, agreeing to put aside their mutual dislikes for the other for Jimin’s sake

Jin beamed in pride, before motioning the group to follow. Now time to face to music with the annoying babbling of the paparazzi!
Jin confidently strolled into the crowd. The paparazzi immediately started to fire off questions at the group, asking them what happened, why they were here, and what happened to Jungkook?

Jin was updated about what happened in the car, but most details were vague. So it wasn’t
like he had any useful information for them in the first place. They just had to get through this crowd and into the entrance

The Omega stubbornly pushed aside anyone in his way. There were a few stubborn Alphas in the crowd, who snarled aggressively, but he ignored them
The Betas quickly stepped aside when they saw the angry look on Jin’s face that promised Hell to anyone who got in his way.

V and Jimin were very overwhelmed with just- everything? Jimin leaned into Yoongi’s side nervously and the Alpha gripped the Omega tightly
V, however, wasn’t a stranger with mobs. The flashing lights and screaming were a bit much, but nothing a good glare and aggressive growl couldn’t fix

Much to his delight, there were some people who actually peed their pants in fear. He still had it!
The thick crowd of paparazzi, fangirls/boys, and curious onlooks parted ways for the group in the end. The door shut closed and the guards stopped anyone else from entering.

V noted that there was a tired man waiting for them. His back was towards them.
“Hoseok!” Jin called the man over. V felt his insides freeze at the familiar name and Jimin stopped breathing

Nonononono that wasn’t possible!

Jimin told him stories about Hoseok... Maybe it was just a coincidence?

The man turned around and V felt time stand still for a second
He watched at Hoseok’s blood drain from his face in shock. His mouth fell open in surprise

V could feel Jimin’s hands shaking

“Prince Jimin?” Hoseok whispered softly.

“H-Hoseok? Is that you?” Jimin tried to say strongly, but his voice quivered. “Are you really alive?”
Hoseok’s body trembled and he slowly nodded. Jimin’s breathe stilled before he gave a choked sob

“H-how is this possible? They- they told me you were gone and-and that you were probably dead since you have been gone so long!” Jimin exclaimed as tears watered in his eyes
Hoseok’s hand reached out slowly to touch Jimin, but V slapped his hand away. The fairy stared at him wide eyes, but V only glare in response. That was what this guy DESERVED. Jimin told him stories about his close friend that was a fairy. Before V, Hoseok was the only reason
why Jimin didn’t feel alone. When Jimin heard that Hoseok went missing, the Prince went searching for him for hours in the dead of night. He CRIED and MOURNED for his friend. Yet, here he was - very much alive and breathing

Saying that he was furious was an understatement
The fact that his wolf was acting in a very agitated manner wasn’t helping either

Yoongi was very bewildered at the situation, but his instincts screamed at him to take care of his emotional Omega. The Alpha brought Jimin close to his chest and muffled his soulmate’s sobs
Hoseok only stared helplessly at the scene in front of him

Jin gaped. This was a mess

“Wait, how do you guys KNOW each other!? PRINCE Jimin??? What does that mean!? Yoongi’s soulmate is a prince? And what do you mean Hoseok is supposed to be dead because he is very much alive!”
V shrugged. It wasn’t like he was able to explain it to Jin. He gave Hoseok a pointed look and motioned to an upset Jimin (who was very much not capable to explain... everything) and then at the crowd surrounding them. They were making a big scene at the hospital
Hoseok gave V a confused look but he rolled with it

“Jin, that’s... a lot of history to unpackage,” he slowly started to explain before stopping midspeak. Wait. This wasn’t important now! They were here for Jungkook who was currently DYING right now! Maybe Jimin & V can help?
The dancer ushered everyone from preying eyes before turning towards the duo

“Did you guys encounter any Shadowhunters in your way here?” he asked them urgently. V gave a confused look at the sudden question, but shook his head

Jimin slowly lifted his head from Yoongi’s chest
“Not in this world, but w-when we ran away, we were chased by them. They were after us. They were after me,” Jimin softly whispered and stared forlornly at the ground

V anxiously glanced at his best friend while Yoongi rubbed his soulmate’s back comfortingly
“This world? Shadowhunters? What the hell is going on?” Jin whispered in confusion, but was sadly ignored

Hoseok gave his old friend a worried glance. “Jimin, what happened...? Why were they after you?”

V growled at the prying questions. Jimin didn’t need to explain himself!
The fairy quickly surrendered that line of thought, before continuing talking

“Fuck. I was hoping you might have some of their venom. I tried hunting them down, but I couldn’t find any. You know how hard it is to catch one. It would take me 3 days to track one down and I didn’t
manage to find one in the few hours we have left. We really needed their venom to make the anti venom. Without it, Jungkook is going to die soon!” the fairy spat out angrily, full of frustration at this entire situation and at himself

Jimin looked at Hoseok in confusion
He had never seen the fairy, one of the most cheerful people he knew, so angry before

“Hobi, who is Jungkook? What happened?” the prince asked tentatively

The fairy turned to Jimin tiredly. “He’s one of your friends and he was bitten by a Shadowhunter... and he’s dying.”
Jimin gasped. “That doesn’t make sense! They- those Shadowhunters... they were after ME! After us! They wouldn’t be after this Jungkook person. He shouldn’t be dying. I... This-this is my fault, isn’t it?” Jimin whispered sadly. All of his energy quickly draining from his body
V stubbornly shook his head and quickly told his best friend so, but the prince frowned at those words.

And then, Jimin’s eyes lit up with realization.

Uh oh.

‘Jimin, you can’t possibly thinking of-!’ V exclaimed in shock.

The prince nodded his head at his bodyguard.
‘I have to. This is the right thing to do. I- I think we led those Shadowhunters to this world. I thought we got away, but our escape is blurry to me. Plus, Shadowhunters will always track down their prey - no matter the cost. They were tracking us down, Tae. This is my fault.’
V didn’t have anything to say, especially when Jimin used his true name. He quietly stood aside to respect his friend’s wishes

He had his worries with revealing their secret to this group of strangers besides Hoseok. They were also in a strange new world who would be eager to
have those greedy hands on Jimin. But Jimin was a stubborn brat and once he set his mind to something, it was hard to change it

“Take us to Jungkook. I can help him!” Jimin said in a determined tone

And so their fate was sealed

“How?” Hoseok asked uncertainly
Jimin beamed confidently.

“Trust me,” Jimin told the fairy. “I know what I am doing.”

Hoseok didn’t know what was going on, but he knew he trusted Jimin. So he led the group to Jungkook’s room

The anxious feeling that V had this entire time tightened in his stomach
His wolf kept pacing around annoyingly. He was trying to ignore it, but it was hard to focus on everything going on. It paced more frantically as they drew closer to their destination and stopped in front of door

V’s wolf froze completely
V stopped breathing for a moment. His instincts were telling him that there was something VERY important on the other side of the door, but he didn’t know what

Something life changing was about to happen, but V didn’t know what it was. He felt scared

And then the door opened
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Jin and Jiminran into the room, while a bewildered Yoongi and V stood at the door. When they just stood there, Hoseok quickly got this show on the road by shoving the duo in

“Is this him?” Jimin asked, pointing to the man in the bed

The fairy nodded. “Yep, that’s Jungkook!”
V gulped at the name. Jungkook. That very name gave him shivers down his spine

His wolf was excited. It was bouncing up and being playful at the sight of Jungkook. It rolled on its back to expose its belly

It was as if his wolf was basically.. flirting?

No, that couldn’t be it
That couldn’t possibly be the reason

V tried to force his instincts away. That’s why he liked to pretend to be a Beta more - his instincts were too distracting and too vulnerable

His Omegan instincts was screaming at him to come up to this stranger.
It wanted him to cuddle him, play with him, kiss him on the forehead, and just take care of him and protect him

That is supposed to be a sweet thought, but it terrified him more than anything else. V had to wrestle in inner wolf and his Omegan instincts inside. This has never
happened to him before. Why now? Why this person in particular?

He tried to focus on Jimin since his best friend was going to do something very important and stupid. Jimin was his first priority and not this stranger

He felt a headache going on from his inner turmoil
His Prince went to the stranger. Yoongi, on the other hand, seemed to be very conflicted, V noted. Maybe he was being protective of the stranger as well as Jimin and felt torn on who to protect

He went over to the Alpha and held him back from interfering. He shook his head
Jimin knew what he was doing, he tried to communicate with his eyes. Yoongi slowly nodded and gently relaxed from an aggressive stance

V still kept one eye on the Alpha before focusing on what was about to happen

It was a miracle
Jimin knelt down and slowly peeled back the bandages to expose a bite mark. The skin was slowly turning yellow, but around the bite mark was a dark black color with wisps of steam. It was the poison

Jimin placed both hands over the wound and closed his eyes tightly
Jimin needed to concentrate, V knew. He would need to visualize the body to very blood cell in order to mend it together to its proper state

Jimin once described the process like dancing. Each move into to be precise, but also full of expression to do what he wants.
Jimin needed concentration because if he made one wrong move, he could destroy the patients body and kill him immediately by accidentally speeding up the killing, rather than removing the poison. The Prince need perfection

V’s wolf stopped playing and watched Jimin intensely
V didn’t know what Jimin exactly was doing, but he knew it was working when a soft orange glow emitted form Jimin’s hands. It warmed V’s entire body and reminded him of the Sun after a long winter

A drop of sweet dropped from Jimin’s temple as he sighed from relief when it
Jin’s and Joonie’s (Jin’s Alpha who was also in the room) mouthes fell open in shock when Jimin removes his hands. There was no yellow and black skin. There wasn’t even a bite mark! It was completely healed

Yoongi kept his poker face better, but his eyes widened in utter shock
Hoseok stilled, but V knew his shock was for a different reason

The fairy breathe sucked in and his voice trembled in realization, “Jiminie, were you Chosen?”

The Prince’s hands fell at his side helplessly at the question and he stared at the ground. He slowly nodded.
“Yes. I was “blessed” with the gift of Healing,” Jimin spat out bitterly. His voice was filled with frustration and anger at the unfair situation that he never wanted

V understood the Prince’s pain. Being Chosen was never a “blessing.” It was a curse
The information sunk into Hoseok’s brain. He clenched his fist, understanding the Prince’s anger. He was scared to ask his next question, but he knew he had to get it out

“What did it cost you?” the first asked hesitantly. He didn’t want to hear the answer and Jimin didn’t want
to hear the question. The Prince gave a loud broken laughter at the words

He stared straight into his old friend’s eyes.

“Everything. It cost me my freedom, my throne, my relationships, my life, and even the fucking worst thing for an Omega! It isn’t fair! I didn’t want this!”
The Omegan Prince finally broke and his legs gave out. He crumbled to the floor and muffled his sobs

V immediately ran to his best friend and held him gently as if he was made of glass.

“I didn’t want this...” Jimin mumbled again and V tightly hugged his friend
When they first found out the cost, Jimin cried for days. He locked himself in his room and refused to come out nor eat

While people were celebrating, V knew that Jimin was dying inside. The cost of a blessing robbed Jimin of his greatest dreams. That was the cost after all
V gently petted the emotional Omega in his arms, before giving a sharp glare at the fairy. Hoseok’s crestfallen face looked at Jimin guiltily. The Fairy has heard rumors, but it never occurred to him about how true the rumors were.
It wasn’t hard to slowly piece together the most likely reason why Jimin was here along with his bodyguard. It was easy to assume, from what Jimin said, was that they were forced to flee thanks to his gift. But why exactly was that?
However, Jimin was obviously in no state for anymore questions

Yoongi cut through the tense silence with a loud, “What the fuck is going on right now?”

Namjoon gave an awkward chuckle at the question, while Jin fervently nodded at the question

The trio was so lost right now
Yoongi turned to the dancer and asked his friend, “How do you know them? What is going on right now?”

Hoseok realized that Yoongi and Namjoon missed the conversation in the hallway either, though that probably didn’t matter since it just left Jin with more questions than before
However, was it really his place to explain their complex situation? Hoseok glanced at his crying friend on the ground. No, not when Jimin was reduced to this

“Yoongi, I don’t think I can say,” the male said slowly to the increasingly agitated Alpha
“This has to do with my soulmate!” Yoongi snapped at Hoseok. “This is not something I will shove aside. Is-is Jimin in danger? What just happened with Jungkook? We need answers! All of us!”

V narrowed his eyes on Yoongi at all those questions. Jimin was in no stare to answer all
of those inquiries. And honestly, what right did this Alpha have his own best friend? The more and more this “soulmate” word was being tossed around, the more V was growing to hate everything it stood for

The hospital room was growing even more tense, if possible.
Then things took a turn for the worse when Jungkook woke up.

The Idol sat up from his bed abruptly... No, it wasn’t Jungkook the Idol. It was Jungkook the Alpha. His eyes were a blood red

Namjoon was the quickest to realize what was going on & tried to restrain the young Alpha
Jungkook’s inner wolf completely took over as a side effect to Jungkook‘s life-n-death situation in order to protect him.

However, his wolf was less focused on protecting Jungkook than to seek out something else his instincts were telling him to do: Find his Soulmate & mate him
It was immediate chaos when realization hit. Yoongi leaped to the bed to restrain a writhing Jungkook

“Jungkook, snap out of it! You don’t want to do this!” Yoongi yelled at the young Idol. He grunted. Jungkook may be a brat, but he was definitely very strong. Jungkook almost
threw him off the bed for a second. Yoongi was older and, even if he was shorter, strong enough to restrain the Idol. For now. He had to snap Jungkook’s wolf out of it!

Jungkook and his soulmate haven’t even TALKED or INTERACTED yet, much less ready to mate
Jungkook snarled at him. His signafure bunny teeth were replaced with favor sharp fangs

“MY MATE! MINE! MINE! MINE!” Jungkook’s growled. He kept changing mine over and over, similar to a creepy cult chant

So Yoongi did the only thing he could do

He head butted Jungkook’s chin
“Shut up! You are scaring him!” Yoongi shouted, pointing out a petrified V

V didn’t know what was going on. He knew he should move, scream, or just do SOMETHING, but his body refused to obey to his frantic thoughts
Fears and flashbacks filled his mind when the prominent smell of Alpha filled his nose. He could smell the anger and frustration in the smell

The bodyguard could only whine in response. His wolf was completely submissive to the stranger in front of him...and that scared him more
than anything else. His wolf was always a protective creature - trained to go against his biology of being a submissive Omega and adapt to one more of a Beta

Never before has V felt so helpless in front of an Alpha before. Warning bells said to stay away, but his wolf wanted
to just bare its neck to the stranger

With this inner battle going on inside his brain, V was helpless to do anything

“Someone, go and get security!” Namjoon shouted loudly, taking the reins in this out of hand situation and remaining the voice of reason
Jimin didn’t know what was going on at all. The handsome Alpha that has been nothing but kind to him was currently wresting the patient in the bed. The tall Omega seemed very confused. Hoseok was just... standing there!

All Jimin knew was that he had to protect his pack brother
The Alpha with the dimples was calling for guards! Those guards might capture them or hold them hostage or just... just hurt them overall. That scared Jimin more than anything

Would they be captured because Jimin used his powers to heal Hoseok’s friend? Would they use him like
a weapon? And what about Taehyung? What would they to do his friend, especially if they found out that V was only PRETENDING to be a Beta?

Back in their Kingdom, if V’s true identity and history was revealed, his best friend would get executed in a heartbeat. Relationship with
the Prince be damned. That didn’t matter

Jimin knew he had to stop that Alpha from letting any security inside the room

“No!” Jimin yelled, tackling Namjoon

The Alpha didn’t expect that and yelled in response to the previously timid Omega that was suddenly taking action
“Joonie!” Jin gasped in surprise as the manager tumbled to the ground. Jimin was firmly sitting on top of the Alpha and covering his mouth

“You can’t yell for security!” Jimin growled aggressively. Anything to protect V

“Goddamn it, Jimin, we need security! I need help!” Yoongi
yelled loudly while the situation was spiraling out of control. Though, he would admit, he did feel a bit smug that his Soulmate was gutsy enough to take on an Alpha. It was kind of hot to see

Very attractive. We like that. Cuties that can fight back, his inner wolf pointed out
Yoongi scowled. Now wasn’t the time to have less than appropriate thoughts about his soulmate that was looking more and more desirable by the second.

He needed help to calm down Jungkook!

“No,” Jimin insisted. “They-they might hold us against our will! They might hurt us!”
“The security is to help us, not hurt us, damn it!” Yoongi shouted back, fighting to keep Jungkook still. What did this bunny wolf eat!? Did banana milk give someone extra strength or something?!

Jin was trying to pull Jimin off of Namjoon as shouting filled the private room
It was total chaos

Hoseok, however, agreed with Jimin

“The security won’t understand the current situation! The doctors will ask questions about how Jungkook magically was healed from his deathbed. We can’t let Jimin be in danger!” Hoseok warned the group
Yoongi grunted in response.

“Then what should we do!? We have a basically very possessive and aggressive Alpha on our hands, who is very much looking forward to taking a bite out of the terrified Beta in the floor. We are alone on this private floor! We have to do something! ”
Hoseok opened his mouth for a second, but immediately closed it. He honestly had no idea what they should do, but if he said that, Yoongi would kill him

“Maybe we can cause a distraction, like pulling the fire alarm , & then drag Jungkook out of here?” Hoseok suggested meekly
Yoongi rolled his eyes and scoffed at the idea. There was some merit to the idea, but this wasn’t a movie or something. There were far too many flaws with that plan

“Yeah, let’s just pretend that works for a second,” Yoongi stated sarcastically, before trying to pin Jungkook
down. Stubborn brat. “What do we do then? Magically wrestle Jungkook to the car? Maybe let’s knock him out? Also, what would the press OUTSIDE say about this if they catch wind? “Idol Jungkook Goes Missing From Hospital” Yay! Another stupid fucking headline on our hands!”
The bright gleam in Hoseok’s eyes dimmed at the harsh sarcastic words. Jin, seeing the sad look on the Head Dancer’s face, immediately forgot about Namjoon to go comfort the sunshine

“Oh, don’t mind Yoongi! He’s just a grouchy uncle right now trying to keep up with the kiddos.
Your ideas have some merit, but just don’t match the current situation. Ignore the shorty Alpha and cheer up!” the older Omega comforted Hoseok, before throwing a death glare at Yoongi, which promised no food for a week

Yoongi gets it. Maybe he was a tad too harsh, but he was
kind of busy here!

Namjoon was finally able to push Jimin’s hands off - the latter too distracted by the conversation

“How about we let Jungkook’s soulmate - wait, what’s his name again? I think he slept talked it or something? Was it B? Anyways - go to him? After all, that
would be the most practical and fastest way to calm an Alpha down. Soulmated pairs are very rare, after all. When you don’t have your soulmate, it feels like you are missing your other half. They go together & work together. If Jungkook is angry, then his soulmate calm him down.”
The chaos paused. Everyone digested the idea. Jin’s eyes lit in realization because everything that Namjoon was saying was VERY accurate! Being a soulmated pair himself proved it. Though not as effective as a mates bond would be, the soulmate bond might be enough to reach out
to Jungkook and snap him out it

The only one not on board in the room was Jimin. After all, he didn’t even know what a soulmate was, really! Yoongi, sensing that the Omega was about to protest, intervened

“Jiminie,” Yoongi said in his most gentlest tone while fighting an Alpha
could. “Trust what Namjoon is saying. Do you trust me? Well, if you do, then I trust me on this. I don’t know what is going on, but you can trust Namjoon’s word. Also, I honestly don’t think I can hold this brat off much longer before he ends up claiming your friend.”
Jimin reluctantly relented, before finally (FINALLY) getting off of Namjoon, who immediately rushed to aid Yoongi in restraining Jungkook

The Prince crouched down to his best friend and hugged him gently. V’s entire body was trembling

“V, are you there?” he gently whispered
V gave a single nod and hid his face into Jimin’s neck

Jungkook growled at that, but Jimin ignored him

“I think you need to go & calm down that Alpha,” Jimin said gently, knowing that V was very distressed

‘But what does that even mean?’ V asked Jimin. The Prince didn’t know

‘Maybe just follow what your wolf is telling you. Trust your wolf, V. I am sure your wolf will know what to do,’ Jimin said confidently through their bond, but V wasn’t that sure

‘All my wolf is telling me is to submit to the wolf! How is THAT what I should do!?’ V cried
Jimin winced. Knowing V’s bad history, yeah, ouch. That’s a bad move there, wolf

‘Trust your instincts, V,’ Jimin stated. ‘After all, with everything that we have been through and survived, your instincts managed to keep both of us alive. I am sure it knows what to do.’
V sighed. He didn’t know what this entire group of people wanted from him. Jimin included

However, he would be lying if he said that something in him CRAVED for stranger’s (Jungkook, his wolf playfully reminded him. Very handsome Jungkook) touch. He need to be with him. He felt
empty otherwise. His entire body burned for him. His wolf kept eagerly pushing V to partake in activities. Most way too awkward to do with a complete stranger, but at this point, did he have a choice?

It was a losing battle

V took in a deep breathe & crawled onto the bed.
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V would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous. He didn’t know what to do. The only thing he could really do, as Jimin said, was to trust his instincts

Yoongi and Namjoon glanced at V while still holding back Jungkook. V sat perched on the small hospital bed. The four were all
crammed together on the same bed

V took in a deep breathe and nodded. Namjoon gave him an encouraging smile in contrast to Yoongi’s frown. Then both Alphas let go and jumped off the bed

The younger Alpha immediately tackled V and rolled him onto his back. V didn’t move an inch
Despite the blood red eyes piercing his soul and the sharp fangs baring his teeth, V didn’t feel afraid. He knew he should be terrified or even angry or even violent... but he didn’t want to be

For the first time in a long time, V felt completely safe.
It was a foreign feeling. V’s past was filled with hurdles, lies, betrayal, and littered with broken promises and friendships. He was used to constantly being on alert and distrustful of others

Jimin was his first friend (his family) and gave him something he lacked: happiness
However, this feeling felt different. It wasn’t joy

His wolf felt content and so did he. It was like his entire body was dipped into the ocean and he was drowning in bliss and euphoria. It was something he never experienced before. It was as if everything would be alright
It was like returning to the home he never knew he had or wanted, but it just felt right. He felt at peace

His wolf was telling him what to do. Despite being reluctant earlier, V didn’t put up a fight. He wanted to do what his wolf wanted. He wanted to touch the stranger and
just hug him and kiss him and cuddle with him.

V stared right back into the Alpha’s eyes and felt a connection like no other. His wolf urged him to touch the Alpha, and in this bliss-like feeling, he didn’t think otherwise about it
He gently cupped the Alpha’s cheek and the loud growling stopped in surprise for a single moment

V didn’t notice the burning eyes of curiosity on them. It was as if the entire world shrunk to just him and Jungkook

He slowly caressed Jungkook’s cheek and the growling mellowed
down slowly

His burning body felt a wave of coolness rush over him at this contact. The Alpha felt cool to his touch, but somehow this touch filled the ache inside him. The burn fizzled down to a content ache to just be closer and closer

V needed to be closer and stay with him
As he touched the Alpha, he felt a buzzing inside his head. It was as if there was a turmoil of confusion muffled behind a wall

It took him a moment to realize it was Jungkook’s emotions

His wolf urged him to comfort the Alpha and pull him out of this inner turmoil
V, for the first time in a long time, completely submitted to his wolf

His wolf took over his body and it barred his neck at the Alpha

Someone gasped loudly in surprise at the sight, but the pair didn’t even notice

Surprisingly, the Alpha only snuggled into the Omega’s neck
Jungkook gently covered his neck with kisses and another wave of bliss enveloped him. The Alpha’s fangs disappeared as the Alpha scented him

V could sense the violent storm of confusion, anger, and possessiveness behind the walls simmer down to a gentle hum of contentment
Jungkook smiled at him, before enveloping V in a hug

The Alpha began to spoon him and gave a content purr of happiness

“You’re mine. I finally found you,” Jungkook whispered in V’s ear

In those few moments, not a single word was spoken, but nevertheless, felt life changing
It was as if two puzzle pieces clicked together and everything was right in the world again

You could hear a pin drop in the hospital room

“Holy crap,” an awed Hoseok whispered. Everyone else nodded in agreement in shock. No one was expecting that

V tamed Jungkook's wolf
Considering how a few seconds ago, the Alpha seemed ready to break down a wall to claim V to acting like a cuddling dog was... fascinating

Namjoon smiled, knowing that he was right and it worked out perfectly. Jin, on the other hand, was smug about his clever soulmate

The Omega
reached down the tug the Alpha down while everyone else was distracted. The CEO quietly whispered in his ear before the Alpha ducked away with bright red cheeks and a shy smile

Jin was absolutely glowing in pride since, after all, he did have the best Soulmate one could have!
Namjoon sheepishly rubbed his neck, before coughing loudly and breaking the silence

“Jungkook, are you okay?” the manager called towards the idol. The cuddling male growled into V's neck, before glaring at Namjoon with piercing red eyes. Well, that answered that question
Jungkook's wolf was still in control.

Meanwhile, Jimin twiddled his fingers nervously and glanced at the pair. V's eyes were closed. The Prince was worried because, after all, what if V turned to them and opened his eyes? What if piercing blue eyes instead of lightning yellow
appeared? Then V's secret would be out and far too many probing questions about his past would appear

Luckily (or unluckily) due to Jungkook's hovering, Jimin was unable to see if V submitted to his wolf or not. Jimin highly doubted it though since V was very stubborn about that
That didn’t make Jimin any less nervous. He knew his pack brother could handle himself, but he just wasn’t quite sure how the people around him would react to the fact that V was an Omega

It wasn’t a secret that back where they lived, Omega was treated like dirt.
It was a more exact definition to compare them to a prize being won rather than a real person that could do anything

He was far too familiar with that comparison, Jimin thought bitterly. His father and the Council were very stubborn and vocal about their views of Omegas
But in all seriousness, V hid his identity as an Omega. That was an act of disgrace

How would they react?

Jimin could only hold his breathe as the rest of the events played out. Yoongi, sensing Jimin's nervousness, hugged his Soulmate tightly to comfort him
Namjoon tilted his head thoughtfully. How could they pull Jungkook back to his senses?

“Hey, what's your name, Jungkook's Soulm-?” the manager called out to V, but was quickly cut off

“It's V,” Jimin stated curtly. Everyone spun around in surprise since Jimin said that so icely
The short Omega shot a cold stare back, daring them to do anything.

The fact that V was mute was V's business and not anyone else's! Jimin would claw anyone's faces off if they made his bodyguard cry. His inner wolf's fur flared up in agreement
If they haven’t realized that V was mute, then Jimin would fight to keep that secret

Namjoon gave a hesitant smile, before turning back to V

Jimin was certainly... something

“V, you have to pull Jungkook back to reality. His wolf is in control right now, but we need his
human side back. Can you try reach out to Jungkook through your bond? His human self is probably buried deep underneath, but you just have to bring it back to the surface,” the manger explained. Theories about wolves and soulmates ran through his mind while he was explaining.
He could only hope that this would work. Namjoon's phone buzzed uncomfortably in his pocket, reminding the manager about the sheer amount of work he would have later

V nodded, before grabbing Jungkook and swung the Alpha back to his previous hovering position. He cupped
the Alpha's cheeks and stared deep into Jungkook's crimson red eyes before he closed his eyes. Their foreheads gently touched

Everyone looked away. The scene felt far too intimate to be watched

Namjoon turned to Jin and shared a look
Reading Namjoon's thoughts in his eyes, the CEO nodded, before confidently strolling out of the room

Jin would handle getting Jungkook out of here

Meanwhile, V reached deeply into this connection he was sharing with this stranger. He searched through their bond.
He was looking for Jungkook, right?

His wolf guided him. His instincts told him to search deeper and deeper. V concentrated, before he felt something warm underneath their bond. V tried to reach out

It felt like a warm ball of light that was burning hotter and hotter
Both of their eyes snapped open and two pairs of brown eyes stared into each other

Jungkook licked his lips nervously and felt his breath leave his lungs. He had never seen someone look so beautiful...

His body reacted first and he pushed V off the bed

“Who the hell are you!?”
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Jimin gasped in surprise while V sat on the floor with a puzzled look on his face. The bodyguard’s eyes furrowed angrily and he sent an icy glare at the Alpha

He signed angrily at the Idol. Everyone else looked at V with a puzzled look while Jimin chuckled and Hoseok laughed
loudly. The latter wiped a tear from his eye

“That is some rather... creative insults,” the dancer states with an amused smile. “Never thought I would see the day where someone would call Jungkook an overgrown asshole emo bunny. Wow. I didn’t even know those were curse words!”
“Don’t be so impressed,” Jimin scolded Hoseok, but Jimin’s eyes twinkled in amusement. V knew that Jimin obviously agreed with his color word choice and was likely planning the best way to make Jungkook’s suffer

It was always the cute ones that were the scariest
“Should I even ask?” Namjoon asked no one. Yoongi shrugged. He was just going with the flow at this point

Jungkook stared at Jimin and Hoseok in confusion, before turning to Namjoon and Yoongi

“Are these more sasaengs? Why the hell are they in my room?” the Idol loudly demanded
“They don’t even deserve to be here!”

V frowned and huffed loudly. His wolf whined pitifully, thinking that the Alpha rejected him

V, on the other hand, was thinking that he didn’t even want Jungkook as a potential mate. He was nothing more than acting like an arrogant brat
Both the human and the wolf were on very different pages. V felt inclined to think that his own wolf had awful taste in men

Namjoon frowned and shook his head in exasperation. This was such a mess

“Jungkook, don’t be rude to our guests and friends,” the manager scolded him
Jungkook shrugged. “They look too poor to be associated with us. I mean, look at their clothes? What are they, some kind of freaks?” the Alpha spat out harshly and pointed towards the duo on the floor

Jimin, who went to go comfort and calm V earlier, scowled at Alpha
He was starting to like this Alpha less and less. Why was Hoseok friends with someone like this?

Yoongi was fed up with Jungkook’s attitude. The shorter matched up to the Idol and - despite Namjoon’s outcry in warning - punched him in stomach

“Watch your language, brat! That’s
my soulmate you are talking to! I put up with your fucking attitude problem for years, but the moment you insult or hurt Jimin again, I will not hesitate to break all the bones in your arms and legs. Did you get me?” Yoongi warned him, promising death
Jungkook was shocked enough to not even react to Yoongi punching him. His stomach throbbed in pain

Jungkook teased the older about his height so often that it was really easy to forget that Yoongi could probably rip out his throat and break all his bones in his body
Jungkook would admit that he has pulled some stupid shit throughout his life. He had gotten drunk, hosted parties, lived the playboy life, maybe had some scandals with celebs to often that necessary, etc etc.

While Namjoon would give him a disappointed look and Jin would yell
his head off, Yoongi would just shrug it off. The older expected for Jungkook to learn from his mistakes and maybe even live a little

So to see Yoongi actually react to the point of violence?

The Idol rubbed his sore stomach and looked at everyone with a puzzled look
“Jimin? Who is Jimin? And soulmate? But Yoongi, your soulmate is...” the Idol trailed off, feeling very lost

Yoongi glared at Jungkook angrily, before motioning to the duo. “The cutie here is my very ALIVE soulmate, Jimin. The one who was doing some sign language at you angrily
is V. According to Jin... your soulmate,” the producer explained to the Alpha

There was a brief pause of silence as everyone waited for a reaction from Jungkook

The Alpha burst out laughing, but his laughter was hollow

“Yoongi... we both know that our soulmates are dead.”
Jungkook gave the other Alpha a small, twisted smile at his words

The angry attitude from Yoongi softened a few degrees since he understood how sensitive the topic of soulmate was with Jungkook

Yoongi opened his mouth, but was cut off by V’s rapid signing directed at Jungkook
Jimin smirked in amusement while Hoseok, taking pity on the focused group, translated

“He just said that he doesn’t give a crap about whatever this “soulmate” thing was, but he certainly didn’t want a jerk to be his,” the dancer explained and, honestly, kind of agreed with V
Jungkook’s attitude was definitely uncalled for. The Alpha was hot tempered, competitive, and arrogant. Sure, when it involved music, his fans, performing, or his friends, bits of the old of the Idol came out, but that was pretty rare

However, when this asshole version came out-
Well, the dancer had no words to defend his friend.

Hoseok missed the old Jungkook. He knew the feeling was shared by many of their friends, recalling the adorable maknae from their younger years

A friend of Jimin’s didn’t deserve to be treated like this, the dancer frowned
Jungkook opened his mouth to say something (likely an insult back), but was cut off by Jin slamming the door open and made his huge grand entrance

The CEO grinned at everyone surprise and attention, while Namjoon fondly smiled at Jin’s theatrics. It was easy to forget his
handsome, rich boyfriend also majored in theatre and actually acted in a sitcom

“Guess what I just did?” the CEO said smugly, but continued before anyone could actually say anything. “I just got Jungkook out of the hospital without any hassle!”

Jin turned to Namjoon.
“Told you I could do it, Joonie!” The Omega bragged. The Alpha walked up to Jin and wrapped his arms around him, before giving the CEO a few pecks all over his cheeks

It wasn’t like they were even trying to hide the fact that they were courting anymore

“Of course you could,”
Namjoon whispered in the CEO’s ears. Jin’s cheeks pinked and his ears burned

Yoongi gagged. Disgusting.

“Wait, I am in the hospital?” Jungkook broke the loveydovey couple’s whispering in surprise

Yoongi gave the Alpha a deadpanned look.
“You just fucking realized?”

Jungkook flushed in embarrassment

Jin coughed loudly, drawing everyone’s attention back to him.
He plowed right through all the conversations and declared that they would all just leave through the back and to Jin’s place to avoid the paparazzi
The unsaid portion of the plan was to meet up to finally explain everything that was happening

Jungkook jumped off the bed, eager to leave, when V purposefully bumped into him

The two exchanged glares before looking away angrily.

It was the start of a beautiful relationship
There were oohs and aahs when they pulled up to Jin's place. Jin didn’t flaunt his wealth as much as his looks, but the oldest was CEO for a reason. He actually owned several different places around Seoul alone

His apartment was his preferred home since it was a lot more quaint,
but they had a big group. He decided to bring them to his family's old mansion

Jungkook's mansion looked like a dollhouse compared to Jin's place. But it was easy to forget the grandness when Jin kept cracking bad puns the entire time

Yoongi regretted a lot of things. Jin and
Jimin making a proper acquaintance was one of them

While Jungkook sat in the front seat, stewing by himself, the rest were chatting throughout the car ride. Despite the jokes being SUPER terrible, Jimin kept laughing at them!

The giggles did stuff to his heart, but the jokes
should all be illegal. Jin then interrupted their awe with his terrible jokes and Yoongi was just about ready to jump out the door

“Why did the woman name her dog frost?” the CEO asked and dramatically paused. “Because frost bites!”

“Th-that's so bad,” Jimin giggled softly.
The chubby cheeked male gave a bright smile. “That was terrible!”

Jin huffed and playfully slapped Jimin before getting out of the car. “That's Hyung to you!”

There was an awkward pause while Jimin and V traded confused looks. Everyone else quickly shuffled out of the car.
Hoseok rubbed his eyes sleepily. “I am really tired,” the dancer remarked with a loud yawn. “Though I am surprised that Yoongi is still walking on his feet and hasn’t fallen asleep on the ground yet.”

Yoongi huffed and rolled his eyes, before arguing back.
Meanwhile, Jimin and V leaned together and Jimin quietly whispered in V's ear.

“What do you think is a Hyung?” the Omega asked and the body guard scratched his head, before offering his own ideas.

‘Maybe it is some kind of fancy title? Or maybe it is his secret identity?’
Jimin tilted his head thoughtfully as they were all ushered into Jin's house

“You know, I honestly can’t get over how weird everything looks around here. Why is everything so... square-ish? And we keep riding in those weird thingys! I admit, it is a lot more comfortable and
less smelly, but I kinda miss riding on the horses,” Jimin remarked morosely. “Bu-“

‘But the freedom and safety is really nice’ V signed, predicting the rest of Jimin's thoughts. Jimin grinned and nodded excitedly.

“And the company is really nice as well! Namjoon is really
caring and thoughtful. Jin is really funny! Hoseok... I forgot how much I missed talking to him. I know it is really important that we have a conversation to explain everything, but I just enjoyed his company again. He is always so cheerful and such a sunshine! Did I ever tell
you about his sound effects? Back when we first met, Hoseok was the one who actually introduced me to dancing. He always made these fun beep-boop sounds that always made it fun to do. Hoseok is great company,” Jimin excitedly said. V nodded in agreement and signed back
“Yeah, everyone's great except Jungkook and Yoongi’

Jimin gasped in offense and slapped his best friend

“Jungkook is a jerk - I agree - but Yoongi is amazing!” Jimin loudly insisted. V pointed behind Jimin and the Omega turned to see the entire group staring at him
“I am amazing, huh?” Yoongi said smugly, but with a teasing tone. He looked at Jimin fondly. His mint colored hair fluttered softly in the breeze

“I-I-“ Jimin stammered and pinked. V shook his head in fondness and made eye contact with an amused Jungkook
They turned away in a huff, recalling what happened earlier. V didn’t want to interact with someone like that. All Alphas are all the same, V angrily thought

“This is so adorable! He is so adorable! I want to adopt him,” Jin interrupted with his loud cooing. The oldest ran over
and pinched Jimin's cheeks. “He also laughs at his jokes! I want him!” The CEO looked at Namjoon pointedly and the Alpha coughed loudly. His ears were turning red at the embarrassment

“He isn’t yours to take, Jin,” Namjoon said. “Also, can you open the door?”

Jin shook his head
but his eyes twinkled in amusement at his Alpha. “Did you lose the keys again?”

The taller Alpha smiled meekly. “Maybe?”

Jin laughed and pecked Namjoon's cheek, before unlocking and swinging the door open

“Welcome to my abode! No matter how amazing it looks, just remember that
it will never compare to my handsome looks!” the Omega joked.

By now, everyone knew that Jin joked to break the awkward silence. His jokes were very much needed as a more serious tone overtook the atmosphere and they all sat down.

“So... what the fuck is going on?” Yoongi said
Jin piped in with his own question. “How do you know them, Hoseok? And how come you never mentioned them?”

“What is a soulmate?” Jimin hesitantly added in.

“Jungkook, what happened earlier? And why were you drinking... AGAIN?” Namjoon asked in a disappointed voice
V signed his own question

Jungkook exclaimed, “Who are these people!?”

Needless to say, it was chaos as everyone’s voices overlapped

Hoseok smiles nervously st the onslaught of questions. Almost everyone was staring at him as if expecting him to know what was going on
At times like this, he wish he was Namjoon since the manager was in a lot more control of situations

“Hold up! Hold up! Beeep! Beeep! J-Hope cannot come to the phone right now,” Hoseok said loudly with added sound effects till the chaos died down. “One thing at a time, please!”
Finally, everyone died down and sixes pairs of eyes stared at him. The dancer sighed. He looked straight at Jimin to see if Jimin wanted to take control of the situation, but the shy boy frantically shook his head

Looks like it was up to him. Well, might as well give it his all!
Hoseok clapped his hands together and put a huge smile on his face. Might as well grin through it

“This is going to sound crazy, but you guys have to stick with me,” he said seriously & looked at JK, Jin, Namjoon, and Yoongi. “It is seriously going to blow your minds - no joke -
but this is the truth, okay?”

The three traded looks. Hoseok sounded so serious. They slowly nodded, but Yoongi seemed to be more wary

“Time to start at the beginning then! There is no easy way to put this... but V, Pri- I mean Jimin, and myself are all from another world.”
There was a pause of silence

“I think I heard you wrong!” Namjoon laughed nervously. “Mind repeating yourself?”

Hoseok nodded and grinned. “Yep, I am an alien since all three of us aren’t from around here.”

Namjoon’s eyes bulged out while Jin gave Hoseok a concerned look
“Did you eat something wrong or something?” The CEO’s handsome face marred worry lines

Hoseok frantically shook his head. “Nope, nope! Nothing like that. I am being completely serious right now.”

Namjoon and Jin exchanges disbelieving looks and Hoseok felt the tension increase
Jimin’s head was down in fear, while V glared protectively at the others for doubting them.

Jungkook gave Hoseok a doubtful look and kept glancing at V. (e wasn’t very subtle)

Surprisingly, it was Yoongi who came to the rescue

“Guys, we all know how terrible of a liar Hoseok
is,” Yoongi snorted. His face was in a chin and he lounged in the chair, as if he was bored. “You can just look at his face and you can tell how he is feeling. I think he is telling the truth.”

And at that, all four of his friends relaxed. Jin gave Hoseok a reassuring smile
Hoseok sagged in relief. His coworkers were practically his family. He was also worried about how they would react if he told them the truth... but it looks like they are willing to hear him out

It was like a weight was lifted off his shoulders

He gave them a huge smile
‘How blinding!’ V signed in surprise and Jimin gave him a tiny grin. He had heard stories about the cheerful sunshine fairy, but he didn’t expect a practical sun in person

With the attentive and reassuring smiles, Hoseok felt like he could continue with the explanation
And it was going to be a long one, that’s for sure

“Okay, get it out of the way, the three of us are from another world. Long, long, long ago - everything was a single world. Imagine all the common stories of fiction you have heard personified into one world.
Fairytale creatures, supernatural, and humans - it all used to be one. It was so many different societies, but they helped improve each other and grow. It used to be peaceful and society blossomed to greatness,” Hoseok explained
Yoongi gave a disbelieving look. “I am assuming there is a catch,” he said bluntly. “Nothing can be that peaceful of so many different things are on one world.”

Hoseok nodded. “Yeah, that’s right. It used to be peaceful, but some grew to be greedy and began to desire
to have all the greatest powers of each different society as their own. You see, these people were humans who didn’t have anything great to them - they didn’t have magic, dynamics, or superpowers. The only thing special about them was something they created with
their own hands... they created science. They used these machines of destructions to try and take over each different society of witches, werewolves, fairies, vampires, and more. A war erupted for 1000 years as society turned against society and the world was in ruin.”
Jin interrupted. “So basically, each creature from fiction functioned at their own “society” in this original world?”

Hoseok nodded. “They lived together, but also very apart. Creatures of magic sided together, creatures of hell sided together, and humans sided together. After
so many have died, the Magic Wielders took it into their own powers to separate all the different societies into their own worlds. These Magic Wielders ascended into Godlike status because since it took so many of them to separate the world... they all died. However, before
they died, they decided to leave a gift to the people of Magic. They left a blessing to help protect their people and also keep the peace with the worlds separate. At the cost of this Godlike power, those chosen have to give something up. In theory, the worlds are supposed to be
kept apart but...” Hoseok trailed off. Jimin finished the thought

“There are ways to get across. Like a Portal,” Jimin griminced

Hoseok froze and shuddered. “There are only a few ways to get across the world between Humans, Hell, and Magic. The most famous of the Portal of
Death. It was said that Hell created it to cross into the worlds and take over what was rightfully “theirs,” but nothing ever happened. No one has been able to activate it...” Hoseok trailed off

Jimin gave Hoseok a strange look. “We were able to access it fine though!”
“That’s weird...” Hoseok frowned, but shrugged. He should wrap up the explanation

“I can attest that there are ways to get across myself. I used to be a Fairy and I wanted to leave my world. I asked a Chosen to grant me my wish. They said they could do that, but at the cost of
giving something up. I had to give up my wings and leave everything behind to cross. I couldn’t even say goodbye,” Hoseok said and gave Jimin an apologetic look. The Prince gave a small nod, acknowledging his apology

He cleared his throat, but was loudly cut off.
“Wait, you are a fairy!?” Jin exclaimed in shock. “But aren’t you supposed to be like tiny and dainty?!”

Hoseok paused. “Is that all you seriously got from that?”

Jin shrugged. “This is very serious question.”
“I feel like I’ve been lied to my entire life,” a disbelieving Namjoon muttered and Jungkook gave an agreeing nod

Yoongi seemed to have a poker face on, but you could see the shock in his eyes

Hoseok snorted. “If anything though, you guys are an attestant that people have
crossed over in the past,” Hoseok explained

“What is that supposed to mean?” Yoongi gave him a deadpan look

The dancer motioned to the four. “You guys are werewolves. You know how there are Alphas, Betas, and Omegas? Well, yeah, Betas are a thing in our world, but not
on the scale in this world. There should be like 30% Omegas, 30% Alphas, and 40% Betas. But here, there are only 20% of Alphas and Omegas in total. The rest of the 80% Beta majority? Those are actually all humans. Likely, some werewolves crossed in the past
and mated with humans, allowing the werewolves to multiply and kind of... assimilated into society,” the fairy shrugged. “I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some kind of druid or vampire lurking around in this world if the werewolves were able to do it. Plus, think about the
whole “concept” of soulmates, right? Did you ever notice that every soulmate pair had at least one Alpha or Omega? In recorded history, there has never been a Beta pair of soulmates because humans CAN’T have soulmates. The entire concept is a werewolf term. The official term is
“Fated Pair” and not soulmates. So yeah. Technically, you aren’t from this world and your entire existence is a lie!” Hoseok cheerfully exclaimed. “Congrats!”

An appropriate sound effect about be an exploding sound

The entire group didn’t move an inch in shock
V jumped up and there were a deadly anger look in his eyes. He began to sign quickly and Jimin rushed to translate.

“Are you kidding me? You are telling me that this arrogant asshole is my FATED MATE!? I would rather marry a demon!” Jimin translate and winced. “Isn’t that a bit
harsh?” the Prince hesitantly asked, but shut his mouth when he received a scowl in his direction. He would try to talk sense to V later

Jungkook leaped to his feet and his eyes burned in fury and the Alpha snapped.

“You think I would want you either, you conceited jerk! Hell,
I didn’t even know you existed! I went through my entire life told that my soulmate is fucking dead and now you are telling me that I am stuck with you? No thanks!” the Idol spat our angrily

The two had a glaring match in the living room. Yoongi, fed up, ignored them
The producer turned to Hoseok and took off his gloves and shoved his hand into the dancer’s face

“Yoongi, please don’t hurt me!” the dancer yelped and almost fell of his chair. The producer rolled his eyes and shoved the hand in Hoseok’s face again

“Hobi, look.”
The dancer blinked in surprise to see the black tattoo of a sun and crescent moon painted in soft colors of silver and gold, decorated with glistening stars. He whistled

“Wow, that is beautiful! Nice job!” the dancer beamed at the producer. Yoongi groaned when his friend
didn’t get his point.

“Why is my tattoo filled with colors now? It used to be black, which usually symbolizes that our soulmate is dead. Why is mine in colors now?” the Producer asked

Jimin leaned forward, peeking over Yoongi’s shoulder. “Oh, mine too! I have the same colors
and mine used to be black as well. What is with that?” he asked curiously.

The former fairy tilted his head and hummed thoughtfully.

“I am not sure? Like you said, fated pairs come with matching tattoos and when one dies, the tattoo turns to black. Maybe it has to do with
the fact that you guys lived in different worlds? Maybe it considered the other dead? Does that mean the worlds consider the other world dead, when separated?” the dancer said thoughtfully, before scratching his head. “I think Namjoon is better for this philosophy stuff.”
By now, V and Jungkook stopped arguing to eavesdrop on this conversation. The two noticed how Yoongi had the tattoo on one hand and Jimin had it on the other hand. It was reflected like a mirror. It was a matching pair

If those two had the same situation as them...
The two tried to eye each other, but looked away when they made eye contact

They immediately tried to roll up their pants and shorts to see their thighs

And there it was, standing in its unblack glory. A beautiful scene of a wolf howling at the moon with pink blossoms around it
(Pretend the tattoo is on the thigh)

Jungkook almost wants to say it was beautiful and more than he could ever dream of... but he couldn’t say it out loud. It felt like he was surrendering if he said that

The Idol, however, was quite curious about V’s tattoo. He tried to
steal a glance at the bodyguard

V had the tattoo on his other leg and it was similar tattoo. Instead of a wolf howling in the night, however, a bright sun loomed in the background and shades of red, yellow, and orange painted the sunset sky. It felt warm. It felt like home.
Jungkook looked away, feeling a bit ashamed since tattoos were such a private thing and he looked without permission

He should’ve been angry and upset since he wanted to despise this beautiful angel- wAIT! He means strange weirdo. Yeah, that’s what he meant
Anyways, his wolf was very much not on the same page as him. His inner wolf was glowing in pride and wanted to just grab V and claim him for all to see. Mixed feeling of pride, jealousy, aggressiveness, and curiosity filled it

Yeah, a very much different feeling from his wolf.
Jungkook tried to ignore his wolf and tried to focus on reality. That didn’t change the fact that V was a weird guy that he didn’t even know very well. Plus, he had all the women falling at his feet! He didn’t need a fucking soulmate!

‘You sound like your father,’ his wolf said.
‘Plus, look at the beauty! He is very stunning. Probably would make beautiful pups. Probably also has the most beautiful eyes as well we have both ever seen. I want to make him ours.’

‘Shut up!’ Jungkook argued back and just wanted his wolf to shut up, even if some things were
true. He didn’t want to think of that jerk or how pretty V was. He growled out of annoyance

He suddenly felt sharp pain and groaned as he crumbled to the ground

He heard gasps of surprise and also some laughter (he swears, he is going to kill Jin-Hyung later)
“What was that for!?” Jungkook yelped and clutched his precious cargo. “Did you seriously kick me there?”

The Idol‘s mouth fell open in shock when he saw V glaring at him. The bodyguard rolled his eyes and scoffed, before putting his hands on his hips

“Well, pardon me,
you petulant child. You have been NOTHING but rude to me!” V snapped at him.

Jungkook felt his blood boil to see someone who was a lower classification as him (someone who was supposedly Beta, but why did the beauty have an enticing smell?) stand up to him

The Idol yelled back.
“Well, maybe I wouldn’t be rude if you didn’t have a stick up your butt! All you have been doing is hovering over the Prince and glaring at everyone. You also freaking kicked me out no nowhere! That is a no-man zone!
You‘re the one who should be obeying me, not the other way around!” the Idol fumed as he screamed at V

“Well, you growled at me!”

“Well, you are a freaking statue!”

Then something loudly slapped onto the table and the pair stopped their bickering to turn to see a furious Jin
They were going to die

“You both are going to go to your rooms and stop arguing like children, got it? Grow up. You are both big enough,” the CEO said slowly and pointed to the stairs.

The pair nodded - not even asking where their supposed rooms were - and ran up the stairs
The CEO flopped back into the couch. Namjoon slung his arm around the Omega and comforted him

By now, Jimin was dozing off in Yoongi’s lap. The Alpha’s eyes softened as he bridal carried the Omega.

“We are going to go bed,” the producer curtly said. He left before an answer
Hoseok asked the question to no one. “Wait, are they sleeping together???”

Namjoon shrugged when he made eye contact with his friend. He was just as confused

The manager sighed as he opened his phone to a flood of messages. He was in for a long night.
Hoseok continued to frown before asking his other question. “Wait, we only have three rooms upstairs. Where am I supposed to sleep?”

The manager shrugged again. “I don’t know. I haven’t been to those house and I don’t know where the bedrooms are. Looks like you will have to find
There will also be trigger warnings for the more... dark scenes. There will mentions of blood and darker themes. It won’t go super into depth, but it will be discussed with. There will be a trigger warning of such scenes make you uncomfortable!
it yourself.”

“Wait. Does that mean I get my own room?”

Hoseok asked, but the manager ignored him as he petted the tired CEO

“Well, that went horribly!” Jin whined and Namjoon affectionally pinched his cheeks

“It’ll be fine, love. It will work out in the end.”

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