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Almost time for the Trump rally!!!

President Trump is complaining about the walkway he had to walk out on. Says it's slippery. Said it must have been installed by the Democrats 😂😂😂
"Can you imagine if I went down, the press would have a field day. For weeks and weeks. They'd say 'he went down, finally, he made a mistake, look at that, isn't that terrible, isn't that terrible'" 😂😂😂
Someone shouts "I love you"

President Trump: "I love you too, thank you. That's a guy but I love him, all right. Whoever the hell you are, I love you" 😂😂😂
President Trump: "I brought a chart with me. Would you like to see a chart" and then he holds up a tiny piece of paper showing how much more money we gave Puerto Rico than everyone else for the hurricane. "They don't like me" 😂😂😂
"I didn't want to spend on a big board because that costs the government too much money. I want to save it. But you can all see that." 😂 he is freaking amazing.
"Did you see what just happened by the way? No collusion, no obstruction, no anything, two years on a witch hunt. I could have gotten anyone in this audience, I could have found something on you" President Trump
"Two years, almost forty million dollars. Twenty Trump haters. Democrats, I call them angry Democrats. After two years, nothing! No collusion."
"You're the best looking people, that's for sure" President Trump about his supporters 😂😂😂
"How we doing in Cuba, Marco? Venezuela?" President Trump after praising Marco Rubio as a good man lol.
"In fact one of the Democrats today, said that he...it's a he...sleepy person...said that he heard from a lot of foreign leaders and they want him to be President. Of course they do, so they can continue to rip off the United States" President Trump on Joe Biden
"And then you have Bernie. Bernie. Then you have Bernie. You got some real beauties. Crazy Bernie. You got a choice between Sleepy Joe and Crazy Bernie" 😂😂😂
"They are a bunch of fakers, there's no question about it. But you know, in six years, they're all going to be out of business folks. They're all going to be out of business" President Trump on the fake news media lol.
"Now if I want to drive them crazy, I'll say in ten years. They'll go crazy. See he is a despot! He is a despot! Well ten or fourteen, let's see, whatever" LOL he is going to be President forever. We can change the rules and keep voting him every four years!
"Guy just screamed out fourteen more years!" 😂 the media is going to flip out
"After campaigning for eight years, this particular person decided at the last moment to go no. It's alright we'll get it anyways, it doesn't matter" letting McCain have it still lol.
Crowd is chanting USA

"And as I stand here floating around on a piece of ice. This is crazy. I'm a little bit concerned about leaving the podium. I'm holding it. You have no idea what I'm going through on this stage. This is the worst damn stage..." 😂😂😂
"Stupid people did this one. No no, or brilliant. Or brilliant. They may be the enemy. If it's the enemy then they're brilliant but I want them the hell out of here" still talking about the stage builders 😂😂😂
"President Xi is a friend of mine. Great guy, but he's for China. I'm for the USA. I'm for the USA. So, we're gonna see. They come in tomorrow and whatever happens, don't worry about it. It'll all work out. You know why? Because it always does" President Trump
"We get a very bum press, but that's ok, because we're here and they're not" President Trump absolutely wrecking the fake news media as usual lol.
"Hillary Clinton's still going 'I think they stole the election,' no she lost. She lost. She lost." 😂😂😂
I've been pushing for us to trick the Democrats into helping us remove Presidential term limits by telling them we can finally see President Obama VS President Trump in the biggest election in history and Trump talking about 14 more years tonight has me beyond hyped!
"They want to do investigations instead of investments. They want to do what they're doing which looks so foolish. And maybe I read it wrong, but I think it drives us right on to victory in 2020, because people get it. People get it" President Trump
"I am very fearful for my life. My country is a very frightening place to be. Please help me. In the meantime there's tattoos all over his face. And I say 'no no, he's the one that causes the fright" LOL Trump on the criminal illegal aliens pretending to be asylum seekers.
Talking about people waving the flag of their country on the march to our border and then claiming to be afraid of the country once they get here.

"We love our country but we're afraid of it, for purposes of getting into the Untied States, we're afraid of our country" 😂
😂 I missed what the guy shouted from the crowd but President Trump loved it and said "only in the panhandle can you get away with that"
"We are carefully monitoring the actions of social media giants, big tech must not censor conservative, or other, voices" President Trump is talking to you @jack at the rally tonight.
@jack "We will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. Always. The Republican party will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions" President Trump

The media will never report this and he says it all the time, they claim Republicans are against it. Liars!
@jack Now I can't untag Jack from this thread because I'm on new twitter so all of my tweets are going to tag him lol. Usually when I tag him the interactions for that tweet drop dramatically because of the algorithm I bet so let's see
Trying this....
"I recognized Israel's capital and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem" crowd goes wild!!! Literally things that would never happen if the President and all his supporters were Nazi's.
"Our hearts are united with the people of Venezuela, and many of their relatives who are here right now with us tonight." President Trump
"And we believe in the words of our national motto, in God we trust." President Trump
"Remember I used to tell the story, that your governor would come and see me, and you'd be winning so much in the state of Florida, Governor Ron would say, President please, in the oval office..." (cont)
"Please, we're winning too much, we're not used to this, Mr. President, we're not used to this. For years and years we've been losing Mr. President, now we're winning. We're winning so much. The people of Florida can't stand winning so much..." (cont)
"...can you maybe pull it back a little bit, Mr. President? And I said, No I can't Ron, I'm sorry." 😂😂😂😂
"We are going to stand for liberty. We are going to stand for justice. We are going to stand for faith, family, and freedom. And we are going to stand for the sacred rights given to us by the hand of almighty God." President Trump
Super fist pumps at the end!!!! The stream cut out on me, I hope he didn't fall lol. He was really worried about that.

Great rally! He has never looked more calm and relaxed in his life!
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