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How to Spot A Collaborator


Yvette Nicole Brown @YNB
AKA “The Hypocrite”
@YNB is a self-professed pro-black Christian whose sorority sister is vying for the democratic nomination. ADOS has been very vocal about the harm inflicted upon blk ppl during Kampala’s tenure as CA’s AG. As a result, we do not support her bid for the presidency.
@YNB has maligned #ADOS as anti-black, alt-right, dumb, MAGA, & her personal favorite ‘trash’. She stops short of referring to us as Nazis like her friend Talib Kweli but seems to approve of his use of this dog whistle meant to designate ADOS as a hate group.
Amid the conflict between @YNB & #ADOS an Instagram post resurfaced where Brown professes her admiration for George W. Bush. Bush won the republican nomination/presidency by employing Lee Atwater’s Southern Strategy which introduced the “dog whistle” into political discourse.
There is more evidence that suggests @YNB is anti-black when one considers her support of candidates who have used dog whistles to inflect innumerable harm upon the #ADOS community. Bush staged a drug buy in front of the WH to spark the war on drugs, devastating blk families.
The man @ynb praises was the sitting president when Nancy Reagan went on a ride along with federal agents who raided #ADOS homes,sometimes the wrong ones, with army tanks and militarized police forces. The democrats seeing the response, began using Bush’s strategy.
@YNB was also a Hillary supporter. Who could forget the “super predators” dog whistle that helped usher in mass incarceration through its perpetuation of young blk men as wild violent creatures who posed a serious threat to white ppl.
@BreakingBrown provides a scathing analysis of Bush’s adoption of the dog whistle & how democrats used racialized politics to secure the votes of the white demographic.
@YNB recites religious cliches & regards herself as the moral authority who is saving ppl from a movement designed to disenfranchise black voters. In the same thread. She calls black ppl dumb trash as her white followers cheer from the comment section.
Notice how quickly @YNB is silenced when she tries to use that strategy on a white woman? She quietly acquiesces to the pat signaling that she should be quiet. Why didn’t she call them trash?
@YNB has at least 50+ tweets on any given day calling #ADOS trash. Why does @YNB refrain from attacking Trump supporters, those who use the MAGA hashtag? A white fan calls @YNB a snake & disgusting for replacing Chris Hardwick. Her response is kind and measured bc the fan is wyt
In response to @YNB’s unsubstantiated claims, Antonio Moore of @tonetalks summed up the duplicitous nature of blk celebs who attack blk ppl but coddle white opponents.

Moore says, “There are always black people performing for white capital.”
To silence #ADOS for criticizing blk representatives is an act of blatant disrespect to our ancestors. It’s particularly troubling when @YNB ‘s ire is only reserved for blk ppl, you gush over your for white male crush but call @tonetalks, a blk attorney, a dumba$$.
@YNB you support Kamala Harris, a presidential candidate who rebuffed the black agenda. We refuse to support anyone who does not support reparations or equivalent policy. No amount of dog whistling, stare men arguments, or scare tactics will silence us.
@YNB 300,000 white ppl cheering you on as you berate #ADOS makes you anti-black, not us.

We meant what we said:


@YNB also expressed support for Mark Thompson who was suspended from Twitter for calling a black woman a “white nationalist’s bed wench”, assaulted a blk man then blamed #ADOS for the attack, & as a result was recently fired from his position at SiriusXM radio
@YNB has become an expert at using dog whistles to conflate the #ADOS agenda with the MAGA agenda. She ALWAYS mentions the 2 in relation to each other in hopes that ppl will see the two polar opposite agendas as interchangeable & synonymous 👇🏾
@YNB’s hypocrisy is best displayed in tweets such as this where she equates calling #ADOS trash w/making god proud. Her assaults are always framed in a way that makes her look as though she’s doing something noble when actually she wants her 300,000followers to think #ADOS=WS
@YNB accuses #ADOS of being trolls but she has been known herself into #ADOS conversations when she’s not tagged. She will antagonize in hope that someone will say something that she can use to have #ADOS labeled as a hate group.
She was complicit in the #ADOS are bots movement claiming that we’re creating/using fake accounts; however, Twitter audit claims that ONLY 7% of @YNB’s 390,000 followers are ACTUAL people. 363,809 of @YNB followers are FAKE accounts! This would explain why she has so few likes.
This is also one of @YNB’s favorite pass times: making fun of black ppl for auto-correct, grammar, or spelling errors. She and her followers thoroughly enjoy laughing about how “dumb” black ppl are.👇🏾#ADOS #AMC
@YNB ‘s straw man argument explained

#ADOS doesnt support Kamala 4 POTUS

MAGA doesn’t support Kamala for POTUS

Therefore #ADOS must be MAGA!
Larry King asks @YNB why blk ppl didn’t vote 4 Hillary. @YNB understands all the variables #ADOS must weigh when choosing a candidate &understands that blk ppl who demand pro-blk legislation are unfairly labeled as a hate group. She just want to silence #ADOS 4 Kamala’s sake.👇🏾
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