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Y’all I’m a Black woman from Atlanta, #Georgia. I’ve had a miscarriage in this state. I grew up on the poverty line. I’ve had an abortion. I think this #BoycottGeorgia call is bullshit, and it pushes birthing folks deeper to the margins in the name of what? rage? That’s stupid.
Now y’all know capitalism is a predatory system. It self insulates, meaning folks w/the most capital are protected from tumult. Like boycotts.

Guess who isn’t protected? Working class families. Mothers & children. Esp folks of color. In Atl, that very much means Black birthers.
My city is filled w/Black working class ppl. The health of the film industry very much affects the food, rideshare, folks who do childcare, and other related markets. Can you guess who’s all up & through them industries?

Black. Working class. Birthing folks.
Film production companies pulling out of the Georgia, actors refusing to come here, spend their money here, do you honestly think this affects republican lawmakers?

Alternativelyc Have you talked to Black mothers & people who birth here in Georgia? Do you know what they want?!
And that’s mostly Atlanta, maybe Savannah, MAYBE....

What about the working class folks who are going to be impacted in rural communities throughout the state? What is a boycott of the film industry going to do for them?
White liberals who’ve never set foot in this state, who look down on the South, who’ve never organized rural communities or been working class are again doing what they always do: making judgments & calls to action w/out the voices/needs of those most critically impacted.

It’s lazy, it’s dangerous, and worse, it’s going to get folks killed.

Because, and I want you to hear me, it’s not. going. to fucking. work.
The call to #BoycottGeorgia is more about the ego of white liberals than the lives & safety of working class birthers, esp Black folks who can become pregnant.

This is about y’all feeling good, “standing for something” without being inconvenienced. Don’t pretend it’s about us.
Folks who participate in this call to #BoycottGeorgia are going to “stand for something” & they’ll be doing so on the necks of working class Black & brown folks who can birth, & the children who’ll be forced into poverty.

But, ya know... the hashtag is cute girl. It’s catchy.
When I miscarried I was alone in my room. Not only did I not know what resources were available to me, I didn’t even know what was happening to my body.

Imagine how scary that is. imagine potentially catching a charge for that experience.

It’s wild making. It’s not ok.
But even when abortions were legal, even when miscarrying wasn’t putting me at risk for arrest, the State STILL didn’t care about my access to resources, my reproductive health, my ability to thrive and be in control of the choices i made for my body...
That’s why #BoycottGeorgia won’t work, can’t work. It’s not focused on our needs. It’s not supporting access and agency. This boycott isn’t about justice, it’s about the comfort of white liberals.

It ignores the most necessary fight: the one for reproductive justice.
What if— hold on this is a ZANY idea— what if y’all didn’t boycott?

What if y’all put money, volunteer hours & resources up to support the orgs in GA who’ve BEEN fighting?! Orgs like @ignitekindred, @SisterSong_WOC, @SPARKRJNOW, @FWHC need your money & bodies more than ever.
.@Alyssa_Milano are you willing to support the organizations in Georgia fighting to keep birthing folks connected to reproductive resources? Are you willing to sacrifice time, money, and resources to strengthen the fight against #HB481? When can we expect your arrival here in GA?
This call to #BoycottGeorgia in the wake of #HB481 is the literal white liberal version of “thoughts and prayers” after a gun massacre.

We still gon die, but at least y’all feel better? Is that it?
Oh yea. Bc im a principled bitch: if you learned something from this thread, got action steps & are not Black:

I’m moving & expanding careers to center my writing/archiving Black folks’ stories in the Deep South. Support a nigga: $ElleBoogi on cashapp & auriellemarie on Venmo.
I want to add that I’ve seen a LOT of people compare this boycott to the Civil Right MOVMENT. Let’s talk about why y’alls egos is trying it:

1) the CRM was a time period of concentrated organized strategies occurring throughout the south, on a grassroots, community lead, mantle.
1a) the MOVMENT known as CRM was not simply a bus boycott, nor was it started by the bus boycotts. It was a mult-prong, complex endeavor that involved multi-faceted uses of organized conflict. The Bus Boycotts were ONE of MANY organized conflicts.
2) the Bus Boycotts were strategized, promoted, & maintained by THE PEOPLE MOST CRITICALLY IMPACTED BY RACISM AND CLASSISM.

2a) white folk/rich people/ randos living in California did not dictate to working class, Black domestic workers, how to resist.
They did it themselves.
3) Not only was the boycott maintained by folks most critically impact, it was supported by “allies” who simply showed up and asked “what do you need me to do”. They came from Boston, from New York, from california, etc.

They showed up and listened to the people on the ground.
4) w/out stroking my own organizer feathers, I can also say that one of the most critical parts of the Bus Boycotts was that it was simple:

there was a visible antagonist, there weren’t multiple markets to consider & the connection (Bus segregation to segregation law) was CLEAR.
5) finally, The Bus Boycotts wouldn’t have been successful without the added pressure of protests, demonstrations, and rallies. Period.

It also couldn’t have popped off if the main “participants” were people who drove cars in New Jersey.

You see how ridiculous y’all sound?
So, no, liberals et. al. You can’t tweet from your home in Seattle, to filmmakers in LA, telling them to #BoycottGeorgia. You can’t pretend to boycott a place you’re actually wholly irrelevant to.

& You WONT reframe a historical, complex political movement to suit your ego. No.
I dare filmmakers, actors & all who support reproductive justice to #StayAndFightGA.

I dare you to donate to orgs on the ground, to show up for communities most impacted by #hb481.

I dare you to answer this call to #resist in ways that might not be comfy, but could be HISTORIC.
When I say, #StayAndFightGA, I mean filmmakers & EVERYONE w/their eyes on GA: if you’re on set, mandate a cast & crew volunteer day at @FWHC. Road trip your church members to @PPSE_Advocates. Know some liberal millionaires? Do a phone drive to raise money for @SisterSong_WOC.
Plan a trip from your Malibu home, to Georgia’s capital city. Sit with @monicarsimpson & see how your peers in Hollywood can support the vital work her org does. Directors, call @SPARKRJNOW and have them facilitate workshops on set.

We’re fucking creatives. Let’s get creative.
“Limousine Liberal” is sending me but y’all! Donations are critical! *and* think big! What does long term support look like? What does *resistance* look like? How will u fight long after hashtags stop trending? Thanks for modeling active response, Bethany.
I can’t believe I didn’t mention: @BlkMamasMatter is doing CRITICAL work & they’re based in Atlanta! They just pulled healthcare providers from around the country into GA like a month ago, to collaborate on reproductive justice AND maternal morbidity solutions. Get ta donating!
Chiile. @adriennemaree talks about pleasure being critical to resistance and I think y’all missed how vital that nugget was. Alyssa is out her mind if she thinks we not fuckin... bc of the GOP?? How is this not giving up all our autonomy?!? Absolutely not.
Here is an amazing thread that lists many orgs who are vital to the fight against #HB481 in Georgia. Adding @BlkMamasMatter and @monicarsimpson to this list. Twitter, do your thang!
Follow orgs that are women of color lead, local, and actively working in GA communities. You can’t go wrong. It’s time to show up for @napawf_atl, @SisterLoveInc, @SisterSong_WOC, @SPARKRJNOW, @URGE_org, @WomenEngaged @BlkMamasMatter @ProjectSouth @ignitekindred and so many more.
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