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On April 22, 2013 “Earth Day” (Anniversary of Deep Water Horizon) the documentary “Sirius” was released direct to video. Important because Sirus is the Star of Isis or Star of Set;

Aleister Crowley called Sirians the Scarlett Woman or Beast named after “Bast” the Cat goddess represented by the Spinx.
A return to Sodom & Gomorrah? Yes, but a return to Gen 6 is also meant.
WWIII will be a symbolic battle of Set & Osiris.
Can Angels mate with human women? Are Aliens real? Siriusly? Of course not; this Gnostic documentary will symbolically complete the Tower of Babalon; the Bastard of Pandora’s Box that produced the Minotaur & Pegasus released on Earth Day.
It’s time to get right with Jesus Christ folks!
And Life in Prison or Hanging for Treason; Oops wait, I mean the Oscar “God’s Spear” Golden Idol goes to Argo, a Treasonous rendition of Jason & the Argonauts search for the “Golden Fleece” made by CIA Hollywood to demonize Iran ahead of War;
this time to prep Sheeple for the attack on Iran leading to WWIII.
Argo means “Shining Bright” Argus was a hundred eyed Greek giant Zeus’ wife Hera placed in the Peacock Feathers, like the ones over the Papal Throne of St. Peter.
Argus & Hydra & the Ladon Dragon (Osama bin Laden means Lion of Ladon) are all featured in the movies Argo, Olympus has Fallen & Zero Dark Thirty.
Ben Afleck is no stranger to CIA deceptions; the movie Pearl Harbor preceded the fake “Terrorost” Event 9/11/2001 dubbed “A New Pearl Harbor” by Reagan era “Neo-Con” Traitors; Argo precedes the War with Iran.
Demonizing Japan, Muslim Terrorists & Iran is a Hollywood specialty; just ask Mel Gibson, whose 2 Oak Rocking Chairs weighed in at a miraculous 9 Lbs 11 Oz at the start of The Patriot just months ahead of 9/11/2001.
Runner-up to Zero Dark Thirty & Seal Team 6. The straight to DVD military recruiting propaganda movie & the allegedly sacrificed real-life Seal Team 6, downed in one Chinook Helicopter by an RPG; nice try!
Lifetime achievement award goes to Osama bin Laden (Lion of Ladon) & the CIA for their load of BS on May Day (Beltane), 10 years after Knight of Malta George Bush Jr’s BS on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln on May Day 2003 declared “Mission Accomplished;
the movie Lincoln came out & Osama bin Laden is killed (yeah sure). DNA tests, 1200 mile helicopter rides from Abbottabad, Pakistan to the Arabian Sea in one night in a 130MPH Helicopter & Muslim “Burial at Sea”? Pretty gutsy even for Hollywood make this type nonsense plausible.
Special thanks go to Congress for letting Hillary Clinton, Knights of Malta, Gen David Petraeus, Gen John Allen, Gen Carter Ham & Admiral Charles Gaouette to avoid embarassing testimony on
Benghazi Mercenary training, gun running, setting up the Benghazi Central Bank & murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens on 9/11.
Also thanks to Seal Team 6 for keeping a lid on the Treason by getting shot down 2 weeks later in one helicopter (Yeah sure).
I’d like to thank the Academy aka Academi. Pederast philosopher Plato named his indoctrination school “Academi” in Athens where the Apostle Paul later chastized Athenians for worshipping the UNKNOWN GOD at the Areopagus (Ares or Mars).
Blackwater Inc became Xe Services after they were caught dressed as Iraqi “Terrorists” murdering innocent people; then they changed their name to Academi. (Go figure) Knight of Malta Erik Prince founded mercenary group.
Awards to 33rd degree Luciferian Freemason, Carlyle Group war profiteer Saddam Hussein & his 2 sons Uday & Qusay for his brilliant portrayal of Nebuchadnezzar & their stealthy theft of $20 Billion US during 2003 edition of the “Purim” Iraq War.
Of course, thanks also to the Shia “Twelver” Ayatollas for their 8 year genocidal war & without whom the world could not exist.
Thanks to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his tireless acting efforts, jailing 52 American hostages 444 days, releasing them on Reagan’s Inaugual Adress cue and preparing the world for the Antichrist “al-Mahdi”.
I got to hand it to you Mahmoud, standing in front of that Stealth Q-313 fiberglass model was pretty gutsy!
Lifetime achievement awards go to Skull & Bones, Knight of Malta, 33rd degree Freemason Nazi financier Satanist George HW “Magog” Bush & Knight of Malta CIA Director Bill Casey for negotiating the “October Surprise” hostage release in Paris.
If Bill hadn’t poisoned himself Kayaking in the Chesapeake his saying “When everything Americans believe is false, the CIA will have accomplished its mission” would make more sense. We’re pretty close to that Bill!
Special mention to Steven Spielberg’s version of history in Lincoln whose 1863 Emancipation Proclamation 50 Year Debt Jubilee preceded the 1913 Federal Reserve Jubilee, followed by 1963 “Killing of the King” Jubilee masterfully managed by George Bush Sr & the 2013 Debt Jubilee.
Finally, I’d like to thank Mark Burnett & Roma Downey for taking such creative liberty with The Bible miniseries & to Knight of Malta Rupert Murdoch’s Copyrighted Zondervan New International Version for supplying the 80% truth, 20% fiction.
“Oh mortal man, is there nothing you can not be made to believe” - Jesuit Adam Weishaupt
“Never underestimate the capacity of people to believe a lie” Joseph Goebbels
“Give me the youth of a single generation & control of Hollywood & I’ll take control of the world” Joseph Stalin
End of thread.
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