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(1) @jesusluvsu29 @SLPointy @MattGaudy

Let's get a few things straight "Kim." Right off of the bat you came out and attacked me and the article which I wrote.

Typical for #QAnon supporters who are upset when their cognitive dissonance "safe space" is challenged.
(2) The #QAnon crowd is often just as fragile and vulnerable as the democratic socialists.

"What was your original statement "Kim?"

-> This dude is not credible & nothing he is saying is backed up by facts.

Let's get something straight "Kim."
(3) This "Dude" has a Ph.D. & 2 master's degrees and you had never even heard of the Cloward-Piven Strategy until you read my article today.

LOL. You are soo laughable.

I was credible enough to have you RT some of the very points I made in my article. Did you read it carefully?
(4) We you capable of finishing it "Kim?" You support the very same points which I reference within the article to support my statements.

I referenced a burden on the welfare system and the care of immigrants before our veterans. So what do you Tweet to me?
(5) I referenced that in addition to the surge of illegal immigrants that we are also in danger of the (ongoing and current) proliferation of Islamic fundamentalism in the USA. So what do you Tweet to me?
(6) So you hop on Twitter, obviously don't bother to read my entire article (either that or you have very poor data retention), have no idea what the Cloward-Piven Strategy entails, attack me for not backing up my statements with facts - and then you commence to RT ....
(7) the very facts which I referenced within the article, that constitute evidence that the Cloward-Pliven Strategy is being used to destroy the country.

Thank you for helping me make my point(s) "Kim." You certainly are entertaining.
(8) I referenced the:

Flood of illegal immigrants (many unhealthy & Marxist-minded)
Veterans being neglected
Burden on our welfare system
Danger of fundamentalist Islam in the USA
Attempts to disarm the population
Pending chaos due to the aforementioned actualities
(9) Once again, thank you for RT'ing some of the elements of Cloward-Piven in support of my article.

You stated I should "do some research?" LOL. You are simply butt-hurt because I stated #QAnon is a #PSYOP - which it is.
(10) #WWG1WGA - taken from "White Squall."

#TenDaysOfDarkness - LOL. Stolen from Blade Runner 2049 just after the 31 minute mark.

#QAnon is written like a Hollywood script to pacify and sedate whatever brave base #POTUS may have had.
(11) Anyone who thinks that one person is going to save the country is wrong. We live in a uni-party system and no-one gets into office without a nod from the #DeepState, regardless of the Kabuki Theater that deceives 90% of the population.

The country is already ....
(12) Marxist and is turning towards communism, sorry to say.

As an aside, after I wrote the article, I listened to a radio show by the uber-intelligent Dr. Ted Broer, in which he also referenced the utilization of the Clovard-Piven strategy to take down the country.
(13) nearly all of the promises made before the election have been abandoned.

Hillary for Prison
Pull troops from Afghanistan & Syria
Build the wall (37 miles so far!)
Roll back Obama Care
Build up infrastructure
Stop being world's "police"
(14) Hillary will never go to prison, immigrants are being bussed into shelters as they cross the border (no executive orders), our troops are still in Syria & Afghanistan (while poppy production has doubled under POTUS compared to Obama), we have no wall, no troops deployed ....
(15) to the border, Obama Care was never rolled back, our infrastructure is crumbling, our sanctions on Venezuela helped facilitate the present crisis even as we prep to go to war with Iran.

Furthermore, POTUS filled his administration with Neocons, Swamp Monsters and liberals.
(16) I voted for Donald J Trump, not for his sneaky, socialist son-in-law, nor his daughter Ivanka - who is also very left-leaning.

After Kushner's visit with the prince in Saudi Arabia POTUS VETOED the bill to stop financing the Saudi's uncalled-for war in Yemen.
(17) Everything done by POTUS now is reactionary, and as the Clovard-Piven Strategy unfolds in the US, we head towards the point of no return.

Obama used executive orders as regularly as he chewed gum, so why hasn't POTUS made any major moves in this respect?
(18) Two years in office, and as soon as immigrants are apprehended they are transported hundreds of miles north of the border to FEMA-built camps, where they are released a few days later, with debit cards and court dates set for 2022 - as our veterans continue to starve.
(19) This is not the Donald Trump who made promises to us in 2015. That DJT disappeared. Nothing is being done as our country is falling apart. Nothing was done when Republicans ran both house and senate.

Why not sign an executive order to help the vets?
(20) Executive Orders don't need a nod from the left.

We are "The Neocon Nation." Finance Israel's wars and Saudi Arabia's wars, gear up to attack Iran, as our veterans die in the streets, as our infrastructure crumbles, as illegal aliens flood our country ....
(21) in the inevitable communist takedown, referred to as the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

U keep on sipping your #QAnon flavored Kool-Aid. #MAGA is a ridiculous pipe dream given the present dynamics. Other than aggressive Tweets, #POTUS hasn't done much of anything. No More Excuses
(22) To be so critical of what I wrote, and then actually use points from my article that demonstrate Cloward-Piven dynamics are presently at play, in your own defense is pretty humorous, I must admit.

Comic relief is indeed a healthy thing

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