Compare the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, to the findings in the Muller report and it is clear.

Reason we are at 2 minutes to midnight is Trump is working with Putin, and leading us to to a 3rd and final World War.

1st we look through the 2018 Bulletin…
It begins with;

"To: Leaders and citizens of the world
Re: Two minutes to midnight
Date: January 25, 2018"

"and citizens".

Meaning, we need to take action and not sit on our asses waiting for out leaders to #rewindthedoomsdayclock
The end of the next paragraph states

rhetoric and provocative
actions by both sides have
increased the possibility
of nuclear war by accident
or miscalculation."

Trump stoking tensions between the US and NK seam to go as needed to distract from other issues.
Besides mention of US and Russian undermining of the Intermediate-Range
Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), China US tensions in the South China Sea, it gave a warning about:

"Uncertainty about
continued US support for the landmark Iranian
nuclear deal adds to a bleak overall picture."
As we know, Trump not only withdrew, but is going further and going all out war."

At least we no longer are uncertain, the future is bleak.…
Next it goes into climate change (we know where Trump stands), internet-based deception campaigns (Putin loves to exploit this) but on the next page (P3) it begins by bluntly stating the US (under Trump) is responsible a breakdown in the international order.
Saying how In 2017 the US reduced its commitment to seek common ground and

"undermining the overall effort toward solving
pressing global governance challenges."

"International diplomacy has been reduced to name-calling,"
was obviously directed at Trump's way of speaking.
Again, saying this is up to us.
If Trump was colluding with Putin, the whole fiasco of destroying the
the INF Treaty, a

"landmark agreement to rid Europe of medium-range nuclear missiles"

and giving Putin EXACTLY what he wants, would be expected. Putin can easily expand past Ukraine.…
Even going on to say;

"For the first time in many years, in fact, no US Russian nuclear arms control negotiations are underway"

as you go from page 3-4, again all it does is give the green light to Putin to strengthen his arsenal.
According to this site, Russia and the US own 92% of the world nuclear arsenal, with Russia having a slight lead.

Meaning, Europe is not able to play catch up and needs to strengthen the UN and NATO ASAP.…
After reading this, you wonder if the Atomic Scientists had a crystal ball...

"Flashpoints could emerge if Russia attempts to exploit friction
between the United States and its NATO partners, whether arising from disputes on burden-sharing, European Union membership, and trade"
Yet AGAIN, Trump is called out in a negative way. And we are only just about half way through the damn thing.
Now, the lower part of p. 4 Starts off with

"An insufficient response to climate change."

and goes on to take up about 3.4 of p.5.

How do Trump's climate policies benifit Russia?

1st, note this part

" The Arctic ice cap achieved its
smallest-ever winter maximum in 2017,"
Financial Times mentions it's melting is great for trade routes, and opening up energy resources once frozen. Up for the grasp by Russia, who has invested in it.

Though honestly, Trump was Republican so not caring about the environment was likely anyway.…
"deeply concerned about
the loss of public trust in political
institutions, in the media, in science,
and in facts themselves."

Trump, antixaxxer (…)who hates science, tells people he trust Putin over our own intelligence agencies, calls media "fake news"..
After that mentions the dangers of how technology can be hacked to influence elections, or to attack infrastructure, and social media manipulation. How to turn back the Clock, and out of 9 recommendations that sum up the documents contents, (10, but 1 is directed at US citizens
demanding climate action) Trump has only opened up talks and held back his provocative rhetoric with NK.

Basically the things that Putin has no gain off of, just Trump when he wants to distract from something negative about himself.

Everything in Putin's favor is still in play.
Now, their is a 2019 release, but it did not move the clock, and is mostly going over the 2018 release. Here is the link, and just some highlights that are generally directed at Trump, some times even naming him.…
So, we look at The Mueller Report for answers why Trump is doing all these things that benefit Putin, but are sending us toward a 3rd and final world war.…
P. 73 in the doc, 81 of 448 for quick reference

"Klokov recommended that Cohen travel to Russia to speak with him and an unidentified intermediary."

"Erchova later identified the person of interest as Russian President Vladimir Putin"
P. 74 in the doc, 82 of 448 for quick reference

"Cohen told Sater that he was setting up the meeting myself."
P. 95 in the doc, 103 of 448

Carter Page,

"formally and publicly announced as a foreign policy advisor"

"lived and worked in Russia,"

"been approached by Russian intelligence officers before he volunteered for the" Trump Campaign.

"Page advocated pro-Russia foreign policy"
P. 129 in the doc 137 of 448

Paul Manafort,

"connections to Russia ...later through his work for a pro-Russian regime in Ukraine."

"the FBI assesses to have ties to Russian intelligence."

"expected Kilimnik to share that information with others in Ukraine and with Deripaska."
Now, their are others in the report, but this so far should be enough of the more deeply involved ones.

Deeply involved not just in Russia, but with their intelligence agencies, even Putin.
While because of obstruction, Mueller and Comey could not tie Trump to the same level, it did prove his advisers and people close to him did.

Even IF this is all coincidence, and Putin does not have something on Trump (rolls eyes), how did this effect his policies?
Well, as we can see from the prior Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, 2018-19 we can see EXTREMELY BAD and leading us toward an apocalypse.

But it goes back even before he was president, and just a candidate.

P. 124 in the doc 132 of 448 "Change to the Republican Platform"
When Obama was president, and Russia became aggressive in the Ukraine, Obama placed sanctions on Russia.

These sanctions slowed down Russian aggression, because they cause Putin's approval ratings to suffer.

Reversal means Putin would become MORE aggressive.
P. 125 in the doc 133 of 448,

Diana Denman submitted a proposed platform amendment that included provision of armed support for Ukraine.

The amendment described Russia's ongoing military aggression in Ukraine and announced supp01t for maintaining (and, if warranted, increasing
sanctions against Russia until Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity are fully restored and for providing lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine's armed forces and greater coordination with NATO on defense planning.
Gordon stated that he flagged this amendment because of
Trump's stated position on Ukraine, which Gordon personally heard the candidate say at the March 31 foreign policy meeting-namely, that the Europeans should take primary responsibility for any assistance to Ukraine, that there should be improved U.S.-Russia relations, and that
he did not want to start World War over that region. Gordon told the Office that Trump's statements on the campaign trail following the March meeting underscored those positions to the point where Gordon felt obliged to object to the proposed platform change and seek its dilution
"Now obviously Trump's claim he

"did not want to start World War over that region"

is a lie. The softening on Russia has further emboldened Putin, and threatened our European allies with world war.
Diana Denman,

"a Republican delegate who supported arming U.S. allies in Ukraine, has told people that Trump aide J.D. Gordon said at the Republican Convention in 2016 that Trump directed him to support weakening that position in the official platform."…
Also from that article, the Mueller investigation was extremely interested in this (though barley mentioned) and even Gordon saw it as a foolish plan.
Again, only 2 options are possible.


Trump is colluding and the only reason Mueller did not find the evidence was because of his obstruction.

The whole mess was somehow Trump accidentally surrounded himself with a whole bunch of Russian operatives.
Obviously the 1st scenario is impeachable.

But why not the 2nd?

This would be a case where the President's judgement has been PERMANENTLY clouded by this whole mess of VERY BAD people. People working for Putin. And his stance is not going to change.
And both scenarios are going to result in the same thing.

Russia will eventually invade more and more of Europe, until it finally sparks a nuclear war.

Putin is no different than Hitler, except Hitler did not have half of the worlds nukes.

Hitler with nukes=very very bad.
Lindsey Graham, 1999;

"Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.”

So why 20 years latter, why can't we because of Trump who put us at 2 minutes to midnight?

For a simple reason in most cases, Democrats are not going to push hard for impeachment.

Their is not enough support, and it could lead to a civil war.

This would play into Putin's plans.

But, we push them, politicians, media, etc. to bring this fact up to the people.
When Americans realize a leader, or potential leader, is leading us to a unnecessary nuclear war, no matter the reason, they quickly loose support.

This ran ONCE, Lyndon B. Johnson's message to voters about Barry Goldwater.

"With 61.1% of the popular vote, Johnson won the largest share of the popular vote of any candidate since the largely uncontested 1820 election."…
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