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THREAD For anyone who thinks Weymouth & @gb_psr is overreacting re: compressor dangers @ this site, pls watch this meeting w/ LEPC’s from Weymouth, Quincy, Braintree, Hingham & former State Undersecretary of Homeland Security McMurray. #mapoli
@gb_psr Don't have time to watch the video? Slides from Oct 2018's Weymouth Local Emergency Planning Committee Meeting that included LEPC’s from Weymouth, Quincy, Braintree, Hingham & State Undersecretary of Homeland Security McMurray start here:
@gb_psr This blast area seems conservative & is likely based government numbers. Prior pipeline explosions have extended more than this, & compressor explosions'd be far worse. This IR doesn't take into account other infrastructure that could be ignited frm compressor explosion.
@gb_psr An absurd amount of dangerous stuff surrounds the proposed site, as well as important regional infrastructure (FR Bridge, MWRA plant). Diesel fuel tanks onsite @ Calpine, tankers full of gasoline passing under the bridge to go to Citgo & would be would within any blast radius.
@gb_psr Sudden explosion scenarios do not take into account uncontrolled leaks that allow large explosive
methane gas clouds to build prior to ignition.

Just a reminder that @CharlieBakerMA & Sec Beaton KNEW about this for years, & didn't stop this project.
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA The MWRA pumping station's air intake would be directly next to the compressor's exhaust (per current compressor design). Wonder what would happen w/ that lovely mix of flammable materials, and all the potential ignition points? ☠️
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA Let's not forget this site is the smallest/most densely populated proposed for a gas transmission compressor in US history. If this compressor gets built in Weymouth, it sets a terrible NATIONAL precedent for everyone in the US.
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA Add to the laundry list of Things Wrong With Siting: a child could throw a firecracker into the site and blow us all up. With a large, high pressure pipeline attached to the compressor, explosions won't just stay @ 6 Bridge St.
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA From @gb_psr: (not 2018 presentation) Flammable emissions could travel approx 4k ft. downwind during release. If ignited, thermal radiation'd kill w/in 1 min of exposure up to approx 450 ft & injure w/in 1 min of exposure out to approximately 1,000 feet from the
point of ignition
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA In a hurricane, the whole peninsula of land'd be inundated w/ water. Enbridge hasn't let Weymouth know how they'd handle a weather event like that except to say "we'll put it on pylons, raise it up" REALLY? You cannot touch that coal ash infested soil, bros.
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA Yeahhhhh, how's that required-by-law emergency plan coming, Enbridge? Neither @MassGovernor nor former Sec Beaton enforced that law AT ALL.


Ask W Rox how it feels to have a big pipeline/ metering station next to an active quarry w/ NO plan.
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor There's no way to protect ourselves if something goes wrong. We've seen that remote monitoring of gas infrastructure is not good enough. There's NO WAY Enbridge can be quick to respond to anything, as we've seen with countless other gas incidents, incl #MVgasfires
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor "Lessons learned"? LOL
I'll use my quote from @milkpodcast:
"What do you think a transformative moment for @MassGovernor would be?" (to stop the compressor)

"... If the simultaneous explosion of 3 cities don't do it I don't know what would."
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast The presentation is over, now they start talking at 17 mins in. Former Undersec McMurray says @MassGovernor doesn't take this (compressor) issue lightly. Could have fooled me/everyone.

"It was chaos" re: #MVgasfires
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast "Jim" is right. If anything happened w/ the compressor and pipelines... it would be a long term recovery process. (not sure who Jim is.)

Oh, my, McMurray just moved to Quincy! Holy smokes. #mapoli
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast Marshall: Weymouth has the "same circumstance" as #mvgasfires with old gas infrastructure. A compressor "adds a level of complexity" to our existing gas infrastructure situation.
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast Weymouth Fire Chief Stark - proposed site is "high risk/hazard area". Alludes to Weymouth's lack of resources. Weymouth, Quincy, Braintree, Hingham FDs would have to respond if an incident were to occur. How could we possibly afford to respond? #mapoli
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast I don't know who this man is, but he asks a *very* important Q: has Homeland Security realized what kind of target this compressor would be?

He also asks: What are the surrounding industries emergency plans? What do they think about the damage potential from an explosion?
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast McMurray'll contact Protective Security Advisors (PSA) so they can get in touch w/ surrounding industry & make a report to evaluate risk. He says it's good we're still early in process that we can get these evaluations.

LOL, @MassGovernor fired McMurray this yr w/ no replacement
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast McMurray: if you asked Algonquin why this site, they'd probably say it's the most convenient place for them (true! And the cheapest). But McMurray has to see it as a risk factor.
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast This Weymouth officer asks: "Where would we get our support from" when the bridge is out? What route can they take? Is it going to be fast?

My guess? Poopshow. 😳

@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast South Shore Hospital Emergency Manager. Milton Hospital also present. Carney would get patients too. Huge amt of chemicals in the area/to react to in event of explosion. Concerned over where chemicals would drift/how much? #mapoli
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast What'd happen if there's an explosion? Weymouth Harbor Master: It'd be "a big problem" for law enforcement & **shipping** - largest shipping port outside Boston. Evacuation'd have to be done by water, if they could get close enough. "If it's dangerous, I don't want it" #mapoli
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast When asked abt how the Coast Guard Capt of the port feels (not in attendance) about the siting: Wey. Harbor Maaster is sure that Capt "has his concerns" about it as well. HM repeats that loss of shipping would be a "major major" problem.
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast Health Dept: not right site for a facility of this capacity with these kinds of hazards. Other health concerns as well due to regular operation. Too many residents, too many dangerous facilities nearby. Let @MassGovernor know this is not the right site. #mapoli
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast Hingham: this site'd be truly isolated and delays caused by incapacitation of the bridge will cost response time. Mutual aid: current staffing & training would make it very hard to respond to an incident. "Big Big Problem" #mapoli
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast Quincy Police Marine Unit: Echoes all concerns expressed. Bridge is a HUGE concern. Braintree: same/same as what has been said before. #mapoli
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast Former Undersec McMurray, referencing #mvgasfires: we'd have to have a really good security plan if this proposal goes thru. Human cost is great. MV gas fires a huge reference for McMurray. Asks for info & promises evaluation.

W/him gone, not sure how we'll get an eval?
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast A motion is made to have a rep from Enbridge come down/make a presentation abt emergency response. Pardon me while I LOL at the prospect of an emergency plan from Enbridge.

Me: WHY hasn't Enbridge come w/a plan in the past 4 yrs? They don't care to, that's why. #mapoli
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast Public is allowed to speak! Alice Arena from @FRRACS_MA comments on the alternative siting question. 7 other locations were proposed for compressor. She also notes that MA Energy Facilities Siting Board said "no" to this site... IN 2015!
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast @FRRACS_MA Mike L, a 45-year Braintree resident & environmental coordinator for @FRRACS_MA corrects the range for the blast zone to 1000 ft. which is what research of actual explosions shows us. He asks that no one goes solely by data provided by Enbridge. #preach #mapoli
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast @FRRACS_MA Frank S from @FRRACS_MA & Weymouth Conservation Commission lays out additional facts & inherent dangers due to design, proximity, & exact siting of proposed compressor. A whole bunch of issues need to be vetted intensely by the state. Indeed.
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast @FRRACS_MA McMurray: this'd be another site's security we'd have to worry about. LT gov has asked him "where are we vulnerable?" Too many ways to begin to answer her. Must have facts bc "we're going against a pretty powerful gas co"

😮what a statement! #mapoli
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast @FRRACS_MA Jennifer M from @HinghamFights: Do we need to risk first responders on a compressor that doesn't benefit us? She reminds the group that the compressor would be remotely operated from TX. Other smaller, dangerous situations will occur as well w/ compressor during regular use.
@gb_psr @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor @milkpodcast @FRRACS_MA @HinghamFights Where are we now, in May 2019?

No one in Public Safety but Turco, no chance for a proper evaluation

First responders' & residents' concerns ignored

@MassDEP, @MassGovernor not following the law w/ @MassDPH & @MAPCMetroBoston enabling these actions. ###
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