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Thread 5/14: Arlington National Cemetery, Keystone, Door of Doors, & Popcorn Time #QAnon
1) 5/14 7:59am PT Trump tweets about Arlington National Cemetery, but misspells Cemetary. Is POTUS calling our attention to this mention? #QAnon
2) In December, Trump was pictured at Arlington National Cemetery holding a large black umbrella next to a tombstone which formed the capstone of a pyramid from this camera angle. #QAnon
3) The tombstone Trump stood next to at the Arlington National Cemetery was the tombstone of Jesse Stiles whose date of death was 1/19. The tombstone also had an infinity sign which is the 8chan logo #QAnon
4) 1/19 - the date on the tombstone next to which Trump was shown in Arlington cemetery - is also National Popcorn day. Q drop 562 on 1/19 says “Remember this day”. Q drop 16 on Halloween “Grab your popcorn. Friday and Saturday will deliver the MAGA promise.” #QAnon
5) Date on Arlington tombstone is 1/19, national popcorn day 🍿. Q drop that day “Remember THIS DAY”. Note that POTUS tweet from today referencing the cemetery (and first draft misspelling cemetary) includes the phrase “today, make it big!” #QAnon
6) The date on the Arlington Cemetary Tombstone (referenced today) is 1/19 is national popcorn day, which ties in with Q drop 16: “Grab your popcorn 🍿. Friday and Saturday will deliver on the MAGA promise”. #QAnon
7) This Saturday is a full moon which will be exact at 11:11pm France time. On the Jewish calendar, this full moon is known as second Passover. This holiday is all about a second chance no matter what, no matter the level of impurity. It could be called the “Door of Doors” #Qanon
8) Second Passover represents the power of teshuvah — the power to go back in time and redefine the past. Contact with death/distance from life is transformed into a more intense involvement with life; distance into a greater closeness. chabad.org/library/articl… #QAnon
9) Note that the misspelling of cemetery today and the picture of Trump next to the 1/19 tombstone relate directly to the theme of this “Friday & Saturday” (Q #16/grab the popcorn/popcorn day) which is the transformation of death, the Door of Doors 🚪 #QAnon Is this the keystone?
10) In January, anons also tied in Q 1543 “full moon coming”, looking at the Friday & Saturday 1/19 which was also a blood moon eclipse. Now, after Trump references the cemetery again, we have another “full moon coming” connected with resurrection from impurity of death #QAnon
11) the “full moon coming” this “Friday and Saturday” (grab your popcorn-tombstone date) is also a festival in the east known as Wesak 🌕 which has to do with new ideas permeating human consciousness from the highest spiritual center #QAnon
12) to sum up, the full moon this weekend is a chance for those defiled by the impurity of death and distance from life to enter the door of Passover too, and it contains the teaching that greater distance can turn into greater closeness. This is the 50th gate or teshuva #QAnon
13) so why is potus misspelling (signaling) about a cemetery today, one where he stood next to a date that bring up national popcorn day, grab your popcorn, “Friday and Saturday” and full moon coming? And let’s not forget the infinity ♾ on the tombstone #QAnon
14) perhaps because the full moon this weekend represents a door of Doors thru which those defiled have a chance to find even greater levels of closeness. It is a paradoxical concept that is unique to the concept of teshuva or return as expressed on second Passover #QAnon
15) At this point I will include a very useful thread on Arlington National Cemetery and Q, including info on possible tunnels underground (where are the bodies buried?) as well as more on the Keystone and the door of doors #QAnon threadreaderapp.com/thread/1075162…
16) from that thread: Q drops on keystone and door of doors

What is the keystone?

Unlocks the door of doors

17) Perhaps the keystone and door of doors (expand your thinking) is the work of the heart. Trump even references a “sacred duty” and the men and women who serve with love and devotion, as well as “Star” and “today, make it big!” #QAnon
What is a spell?
Who is asleep?
Find the ke[y]stone
19) the infinity ♾ symbol on the tombstone next to Trump, and the theme of the cemetery as it ties into the themes of second Passover, bring up the concept of an infinite continuous loop. Is eternal life the door of doors? #QAnon
20) Trump was born on 6/14, 1 month from today. Today Trump references a cemetery (mis-spell) where he stood next to an infinity sign on a tombstone. 1/19 🍿 Fri/Sat = the power of man to take part in an eternal pathway of return in which the impurity of death is overcome #QAnon
21) Mack. This door will be opened later. The choice to know will be yours.

Now we have Allison Mack naming names and bringing down the major power alliances of #NXIVM #QAnon
22) key = info, opens the door. Stone = the force to act on info (Trump and team Q?) #QAnon
23) above, we spoke about the full moon which will be exact 11:11 France time 5/18 and which in the biblical calendar was a doorway open even to those defiled by death and thru which a negative can become a positive thru the grace of God and the power of the penitent heart #QAnon
24) the full moon will be exact when the moon is seen in the scales of Libra, indicating judgment. Second Passover is a door that does not exist according to the strict law, but rather by the origin of the Law, because the Law is based in love #QAnon
24) second Passover is a mandate to redefine the past. It is the 50th gate, which demonstrates that death and defilement are not permanent barriers to God’s Grace. It is a demonstration that God is the origin of law, and that the law is Love #QAnon
25) What is a key? What is a key used for? What is a guard? What is a guard used for? Who unlocked the door of all doors?

Was it preplanned?

Who has all the information?

Why are we made to believe MSM are the only credible sources of information?

Date 11/19

26) they want the keys to the kingdom

25) What is a key? What is a key used for? What is a guard? What is a guard used for? Who unlocked the door of all doors?

Was it preplanned?

Who has all the information?

Why are we made to believe MSM are the only credible sources of information?

Date 11/19

26) they want the keys to the kingdom #QAnon
27) the key in Q posts is an alliance of all the information together with the ability to act on it, made up of POTUS and the generals (“a storm is coming”) #QAnon
28) when military intelligence is one step ahead of #spygate #QAnon the keystone is the power to act on all the information, POTUS has opened the door of doors 🚪 #QAnon “Friday and Saturday” will deliver on MAGA promise?
29) Q 133
Eye of Providence.
Follow the bloodlines.
What is the keystone?
Does Satan exist?
Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?
30) A map is a way to assemble ALL the information #QAnon
News unlocks past.
Huber began indictments in November 2017 (when Q began posting)
#QAnon 1516
32) News
Future proves past
So a full picture of what is happening is a key part of this process. It unlocks the news and it is the key.
What then is the relationship between the 50th gate of return and having ALL the information? #QAnon
33) WHO is spinning the web / building the map? No longer a fly? #QAnon keystone = the power to act on ALL The information. The 50th gate? Clear vision of Wesak? Full spectrum of 2nd Passover? #QAnon
35) Trump today 2:36pm local time Louisiana talks KEYSTONE #QAnon
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