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And there it is folks Chambliss admits that the MS bill is written as a direct challenge to Roe & designed to be sent to #SCOTUS to challenge it.

The health and safety of Alabama women is being used to as a political football to advance an extreme agenda. #HB314 #alpolitics
Chambliss also states that rulings from #SCOTUS are not designed to be place forever. Essentially that precedent be damned if it does not fit the political agenda of the party in power. This should be chilling to EVERYONE who claims to believe the rule of law #HB314 #alpolitics
You can tune in here: livestream.com/accounts/14466…
HUGE shout out to the AL Democrats who fighting tooth & nail to protect the rights of women. And even bigger shout out to the groups on the ground: @PPSE_Advocates @YellowFund @ALWomensCenter #HB314 #alpolitics #StopTheBans
as well as @ACLUAlabama @POWERHouseAla and the countless advocates. We see you and stand with you
If you are looking for ways to support donate to:

And then use your vote to make sure that those who vote for these bills pay in November
#alpolitics #HB314
Chambliss is totally disregarding the trauma a woman experiences when she is raped.

Not even attempting to show compassion or understanding. Flat out disregarding when asked.

#alpolitics #HB314
Senator Figures calls out the GOP Senators for continually passing unconstitutional bills KNOWINGLY. And citing the $1.7 million dollar settlement from the last unconstitutional abortion bill that the state was forced to pay. #alpolitics #HB314
She comes with the facts about what that $1.7 could have paid for. From state troopers, to teachers - asking how the GOP Senators can continually take money from programs the state desperately needs all to pass bills they KNOW are unconstitutional. #alpolitics #HB314
Which brings us back to #SCOTUS -- and Chambliss admitting that this is a bill designed to challenge #Roe. Senator Figures asks him if he is willing to gamble with the tax payer dollars.

It should come as zero surprise his answer is yes. #alpolitics #HB314
Senator Figures calling his bluff by proposing an amendment that will divide the cost of a settlement to be borne by the members of the Senate. To be paid PERSONALLY. Not using campaign funds. Chambliss says he would VOTE FOR IT - lets see if it passes. #alpolitics #HB314
And in the first test of his backbone .....

Chambliss votes AGAINST IT

#alpolitics #HB314
The @ALGOP -- Christian up to a point.

And that point is their own wallet,

#HB314 #alpolitics
Senator Figures now reminding her colleagues "It's a mans world. But it would mean nothing without a woman"

Hear an "amen!!" can't see who shouts it but I love them.

#alpolitics #HB314
Senator Figures and the women of the Democratic Caucus today when they entered the Chamber.

#HB314 #alpolitics
Senator Coleman-Madison comes with the fire 🔥🔥

"We voted down Planned Parenthood, an organization that helps women decide when they what to have children. We even closed them down. We voted down an organization that helps prevent abortions"

#alpolitics #HB314
Senator Coleman-Madison

"This bill is not about pro-life or right to life, this bill is about CONTROL. This bill is not about quality of care. Its about over turning #Roe"

#alpolitics #HB314
"You Republicans used to say you wanted Gov't out of your bedroom - well we want you out of our womb. Get out, you don't own this."

#alpolitics #HB314
Dear @ALGOP & Senator Chamblis:


#ALpolitics #HB314
At what point can we just start yelling

"NO YOU'RE NOT" in the face of every @GOP member when they claim to be a

"strict constitutionalist"

#HB314 #ALpolitics
Y'all... we know that this bill will pass. Just like this bill has passed in states across the South -- but I would be remiss if I did not highlight & applaud the ferocity with which these Southern women fought & are fighting back against them. #HB314 #ALpolitics
Southern women are a force - we have seen them display compassion, courage & poise in a way that often gets overlooked in an effort to paint the South as a monolithic entity These women are fighting to protect rights of all women They know first hand whats at stake #HB314
Sen. Singleton with one of the single most powerful moments I have seen in this latest round of fights -- asks three survivors of sexual assault to stand and be acknowledged. He then proceeds to tell their stories. #HB314 #ALpolitics
When asked about his family - if he has a baby girl Chambliss is offended and says this is not about his family.
IT IS. It's about ALL of our families. It's about our mother. Our sisters. Our daughters. And the fact you can't recognize it is a problem #ALpolitics #HB314
3 survivors. Named and standing sharing their pain. And their trauma.

All in order to fight for their rights.

Bc the @ALGOP is willing to do whatever it takes to legislate what it could no win in the courts. Don't tell me the GOP is the party of life. #ALpolitics #HB314
Sen. Singleton is emotional as he talks about why he is opposed to this bill. Why this bill "hits him in the gut" his voice cracks as he talks about how a doctor providing an abortion would get more time in prison than the man who assaulted the 3 survivors in the gallery #HB314
Singleton proceeds to challenge Chambliss on the definition of items outlawed in the bill.

Chambliss doesn't know these definitions. I repeat, the man who is carrying this bill,


#HB314 #ALpolitics
These Senators can deny it all they want but we know they don't write these bills. We know that they get them, pre-written, pre-packaged from @ALEC_states @AUL or @SBAList along with their marching orders and then push them. Consequences be damned.
#HB314 #ALpolitics
Singleton against highlights that this bill is just being pushed to "get over to #SCOTUS as quick as they can"

And calls out the fact that these members are beholden to @ALEC_states above all else. #ALpolitics #HB314
"You want these babies to get here but then you don't do anything for them when they are here! You cut food stamps, you cut WICK....you don't want to do nothing for families of this state..pimping our people while babies go hungry" - Sen. Singleton #ALpolitics #HB314
"You don't care about babies for real. This is a political issue for you. If you did care about babies for real, pass rural healthcare." - Sen. Singleton

#ALpolitics #HB314
Senator Singleton just made so many good points I couldn't keep up but it's safe to say that in one breath he highlighted the gross hypocrisy of the @ALGOP

#ALpolitics #HB314
As expected - exceptions for rape/incest are rejected.

All while staring 3 survivors in the face.

For those who think all we need to do is “appeal to the humanity” of the @GOP let me be clear:


#alpolitics #HB314
Singleton filibustering now “You just raped the state of AL. You just aborted the entire state. You just took every baby and every woman who has been raped and you raped them all over again. That's right. I said it." #alpolitics #HB314 #ShowMeTheLie
I give tons of love to the women fighting these horrendous bills but I’d also like to highlight the men like Sen. Singleton who are leaving it all on the floor fighting this. Male allies - THIS is what showing up looks like #ALpolitics #HB314
I talk A LOT about the deeply ingrained misogyny in Southern men that drives much of this - but here’s some other great allies to look to: @JustinBamberg @KimpsonForSC @BradHutto @RepRutherford

So while this sucks - there are some bright spots here in Dixie #ALPolitics #scpol
And here’s that vote count on the rape/incest exception.

Keep in mind the No’s on this list are all voting to jail a doctor who provides a SAFE and LEGAL procedure on a survivor LONGER than the time her rapist would serve. #HB314 #ALPolitics
“As long as I have breath in me and I know that God is using me in this capacity, I will be here to fight the good fight." Senator Figures #HB314 #ALPolitics
Channel your anger at what’s happening in AL by taking a step to help those who will be impacted by this law. Donate (or get involved with!) @YellowFund tonight. Abortion funds are critical now - more than ever and NEED your support #ALPolitics #HB314
Also get involved with @ACLUAlabama @PPSE_Advocates @POWERHouseAla @ALWomensCenter

All AMAZING organizations on the ground in Alabama that have been tirelessly working against this - and the other unending attacks on repro care - in Alabama #HB314 #ALpolitics
Over 50% of Alabamians are women. And 21 men have made the decision to end debate of a bill that will criminalize essential care.

#ALpolitics #HB314
Also the fact that a robot is the final voice to read the bill before it’s voted on is fitting.

#HB314 #ALpolitics
The Alabama Senate just passed #HB314, one of the most restrictive and dangerous abortion bans in nation - targeting not only women but the medical providers who care for them.

This is not just a war on women - this is a full on assault on our most basic rights.

While this bill passed 25-7 it is important to know:


If you need to access care please know that YOU STILL CAN

#ALpolitics #HB314
Alright repro warriors - I’m in some serious need of a burrito, wine and kitten cuddles. But before I go PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support these groups on the ground:
@ACLUAlabama @PPSE_Advocates @POWERHouseAla @ALWomensCenter

#ALpolitics #HB314
Ok last one for real this time:

I wonder how many of our MALE presidential candidates will offer any substantive comment on what happened tonight (and in MS, Ohio, GA & SC) beyond the “thoughts and prayers for Roe”

Don’t worry guys — us women PRIMARY voters will be watching
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