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Barr didn't appoint Durham to be a Special Counsel, I see that term being thrown around out there.

A special counsel creates a new, temporary office to run an investigation.

That's not what Durham is going to be doing.
Also I see people saying "Durham's appointment proves Huber wasn't doing anything."

Completely wrong.

Horowitz only has authority to investigate *inside* the DOJ & it's agencies like the FBI.

He can't investigate the CIA, St. Dept or non-gov't actors like Fusion GPS.
Sessions tapped Huber & his team of US Attorneys to assist Horowitz so they could look and dig where Horowitz wasn't allowed to.

Horowitz can't just show up at the St. Dept. and ask to see records.

Fusion GPS & Crowdstrike aren't gov't agencies.
Durham is going to get the handoff of the evidence both Horowitz & Huber have been collecting, but all the people heavily invested in the narrative that nothing was happening until like 10 minutes ago when Barr got there will claim it's only NOW starting with Durham's appointment
I'm going to keep emphasizing this: when the indictments are unsealed, they will show WHEN the grand juries were seated to begin their investigations of people like McCabe, Baker, Comey, Strzok, etc.

A lot of bullshit is gonna be blown up when people see the dates.
Jeff Sessions resigned on Nov. 7, 2018.

I'm going to be continually pointing that out for no particular reason whatsoever.

Some people are going to have a lot of crow to eat when the indictments hit and people realize grand juries were seated more than a year ago.

Including one idiot who tweeted today "Huber = just another Sessions hoax".
And right on cue, it's time for the DNC Media Complex to begin attacking a US Attorney with an impeccable record for exposing gov't corruption.

So *NOW*, all of a sudden for no particular reason whatsoever, Democrats and the DNC Media Complex think the DOJ is just chock full of political partisans....
When they thought Rod Rosenstein was using Mueller to PUNK Trump, these people spent 2 years ferociously defending the honor of Bob n' Rod.

NOW that the Mueller SC didn't give them the results they thought they were gonna get...
...they're not just TURNING ON Bob N' Rod...they're turning on the ENTIRE JUSTICE DEPT.
In fact, far from Comey/Rosenstein/Mueller conspiring together to PUNK Trump by getting a Special Counsel assigned to get Trump impeached, my current thinking is that Trump & Rosenstein PUNKED Mueller and, by extension, Comey.
As I discussed in my last column, how many people even know that BOTH Rosenstein & Sessions were in the room from that crucial Trump interview of Mueller, supposedly, we're told, for the FBI Director job?

A job he wasn't eligible for?

Here's the video version of that column, hosted by the ever-awesome @GinaShakespeare and created by the great @EpochTimes media team at @Declassified:

And yesterday this little bon mot dropped:

Sure, they make it SOUND like on Monday, Barr just decided to ANNOUNCE that he is assigning Durham to do this, handing him this new assignment that very day or something.

I was laughing my ass off.
Like on Monday Durham got the call from Barr "I want you to begin handling this, please start clearing your calendar & think about what staff you want to assemble to assist you."

"Well yes sir, Mr. Attorney General sir! I'll drop everything else I'm doing & get right on this!"
Watch, in a couple more days 'weeks' will - SURPRISE! - turn into 'months'.
Right up to the very last moment they will PUBLICLY maintain the illusion none of this started happening until Barr got there.
No leaks, cover stories held up, nobody questioned what they were told, everybody bought the disinformation, which is great because it means the bad guys never were able to effectively learn what was really going on behind the scenes at the DOJ & elsewhere in the CIA/NSA.
I've said several times anybody who thinks Trump and Pompeo and Mike Rogers didn't make FULL USE of the surveillance powers available to them after Trump was sworn is a very, very naive person indeed.
You think Trump & Co. just passively sat back and let the SpyGate plotters keep their FISA & other surveillance in place and took no steps of their own?

Of course they didn't.
I fully expect to learn before all this is over is that by mid-2017 most of these plotters were under FISA surveillance.

Guess who would've been directly involved in that? There's only 3 people can sign off on those: the AG, The DAG and the...FBI Director.
Sessions ain't worried about a thing. Rosenstein was, as I have claimed for almost a year now, Trump's hand picked guy.

To believe Trump blew both is AG/DAG picks after coming into office knowing he was being spied on is to believe Trump is an utter moron.
My position is that Trump is not an utter moron, he came in knowing he & his people had been placed under illegal surveillance and he had a plan to fight back before he ever was sworn in.

A large part of that plan involves cover stories to keep his enemies out of the way.
Within 2 days of Rod Rosenstein departing the DOJ, Barr is publicly acknowledging that John Durham is the US Attorney who'll be leading this SpyGate investigation, while making it SOUND LIKE it's yet to begin, he just handed the guy the job.
Durham was leading the investigation of former FBI General Counsel James Baker, something Baker and his own lawyer revealed last October in testimony to a Congressional committee.

We found this out in January when @themarketswork got a copy of the transcript.
How many investigations have been underway for months with no such leaks or transcripts surfacing?

There are people out there who really think James Comey is not under any kind of investigation at all, because if he was, the DOJ would *ANNOUNCE* that he was.
They have this weird convoluted idea that the DOJ, when it starts an important investigation into someone, calls a press conference and announces it or something.

But that's not how the DOJ operates when it starts a criminal investigation of a person.
Hey you've heard for over TWO YEARS by this point that 'nobody' is investigating who leaked General Flynn's phone calls to the Russian ambassador, right?

What do the people saying this nonsense base it on?
"Well obviously if the DOJ was trying to track down this leaker and prosecute them, they'd have called a PRESS CONFERENCE & announced which U.S. Attorney was handling the case & where the grand jury was being seated & they'd be giving us REGULAR UPDATES on the case and...."
Shit, I'm hurting my brain even typing out that stupidity.
What have I been saying for over a year? They aren't going to announce a thing, and even when they do, they are not gonna tell you everything.

Even now, this Monday, Barr makes it sound like Durham is just being handed a job he's actually been doing for 'weeks'.
Even as they start to bring a lot of these ongoing investigations that started months ago to the surface, they aren't gonna tell you a whole lot, a bunch of stuff will still be kept under wraps.
So hell yes an investigation into the Michael Flynn leak was started long ago.

A lot of stuff has been held back as people maintained a holding pattern waiting for the Mueller SC to wrap it up.

Then Rosenstein had to depart the DOJ.

NOW it's 'go' time at last.
The Mueller SC is out of the way. They can't claim Trump or any of the US Attorney's who's investigations are about to surface are somehow 'interfering with' or 'obstructing' the Mueller SC.

Trump can also now do the declassification he's vowed to do anytime he wants.
We're only 1/2 way through May. As I wrote in that last column, one of the biggest pieces just moved into it's final position: Rosenstein exiting the DOJ.

Now the fun really starts.

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