War on #Iran has been a priority for Trump’s admin since the transition.

Why the delay?

Only Internal division between Bannon isolationists and neocons prevented this inevitable“#Iraq Debacle, Part II” scenario — until the chaotic purges.


Now the #Iraq Debacle’s sequel is nearing its release date:

“Infinite War #Iran” — featuring a familiar, returning all-star cast of characters, including Judith Miller and John Bolton.


The night before Trump’s inauguration, I received a hysterical phone call from a friend inside the D.C. political establishment.

Why the hysteria?

This friend is Iranian-American... with lots of interesting info on Iran War plans among the administration-to-be.
So, here’s a brief history lesson - in Tweets - on Trump and the inevitable Iran confrontation.

Dating back to the campaign.

If you didn’t see this coming, well... #ToldYouSo
Back in 2014, I spoke to Al Jazeera about the implications of the upcoming presidential election - especially concerning the escalating proxy war between Iran - Saudi Arabia.

In 2016, I warned you about the cabal around Trump — and what that meant for future US policy on Iran, especially... war.

November 2016.

Pre-inauguration - right after the election, in fact - Trump’s political picks revealed so much about future Iran war plans.

If you were paying attention.

Even before the inauguration, the Trump transition team’s outreach choices decimated all the BS campaign rhetoric about isolationism and “Trump, the peace candidate.”

Were you paying attention? You should have been.
February 2017.

From the beginning of Trump’s presidency, I was arguing with Twitter homies about Iran War plans.

Because I knew for a fact they were discussed at length amongst the inner circle.

By February 1, 2017 - the Trump administration was quite clear about its future plans for Iran.

Were you paying attention?

February 1, 2017.

Trump’s administration issued a statement officially “putting Iran on notice.”

In case you don’t want to click that last link, here’s the statement itself:
February 8, 2017.

Here’s my desperate attempt to (at least) feign optimism over Iran war plans and Trump’s Muslim Ban.

Silver linings and similar delusions.

April 2017.

Just trying to remind y’all.

April 2017.

Campaign promises of “anti-war” Trump and the idiotic voters who bought into “peace candidate” bullshit.

June 2017.

Trump’s enthusiastic backing of Saudi Arabia over the Qatar debacle was pretty damn obvious for anyone with even the most basic understanding of geopolitics and history. #Iran

December 2017.

The administration issues Trump’s official National Security Strategy. #Iran isn’t exactly hidden in a footnote.

December 2017.

If you’re too lazy to click the last link, here’s a screenshot of Trump’s National Security Strategy - the Middle East section.

Oh, look. #Iran. So subtle.
May 2018.

Let’s skip ahead. I don’t have time to dig up 3 years of Tweets warning you about Trump’s plans for Iran.

Just giving you brief chronological “No Shit” overview.

March 2018.

Huh. I wonder why I found the reappearance of John Bolton so concerning for Trump’s future Iran plans.

Wait - I don’t. Because obvious shit is obvious.

May 2018.

War with Iran was never “Plan B” for Trump’s administration. It was Plan A, even during the transition.

ONLY the divisions within his inner circle (at the time) adequately explain the chaos of geopolitical hierarchical priorities.

July 2018.

John Bolton and the Return of the “Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran” Dipshit Geopolitical Jedi.

What a classic remake of the Iraq Debacle masterpiece, amirite.

July 2018.

Let’s call this one a Prequel to the #Iraq and #Iran Wars franchise.

Or a reminder. #ToldYouSo

November 2018.

I can’t remember if I had time in my Al Jazeera interview to mention how #Iran explains (in part) Trump’s reaction to Saudi Arabia and Khashoggi.

Either way, it’s not like this is particularly mysterious. At least for sentient beings.

November 2018.

Why Trump ❤️ MbS & Saudi Arabia — among other reasons, well... #Iran.

No shit.

March 2019.

I wonder why such useless Trump admin mouthpieces are finding ahistorical #Iran references so timely and politically expedient?


March 2019.

Have a mini-thread within a thread (#META) on Mike Pompeo and the utter farce of US “diplomacy” overtures to #Iran.

Oh, and also - why they’re stupid and won’t work because Iranians are pretty familiar with their own history (for one thing).

February 2019.

Context for Nunes ‘ sycophantic nonsense - Mike Pompeo’s subtweet Iran “diplomacy.”

Shocker: all Khomeini / 1979 revolution failures. Conspicuous absences: geopolitical context and history (cf, Mamdani “Culture Talk”).

Cute Farsi / Persian hashtag, though.
February 2019.

Why Mike Pompeo’s “Khomeini Subtweet Diplomacy” wasn’t outreach to the people of #Iran.

Nah. That was how you sell Americans on war with Iran. Advertising 101.

May 2019.

Reprising her starring role in “#Iraq Wars,” Judith Miller is BAAAAACK - for more fuckery in the “#Iran Wars” sequel.

Academy, this is one potential Oscar nominee to consider!

I just can’t stop wondering...

Why were all my friends in D.C. establishment’s inner policy circles so worried about what they heard and knew about #Iran months before the inauguration of President “Isolationalism and Peace” Trump?!


It’s almost like...almost like... #Iran War plans have been well underway for a long time now!

But... nah.

What an insane conspiracy theory, supported only by numerous public records, official statements, and documented history.

Can anyone reeeeeeeally know? 🤷🏻‍♀️



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