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“Do they know ANYTHING about detransition? My response to Arielle and Storm’s response to the Pique Resilience Project’s 1st Video”

I know the video is very long, enjoy as much or as little of it as you’d like lol

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4:37 “Any teenager can go to the Dr even if they haven’t lived as trans, they’ll just say I identify as trans or I’ve lived as trans for this long, I want hormones. The Dr will say, ok fine, sign the informed consent and I’ll give it to you...”
“... what this means is that there’s tons of teens who’ve never had therapy, who’ve never really looked at their issues clearly, who are taking steps to permanently change their body...”
“...They may be experiencing real dysphoria but waves of them are having easy access to hormones and they’re being told that if they don’t get hormones as teens their bodies will be permanently changed [by natural puberty] so there’s a rush to get hormones...”
“...there’s the entire concept of the earlier you get hormones the better you’ll pass, so you need to get hormones ASAP even if you’re not 100% sure you’re trans, bc the alternative is that you’ll have to live with you natural characteristics [if you maintain your trans ID]”
“So what’s happening is a generation of teenagers are diagnosing themselves as having dysphoria and being trans and taking the steps to transition and being completely affirmed by their entire social group, when its possible that...”
“1) they have dysphoria that might dissipate as they grow or 2) that they don’t have dysphoria, that they have other issues that are compounding dysmorphie or issues with their sexuality, that might be interpreted as dysphoria but could be treated in other ways...”
“... they’re all just being affirmed and taking hormones.”
“this is gender ideology. To say, I feel this way & I want the world to look at me this way, so I should get surgery & cosmetically change myself to be seen that way. What abt she sees herself one way, she’s accepted her body & learned to love herself & that’s enough for her?”
Storm: like yes Informed Consent helps trans guys get through the process faster, I understand that for someone who NEEDS to transition
“All of the teens who are going to clinics to get hormones, think thats what they need. Theyre all told, they younger you get hormones the better off you’ll be, hormones will make you less depressed, hormones will help you with your dysphoria. They all think thats what they need”
22:56 “A very common narrative in the Q/T Comm is that, if you identify as trans and you have doubts about it, that’s internalized transphobia. What this actually means is, the more doubts you have, the more internalized issues you have the prove that you ARE trans”
“You’re often told just quell your doubts bc its just internalized self hatred. Go on reddit rn, I guarantee in the trans subs, theres a couple ppl everyday who post, ‘I’m having doubts I’m not 100% sure’ Everybody will say ‘don’t worry, when you get hormones you’ll feel better’”
“Lesbian visibility is important. If you dont see any lesbians you can grow up to become, and the only gender non conforming females you’ve ever seen are trans men, you probably will think thats the only way to be gender non conforming....”
“... If that’s the only socially acceptable way to be a gender non conforming female in the society that you live in, in your social circle, it makes sense that you would internalize that and become that”
“I barely met any lesbians growing up in all these LGBTQ youth centers and events. When you go on lesbian dating apps, 80-90% of the women are bi curious or pan of queer. Lesbians are invisible rn and if youre a gender non conforming female whose attracted to females...”
“... it makes so much sense to me that you would see being trans as the only way fulfill your natural instinct to be gender non conforming and be with women.”
“Lesbian is still a dirty word. Either youre a lesbian, the kind that makes you a TERF, which is dehumanizing, or youre the good kind of lesbian that can be a porn fantasy for a TW.“
“There is no way to be a lesbian without it being seen as flirty in our society rn. If you say the word ‘lesbian’ to someone of my parents generation, they associate it with pornand hyper sexuality.”
”Lesbian is still a dirty word, we have a lot of work to do to make make lesbianism acceptable for the next generation”
“I believe that a lot of females who ID as trans, its an escape from being female, because the reality of what expected of them, based on porn for example, is so horrifying, they can’t really contemplate that....”
“.... They want to be males to give then agency within their relationships or agency over their body. If someone’s subconscious mind is doing this much gymnastics to try and make them feel safe and ok, its a serious issue that needs to be explored critically”
I cant believe this needs to be said, but the social & environmental factors that lead adult males to fetishize lesbians & lesbian sex specifically are COMPLETELY dif then the social & environmental factors that lead teen females to fetishize & idolize gay men & gay relationships
Helena: We had deep convos about our ‘compulsory heterosexuality’bc we had crushes on girls in middle school and how since we’re transmen and we’ve always been men despite not knowing it, the societal pressure on us to like girls, made us like girls
“I actually thought the fact that I wanted to be with a man as a teen and IDing as trans, made me even more gay. [Bc I was a ~man who wanted to be with men 😱]...”
“In their case and in the case of a lot fo TIFs, what you have is a female homosexual whose basically deconstructing their homosexuality and programming themselves to be straight, while they think they’re doing the opposite. Its extremely fucked up”
Arielle: but until he [FTM] transitioned, he didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of liking women
Me: which makes complete sense, if you have internalized homophobia, the idea of being 2 females together upsets you, then once you trans. & your physical denial of your...
“... body is more complete and you now literally see yourself as a male with a female, it makes sense that you wouldn’t have as much of a problem with that bc it’s not homosexual sex to you in your mind anymore. It’s based in internalized homophobia”
“In the Queer Community, what passes as dysphoria, the qualifications are very low. Somebody with body dysmorphia could infer that they have gender dysphoria, or be told they have dysphoria or be diagnosed with dysphoria...”
“... Even if I or they can make a distinction between dysmorphia and dysphoria, there’s no functional difference in the queer community”
“Here’s the reasons that detransitioned ppl make the trans community look bad:
1) we prove that transitioning to cure dysphoria is a lie, there is no Cure for dysphoria
2) we prove that dysphoria can dissipate and change over time, temporary problem doesnt need permanent solution
3)we prove that you can survive dysphoria with psychotherapy and counselling and peer support, without transition, which is contradictory to the trans narrative of ‘transition or you’ll commit suicide’
We were sold a lie, we followed the path set out for us and it didn’t work”
“When you tell impressionable teens that their suffering can be fixed This Thing, you’re basically pushing an agenda. Bc they will do anything to escape their suffering. If you give them only 1 option, you’re forcing them into that option...”
“... We were never given an alternative to handling our dysphoria for living our dysphoria. We are now the living proof that there are alternative ways to survive with dysphoria”
Storm: They’re basically saying I fucked up
Me: They were sold a lie. They had body image issues, sexuality issues, they went online and found the queer community and found out what dysphoria is and they found out what trans ppl are and they thought ‘omg that’s me’ ....
>they were completely validated at every step by ppl online, therapists, Drs; everyone said, ‘yes this is correct, you should take hormones.’ They didnt make a mistake. All of the professionals who did nothing to intervene or slow them down, they are the ones who made the mistake
> the community that tells kids, ‘you must transition or you will die’ they are the ones who made the mistake. They were sold a lie as children, they didn’t make a mistake
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