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Dr. @Curt_Nordgaard is being questioned by Enbridge's lawyers right now.

What we know from air testing is that the AQ in the Fore River Basin is already quite poor, and there are many reasons for that, large vessels coming to port being one of them.
@Curt_Nordgaard There is NO DEP permanent air monitoring station in the FRB. That's why Enbridge is trying to split hairs here.

With all of the stuff that's located right by the site it's criminal that there isn't an air monitor.
@Curt_Nordgaard Enbridge is trying to argue (slowly) that how/what Dr. N measured is wrong. Not a peep about what Dr. N actually found.

Side note: The Corner Mall's classical music has turned on downstairs. We now have a soundtrack.
@Curt_Nordgaard Rebuttals from witnesses/opposition came at the very last moment
The infamous John Child for Enbridge
@Curt_Nordgaard @MassDEP's mtg room is wired for sound. They chose not to accommodate those who asked for mics beforehand. They brought in 1 mic for witnesses & neglected to turn on the back set of ceiling speakers. Call DEP: 617-292-5500 Disability office: 617-727-7440 to ask for accomodation
@Curt_Nordgaard @MassDEP Attny Child: Formaldehyde is ubiquitous in the air. Produced by the human body does it not?

Formaldehyde is produced by cigarette smoke, Childs says. Why did he mention that?
DEP won’t question @Curt_Nordgaard
@Curt_Nordgaard Back from break. I asked Ed Coletta of DEP to find a way to make the back speakers work. Tech/AV guy fixed it. Still only have one mic tho.

Overheard frm an Enbridge witness: I'm surprised they weren't better set up for this (no mics, etc).

Mics were requested to comply w/ADA
@Curt_Nordgaard Frank Singleton is up now, testifying for Weymouth. Says FERC (really TRC as they wrote the resource reports) considers the site/Weymouth RURAL. 🤦‍♀️🤣
@Curt_Nordgaard Richard Clapp up now. Google him. Ralph Childs starts questioning. They are bringing up the HIA when DEP told us WE were not allowed to bring it up. This is the second time they have brought the HIA up #mapoli
@Curt_Nordgaard OMFG, Enbridge's gonna pin all poor health outcomes in Fore River Basin on smoking, bet one it. They've brought smoking up about 5 times now. This BS is also right in Peter Valberg's wheelhouse. I bet he helped write the HIA. I wish I could ask him, he's right here:
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel From the HIA Exec Study.

These ghouls are trying to "prove" that the existing diseases and cancers in the Basin are due to people smoking.

Imagine a world where the DEP would have never let this compressor get this far by using environmental laws to stop this craziness.
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel Attny Childs trying to split hairs on just how much pollution we should be forced into being exposed to. Nothing's ever too much for him
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel DEP is talking to Mr Clapp. This guy is also splitting hairs. Wait isn't DEP supposed to be on the side of "no pollution is good pollution"?

Nathan Phiilips is now up on the "stand".
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston Enbridge's lawyer fixin' to poke holes in Nathan's professional background. Good luck.
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston No amount of quibbling over exhaust from an unbuilt turbine changes the frequent inversion layer in the FR Basin. The weather is there, and the pollution gets/would get stuck on top of us.
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston The whole point of the plume pictures (IMO) are that during certain times of the year, the inversion weather pattern becomes visible. We can see Calpine's plume at these times, and that's where the pics come from.
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston DEP questioning @nathanpboston. Asking if he is familiar with seeking a permit of any kind with the DEP. Nathan says, nope.

DEP not happy w/ Nathan, LOL.

Nathan says EPA guidance doesn't say a regulatory agency can be involved with a proponent in the way DEP has with Enbridge
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston #GovernorGas wants DEP to deny there's an air quality problem in the FR Basin. Why would that be? Please see the tweet below and tell me that would be considered "normal" where you live? #mapoli
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston Consultation/communication w/ DEP & Enbridge is different than collaboration. DEP/E collaborated as emails found by @itai_vardi show

If I got to collab w/ my town's permitting office on my home addition the way Enbridge got to w/ the air pollution modelling... I'd have a palace.
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston @itai_vardi DEP pushing hard to say "what we did w/ Enbridge was OK" but "we also don't want it pinned on us."
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston @itai_vardi 1990 DEP denied clean harbors facility - DEP actually acknowledged rates of pollution and disease were elevated and denied Clean Harbors a permit on those grounds.

You can be sure AQ has not improved in the Basin since 1990.

Wow, what has happened to DEP since then??
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston @itai_vardi Maybe I can sum this line of questioning up as: Benzene and other horrible toxics are JUST FINE for you. No worries!

Dr Landrigan: Benzene damages DNA. Benzene causes cancer at lowest level.
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston @itai_vardi Dr L: DEP didn't factor any of the toxics they found into their consideration (or the HIA).
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston @itai_vardi It's DEP's turn to question Dr. L. I cannot wait to hear their reasoning for hiding the air test results.
@Curt_Nordgaard @ChrisLisinski @clemoult @WBUR @wgbhnews @MoranWriter @AudioBruce @statehousenews @BostonGlobe @davabel @nathanpboston @itai_vardi Plain and simple: Dr L says the compressor will add pollution to the area. DEP is questioning that position

Science backs that up. Peer reviewed studies tell us compressors are polluters.
Hearing adjourned for the day just before 5pm
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