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Far Left Progressives who live in a self-enforced bubble who are *convinced* they won the 'national debate' on abortion long ago & elective abortion will always be the law of the land got a huge backlash today.
And they have nobody but themselves to blame for this.

Almost half a year of watching the Democratic Party & Far Left Progressives go 'all in' on late 3rd trimester abortions & pushing the envelope right up to infanticide caused this pushback at the state level.
How freaking out of step with the rest of the country do you have to be to make championing late 3rd trimester abortions one of your main signature issues?

How about this out of step?
Those people loudly and enthusiastically cheering and clapping that NY state law that legalized abortion into the 3rd trimester have no idea how that looked at the time to the rest of the country, but they are only NOW beginning to find out.
This is what radical Progressive Leftists *always* do.

They pretend there's no issue at debate here, the debate ENDED long ago, they WON, you SHUT UP, let's all move on and just GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT.
To get an idea how absolutely unhinged some Leftists get when they discover that -gasp! - there's an ACTUAL REAL LIVE OPPOSITION to killing unborn human beings except to save the mother's life, watch this linked video.

Here's my thread from awhile back on the latest clever strategy the Progressive Left rolled out to try to give their lawmakers & candidates running for office cover while they FIGHT TO PASS LAWS LEGALIZING 3RD TRIMESTER ABORTIONS IN VARIOUS STATES:

Simply ASKING lawmakers running for reelection & candidates running for office what their position is on late term abortion is to be treated like it's a PERSONAL ATTACK and it is a subject that should be OFF LIMITS.
And note the pro-abortion activists advocating for this strategy are doing this at the same time they are working to get 3rd trimester abortions legalized in in the states. It's how Northam in VA ended up in that fiasco awhile back because of a proposed late term abortion bill.

The abortion debate in this country is OVER?

Is that what you really thought?

You're going to move in for the kill & enshrine 3rd trimester abortions & maybe even infanticide in the law & there'd be no pushback?
There is nothing that gladdens my heart more than watching an entitled Progressive who lives in a self-enforced bubble who thinks the debate on an issue was 'won' long ago having that bubble rudely popped & realizing they are LOSING the issue.
You think it's bad now, wait until these morons realize they've gotten as far as they were going to get on letting boys compete as 'girls' in girl's sports.

That's yet another issue where they gaslight each other endlessly on how they've 'won' and the 'debate is over'.
They can't *rationally* defend 3rd trimester abortions.
They can't *rationally* defend letting boys dressed as girls compete in girl's sports.

They've adopted a whole slew of positions like open antiSemitism & climate change alarmism they can't really defend.
Because of that, their strategy was to use the courts, their control of the public schools to force what they wanted without giving the public or the community a vote or a voice. The ELITES decided what needed to be done for the riff raff out there.
This is why the Conservative resurgence and Trump's election has these people abjectly terrified.

I've been hearing confident pontifications from far Leftist Progressives about a forthcoming "Permanent Democratic Majority" since the 1980's.

In 2008, they thought it had arrived
Obama's election in 2008 was taken to be the signal that the long anticipated permanent Democratic majority had finally been acheived.

After Obama's reelection in 2012, they truly thought they'd never lose another Presidential election, they'd rigged the system.

Understand what motivates a lot of the hysterical Progressive RAGE you've seen since that 2016 election.

These people though they had won FOREVER AND EVER.
All their big issues would now be going forward to their ultimate goals, and the Republican Party, Conservatism and anything not in accordance with their groupthink would be tossed on the ash heap of history and left in the past.
THIS is why they get so unhinged. They simply can't accept or quite bring themselves to believe that this could actually be happening, that not only are their pet issues not moving FORWARD, they are actually being ROLLED BACK.
And NOWHERE will you see the Progressive Left's white-hot-rage-of-a-thousand-suns so clearly displayed as you will on the abortion issue, an issue these people have gaslit themselves into believing was settled for all time long ago.
Actually the abortion issue has been in flux in the states ever since Roe v Wade in 1973. R v W established *that* abortion could be done in each of the 50 states.

But it's still been up to the STATES to legislate HOW abortion is done in their own particular state.
IF the abortion issue was 'settled' long ago, *why* did NY state legislators even *need* to pass a law recently to legalize it into the 3rd trimester?

Even in most of the deep blue states it's still not legal to kill an unborn human being in the 3rd trimester.
Understand this: R v W *did* leave it up to each state to regulate HOW legal abortions are done inside their jurisdictions.

Pro abort activists understand THAT which is why they have been trying to pass laws in many states legalizing abortion into the 2nd & 3rd trimesters.
So even as pro-abortion activists work tirelessly to push back each states abortion restrictions to try to move the legal limit into the 3rd trimester, they scream loudly & throw a tantrum when the states instead vote to lower the legal limit.
Their trying to push back state limits to allow human beings to be killed into the 9th month of a pregnancy, that's just noble & righteous activity on their part.

But anybody who tries to lower a state's abortion limit, well that's an attack on basic human dignity itself!
So while they tirelessly advocte in the states for 3rd trimester abortions, they are simulatneously pretending those fighting to lower those same state limits are engaged in an evil and illegitimate activity, just despicable, really.
Well congratulations, you Progressive morons.

Your reward for all this out-and-proud 3rd trimester advocacy & legislation the past 6 months has been to cause a massive pushback at the state level to counter you.

And the more you cry and stamp your feet and throw tantrums about it the more you display the fact you CAN'T DEFEND WHAT YOU ARE ADVOCATING.

Sucks to be you.

ADDENDUM: Fun fact the pro abortion supporters will never admit: half the women in this country are pro life.

Remember that when they try that absurd talking point on you that it's MEN who are 'driving' the pushback to their 3rd trimester extremism.
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