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DAY 2 of compressor AQ hearing at @MassDEP

Enbridge's real estate attny (?) questioning a Weymouth witness, Mr. Hinkley about the air modelling of compressor turbine startups. Turbine startups will happen over and over and over and over on the compressor.
@MassDEP Mr H is going into his professional background after questioning from Attny Cramb (Enbridge)
@MassDEP Mr H worked with Delaware riverkeeper for Indian Point Nuclear Power plant (NY) evaluating if it would be possible to meet NY clean air requirements of alternate power was sought.
@MassDEP I think Attny Cramb is trying to say "oh, well, this is the *worst* case scenario" and that kind of extreme, LOL.

Mr H. used modelled results to try to predict if the model exceeds max allowable concentration of pollution
@MassDEP Compressor would have 1 startup per day, says Mr. H.

Hinkley wanted to understand how the diff times during the day and how it would impact AQ. He ran 4 diff models during the day.
@MassDEP The applicant (Enbridge) hasn't submitted a 24 hour annual impact for the startups? I have to get clarification on that.
@MassDEP Over and over in this questioning from Attny Cramb, he has misspoken (?) calling air modelling "air monitoring" and then immediately correcting himself. How many times can you repeatedly misspeak?
@MassDEP A short break was called & I got to thinking: This turbine they are going back & forth over... #1 Enbridge has changed the design of the compressor many times over 4 yrs & has never had to start their review process over again w/ anyone one State or Federal levels.
@MassDEP #2 How can we be sure that the final compressor that'd be installed would have the exact turbine(s)? Does the proponent's modelling ever include blow-downs/shutdowns? Shutdown emission rates are higher that emission rates.
@MassDEP BTW, Miyares/Harrington are questioning Mr H right now. Asked for clarification on reasoning behind why Mr H did the modelling the way he did. He was guided by the info from Enbridge in the application.

Next Weymouth witness Dr Douglas Dockery.
@MassDEP Did you base your air modelling on XYZ? Yes. Did you know the XYZ has been updated? I wouldn't be surprised.

The EPA is downgrading our AQ rules minute by minute, so...
@MassDEP Mr. Dockery is a Particulate Matter (PM) expert (fumigation). The stack height of the compressor is important for keeping PM & VOCs down in the coastal environment.

Current compressor design has a 60' stack which is apparently very short.
@MassDEP Attny Child (former DEP boss of Adj. Rothschild, head of this meeting) now questioning Mr. D.
@MassDEP Fun side-note: The compressor stack is slated to be placed near the intake of the MWRA plant. At least the current design.

What could go wrong?
@MassDEP Unreal listening to the former general counsel of @MassDEP DEP arguing for allowing more pollution, splitting hairs on people's rights to live with clean air.
@MassDEP The compressor stack, if built, should be more like 300' tall much like Calpine's stack (which you can see for miles). Also, much like Calpine's stack (and plume), we can see that when there is a weather inversion pattern, the pollution gets trapped over Fore River Basin's heads.
@MassDEP LOL, the stack, as currently designed at 60' is also at level w/ traffic on the Fore RIver Bridge. Welcome to Weymouth, want some Methane, Benzene, Formaldehyde? We can blow it RIGHT IN YOUR FACE.
@MassDEP MA cannot meet RGGI and GWSA with this compressor no matter how high the stack is, BTW.
Regulatory stance is some health risk is ok
Public Health stance is no health risk is ok

Mr D says at the least, minimize risk & weigh w/ net benefit of ppl experiencing harm.
Gas is for export (MA splits only 18% w/CT)
Max 2 jobs to be had

WE bear all the risk for NO benefit!
@MassDEP What's the point of the stack? Dr D says to push emissions up away from ppl on ground. If pollution is pushed out stack w/ velocity it can help. High plume temp for exhaust where hot air makes plume rise up, too.
@MassDEP Sea breeze fumigation as it pertains to the plume type: Weather determines plume type and location, which makes the stack height very important. Fumigation is very important to take into consideration when placing polluters on shoreline.
@MassDEP Dr D says sea breeze fumigation was NOT considered in this air permit! Shoreline dispersion model was not used.

But was used in the rebuttal for this hearing.

Why not do the darned shoreline dispersion model in the first place, @MassDEP?
@MassDEP Whoops- 60 meter stack, NOT 60 feet

@MassDEP After the lunch break, Enbridge's first witness Mr. O'Neil(l?). I think he's testifying about sound. @FRRACS_MA lawyer Mr Hayden is now questioning him.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Attny Hayden is having Mr O'Neil read definitions of air pollution as defined my MA law.

Air contaminants includes sound and pollutants. Who knew?
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Attny H: regulations are clear you cannot cause a nuisance noise.

Air permit should not issued on the basis of sound ALONE, does Mr O agree?

Mr. O says YES, if the project causes a nuisance, the permit shouldn't be granted.

(define a nuisance, Mr O says)
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Attny Hayden already has Attny Child super irritated. I need popcorn for this stuff!
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Compressor'll emit noise 24/7, says Mr O upon questioning frm Attny Hayden.

+10 db of raised noise levels aren't allowed, Mr O says

Has @MassDEP ever provided an exception to noise pollution, in Mr O's experience?

Mr O: Only in places that have no guidelines for sound
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Well, MA has sound guidelines.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Mr O didn't calculate noise for construction for his testimony, so Mr O cannot say if someone using the King's Cove park next to the site'd experience sound nuisance. That park has to be usable at all times, it's the law.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Construction noise not taken into account as a nuisance to residents 600+ ft from the site.

Mr O doesn't know how long construction would go on.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Spelling correction: O'Neal.

Blowdowns finally mentioned. Sounds like jet plane, google it. Unplanned blowdowns AND planned blowdowns will occur at the compressor.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Combined project and background noise level being talked about & I'm struggling with all this, LOL.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Attny Hayden is done with Mr O.

Attny Child (former DEP general counsel) is questioning Mr O. and I honestly stopped listening.

How rude of me, but they want to shove this compressor down our throats.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Attny Child just got like 3 objections sustained on him. Trying to lead his witness. LOL
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Attny Miyares No mention of regulation or policy that states guidelines for construction noise?

Mr O: No

Miyares finds the reg for noise and reads it to us all.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Adj. Rothschild asking for simple terms in an explanation of decibel change without going into the logarithms.

Difference of one or two db makes the higher db number higher.

I don't get it either, still, LOL
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA What is a Health Scientist? is the first Q from Weymouth attny.

Qualifications on "risk assessment" give you that title, apparently 🤷‍♂️

Purpose of testimony? To review state's AAL & TEL (air quality). Mr V- yes.

But not risk assessment? No.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Why is Mr V here if he doesn't have air quality experience? I'm so confused.

I think maybe Mr V is here for his well-known proclivity for being bought.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA For some reason, Mr V's testimony doesn't use DEP's standards?

One in a million is "exceedingly strict" according to Mr V. REALLY? That's @MassDEP's ratio.

This is so strange.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA (one in a million ppl getting cancer or other injurious disease from pollution)
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Comparing compressor pollution to aspirin. I just literally CANNOT.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Wait, wrong, existing air quality, not compressor, sorry.

still WTF
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Blessed be the fruit! Attny Hayden is going to question #DarthValberg Mr V.

Asking if Mr V has ever withdrawn testimony. Mr V-No

Attny Hayden goes on to mention the mesothelioma story from the article I linked to. Going thru the whole story
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Attny Hayden mentioning the Phillip Morris story I linked to.

Attny Hayden likely heading in the direction of #DarthValberg being full of 💩 and easily bought, but who knows, this is gripping shiz happening in the hearing room.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Attny Hayden just got #DarthValberg to read a passage saying his own testimony in the Phillip Morris case was garbage.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA On to the compressor specifically...
Mr V: there isn't zero risk from emissions.... "exceedingly small risk" from compressor emissions.

What, #DarthValberg? LOLOLOL.

Hayden... OUT.

Attny Childs (former DEP General Counsel) now questioning Valberg for Enbridge
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Valberg employer Gradient being paid by Enbridge for Valberg's testimony.

$400/hr for #DarthValberg's testimony
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Mr. Welch (?) from Enbridge up now. Enbridge's project manager for the compressor before Welch retired. So, a former project manager.

Attny Mirayes from Weymouth questioning him.

Asking Mr W about what a compressor does, and what it's fueled by (nat gas from pipeline likely)
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA 100% of Algonquin compressors use gas to power.

Any power outage will interfere w/ compressor operation. No matter how short the outage.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA As Mr W sits here today he has no idea how many times N Weymouth has been without power. Supposedly he got that info 4 yrs ago in a very general way, but it seems he didn't get any real data. Jeez, that's not good.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Talking about the FERC Env Assessment, which, BTW, had large parts written by TRC, where former Sec of EEA Beaton went to work recently.

Fun fact: compressor was supposed to be in service Nov 2017 ⚡️✊
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA Lots of questions about in-service dates timeframe estimation. I have no idea.
@MassDEP @FRRACS_MA It seem like some of this line of questioning is in response to Mr Powers' testimony from yesterday, which I missed a lot of.
And we’re done for the day.

6 witnesses tomorrow 😳
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