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(1) .@POTUS .@ODNIgov .@HouseIntelComm .@CivilRights

Another .@FBI-sponsored break-in at my home. Operational Technology Division or private security contractors. Vandalism & theft as usual.

#FBI is also accessing #NSA warrantless #MASINT-intercept databases to ....
(2) abuse innocent people.

#FBI #DHS r also abusing the he77 out of innocent Americans under guise of "National Security." #FBI's "Countering Violent Extremism" is a joke, when they use bogus community notices to falsely accuse innocents, terrify entire neighborhoods ....
(3) & instigate citizen vigilantism.

In addition to circulating bogus information to incite violence, the "target's" personal information, medical history, and communications are also disseminated to augment the citizen vigilantes' ability to harass and provoke the "#target"
(3B) .@POTUS .@ODNIgov .@HouseIntelComm .@CivilRights

The abuses at the hands of #FBI #DHS #NSA need to be halted immediately. #ThreatFusionCenters are the coordination bases for the aforereferenced criminal activities.
(4) Their "predictive policing" is out-of-control, especially because they are targeting innocents, leveling false accusations against them & then flashing bogus dossiers to family, friends & co-workers in order to destroy the "target's" life and incite violence against him/her.
(5) Furthermore, any complaints to .@ODNIgov, #DHS OIG or #DOJ result in assaults, death threats, vandalism, home break-ins & #InfraGard & private security contractors showing at a "target's" place of employment to inform owner/managers that the "target is under investigation"
(6) Should a "target" attempt to hire an attorney, the attorney is threatened and coerced. #FBI #DHS will research attorneys communications and then utilize his/her personal information and communications to compromise the attorney and scare him/her off from representing ....
(7) the "target."

Should the "target" travel abroad #FBI #DHS personnel will approach foreign governments, accuse the target of crimes of moral turpitude and of being a potential "terrorist under investigation" in the US, in an attempt to trigger ....
(8) violence, proxy detention, bodily harm or death against/of the citizen "target."

The #FBI #DHS then assist these foreign governments in the hunting & elimination of the "target"

These acts far exceed mere "corruption" & constitute #terrorism as per DoD definition.
(9) #FBI #DHS also approach approach business connections of the "target" & either threaten or coerce them to engage in criminal activity against the "target," or to trigger property loss thru theft.

One of their main tactics is to destroy the target's finances & career.
(10) I have had people approach me in four foreign countries, some of them diplomatic personnel to warn me that the #FBI was "after me," and that my life was in danger.

Trips to field offices in the USA only resulted in subsequent death threats, assaults, vandalism and ....
(11) home break-ins.

#FBI #DHS will engage local LE to engage in stalking and harassment of "targets" in a heinous #Stasi-styled protocol engineered to destroy the "target's" life.

They also utilize criminals and gang members to help them in this evil protocol.
(12) "Targets" are never given a day in court, all of their communications are intercepted and used to destroy their relationships and finances, and their families are approached and terrorized with bogus fairy-tales meant to isolate the target from his her social support network
(13) The "people" involved in these disgusting activities hurt, maim and kill for sport.

There are thousands of people on the internet making the same claims.

The sociopathy of these "protectors of national security" rivals that of the #Stasi.
(14) They also engage in what the IC refers to as "Psychiatric Reprisal," accusing their "targets" of mental illness in addition to crimes of moral turpitude in order to further isolate him/her, and rise the ire of their family, neighbors & familiars.
(14B) The #FBI #DHS also interfere with a "target's" medical care. They will send #DHS-funded surveillance role players into any medical facility a "target" enters, and harass his/her doctors/dentists/health service providers.

SOP: Deny the "target" any type of medical care.
(15) The #FBI #DHS work with local LE in making entire communities aware via a "Community Notice" that the "target" is a (1) National Security Threat, (2) engaged in "crimes of moral turpitude," (3) mentally ill, and (4) is under investigation for the aforementioned red flags.
(16) Per #DOJ documents, #FBI "investigations" employ "disruption" in their protocol, which entails all of the previously referenced crimes & tactics that constitute terrorism

Counter-terrorism by definition employs terrorist tactics, in this case to engage the civilian "target"
(17) The highly illegal counter-terrorism protocol run by #DHS #FBI #NSA #JTTF constitutes #terrorism against innocent Americans.

These "people" behave like animals and their behavior rivals that of 3rd world thugs.
(18) #DHS #FBI are placing innocent Americans on a #SoftKill counter-terrorism list in order to justify budget bloat.

They are lying to the American public about their domestic "mission" even as they facilitate and foment violence against innocent Americans.
(19) On top of this, the #NSA has granted #DHS #FBI real-time, warrantless access to their #MASINT Remote Neural Monitoring databases.

While the American public would perceive Remote Neural Monitoring to be the subject of a Hollywood movie, the IC & military are well-aware ....
(20) of how advanced this technology is.

.@ODNI .@POTUS .@HouseIntelComm .@T_S_P_O_O_K_Y .@Kevin_Shipp .@DrTedBroer

In addition to that, these agencies are utilizing classified, military-grade Directed Energy Weapons platforms against the civilian population.
(21) Once again, these acts constitute #terrorism & there r thousands of reports on the internet of people being targeted in their homes via focused beams of ionized radiation in addition to complaining of infrasonic weapons attacks, sometimes with lethal results.
(22) Does .@ODNIgov .@HouseIntel .@POTUS realize that the diplomats who were targeted in China & Cuba continue to be targeted in the USA, and that there are tens of thousands of Americans complaining of the same symptoms?

Burning sensations, lethargy, nausea & bleeding eyes ....
(23) .@POTUS .@ODNIgov

There is a silent civil war going on in the United States and the #NSA #DHS #FBI are the agencies spear-heading this ongoing coup d'etat in which terrorist tactics are being employed to target innocent Americans.

.@threadreaderapp unroll #unroll
(24) Hopefully, these late add-ons will show up in the thread.

It should also be noted that the abuse of National Security Letters and Community Notices extends to every commercial location a target frequents, his/her place of worship, the gym, schools and restaurants.
(25) The #FBI #DHS #JTTF #InfraGard use federal funds to compensate employees at the aforementioned locations to harass, stalk and dox the civilian "targets," meaning that he/she is not allowed any relief from this state-sponsored domestic #terrorism operation.
(26) These agencies will give illegal employees at restaurants a "get-out-of-jail-free" card and immigration assistance if they agree to participate (the same goes for landscaping companies), and also purchase clothing utilizing their primary Neuro-Linguistic Programming ....
(27) color combinations which are usually red and blue - the same colors that they choose to battle-swarm the targets on the street.

These agencies like to use people who have a low-educatio, are recently arrived immigrants and individuals with low self-esteem.
(28) However, all segments of society are solicited to participate, and those with a criminal background or psychologicl issues are also emloyed by #DHS #FBI since they are more easily manipulated.
(29) Another important item to note is that the street level perpetrators of this domestic #terrorism are given a DoD- or Lockheed Martin-designed smart-phone app to warrantlessly track citizen "targets" in real time, which constitutes numerous federal felonies.
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