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Kap thread

Alright, there's so much, hard to get started on this whole Kap thing, lot of characters involved so this is going to be disjointed and complicated for sake of just getting it out there...
I did message with him a few times, my last message to him sometime last fall was to paraphrase, 'i hope you're real, pretty much everyone I've met in this movement with ties to Hollywood had turned out to be fake infiltrators'. I think I just got a thumbs up or something.
Pretty much the extent of my direct contact with him, was nothing much of importance.

Thing about that was my gut was right about the guy, he and pretty much everyone with ties to Hollywood of any kind turn out to be infiltrators, 'ex' Bernie supporters, controlled oppo.
Patterns, what are they doing, why are they doing it? Reasons

1. Usurp your time, keep you from digging, by entertaining you.
2. Collect your personal info, befriend you and entice you to give up your personal information for possible future targeting
3. Control the narrative
It's hard to know who's fake and real / genuine bc the fakers do things like talk about God a lot as a way to gain trust.
Here's a link to Kap's vid for reference, couple minutes in he mentions Illuminati, which I took to mean he was both fighting against it and was a part of it.

I'm just getting things down in note format, not orderly. Several vids talk about the height of the bridge, bc it was initially reported that it was a 40' high bridge I guess. People wondering why they would do that, kinda obvious.

It's a pretty big clue really...
Someone wanted it to seem like a believable way of committing suicide. Turns out it was a typical overpass. There's an overanalyzing vid on that going around. Grudges are min 16' clearance, this one was pretty standard, so 20-22' overall height, thereabouts
Not a good candidate for a suicide, unless you're getting high on peyote or shrooms out in the desert, which can't rule out without a true toxicology. But the fact that the height was misreported strongly suggest someone had something to hide, that being wasn't suicide.
In other words he was probably suicided. I guess he had a flat tire? Originally I heard at a motel? Now there's a supposed last phone call, which conveniently puts the flat tire on the side of the highway? That's a big deal and another clue.
Because if the flat is at the motel it seems someone flattened it, probably to create a situation where they can come up to you and offer to help, offer a ride. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I tweeted that, and then later the last call bs came out...
Maybe coincidence, but I have good reason to believe there are people who are interested in what I might have to say about this.

So they need the tire to go flat in a normal way, right? But difference, flat driving doen the highway, vs flat where your car is left alone all night
So I'll just get that out there I think he was probably thrown off the bridge into incoming traffic. It is interesting that that's a murder that's been down in movies and TV shows numerous times and he's an actor.
Common denominators:
Failed or failing / struggling actors
Failed directors
Drugs, use and sales

Remember JA if CPP is a director
And the guy who shot up CPP is a failed actor

Similarly, the person who reported Kap's murder is a movie buff, from LA, and a Democrat operative, who is now suspected about lying about key details.
People wonder why Kap was in a small town in AZ? My guess, Kap was moved to this guy's territory so he'd be the one reporting on it. Control. By move I don't mean physically taken hostage necessarily, could have been sent there, using some excuse, delivery, whatever...
But that would be a way to control the narrative, by controlling the cat if characters involved. Think about that re false flags.

Why did Douglas county sheriff have two national news incidents in two years? First one, a shootout with cop killed, he went on MSM with a black eye.

And remember they tried to repeat columbine just a month ago and failed, and the girl who was going to do it went all the way across the country from FL from same county as another famously owned sheriff

Patterns are important

That's also the same county where Sayoc pulled his shitty bomb stunt from
Patterns, places where there are a lot of DemonKKKrautSS, drug running, money, equals lots of assets
Over the past two years of participated in a few threads, Twitter groups, with interesting shady characters, most of which I believe have been assets, spies, IC, etc
Over the past two and a half years I've been threatened to stop posting many times, overtly and covertly, been told directly to stop, been told I could be sniped, been followed and stalked in real life. And tons of innuendo.
There are a lot of nefarious groups on Twitter that infiltrate maga circles, a lot. There are bot running groups, they even use AI. There are people that seek to gather personal info. There are tons of assets, people who get turned by feds over drug, pedo, incidents etc
Kap was part of one of these groups. He talks about accessing higher levels of consciousness then going dark, that's what I've of these groups does, it recruits, then I believe they try and induce people to do things.
In other words, pretty sure I know who got Kap to do something bad. One group has assets in Florida, CA, and AZ. They said boom a lot and talked about blowing stuff up a lot via innuendo, before the Sayoc thing went down.

More to say, can't add more thread posts without posting
I don't know what Kap did exactly, but by process of elimination, educated speculation, and from what I know about who he was hanging with, I've got a pretty good idea about it.
It's not the pedo stuff. Hollywood isn't concerned about that. Short of catching them in a vid, it's difficult to catch them, and difficult to prove a network exists. When people get caught it looks like one off incidences, doesn't implicate multiple people. So that's not it.
And Kap said it wasn't pedo related
Again I don't know specifically what Kap did, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with a false flag to event, which includes setups like saying was involved in.
Ok, what is the one thing 'they' shut you down for more than anything else? It's talking about FF's. AJ was either made an example of, or he was part of it, willingly getting shut down on purpose to make people fearful. I think the latter, personally.
The thing about FF's is pulling them off is risky, in that they have complex networks if moderately compartmentalized sub projects, there's there stars, the cops, there crises management team, the brainwashing, payments, directing, chain of command, etc
There's a lot of places where someone could spill the beans and bring the whole thing crumbling down. Which it seems is what Kap threatened to do publicly, and apparently did do with Trump admin?
Why did JA visit the white House several times before a major FF? Why did he have so many properties? Why was he a director of shitty movies?
Patterns and associations are important. If Sayoc was an FF, think about the coordination, the associations, the inducement. Why did Wray day they were working bombs, even though none of them worked.
Sayok was involved in doping athletes, that's important. Was he turned by feds over a drug conviction? Black hats? Florida? Sheriff?
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