James 5:16 says “the effectual fervent prayer a righteous man availeth much”

The AMPC puts it like this “the earnest ,heartfelt , continued prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous prayer available, dynamic in its working
I particularly love how it is rendered in the TPT “ for tremendous power is released through the passionate , heartfelt prayer of a godly believer “


In other words , when a righteous man man prays, tremendous power is released . Not just power but tremendous one💥
Who is a righteous man? Anyone who is born again.

For the Bible says “he made him sin who knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God “

So when I received Christ , I received his righteous nature “ and I therefore stand before God Not according to
My righteousness but his righteousness “.

James says “when I pray effective and fervent prayers, tremendous power is released “

The AMPC which we read earlier says “dynamic in its working “. That means this power that is released works like a dynamite. It is explosive!
What is an effective prayer?

Before we look at how to release this prayer , let’s start by asking ourselves what an effective prayer is “

You see, I Used to think there is a particular kind of prayer called “effective prayer “.honestly that’s what I used to think
Until some Months ago, when I was awakened by the Holy Spirit at 3am in the morning and for the next 5hrs (till 8am) he just broke down this verse to me in an amazing way .
A night I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.
There is no particular prayer called an effective prayer .

Rather, every prayer can be an effective prayer .
We know there are different types of prayers . Eph 6:18, tells us about “kinds of prayers “.

If you want to know about each type prayer I suggest you get this compendium of mine.311 pages
The truths in it will blow your mind .

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All the different types of prayers can be effective prayers.

For example ,Jesus said “whosoever shall say unto this mountain be removed and be cast into the sea shall have it“

That’s an effective prayer . Say it and it happens . that’s what is called “the prayer of faith”
The prayer of consecration can also be an effective prayer .

Let’s look an example from Jesus.

On the night of his arrest, he was praying . The Bible says “suddenly his sweats were like great drops of blood and an angel came strengthening him” power !
If you pray such a prayer over yourself “you will break any form of bad habit .

You will be strengthened continually.

You might have been saying “I have prayed over this habit for 10 years but I keep falling into it”.

Yes, you have been
Praying for 10 years , but you haven’t been praying efffectively for 10 years .

But that ends today as I will show you how to pray effective prayers .

But before we do that ,let’s look at other examples of effective prayers .
The prayer of intercession can be an effective prayer .

Remember when Peter was arrested and the church prayed, the Bible says an angel was dispatched from heaven and Peter was supernaturally released .
What a miracle!
What about the prayer of praise ? Examples abound in the scriptures .

One of them is the famous arrest of Paul and Silas , the Bible says as they woke up to pray and sing, the prison began to shake and their bands broke.

The power of an effective prayer !!!
Awesome awesome awesome!

Remember in Acts 4 after the disciples were arrested and later released . The Bible says “they went to their own company “ and as they prayed , the place began to shake.

Oh God !!!

The place literally started to shake . So much power was released
that the building started vibrating .

Have you experienced this before ? I have. Just once but that’s a story for another day.

But imagine you know how to pray effective prayers and Release tremendous powers like the disciples did, Situations will shake !!!
And sometimes even you will shake.

Ever prayed and find yourself shaking uncontrollably? Yeah that’s the anointing of Gods spirit . It can get so intense that even your physical body won’t be able to contain it.

There are three Elements for an effective prayers.
Before I tell you what they are , let’s look at how “powerful” this tremendous power that is released when we pray is.

James said “tremendous power is released”.

How powerful is this power ?

Ready ? Ready? Ready? Alright .

Your prayer life is about to be transformed
Acts 1:8 says “you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you “

So when I received the Holy Ghost I received power .

The Greek word for power in that verse is dunamis.
And power is the ability to do or act in a certain way. It is the capacity to direct and influence the behavior of others or events.

Power is the ability to cause a change .

This is what you received when you received the Holy Ghost.

And This power is inherent.
That means it is a self producing power . This might knock some of you a bit, but it’s true .

The power to change any situation in your life is not coming from heaven. It’s coming from inside you .

The verse we just read says “you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost
is come upon you”.

Where is that power ? Inside you .

So we don’t need “power from above “, we need “power from within “.

Guess what ? We done need it. We already have it. And this power never leaves you
Eph 3:20 says

“ unto him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think “this is where we stop , but the verse continues ...


“not according to the power in heaven”he does it according to the one in us.
So in Colossians 1:29, Paul writes “ I am able to do supernatural things through the power of Christ that is at work in me”.

Not through the power of Christ that is at work in heaven .

Every Christian is powerful . Every Christian has power.
But ,how “powerful” is this power ? What can this power do?.

We are about to find out.

In Eph 1, Paul prays for the church and he says “ I want you to know the immeasurable and unlimited greatness of his power IN and For us who believe ...”

Let’s stop there for now.
Paul says “I want you to know and understand “.

Your problem is not lack of power ,but lack of knowledge .

You don’t need more power from heaven , you need more knowledge .

You need to know what you have been given and you need to know how what you have been given works!
Paul said “ that you might know the unlimited and immeasurable greatness power of his power IN and FOR us...”.

Oh goodness!!!

His unlimited power is in me & it is for me.

This was enough.but Paul went a bit further to give us an idea of what this power can do. So he added...
“ which he demonstrated in Christ when he raised him from the dead “

Lmaooooooo .

This is so so so powerful .

Paul is saying “brother /sister , the power inside you is the same one that raised Jesus from the dead “.

Jesus was dead and buried , and on the 3rd day he was raised by from the dead by the glory of the father .

Paul says “the power that made that happen is inside you “

Wow!!! I just screamed . Because it blows my mind everytime !!!
How could I ask God for more power?
More power to do what ? Have I exhausted the one inside me?

The one inside me raised a man that Had been dead for three days!!!
If it could raise someone from the dead , it could raise me out of lack , it could raise me out of any crisis , it could raise me out of the bed of languishing .

It can raise me out of penury , addiction and depression
“So why ain’t so many Christians using this power Effectively? “ you might want to ask.

It’s Because they don’t know . Paul said “ i want you to know”.

The Greek word is “Aido” it means to be aware. Not just a mental assent but an awareness .You need to be aware . Hallelujah
Another beautiful thing the Holy Ghost taught me that night is “even though this power is released when we pray (of which I will show you how in a moment ) it doesn’t only work when you are praying”

I hope you understand that .

If not , let me break it down .
If I pray an effective prayer between the hours of 7am to 9am on Monday . Powers were released between the hours of 7-9am , however that power doesn’t only work between the hours of 7-9am.

When I’m sleeping that day, that power could stil be working
Four months after , that same power is still working .

Simple but profound.

Not only that, this power works even when you ain’t thinking about it .
Let’s consider Jesus; he was with his disciples and surrounded by the crowd .

A lady came and touch the helm of his garment and instantly got healed .

Jesus turned and said “who touched me? Because virtue /power had left me”
That means , Jesus (as a man ) wasn’t planning on healing her ? He had no intentions of healing her ... but he had virtue /power working so anyone with faith who touched him could receive a miracle even without his deliberate contribution. Hahahhaa
That can become your experience too.

Such that everyday you are walking and experiencing the supernatural .

Let’s read Eph 1: 19 in TPT. Paul says “that your life will become an advertisement of his mighty power “ glory to God.

What a life he has called us to live
It starts by knowing how to pray , but not just any kind of prayers but EFFECTIVE and FERVENT prayers .

Prayer without fervor is like a sun without heat, or a flower without fragrance.

Let me tell you a story ...
Some months ago, I had a power surge in my house and it blew my bulbs and fans .

The next day, I called an electrician to fix it.

While he was working on the fans in the room, I was busy with something else in the sitting room.

When he was done , he called me
to come check it out . When I got to room , I noticed something strange .

I was standing under the ceiling fan but I wasn’t feeling the“breeze” even though the fan was rotating like it used to. But I could feel nothing .

It felt bizarre to me. So I brought it
to his attention. He apologized and later went on to fix it.

That’s the way some of us are with our prayer lives .

We are rotating but no breeze . A sun but no heat . Flowers without fragrance .

Praying without impact.
Yet, James 5:16 (NCV) says “when a believing person prays , great things happen “.

We look at your life , we see great amount of prayers, yet great things aren’t happening .

Sun without heat .

NLT says “ when a righteous man prays ,it produces wonderful results “.
Yet we can’t find any . No. These things shouldn’t be.

There is more power inside you than anywhere else in the world .

That said ,”How To Pray Effective prayers “
I don’t need to give you a list of 20 things . The answers are in that same verse .

There are Three elements of an effective prayer ...
The first is the word . You must be a man of the word. Nature responds to the word of God, not to your needs .

The Bible says “in the beginning was the word and the was with word and the word was God...”

The third verse says “all things were made by him (the word )
That means “the word “ made everything !.

The word is the boss of/over everything .

What is Jesus called ?”the word of God “

And what did Jesus say “if you abide in me and my words abide in you ,you shall ask what you want and it shall be done unto you”
You have to know the word . Get into the word and know the word .

God doesn’t answer prayers because a lot of people are praying for you. It’s not about the number of people that are praying for you .

It’s about the word that is been spoken . Knowing your rights in Christ.
Once you have armed yourself with the word , the second thing is ...

Perseverance in Prayer ;

A lot of Christians don’t know about this. Or maybe they haven’t been taught .

They act like they don’t know they have an adversary who will do everything to stop them
from enjoying their provisions in Christ .

Stay in prayer .

There is something about “staying in prayer “ till you receive (in your heart, not manifestation )“ that which you desire .
Read James 5;16 again in AMPC , it says “ the fervent effectual and CONTINUED prayer of a righteous man” that means he doesn’t stop at one hour .

He prays until he knows that he knows that he knows .
Let’s learn from the example that we are given - Elijah .

Elijah said to the king “there will be no rain but according to my word “ reading that verse alone , you would think that was all Elijah did .

No no no . James says “Elijah prayed that there won’t be rain”.
And then, he prayed again that there will be rain . And there was .


Each time he prayed, he would tell his servants go and check . His seravnt will come back with a negative report .
Elijah continued praying until the 7th time.

Perseverance in prayer .

Your prayer must be aflame. It must consume .
Let me you a very recent example .

At the beginning of the year , the Lord said he was going to open three major ministry doors for us .

I shared it with my team . Everyone was excited .

SameJanuary,the first door was opened and we had the opportunity of preaching to about
200 young people every week.

In February , the second door opened but the authorities in charge of this “new place” won’t approve our letter .

We kept going back and forth .

Week 1 passed,nothing .
Month one passed , nothing .
Month two,passed nothing .
Month three,nothing.I was getting disturbed.

So one day,I was reading my bible & saw where Paul said “ a great door is opened unto me but there are many adversaries “

So I thought to myself “am I going to go back and tell God “it didn’t work,the adversaries were too powerful“
Or will the adversaries (demon spirit ) go back and tell their boss “it didn’t work . He was too tough for us?“.

I got up. Called my team and said to them “from today we will meet at a particular time and pray everyday till we get a positive response”
We will do this everyday” I said .
I was stubborn .

Two weeks later , our letter was approved .

Glory to God .

But what happened ? “Tremendous power is released when we pray “
Power also means “force”.

Everyday we prayed , we were releasing some of those power .

The longer we stayed in prayer , the more power we released .

Until,as it were, we hit a critical mass in the spirit and the doors flung wide open.
So when you pray and got a miracle after 6hrs of praying, understand this : God didn’t take 6hrs to answer you .

You needed that 6hrs to release enough fire power or to attain a height in the spirit to receive that which you ought to receive !
That’s why Jesus would spend an entire night in prayers to God , step out into his meeting and everyone would get healed . The power of God was manifested within seconds .

But he didn’t spend seconds in prayer .
“Tremendous power is released when you power “ how much of it
Do you want to release over that situation ?
Most often than not, the amount of TIME spent in prayer is a factor
Earlier, we talked about how Jesus prayed and his sweats were like great drops of blood . But read the entire story in Matthew 26. It was a culminative 3 hrs of prayer .

So preserve in prayer . Can you declare the word of God over that situation for 1 month . Or
Do you give up after 1 week when you don’t see any result ?.

Persevere in prayer !!!
The final element is :
Mixing emotions with your prayers .

Mindless , lethargic and superficial prayers will do you no good .

TPT says “ the passionate prayer of a righteous man produces tremendous results “

Passionate prayers . Prayers mixed with passion.
AMPC says “ the fervent, HEARTFELT prayer of a righteous man...”

Before that prayer consumes the situation , it must consume your heart .

Pray with passion. Mix your prayer with emotions .
Even in worship, it must show. The words you are saying , must mean something to you.

Jesus said ,”this people worship me with their lips but their heart is far from me”


In heaven, what you say with your heart is louder than what you say with your mouth .
That’s why paul could say “with the heart man believes unto righteousness “ the man didn’t have to say anything with his mouth .

What is your heart saying ?

That reminds me, I want to invite you to a worship session we are having today, 17th of May . 7-9pm WAT
Looking at the example we were given ; Elijah .

At first he said to the king , go and eat and drink the king went to drink but did Elijah go to drink ? No .

He went to the mountain to pray . Just like when ministers say to the congregation , come to that meeting
the sick wil be healed , the lame will walk , the anointing of God will be strong .

We are not going home to sleep like most of them would .

We are going to home to generate power .
Anyway , when Elijah got to the mountain , the Bible says “he cast hismelf on the ground and put his face between his knees “ Passionate prayers
We see the same thing with Jesus in The gospels.

One of the examples is the one I gave earlier of how he prayed on the night of his arrest .
First it says .”he (Jesus ) Withdrew himself from his disciples , then he went on his knees to pray (one day, I will talk about POSTURES in prayer)...

verse 44 says “and being in AGONY he prayed even more EARNESTLY . “ passion💥🔥🔥
Does it mean anything to you ? It will show in your countenance .

Hallelujah. I hope you have learnt a lot from this thread . If yes , let me know .

Practice it. Put it to work and release power everyday .

...before you leave ...
1. I want to encourage you to get this compendium :

It will be one of the best investments you ever made ,
The compendium is a compilation of ten topical studies I did in my bible study group . You will love it. Available in both soft and hard copy
2. Talking about my bible study group . Another one comes up in August .

We will read the entire New Testament bible and do detailed teachings on several topics .

To be the first to know when we start , kindly follow my handle or @NTGDaily
3. Finally , Join me today (17th May ) and hundreds of believers as we worship the lord intensely for 2hrs .

Open the link at the appropriate time .

You will be drenched in the anointing . I guarantee that .

God bless you
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