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LIGHT thread-

4 all u photofiles

these are some of many diff ways we can define, name & speak of Light

as well as some fun facts

it's always good 2 expand 1's lexicon

learn 2 express yourself creatively

increases ur freq

the more u kno

the more u glo

#QAnon #DarkToLight
33 light years away

there is a complete entire exoplanet

covered in burning ice

Gliese 436b

smaller than Neptune

orbits red dwarf Gliese 436 ( in Leo)

located so close to planet 2.5 mil miles away comapred to Mercury being 36 mil miles from sun & hot enuff to melt lead
in 2022 there will be a supernova so big we can see with our naked eyes

Cygnus constellation aka The Swan

the two colliding stars jointly known as KIC 9832227

the 2 stars orbit each other every 11 hours

sun creates enuff heat in 1 sec to cook 3200 billion billion Hot Pockets
since are bodies abosrb light photons

we technically weigh more with the lights on

a flame has no shadow

electric eel can light up 10 light bulbs

1 billion photons of light hit the tip of a needle any given second
when awake the human brain generates enough electricity to power a small lightbulb

10-23 watts

electric foods have alkaline ph > than 7.0

found in nature

non irridated

non GMO

these foods increase copper in CNS

greater use of brain

without electricity we could not move
if you collapse an underwater bubble with a sound wave

light is produced

and scientists do not know why

humans are bioilluminescent

from metabolic reactions

but our glow is 1k times weaker than naked eye can detect
if you are in total darkness


for 3 days

you can go blind

bees can see ultraviolet light

vipers infrared light

puppies see into your heart :)

put a plant under green light it will die
it takes 8 mins and 20 seconds for light to reach us from the Sun

when eyes move ears move > unknown why

points to information we take in as sight and sound

has greater relationship that we understand

frog eyes are so sensitive to light researchers use them as photon sensors
we dont have any real pictures of the Milky Way

most pictures are of another spiral galaxy > Messier 74

its impossible to photo this full spiral galaxy we are in

as it is about 100k light years across

we are stuck on other side
for you Canadian photfiles

aurora borealis researchers discovered a mysterious light hovering over Canada

a streak beam not the actual northern lights

its called Steve

in movie Over The Hedge

characters discuss that if you can't figure something is just call it Steve
1 in 5 people hear flashes of light


2 or more sensory experiences cross wires

seeing colors when you hear certain notes

hearing notes when seeing flashes of lights

trained musicians experience this most

why raves incorporate much strobe lighting
sneezing at bright light is caused by genetic reflex

Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburt Syndrome



Isaac Newton stuck needles in eye socket to see if colour came from within or not
plastic bottles filled with water and bleach can light up a house

Liter of Light Project

set to bring light to 1.2 billion peeps w/o electricty or access

the bleach water abosrbs outdoor light and refracts to light up rooms inside

they glow
VantaBlack is made of many compressed carbon nanotubes

is darkest material / object on earth

so dense so dark

1 can shine a red laser into it and not see it on its surface

R136a1 is heaviest known star in universe

The Pistol Star most luminous ( in saggitarius) 10 mil x Sun
the heart of a star

gets 16 million degrees celsius

a grain of sand this hot would kill you from 150km away

sunsets on Mars are blue

grain of sand held up 2 nite sky would contain 10k galaxies

when to stars are about to collide objects around them travel backwards in time
if you could run at the speed of light

you could run 7124 marathons in 1 second

DragonFly 44

Milky Way's dark twin

is 99.99% dark matter

giant dust cloud in middle of Milky Way has high amounts of ethyl formate

same chemical gives raspberries their flav & smell like rum
5% of universe is made of normal matter

70% dark energy

25% dark matter

your eyesight isnt poor

you can see the Andromeda Galaxy 1.86 quadrillion earths stacked end to end away
the wings of a butterfly are actually clear

the colors we see?

light reflecting on tiny tiny scales that cover them


our ladyFly!

may 8th 2016

germany had too much renewable energy

so windy and sunny

that turbines and solar panels became dangerously supercharged

output exceeded demand

and prices went negative

thus in essence they paid their customers to use light
7/10 1856

Tesla born > midnight > lightning storm

midwife > violent storm bad omen > he will be a son of darkness

Mother replied:

"no. He will be a Child Of Light"

never forget Tesla's meaning 2 Q, us, This Storm



where we glow 1 we glow all

#QAnon #DarkToLight
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