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Thread: About that State Dept Email to the FBI Concerning the “Russian Dossier”

1. We learned that the FBI was tipped in Oct 2016 in a State Dept email about Christopher Steele and dossier problems before the Page FISA app was submitted.

2. Government officials confirm that an October 2016 email revealing that Steele met with State Department officials -- a breach of protocol for an informant if it was unauthorized -- was sent to an FBI counterintelligence supervisor.
3. [T]he recipient of the State Department email was Special Agent Stephen Laycock, then the FBI's section chief for Eurasian counterintelligence and now one of the bureau's top executives as the assistant director for intelligence under Director Christopher Wray.
4. The email to Laycock from Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec arrived eight days before the FBI swore to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that it had no derogatory information on Steele ....
4A. ... and used his anti-Trump dossier to secure a secret surveillance warrant to investigate Trump’s possible ties to Moscow.
5. Officials tell me that Laycock immediately forwarded the information he received about Steele on Oct. 13, 2016, to the FBI team leading the Trump-Russia investigation, headed by then-fellow Special Agent Peter Strzok.
6. Current and former FBI officials told me it would be a red flag for an FBI informant on a sensitive counterintelligence case such as Russia to go talking about his evidence with another federal agency without authorization.


The rest:…
7. Not only is it a “red flag,” but we also now know for sure that one of Steele’s “sources” for the dossier provided inaccurate information – and that Kavalec knew it and passed that along to the FBI!
8. And yet the FBI pushed ahead and “verified” that FISA warrant app (meaning, all of its contents which included the dossier baloney) to the FISC! Everyone who signed that document is guilty of multiple felonies!
9. How grand that Stephen Laycock is still a functioning apparatchik high in Wray's FB, still in position to block the truth! Wray is a politicized hack lawyer & has never been an FBI field agent; he is protecting the institutional image of the FBI over exposing rank corruption.
10. I do not recall who recommended to @POTUS that Wray be appointed, but I would not be surprised if it was Trump's first Chief of Staff, Reince Preibus who apparently was a Never-Trumper at heart and was fired by for secretly leaking to the leftist media.
11. Preibus also made several other bad calls in picking disloyal key appointees around Trump in early 2017. The Preibus saga has not been fully played out, in my opinion! Back to the story…
12. Hannity is wrong in saying that Steele was paid by the DNC and the Clinton campaign to go out and gather “Russian government disinformation” on Trump (it wasn’t “Russian gov’t” info!).
13. If the Durham investigations get close to pay-dirt & closely map out the timelines in 2016, it will be discovered that CIA director John Brennan had "dossier" material & was pushing it around Washington & the media well before Steele was ever hired and came into the picture.
14. I strongly believe that Brennan and a close small circle of CIA political hacks were the ORIGINATORS of the dossier, its concept, and its uses, and wrote most of it (although some of it probably was sourced from earlier material from Cody Shearer and Sid Blumenthal).
15. I would bet good money that Nellie Ohr (and possibly other current and former spooks paid off by Clinton/DNC via Simpson's Fusion GPS via the Perkins Coie law firm) actually fabricated and wrote the damned thing from A to Z, probably without any Russian contributions at all.
16. Ben Rhodes, the PR guy on the Obama National Security Council (and brother of the head of CBS News) with the "echo chamber" modus operandi expertise, probably designed some or many of the parameters of the dossier PR campaign, ….
16A. … such as feeding it to the legacy media and to anti-Trumpers in government at the time, like Senator McCain, Sally Yates, James, Comey, and State Department Obama goons like Victoria Nuland.
17. Steele and British intelligence hacks were just a way to make the dossier appear legitimate by routing it from the Brennan scripting cell through "external sourcing" from friendly foreign intelligence services.
18. This is a frequent trick used in false-flag intelligence operations involving fabricated/doctored "evidence" and is an area of expertise for which John Brennan was notorious during his active CIA career.
19. In addition to the big bucks paid to Steele and Nellie Ohr, remember that about the same time there was almost $1 million from the Obama foundation/campaign that mysteriously also went to Fusion GPS for as yet unspecified purposes.
20. My take is that most of the team of CIA writers for the dossier and for the Russia collusion hoax "screenplay" have not yet been publicly identified, but the trail leads through Brennan and Rhodes back to the White House and Obama himself.
21. Note also that FBI traitor Peter Strzok was a main player on all the key investigations (Clinton emails, Steele dossier, Weiner laptop emails, and initially on the Mueller investigation team as chief of the Special Counsel's counter-intelligence!).
22. AND, he was the lead FBI rep on the small group of hand-picked "analysts" that Brennan got together at CIA's Langley HQ immediately after the November 8 2016 election to write in about 2 weeks that unbelievably foul and baseless "Joint Community Assessment" (JCA) ….
22A. … about the alleged Russians' role in the election and in the Trump campaign.
23. Here is some more informed speculation. During the Nov 2016 election, the Obama DHS offered "help" to the States' election boards, i.e., to electronically sit inside their networks and databases to monitor for foreign intrusion and irregularities.
24. The vast majority said thanks but no thanks, not trusting a security apparatus of the hyper-partisan Obama Administration to “put its fox inside the election chicken coop.”
25. Subsequent reports in several states that refused the DHS "help" reported still detecting intrusions in their electoral networks and databases stemming from IP addresses traced to ostensibly DHS IT assigned entities.
26. Most vociferous in protest was Georgia, a Red state, but other states reported efforts to tamper with voter data bases, too. Here’s an article about Indiana, Georgia, and Idaho. There may have been other states, too:…
27. The unauthorized DHS role in the intrusions was never explained after the election, and sadly nobody has been held accountable under the Trump administration (that I know of).
28. In the past week, official reports have been made public that two un-named counties in Florida and one or more counties in Illinois were hacked by supposedly Russian entities during the November 2018 Congressional elections.…
29. I do not know to confirm, but my educated guess would be that the afflicted counties were Dade and Palm Beach or Broward counties in Florida and Cook County in Illinois.
30. Those pivotal heavily-populated counties usually represent the majority of votes in their states, and can tilt the popular vote to the Democrats over the much more conservative rural and small-town counties elsewhere.
31. Now, ask yourself, if you are the Russian FSB, why would you ultra-selectively pick just a handful few counties in a country of 3,142 counties for electronic tampering in order to make any serious attempt to influence the 2016 or 2018 election results?
32. It does not make any sense at all for the RUSSIANS to do this! But now, consider the DNC and their allies in the Clinton and Obama Foundations, the Soros Open Society front organizations, and Obama's Organizing for Action/America (OFA) under Valerie Jarrett.
33. Soros owns a company that provides the electronic voting machines in over a dozen states (strange investment interest for a billionaire, eh?). Consider how crucial Florida and Illinois are to the national popular vote and Electoral College vote.
34. The DNC loudly proclaimed the alleged 2016 Russian intrusion and stealing of their emails and those in the Clinton campaign based on "analysis" indirectly provided ONLY by their DNC-paid consultants, Crowdstrike, Inc.
35. To this day, the FBI has never examined the original disk drives or the original network electronic logs with their own FBI forensic technologies because the DNC and the Clinton campaign repeatedly refused several times to grant the FBI requests for access to the materials.
36. The FBI improbably just took Crowdstrike's word for it that it was the Russians and made this alarming, major, hugely political national security case determination without having ever examined any of the primary evidence!
37. This is preposterous and NOT the FBI's standard operating procedure for investigations! Now what kind of a criminal or counter-intelligence investigation makes actionable conclusions and accusations without having ever examined a single shred of primary evidence and clues?
38. Crowdstrike even named the perpetrators as PREVIOUSLY-KNOWN East European-based hackers working for the FSB, APT's Fancy Bear 38 and Fancy Bear 39.
39. They were previously known because their operations had been discovered and mostly neutralized in 2010-2015, and some of them – including a prominent Romanian black hat hacker – had been arrested and gone to jail.
40. The Romanian hacker vehemently denied any role in the DNC hacking and perhaps was telling the truth. Who knows?
41. Is it possible that Brennan, the DNC, Clinton, and Crowdstrike conspired to fabricate a false-flag cyber-attack conspiracy with the DNC and Clinton campaign emails that would add weight to the Trump-Russia collusion fantasy? That is precisely what I believe happened.
42. DNC IT worker Seth Rich subsequently was mysteriously murdered, with the investigation controlled by the pathetically corrupt and Obama-controlled Washington DC police and still unsolved to this day.
43. Rich apparently internally downloaded and provided DNC emails to WikiLeaks in July 2016 because he was disenchanted with the DNC's dirty tricks to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination in favor of Crooked Hillary (but that is yet another evil tale of total Democrat corruption).
44. He reportedly was on his way the next day to talk with the FBI about irregularities in the DNC/Clinton Campaign (the FBI has never admitted scheduling him in July 2016).
45. Also, all the security camera videos at stores in the area where he was murdered have disappeared, even though the Washington DC police initially made reference to at least one such video.
46. The Rich family was provided a notorious DNC/Clinton-paid bulldog lawyer to handle all public contacts and told to shut the hell up about the case or any details about Seth and his beliefs.
47. The Crowdstrike-certified "cyber-theft" and FBI non-investigation of the alleged (and never independently verified) Russian hacking of the DNC and Clinton campaign emails were an integral part of the conspiracy and screenplay to sell the Russian Collusion hoax ….
47A. … in the legacy media to the American public, and to justify the FBI and CIA investigations against Trump, his campaign, and his Administration once elected, including feeding the Big Lie into the shameful and falsely-contrived Mueller 2-year witch hunt.
48. I would argue that the DNC, Soros, the Obama and Clinton Mafioso organizations, Crowdstrike Inc., and the campaign of whoever will be the 2020 Democrat nominee are already planning in great detail to tamper with and steal the 2020 Presidential election.
49. They have already long established the Russian interference narrative, which continues to get 24/7 play today and every day by the Leftist Democrat-subordinated legacy media propaganda machine.
50. They are sensitizing the American public to the "inevitable fact" that Russian interference in the 2020 elections is a foregone conclusion!
51. They cannot remove Trump legally or constitutionally and have failed by means of trumped-up fake "process crimes" with Mueller and congressional investigations, so they will go all out with far worse illegal dirty tricks to get the foul deed done in 2020.
52. As with the DNC and Clinton campaign hacks in 2016, Democrat cyber-operatives are preparing to hack key counties' election votes in contested battleground states to ensure that the Democrat candidate receives a majority of the popular vote – ….
52A. … AND that a significant number of those 300+ Trump Red state Electoral College votes from 2016 are turned over to the Blue Democrat in 2020!
53. The Democrat operatives probably have already selected real-world Russian-related advanced persistent threat hackers in Eastern Europe to doctor into the false IP bounces that will make it look like the Russians are at it again.
54. Both CIA and NSA are familiar with the techniques of false-flag cyber operations, and some of these experts undoubtedly are outside government now and working under contract for the Democrats in unscrupulous well-paid firms like Crowdstrike.
55. I bet that loyal CIA and NSA experts could look at a list of Crowdstrike employees and identify fairly precisely who in that organization would have the capability to do this.
56. If we had an FBI purged of Deep State and Dem political influence (sans the likes of Stephen Laycock!), that would be an easy win!
57. It’s amazing what a few publicly disclosed emails that have been hidden until now can illuminate. I wonder what else the State Dept, FBI, DoJ and Obama WH were hiding? Maybe AG Barr and John Durham will find out and tell us! ///The end.
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