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Actual progress in a culture war reveals what's always been there under the surface in times of a lull in the conflict.

NY & VA rolling out extreme abortion laws [including the huge celebration when the NY law passed] brought the culture war on abortion back to the front line.
Flashpoints developed in the abortion culture war over the past decade, such as the Gosnell case in PA, and when Texas decided to drop it's legal limit from 26 weeks to 20 weeks & we got pink-tennis-shoed Abortion Barbie killing the bill with a filibuster. [it passed later]
When discussing how to progress in the culture war in *theory* during a lull in the fighting, many people don't give it much thought or input.
But as the actual fighting gets underway, and ground is being won or lost, all of a sudden every-freaking-body has an opinion and is absolutely convinced their particular way is the only way to victory & that ground is either being won the 'wrong way' or lost cuz not 'my way'.
This is what you are watching right now on the abortion issue as the pro-life movement, a very diverse and wide ranging movement without just one monolithic view.

There are - can you handle this? differences of opinion WITHIN THE MOVEMENT how to proceed.
The pro life movement is so large and so diverse it contains within people that hold:

1) there must be exceptions for rape/incest
2) there must be NO exceptions for rape/incest
Right now both factions within the pro-life movement are having their disagreement aired out over the Alabama law.

That's actually HEALTHY, to have this discussion with ourselves over this difference.
There are those, however, who will be more than happy to play up this division in order to fracture the movement just as it is winning cultural ground from the pro-death lobby.
DNC Media is going to *highlight* those who will say for their cameras that if you think there should be rape/incest exceptions in the state laws, you are NOT really pro-life at all.
Make no mistake: the abortion lobby is in full scale retreat in many states. They've been losing for some time now, as state after state lowered legal limits and are now adding heartbeat bills.

They are desperate to stop this trend.
The tried and true playbook on that is to *highlight* the differences of opinion on the rape/incest issue within the pro-life movement and get us to start *turning on each other* over it.

We can't make progress if we turn to inwardly arguing with each other.
Getting the enemy camp to fall to infighting with itself is the oldest trick in the book, and right now DNC Media Complex journalists desperate to stop this cultural advance of the pro life movement are racking their brains trying to find a way to get us start fighting each other
Remember also what you are seeing out there as states like Alabama, Georgia & Missouri pass these laws.

The curtain gets pulled back & you get to see just how vast this cultural divide actually is between pro-death & pro-life.
The political elite class in DC, Hollywood, academia, we can tend to forget just how radically pro-death these people are until something prods them into action.

For years many GOP elites played the game making pro life sounds but not taking any action.
It was nothing short of an absolutely infuriating scandal that the GOP could not defund Planned Parenthood when it held all the branches of the government, and this after conning voters for YEARS that they fully intended to do this & got our votes because of that promise.
Well screw waiting for federal action then. I'm very heartened to see people at the STATE level asserting themselves on this issue.

Far left Progressive lawmakers in NY can pass a bill legalizing the killing of a human being in the 9th month? Great! They can do that.
You know what state lawmakers in Georgia, Alabama and Missouri and Texas and Florida and elsewhere can *also* do?

They can pass heartbeat bills and bills that only allow abortion in their state to save the mother's life.

Why wait for the feds? DO IT YOURSELVES.
Never forget what touched off this latest battle in the abortion culture war: the hideous spectacle in NY state, then the VA fiasco where the governor droned on about having a discussion about ending a human babies life after he/she had been born.
THE ABORTION LOBBY'S OWN EXTREMISM touched off this latest battle in the abortion culture war.

The entire country got a really good look at what these people want, and now the COUNTER REACTION is taking place.
Support for abortion drops like a jet headed to earth after the 1st trimester. The # of people who think 3rd trimester abortions are just fine and dandy & want them legal everywhere has never gotten higher than 14% of the US population.

So people who fight to have states change their abortion laws to allow abortion into the 3rd trimester, are they *inside* or *outside* of the mainstream here in America?
So in blue states like NY and VA, the abortion lobby is working very very HARD to get states to raise the abortion limit all the way into the 9th month.

At the same time, these very people are SCREAMING LOUDLY at folks in the red states who are LOWERING their states legal limit.

States are allowed to set their own limits. The pro abortion lobbyists know this...that's WHY they are busy in the blue states introducing bills & fighting hard to get lawmakers to raise the legal limit to 9 months.
ONLY fighting to *RAISE* the legal limit for abortion in the states is legtimate activity, to hear the pro-death lobby talk about it.

ANY effort to LOWER the legal limit, why you must hate women and humanity or something, that activity is just DESPICABLE.
So hey, you pro-death lobby people, you keep right on introducing bills & lobbying lawmakers in your deep blue states to raise the legal limit.

We'll be over here in the red states doing the SAME THING to lower those limits.

America is not one monolithic entity.
Almost half the women in this country are pro-life and hey I don't care that the pro-death harpy's won't admit this and never want to talk about it.

Pro-abortion activists in Washington and in Hollywood *talk* like they speak for all women on this issue, but they are either fooling themselves or lying to the people who still listen to them about this or both.
And another thing: why does the conversion street on this issue only go one way?

Where's the prominent outspoke pro life activist who converted to pro-abortion?

Why is it a noted phenomena that it's former pro-abortion people becoming pro-life?
Even Norma McCorvey, the "Jane Roe" in the Roe vs. Wade court case, became an outspoken pro life activist.

So did Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the NY abortionist who was instrumental in getting abortion legalized in the state of NY and a founding member of NARAL.

Due to the recent @UnplannedMovie a lot more people now know the story of @AbbyJohnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director in TX who helped expose massive fraud that resulted in million dollar judgements against the corporation.
I'll tell you why the conversion street only goes one way on the abortion issue.

It's because you have to keep yourself in a massive amount of denial to function in the abortion industry. You have close your mind to obvious truths.
Just like you'll never find that staunch abolitionist who spent years acting to limit slavery suddenly "seeing the light" & becoming a loud & proud human slaverly advocate for the rest of their lives, you'll search in vain for the pro-life activist that suddenly flipped.
We've got them on the ropes.


Don't fall for strategy the media will use to try to fracture the pro life movement & get it infighting amongst itself so everything grinds to a halt.

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