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Here’s my response to @TomiLahren’s final thoughts about the #AlabamaAbortionBill. Thank you for taking the time to read my response. (1/) foxnews.com/opinion/tomi-l…
“Alabama’s new abortion ban is too restrictive and will not reduce abortions. It will just make them more unsafe.”

Abortion is already unsafe, especially for the unborn baby. The mother also doesn’t come out of the process unscathed, as she often deals with emotional and (2/)
physical pain, or even death. Many women that have abortions become infertile too.

“I have had it with extremism on both sides of the abortion issue. Truth is, most Americans are in the middle, but our politicians on both sides aren’t representing that very well.” (3/)
Abortion is an extreme procedure. Unborn babies are dismembered or poisoned to death in the womb. We should never grant the idea of a *middle ground* of morally acceptable murder. Also, this isn’t an issue to be decided by consensus, FFS. (4/)
“And by the way, to those celebrities celebrating abortion, that’s just sickening. Abortion should never be celebrated, glorified or encouraged as a form of lazy birth control. And most pro-choice people don’t view abortion as a form of birth control, either.” (5/)
Why shouldn’t it be celebrated? If it’s your body, your choice, and it will bring you happiness in the short/long term, what’s the bother with being happy about it? And it’s absurd to say that it’s not viewed as birth control. It ABSOLUTELY is. She has bought into sophistry (6/)
on the part of the pro-aborts, on this and many other topics.

“So let me be clear. I am pro-choice, but not pro-abortion. Here’s why. I don’t believe the government does many things well, including regulating health care.”

Distinction without a difference. (7/)
If you’re pro-life except in certain circumstances, you’re not really pro-life. The Nazis were pro-life except when it came to Jews and Gypsies, so were they really pro-life? It’s laughable to think so. She’s also classifies abortion as healthcare here, imagine that. (8/)
“If the pro-life movement really wants to support women to ultimately choose life when making the most difficult decision they’ve ever had to make, do you really think a government mandate is the way to do it? I don’t.” (9/)
And yet, Tomi is all for the gov’t building the wall and enforcing the law, at least when it comes to people that have been born. Perhaps we should tell her that the uterine wall should not be breached by foreign adversaries with ill intent. Maybe then she’ll understand. (10/)
“That’s what pregnancy crisis centers, churches, community groups, family, friends, and fellowship are for. Those approaches are not only more compassionate, they are also more effective.”

These groups, wonderful as they are, do not protect life, property, etc. (11/)
We are talking about natural rights from God, which the government is required to protect.

“Demonizing and judging women in that position will not get you the result you’re hoping for — I can promise you that.”

You don’t have to demonize and judge, but you do have to (12/)
lovingly confront women with the reality of what they’re planning to do or have done. The person that hires the assassin is just as guilty as the assassin himself.

“That brings me to this new Alabama complete abortion ban. It provides an exception only for the life of the (13/)
mother. It provides no exceptions for rape or incest. That’s radical.”

It’s actually a radical idea to punish a child for the crime of their male parent, something Tomi would never be in favor of in any other circumstance. (14/)
“One of my good friends is a Texas police detective in the division on crimes against children. She’s handled cases involving girls as young as 9-years-old who are impregnated as a result of rape or incest.” (15/)
Yes, this is terrible, and it’s made even worse by the fact that their rapist can bring them to a Planned Parenthood for a no questions asked abortion, which destroys all evidence of the crime. The abuse can then continue. (16/)
Here’s one such example, thankfully foiled by pro-life protesters. (17/) washingtonpost.com/crime-law/2018…
“I know many of my fellow conservatives prefer ‘facts over feelings,’ so here are the facts.”

Subtle! cc: @benshapiro (18/)
“Countries with strict abortion laws have higher abortion rates according to a study by the Guttmacher Institute. In fact, the highest abortion rates are now found in South America and the Caribbean, where abortion is strongly restricted.” (19/)
This is so funny to me, comparing Alabama to South America and the Caribbean? She makes this correlation between restrictions on abortion and higher abortion rates, well correlation =/= causation! There are plenty of other variables at play, and South America can hardly be (20/)
viewed as a homogeneous population. Finally, in other news, murder rates will drop if we strike down murder laws.

“Making abortion illegal does not prevent it. It just makes it unsafe and usually unsupervised by a medical professional. Does that seem like the answer?” (21/)
Honestly, if a woman is so f***ed in the head that she would stick a coat hanger up her vajayjay, I’m pretty low on sympathy. That is a level of derangement that I can’t really fathom. Bottom line is that a woman doesn’t have a right to murder her child. (22/)
If she chooses to do it medieval style, she gets to live with the consequences. Also Tomi, an abortionist is not a f***ing medical professional.

“According to the World Health Organization, ‘unsafe abortions are the third leading cause of maternal death worldwide and lead (23/)
to an additional five million largely preventable disabilities.’
Is that what we want in Alabama or anywhere in the United States? Do we want women to resort to their own unsafe methods or travel to other countries to have it done?” (24/)
Yeah, as it turns out, we have yet to make murder safe. How TF is this tripe relevant to anything? Again, personal responsibility is a thing. Women take great risks by going through these procedures. It never goes well for the baby, and it oftentimes takes out the mother. (25/)
“Does that really do anything for the pro-life movement, for women, for people in general? No, it doesn’t.”

Actually, it teaches women to be more discriminating when it comes to sex, and that all life is precious regardless of how developed it is and where it is located. (26/)
“I understand the desire to protect all life, but a blanket ban on abortion doesn’t do that and the almighty government is not the answer. I’ll tell you that much.”

Actually the law does protect life. Just like laws against murder protect life. (27/)
And again, government being the answer actually depends on the question. Is the government tasked with protecting life, or not?

“And if the goal is to get this Alabama ban to the Supreme Court to challenge and overturn Roe v. Wade, that move will be the nail in the coffin (28/)
of Trump 2020 and GOP election chances, believe me.”

This I suspect is the real motivation behind Tomi’s screed. She’s worried this will hurt Trump. Who gives a f***? (29/)
“The truth is, most Americans exist somewhere in the middle on the abortion issue. The extremes on either side don’t represent the general consensus.”

Let’s all have a vote on which lives deserve protecting and which don’t. Consensus FTW! (30/)
“I know many on the pro-life side hear the label ‘pro-choice’ and immediately tune out. It's the same for those on the pro-choice side when they hear ‘pro-life.’ Why? Why can’t we acknowledge this is not a black and white issue? You can be pro-life and believe government (31/)
bans are not the solution.”

It’s the most black/white issue actually. There is no justification on God’s earth for dismembering an unborn child in the womb. NONE. There is no middle ground here. Allowing it some of the time is just a way for you to soothe your conscience. (32/)
“What happened to safe, legal, and rare?”

That was a lie, Tomi. You were lied to. Legality was all that mattered. As it turns out, people that murder children have no issues with lying. Funny that... (33/)
“And to the pro-choice conservatives out there who feel they can’t speak up on this for fear of being called a ‘fake conservative,’ a ‘baby killer’ or anything else, I encourage you to find your voice and use it.”

I’m actually not sure what you’re conserving if you’re (34/)
not unapologetically pro-life. It’s interesting to consider. Tomi is more of a populist than a conservative anyhow.

“You can be a conservative and believe Alabama's ban on abortion is too much. If anyone tells you otherwise, that’s a bunch of B.S.! Think for yourself.” (35/)
I’d be interested to know what law would be just right for Tomi? How much baby murder is just right for our society? There are no easy answers here, which is why she stops at ALABAMA LAW BAD. (36/)
“Those are my Final Thoughts. From Los Angeles, God bless and take care.”

No chance in hell that this harridan believes in God. None. Thank you for your time. (37/37)
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