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#WPUKLondon is now kicking off. It’s the 22nd meeting promoting our right to speak.
Previous meetings have been targeted and meetings prevented. Tonight this meeting is free from protests! Thanks to the venue, for support and donations. #WPUKLondon
#WPUKLondon is launching the #WPUKManifesto tonight.
Introducing #MeghanMurphy #WPUKLondon @FeministCurrent who has flown from Canada
Meghan talks about authenticity which interestingly has led to a culture of fakery #WPUKLondon
Meghan speaks of the misogynistic backlash against feminists. No empathy for women, their sports, their sexuality, their boundaries and bodily autonomy. Constant verbal threats and accusations of hate to bully and silence women.
There is no such thing as a female penis or being born in the wrong body. Gender identity ideology harms women and girls #WPUKLondon #MeghanMurphy
There is no empathy for girls losing to boys in sports and having to undress with boys in their private spaces. Women are made to share safe spaces with men and unable to refuse to believe men can become women #waxmyballs #WPUKLondon
Women are not allowed to define their bodies as female. That it’s a social construct. Women are told they based on adherence to femininity performance and stereotypes. Exactly what feminism is fighting against. #WPUKLondon
Woman are told that love wins yet are bullied into giving up our sex based rights, spaces, sports and protections. Verbal abuse and threats of violence ensue for any woman who is bold enough to speak of their oppression or beliefs. #WPUKLondon
Selina Todd ‘look how far we’ve come in a year and a half!’

Round of applause!

Today’s generation are taught ‘no reality exists other than self description’.

Feminism defines our sex so we are able to describe and address the problems we face. #WPUKLondon
Women need single sex spaces and female only organisations.

Transgender ideology maintains sex is a social construct and works to destroy sex based definitions and protections. #WPUKLondon
Feminist history proves we can destroy the oppressive gender constructs. We have done it before.

United we stand, divided we fall. #WPUKLondon
Feminists recognise that prostitution and brothels exist for the benefit of men. #WPUKLondon
Being born as women is what binds women together. This is our shared and common experience. Exclusion is not unfair. Women must have the right to self organise and assemble away from men and the oppression from the male dominant sex class. #WPUKLondon
Women have historically fought to live outside gender norms.

The hostility we face prevents many women from doing so today. #WPUKLondon
There is an international growing movement of feminists defending and fighting for women’s rights. 20th May 2029 making history and standing in sisterhood. We will fight and we will win #WPUKLondon #selinatodd
Next up @MForstater who is taking up a test case in employment law after losing her job for tweeting her beliefs that were deemed transphobic #WPUKLondon
The level of donations and support for the court case proves we are all ready to take this on! #WPUKLondon
International development talk about gender when they mean sex. Sex matters in society &law.

Ie the gender gap is actually the sex gap.

200 million girls have undergone #FGM. This has nothing to do with their gender identity. But their sex! #WPUKLondon
Many organisations are promoting self determined gender identity instead of sex classifications with no proper analysis on the impact to women and girls. #WPUKLondon
Development Is about organisations doing their job better and truthfully. They can only do this when they can label and define things correctly. We must be able to hold them to account. We must be able to define what a woman & a man is #WPUKLondon
We must be clear about understanding the difference between sex and gender identity. We must be clear about the use of these words. #WPUKLondon
We shouldn’t have to be brave to talk about these issues. Maya was discriminated against because of her beliefs. Her test case to stop this from happening to others #WPUKLondon
Next up legendary British feminist and shining light in the many years of darkness @bindelj
Liberal press reporting on the case of child abuser, sex offended and natal male Karen White who went to a female prison and sexually assaulted women prisoners when there.

‘Her erect penis was visible’ was used by the broadsheet to describe what happened. #WPUKLondon
Julie speaks of the language used to demean people that are victims of patriarchy which includes natal males who have been diagnosed as transsexual based on sex stereotypes. #WPUKLondon
Julie speaks of the rise of children & youths being diagnosed with gender identity disorder. Essentially a condition that is self diagnosed. It shares similarities with body integrity identity disorder (BIID)
a rare phenomenon of desire for amputation of one or more healthy limbs or who desire a paralysis #WPUKLondon
Julie describes the lead up to her starting to use the word Orwellian. Tales of no platforming, accusations of every phobia and not being a proper lesbian, objects hurled, heckling, disinvites, called Hitler, a nazi and more. #WPUKLondon
For all the people we know that won’t put their heads above the parapet:

The reason the trans lobby has got so powerful is because it’s openly misogynistic ‘woke’ abuse of women it’s a warning to other women as to what happens to those who dare assert their beliefs #WPUKLondon
Everyone is a transphobe in some way. Everyone can’t be fired. And if they are, women whip round & support each other.

In Uganda there is a 14 year sentence for same sex relationships. They aren’t frightened, they fight it. We must fight beyond our computer screens #WPUKLondon
Standing ovation and now question time.

Abortion rights and the laws preventing women’s bodily autonomy is sex oppression. This movement is about overcoming oppression, not just equality. Aligning with the right can harm this aim. #WPUKLONDON #SelinaTodd
The left has so badly betrayed us that the right can appeal to us in the dessert but marginalised woman will lose out the most in any alignment with the far right @bindelj
Most people don’t fit the left and right binary. It’s not that simple. #MeghanMurphy doesn’t believe the left or the right will contribute to female liberation.
#MeghanMurphy states that she supports all women in this movement. #WPUKLondon
@MForstater agrees there are people with many different political views and we must maintain open and evidence based debate. Open the middle ground for debate on policies that affect everyone. #WPUKLondon
How can we be more effective in getting the trans narrative changed in schools and get younger people involved in the movement?

@bindelj regales the first time she saw @Martina which helped her realise it was ok to be a lesbian. Our young need positive role models.
We need non political lobby groups not trans lobby groups who allowed to deliver as part of the school curriculum. We need proper democratic control. @DebbieHayton @Transgendertrd mentioned as a resource #WPUKLONDON #SelinaTodd
A proper feminist curriculum is needed #WPUKLONDON
@Transgendertrd have produced a new evidence based resource and booklet for every educational authority and establishment @helensaxby11 #WPUKLondon
A: Many organisations fear a legal challenge and so are too frightened to uphold single sex exemptions. What can we do?

@RadFemLawyer is producing information for those that need information. There is a growing network of female barristers, lawyers & those in legal sectors.
We are legally entitled to organise and assemble as our unique sex class. Single sex spaces can be upheld as long as it has a legitimate aim and is pursued in a proportionate and legitimate aim. We can keep a space single sex #WPUKLondon
There is fear and lack of understanding around the equality act exemptions. Help and referral is available via twitter, forums, Facebook, mumsnet #WPUKLondon
Final note anout a letter of solidarity with #helensteel and a big round of applause. The pub! #WPUKLondon
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