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1/Thread: Decoding the #Illuminati ritual known as Madonna’s #eurovision performance.
2/ Before we begin, I’m no expert in the subject, just some hack on twitter who’s watched a ton of videos by @vigilantfeed

If I can figure out the symbolism here, you can too. Watch Madonna’s performance:

3/ When decoding these messages, I tend to look at the following aspects:

- Dates and times
- Symbols
- Words
- Numbers/Numerology
- Astronomy/Astrology

I also follow the premise that it’s not about what you or I believe, but what *they* believe.

Dates and Times


The #eurovision show broadcast on May 18, 2019, from Tel Aviv, Israel, during the night of a full moon (more on that later)

Madonna took to the stage at 1:00 AM (May 19th).

5/ May 18th is the 138th day of the year. There are 227 days remaining in the year.

On May 18, 1920, Pope John Paul II was born, so Madonna’s ritual is 99 years (9x11) after Pope John Paul II came into this world.

Also, 18 is a hidden 666 (6+6+6).
6/ the date reduces to:

May 18 2019

5 18 2019

5 1+8 2+1+9

5 9 12

5 9 1+2

5 9 3




= 8

I’ll come back to this later in the thread (and the moon stuff as well, hang in there).
7/ Another date is March 21, 1989, when Like A Prayer was originally released, during the spring equinox.

There are roughly 11,000 days between these two dates.
8/ as for the time, well, Madonna took to the stage at 1:00 AM. At 12:11 AM, the full moon had just reached its fullness in Israel.

9/ now that we have the boring dates and times out of the way, we can begin analyzing the video itself. Madonna performs excerpts from 3 songs:

- Like a Prayer
- Dark Ballet
- Future
10/ Madonna performs as her Alter Ego (alter personality) Madame X.

X can mean 10 in numerals, but in Greek, X=chi, which can mean “Christ”

The hosts are dressed in black and white to represent the duality of good and evil, as they refer to her as “The Queen”.
11/ With the two hosts dressed in black and white, they are aiming their message right at your base consciousness, getting right in there to plant the messages that follow. If you doubt the black/white themes, head down this rabbit hole for data:

12/ the performance begins with church bells ringing and monks chanting Madonna between (8, unfinished) pillars as a red skull sits atop the staircase.
13/ every day at Notre Dame, chaplains gather at 8:00 AM to pray.

At around 8:00 PM, April 15, the main spire collapsed.

There are 33 days between April 15 and May 18.
14/ As the monks chant, Madonna arises from below (not above), signalling her true origins. She reveals herself to be wearing an eye patch on her left eye with the letter X on it (representing Madame X, or Madame Christ). She is singing a song already programmed into the audience
15/ remember how the hosts referred to her as the queen? Thinking of Chess, the queen represents the moon. When we look at a hidden left eye, it also represents Horus’ left eye, which also represent the moon. All during a performance on a full moon.

I’ll explain...
16/ here is a freemason speculating on the real meaning of The Queen as the moon in the context of chess.

17/ .. and the left eye of Horus (Thoth) is the moon.

18/ It’s also a nod to the Black Eye Ritual.
19/ As Madonna descends the staircase, we can see that there are 3 levels to it, representing:

- 3 sides of a pyramid
- 3 levels of initiation or enlightenment
- 3 figures of the Godhead.

The skull also sprouts horns with arms reaching out.
20/ This whole like a prayer melody is simply the performer (handler) using previously established programs to activate brain-states in the audience so they will be receptive to the programming that follows.

Sing along, everyone!
21/ You are now ready to enter between the two pillars of Jachin and Boaz, as you ascend the staircase of enlightenment (Jacob’s ladder).

The pillars are being erected, referring to the construction of Solomon’s Temple.

Notre Dame has these pillars encoded in its facade.
22/ The monks carry the pillars to the top of the stage as the song concludes. As they set the pillars down, the pillars illuminate, representing the sun and moon. The three windows above are the eye of providence. The tracing board is now in place.

23/ I think it’s *very* important to note that after Like a Prayer concludes, the tracing board is established. Now that the audience’s “like a prayer” programming is activated, these initiates are ready for further enlightenment: Dark Ballet.

24/ Madonna is speaking to the fact that we know “their” crimes and that a storm is coming.

She is acting like she’s on our side, letting us in on a little secret.

But she’s not on our side.

This is The Revelation of the Method.

26/ Zen Gardner puts it best:

27/ next, Madonna goes through a death and rebirth ritual.

She dies, then 4 figures circle her in a ritual.

After removing their cloaks, Madonna is resurrected, presumably as her new alter, Madame X.
28/ Madame X begins Dark Ballet surrounded by nymphs or maidens in gas masks.

As she caresses a nymph, she saud “they are so naive”. Nymphs represent nature spirits, or the environment.

29/ This is my interpretation: nature, as symbolized by nymphs, is already aware of something coming, and has prepared by wearing appropriate gear to deal with the storm Madonna speaks of in Dark Ballet.
30/ Madame X asks: “Can’t you hear outside your supreme hoodie?”

She jerks back the nymph’s gas mask as she emphasizes “hoodie”.
31/ “... as the wind begins to howl”.

The same day as this performance, severe weather alerts were issued across the USA.

32/ Continued tomorrow...
33/ resuming my thread on Madonna’s Madame X #eurovision performance.

A quick recap: she performed 3 songs during a full moon ritual announcing something esoteric to the masses while the majority simply clapped their hands, viewing it as mere entertainment.
34/ We left off at the second song of the performance, a monologue called Dark Ballet.

“They think we are not aware of their crimes” clearly refers to child abuse in the church.
35/ Madame X comforts the nymph and says “we are just not *ready* to act”.

Ready has dual meanings. It could speak to readiness, or to a willingness, or to an ability to act.

Either way, we know about these abuses but justice is slow to come.
36/ Madame X’s reference to The Storm will probably get a few #QAnon heads bobbing.
37/ So what is the solution to this problem of meting out justice to abusers?

Madame X wants to tell us about love and loneliness, but it’s getting late now.

The solution is judgement, a great wind begins to howl.

She blows and the dancers fall between the pillars.
38/ Some commenters on this thread have already pointed something out: the gas masks of the dancers are similar to a painting in the Denver International Airport.

And they’d be correct.
39/ the painting is part of a mural by Leo Tanguma, called “Children of the World Dream of Peace”.

The soldier had stabbed the dove of peace, cities lie in ruins as women and children die.

The gas mask refers to a chemical or biological agent.

40/ after the dancers are killed by the winds of death, the camera pans out.

We see that the stage is set up as a square and compass (the compass is not yet present).

There’s also a series of lights.

From L to R, I count:
13,10,10,13 sets of lights beside the stage.
41/ the square represents the carnal, bodily realm, and the audience is clearly positioned outside the square.

We are the uninitiated.

Madame X is on the other side of the square, but the compass (spiritual) has not yet manifested.
42/ For those who want an in-depth look at the symbolism of the compass and square, check this out:

43/ as for the groups of lights:

13 10 10 13

The groups of light-numbers are mirror of eachother.

I’ll leave it up to you to figure out a possible meaning here:


44/ this camera transition is important because it marks the end of the 2nd song, and the beginning of the 3rd.

Lights sit astride 8 pillars (Jachin/Boaz), above the Masonic square.

The director really wanted to implant that, and the numbers 13,10,10,13 in your subconscious
45/ It’s possible the 10/13 refers to October 13.

What’s special about that day?

46/ I offer that interpretation up only as a sidebar comment, and am not imposing it.

It’s just a comment at this time.

For those who want to dig into the 3rd secret of Fatima, read Issue #64 of The Fatima Crusader.

47/ back to the analysis.

If you zoom in, you can see there is a section of the audience inside the “square” section of the stage.

A select few sit on the other side of the earthly plane.

Remember this for later.
48/ Now the audience is ready for their programming, as Future starts to play in its repetitive fashion to really drill that earworm into your mind to the extent that your inner voice starts to repeat this incantation.
49/ We are traumatized with images of bombed out sky scrapers.

Chemical and biological weapons don’t do this.

Nuclear weapons do.

Something falls from the sky and breaks Lady Liberty’s arm.
50/ The song drones on in a repetitive fashion for a while, and then we see hear two trumpets. This could be a reference to Revelations chapter 8.

51/ After the trumpets sound, Quavo starts his performance with the lyrics:

I hope you know
My life is gold
I drip that Ice
I see the signs
Just free your mind
It’s a culture ride
Too much pain inside
It’s an override
You’ve been puttin too much time
Tryin’ to survive
52/ the song then explains how we, the audience, will have to accept that not everyone will make it past the “purification” (mass culling) that the elites have planned.

Only a select few will survive the event.

This is what the whole performance is getting at.
53/ After Quavo delivers his bit, he and Madame X come together at the base of Jacob’s Ladder, between the two pillars of Jachin and Boaz. The dancers are in black and white, and Madame X and Quavo are also black and white (skinned). This is more dualism.
54/ The two singers come together, representing a union of duality (opposites), and as they ascend Jacob’s Ladder, a stargate or dimensional portal begins to open, with the dancers still positioned on the earthly plane (the square).
55/ The dancers begin to pair up and ascend the staircase.

Two of the dancers have the Israeli and Palestinian flags taped to their backs.
56/ Interpretation: a mass global depopulation will allow humanity (survivors) to overcome the past and ascend from the earthly plane (the square) towards the spiritual plane. This is the same plan echoed by the Georgia Guidestones.
57/ one of the goals outlined on the Georgia Guidestones is a global depopulation of 12/13 people on Earth, reducing population to the equivalent of 1/2 of India.

As the globe is ravaged, the elites will wait things out before rebooting civilization.
58/ Through the revelation of the method, they have used Madame X as their messenger to tell us about their plans.

Only the select few will be chosen to participate in the new age of reason.

Hence, not everyone is coming to the future.
59/ Madame X and Quavo reach the top of Jacob’s Ladder as pairs of dancers fall backwards into the inter-dimensional portal that has opened up. Perhaps they are falling into immortality?

60/ after Madame X and Quavo fall into the portal (abyss), the screen briefly shows the all seeing eye, and what looks like a thousand points of light. The two opposites formed a union and have achieved immortality (rising above the earthly plane).
61/ at the end of the performance, Madame X whispers “WAKE UP” as the words appear on the screen. This is to wake the audience up from the hypnotic trance. The message has been imprinted in the minds of everyone present, and now it’s time to go about our lives.
62/ Now it’s time to really decode this. I’m going to be looping back through this analysis to tie up loose ends and talk about a couple things I missed.
63/ the May 18/19 full moon was notable because it’s called a blue flower moon.

Because this flower moon occurred in May, it’s also known as a May Flower Moon.


64/ Mayflower. Like the boat the pilgrims arrived on in 1620... which is 400 years ago (almost). mayflower400uk.org

I might be diverging a bit here, but bear with me.
65/ The Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Bay, Massachusetts in 1620 .

However, in 1619, twenty African slaves landed at Point Comfort.

66/ This marked the start of a 400 year history of African Americans on what we refer to as US soil.

@POTUS even signed a proclamation into law, HR 1242.

67/ It doesn’t take too much digging to figure out how this is a huge deal to many in the African American community. It’s an important time marker of sorts.

68/ I’m not going to go too far down the rabbit trail, however it’s important to note that a 400 year cycle is part of an algorithm known as a “Doomsday Rule” because of the way the Gregorian calendar works.

69/ given the following:

- May 18, 2019 would be Pope John Paul’s 99th birthday
- The May Flower Moon fell on this day
- Madonna held a moon ritual in Tel Aviv this same day
- The Mayflower’s 400 anniversary is coming

Adds to the idea that 2019-2020 is auspicious.
70/ of course it’s totally possible I’m pulling random coincidences out of the data.
71/ I just see some parallels between Madonna’s performance and the Mayflower: not everyone who boarded the Mayflower made it to the future. Imagine being a pilgrim with such religious devotion that you leave the past and your family in search of a new land.
72/ the Pilgrims created their own breakaway civilization 400 years ago, and the elites are using Madame X to announce their intentions to do the same.

Satan is a copycat.

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