Keywords: I think
Mode: Mutable
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury
Messenger of the Gods. Ruler of communication that is why they are one of the most curious signs; gathering information and spreading it
Gemini is associated with the 3rd house in Astrology home to early childhood education, community, siblings, transportation, and short distance travel
Gemini is a sign that needs constant change and are often considered flighty and irresponsible. No matter how they mature they are always light of heart.
I find a lot of Gemini are anxious and are often on the move, jittery and express this nervous energy through excessive talking and nail biting.
Clearly this Is not all Gemini’s we would have to look at the entire chart especially what Mercury is doing
Gemini is associated with the parts of the body: lungs, arms and hands!! I have never met a Gemini with ugly hands!! Even the nail bends are pretty
For Gemini Variety is the spice of life they are versatile due to being ruled by Mercury this is also why they are analytical and considered quick and clever
Gemini’s struggle with death they can go from one thing to another and lack the ability to focus or complete things. I guess this adds to the fact they are considered “flighty”
Peter Pan was the ultimate Gemini
He never wanted to grow up but he sure did know how to have a good time
Gemini Strengths: The 🦋 butterfly, lively, carefree, happy, curious, dazzling, slightly ironic, charming, sociable and entertaining. Always tries to be fair

-Keywords for Astrology
Gemini Weakness: superficial, flighty, fleeting love. Reckless always looking for something new, fears emotional depth and flees to intellectual realm

-Keywords for Astrology
Typical occupational areas: agents particularly stockbrokers real estate agents or sales representatives. Above all in connection with communication publisher, writer, correspondence, journalist teacher. Intellectually oriented occupational areas

-Keywords for Astrology
The thing is as we are looking at the wheel of astrology each sign learns from the other so Gemini Taurus, & Aries all came before cancer; cancer is the first water sign. Cancer is where we are encouraged to go within
“Gemini people are born into the most personal of the air signs. They wonder where they fit in the scheme of things. They have lots of -me -I and my in their consciousness and their life experience requires the incorporation of self into a larger universe” - Betty Lundstead
As we go through the wheel it isn’t until we get to Libra that we are considering other people relating to other people with libra governing the seventh house of I relate this is where we find “the other” And I do mean the other in a broad context as in other people
“each person they meet is a new source of information or entertainment. As they seek each new experience they forget the old sources. This can cause conflict in their love relationships because their partner may resent all the new people”
I had a long-term situation with a Gemini man and He was very social and I am not social at all and we would be out for dinner and he would speak to the table next to us I don’t want to talk to strangers I’m not like that it can be a real source of annoyance 😂😂😂
You see so so often the Gemini Scorpio combination I think they are attracted to one another because they are both interested in getting information. But I don’t know how Scorpio Dates Gemini with all that social activity
“One of the relationship difficulties for Geminis stems from a fear or disinterest in working through problems to some compatible compromise or solution. Since they are social at heart it’s easier for them to run off....”
I have Venus in Gemini and I had a guy tell me once: “you a flee-er” lol and i admit for many years I left when things got rough and I’m cool with that. I have no regrets. now I’m ready to do the work
I know a guy in his 50s never been in love he’s a Scorpio and he fell in love with a Gemini. When he told me her sign I was laughing my ass off because you see this combination so often
“In personal relationships Geminis feel misunderstood for the emotion called love is conveyed to another in an intellectual manner. Words are more important than gestures but the other 11 signs don’t respond to this kind of demonstrative of love very easily” -Betty Lundstead
“ when a Gemini says he loves you he may love you with all his heart but he has difficulty demonstrating that love. First of all his intense feelings may be completely different in the morning” LOL
I’m not sure where I read it so I can’t cite my sources but someone once wrote that the reason why Geminis are excessive talkers in adulthood is because they were told as children to be quiet
I asked my friend that’s a Gemini and she said in her household “children were to be seen and not heard” and I always found that fascinating
I was on the train once and a small child maybe 8 months was trying to talk & her parents kept telling her to be quiet I thought this was very inappropriate but you know people without children can’t comment on people with children and I thought this baby is probably a Gemini
In #Tarot the Lovers Card is associated with Gemini Originally this card was called “Choice” and I always maintain in a lot of ways Love is a choice. “It doesn’t matter if they love you, it matters if they choose you” 💕🦋💕🦋
“They are paradoxes and contradictions. Their personalities exclude & invite; they are majestic & simple, warm & cold” - Linda Joyce #Gemini
“Gemini is the game of life. This is about winning and losing & experiencing both with equal detachment. Everything happens to illuminate your consciousness, to help you understand yourself and your journey”
“Geminis often get involved in relationships that are not in the here & now, either physically or emotionally. They prefer to dream about the other person & create them in their own image” -Linda Joyce
“Fear is a major obstacle for Gemini; it emerges with thoughts of limitation. Choice becomes the demon that Gemini can not face”
“The Gemini can be unavailable, noncommittal, remote, mysterious or uncertain. They seek things is the distance because that’s where they live. If you want to be with a Gemini pack your bags. They never stay in one place for long”
The Gemini I dealt with called me on New Year’s eve telling me to get on a plane he needs me in Mexico right now I’m like I have a job!!! I'm at work 🙆🏼‍♀️no planning would drive me crazy
“A Gemini’s environment needs to be mastered or it will master them. Often they have tough beginnings. Of course this is to get them out of their childhood & on their way”
“Play is often denied the Gemini child. Remember we seek what is missing in our lives”
“Gemini is the sign of the common man, of the everyday things in life and when you’re with a Gemini those simple things become special” 💕
“Geminis are very dexterous. They are good dancers and athletes. They are natural jugglers whether it’s apples and oranges or dates in their little black book”
“ they can easily change something simple into a web of complication. If your mate is a Gemini change your concepts of togetherness. You and me can include at least 10 other people”
“They’re comfortable with intrigue, strings attached and IOUs. They’re good at bartering, selling and maneuvering anything and anybody. They make great strategists and good leaders”
“If you’re dating a Gemini remember to get close slowly or once you become real you may become history”
I remember an ex of mine he has moon in Gemini he said to me: you never really care you’re just curious and I thought that really resonated with my Venus in Gemini
I think planets in Gemini can be drawn to complexities and once we figure something or someone out we’re onto the next
“The good news is they carry their curiosity and love of experimentation into the bedroom. They probably tried all 64 positions of the Kama Sutra” meow
“Gemini is the first phase of the journey were knowledge outside oneself is acquired. The moral decisions made in Taurus must now adjust to those of others and your environment”
“Love, creativity, and opportunity is in the air. Take it in and do your thing” Gemini 🦋💕 Lenny Kravitz
“Anytime I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I have reminded myself that life is a giant adventure so much to do, to see”
Gemini - Angelina Jolie
“A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none” Gemini
Marilyn Monroe
“It’s good to have a little distance. If you discuss your love too much it just damages it” Gemini Nicole Kidman
“I’ve grown up, everyone’s got to grow up. But there’s something inside me, I’m always going to have that little sort of -how do you say? Child streak -Gemini Prince
“I totally believe in Magic. Because my life I think has been very magic, and magical things have come true for me Time after time after time”

Gemini 🦋Stevie Nicks
Since this is Gemini Season I want to recommend one of my favorite Geminis. Dr David Hawkins. He has amazing material on ego, addiction, & consciousness
“There will always be opportunities to be in love again.” – Gemini
Shia LaBeouf
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