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Part Three of Now You Listen Here - my FBI!Bakugou and Photojournalist! Midoriya thread project - is finally here.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Reminder: TRIGGER WARNINGS. PTSD from war/torture, suicide/depression/anxiety mentioning.
Please be mindful of your own mental health. And if you need to talk after reading - or for any reason at all! - I'm here to listen ♥️ But I hope this story will be enjoyable rather than than damaging to persons reading it ♥️

Let's get started!
Katsuki woke up the next morning with Midoriya Izuku in his arms. And, fuck, did it feel amazing. Even if it probably was the worst decision he ever made. Career-wise, anyway.

But he'd deal with that later.

There were more important things to deal with than worry about what
the FBI would do to him once he admitted to getting way too close to his charge. And, honestly, for once something - SOMEONE - was more important to him than his job.

Midoriya Izuku was beautiful in the mornings. Katsuki had seen his bed head on cameras as he stumbled half
awake in the mornings but it was even more adorable up close. How did a guy with Japanese heritage have such a curly hair? It wasn't a common trait, genetic wise. Maybe it had something to do with Izuku's father, which was actually the only big unknown in the other man's life.
The man was never named on a birth certificate but Midoriya Inko seemed to have received some form of child support from the man. Had to. She didn't work throughout Izuku's childhood and she hadn't been on public assistance.

He wondered if Izuku knew anything about him.

"'orning," a soft voice croaked and Katsuki startled, seeing half lidded bright green eyes peeking up at him. Izuku's cheeks were slightly red, probably thinking about their activities from last night.

Katsuki hummed, brushing his bangs out of his lover's face.
"Morning," Katsuki swept his thumb over a freckled cheek that seemed to blush even darker at the movement. "Fuck," the blond said abruptly, swooping in for a quick kiss.

Izuku reacted in kind, hand cupping Katsuki's neck to pull him even closer. Katsuki had to
pull away with a playful growl.

"Stop being so tempting this early in the morning. We got shit to do, remember?" he said, wanting nothing more than a repeat of last night.

But they had to get off this damn island before others showed up. Or they were probably as good as dead.
And he also had to call Aizawa. Something wasn't right and he needed answers. He just hoped he was wrong.

"You're the one who kissed me," Izuku pointed out with a small chuckle.

"That's because your bed head is fucking adorable as shit and distracted me. Definitely your fault,
Katsuki announced as he rolled away and pushed open the door to the plane. There was weak sunlight streaming in through the windows. Definitely had to get going. He hoped down, butt fucking naked but not giving a shit.

He checked on their clothes, grimacing slightly.

still damp but they'll have to do," Katsuki tossed Izuku his clothes when he stuck his head out of the plane door. He caught them easily and disappeared back inside to put them on.

Katsuki slipped his on quickly, ignoring the twinge in his head. Yeah, he needed to get checked.
Izuku too. Shit, his priorities as soon as they made it back to land was piling up.

Priority #1: Medical attention.

Priority #2: Find a safe house

Priority #3: Find a secure - even from the FBI - way to contact Aizawa.

Priority #4: ... Probably don't get killed.

Katsuki got the door open to the hanger and was faced with a runway, and bright blue skies.

Good. Now, he just had to actually navigate and land the damn plane. Then again, what if it had tracking software? Maybe he should crash it and have them parachute instead.

Tsk, he
needed a place to land safely too.

Urg, and he had just the place. And it would deal with priorities one and two. Even if he hated the idea.

"Alright, nerd," Katsuki said as he climbed back into the plane, latching everything shut. "You ready for this?"

"Not even a little.
Let's go," Izuku said cheerfully, already chewing on a granola bar and sipping some water in the copilot chair.

"One day you're gonna tell me how you do this whole compartmentalize shit you do to avoid freaking out," Katsuki said flatly as he flopped in the chair next to him.
Izuku chuckled. "I mean, it's a coping strategy. Like I said before, I'll be having a panic attack later."

Katsuki inclined his head in acknowledgement, having almost forgotten Izuku's PTSD diagnosis. The man hid it very well.

"Hey," Katsuki suddenly turned to him and Izuku
blinked in surprised. "Just... I want you to know you don't have to hide all that from me, okay? If you feel an attack or... I dunno, upset, depressed, /anxious/, anything, you don't have to go through it alone."

"I know," Izuku said gently, smiling at him. "And, thanks to you,
I haven't been doing it alone these past few months. You were there and... I appreciated your phone calls so much. I realized I wasn't alone and you...," Izuku cut himself off, laughing slightly, as he rubbed at his eyes for a moment.

Katsuki reached over to grab his hand
and Izuku gripped it firmly as he looked back at him.

"You're my hero, Katsuki, and I don't think I'll ever be able to repay you for it."

The blond felt something warm in his chest at those words but he also had to laugh a little.

"You know, honestly..." Katsuki started,
thinking about how he'd been before this assignment. Before Midoriya Izuku. How he was always one step away from dying as well. How he had no real life outside of work. How he was just adrift in more ways than one.

"We're already even."

/Because you saved me too/, he thought
but figured there was time to talk about that. Later.

"Now buckle up," Katsuki said before he reached behind his seat and tossed him a parachute. "And wear that. Just in case."

Izuku stared at it and laughed. It was a little high pitched, nerves finally shining through, but
the other man put his own without complaint. Katsuki did as well. Then he started up the plane.

Shit, he really hoped he was trained enough for this. And that he remembered how to land properly.
It turned out Katsuki /did/ know how to land. But, doing so in a field in the
middle of nowhere was still a little dicey. Still, they managed it with minimum issues. He'd have to torch it later. Whenever he actually let the landowners know they were there.

Urg, the very thought left him feeling queasy.

Izuku noticed right away. "You okay? You look a
little... pale."

"... Shit, I guess I better warn you," Katsuki grimaced, scratching at his head for a moment. "I landed here because... Well, no one would ever think I would come here. And, well, they might not... be happy to see me."


"Yeah... My parents."
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Izuku looked like he short circuited for a moment.

"Your p-parents?" His eyes widened to saucers. "I'm meeting your parents?!"

Katsuki felt his face heat up. Fuck, he didn't even /think/ about it like that. How the hell was he even going to introduce this guy to his parents?
'Hey, this is my boyfriend? I guess? We had sex last night after talking to each other on the phone for months after I /watched/ him for months so I guess boyfriend covers it, right?'

His mother would send him flying.

"I guess fucking so," Katsuki groaned, rubbing at his face.
"Look, they're kind of our only chance, alright? They had a big enough area to land a plane and, well, the security here is pretty damn good. D-don't get nervous about, uh, meeting them just yet. I mean, I don't even have to tell them about what... We are."

"Is there even a
name for what we are?" Izuku asked, clearly wringing his hands over this.

"Fuck, I dunno, boyfriends seem kind of lame after everything that's happened," Katsuki admitted, feeling flustered.

"B-but it sounds nice too... If you wanted to, you know, keep this date of ours going,
anyway...," Izuku said awkwardly and adorably and Katsuki felt himself relax. Just a little bit.

Hell, maybe his mother would be in a better mood about him not contacting her in so long if he brought home a boyfriend. She always did bug him about it while he was in school.
"Boyfriend it is," Katsuki agreed, grabbing the nerd's hand. "Let's go greet them then."

"Why do you think they aren't going to be happy to see you?" Izuku asked as they trekked across the field and into the trees surrounding his parents' house.

"Been a long, long time. Hag
will probably rant about it..."

"You call your mother hag????"

"Yeah," Katsuki chuckled. "Like a parent calling their kids brats or pain in the asses."

"I wouldn't consider hag a form of endearment...," Izuku muttered.

Katsuki shrugged. "We got a different relationship
compared to you and your mom. We're both loud and abrasive and get on each other's last nerve. You'll see."

"... Bakugou is your family name, right?"

Katsuki paused then, looking at Izuku in shock. "How'd you know that?"

"Ah," Izuku looked startled. "Do you not remember? Right
before you got pistol whipped by that asshole, he called you by your full name."

Katsuki frowned hard. "Well, that's not fucking good," he said under his breath, mind whirling. How did Shigaraki find /that/ out without going into the FBI database?

Not good at all.
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The trek to the house was a bit long since his family owned a lot of land. When they finally reached it, though, he heard Izuku make a strangled noise behind him.

"Oh my god," Izuku gasped, trying to pull away from Katsuki. The blond rolled his eyes and tugged him forward.
"It's not a big deal, stop trying to run away, nerd," he told him irritably.

"Not a big deal?!" Izuku spluttered, clearly intimidated by what he saw before him. "I am in no way dressed to meet my boyfriend's parents who live in a freaking mansion!!"

"They're not gonna like your
clothes anyway. They're fashion designers so-"

"Fashion designers?!" Izuku sounded like he choked. "Omg, why didn't you warn me?!"

"Didn't have time! Now stop panicking!"

"How am I supposed to stop?!"

Especially when the sound of a gun going off had both of them flinching.
Katsuki's hand had already went to the pistol at his side before he recognized the man aiming at them.

"Wtf, it's me, jackass!" Katsuki snapped at Inui Ryi, his parents' head of security.

"Strange," the man growled out, weapon still trained on them. "You look like young
Katsuki but the Madam says you're dead."

"Yeah, probably to /her/. Just put that shit away and get the damn hag or the old man, will you?" Katsuki snapped holding Izuku close to his back, shielding him.

The guard sniffed in disdain but lowered his weapon. "Fine, follow me," he
said, turning on his heel and leading the way inside the mansion.

"By the way, there's a plane that needs to be checked for tracking devices in the eastern field," Katsuki added after they were led to a lounge area. The guard snarled but left, grumbling about troublesome kids
and security.

"Wow, this is...," Izuku was looking around the room, mystified. "Did you grow up here?"

"Hn, naw. I grew up in Japan until we moved here when I was sixteen. They got pretty popular right when I was getting into the academy," Katsuki admitted before he remembered
something. "How's your Japanese still? The parents' kind of speak it exclusively when they're home."

"Ah, I mean, it's okay?" Izuku scratched his cheek slightly. "I could probably be better. Don't get many chances to speak it anymore but I understand it well enough."

"Hn, makes
sense. You've been here since you were pretty little, after all."

Izuku sighed slightly. "Is there anything you don't know about me?"

"There's a lot I don't know," Katsuki admitted with a shrug as he leaned against the wall. "All I know are facts. I don't know all of the shit
that matters."

"Like what?"

Katsuki looked away, trying to hide his blush. "Like, what songs you like, your ideal date, shit that makes you happy. That's the important shit. Not what year you were born or facts like that."

Izuku was silent for long enough for Katsuki to chance
a glance. The nerd had tears in his eyes.

"Why the fuck are you crying?!" Katsuki asked, slightly panicked at the sight.

"You're just so s-sweet!" the nerd said, wiping at his eyes. "I want to kiss you so much right now."

Katsuki turned blood red but tried to sound cool when
he said: "Then get over here."

Izuku surprised him a little by flinging his arms around his neck and pulling him in but Katsuki still kissed him back. His heart soared and his hands went to the nerd's hips, dragging him closer.

Then he heard a polite cough. The two jerked
away from each other, cheeks red, to find his father had stepped into the room.

"Well, Katsuki, when Inui said you were here, I certainly didn't expect you to bring a friend along," the man said pleasantly, holding his hand out to Izuku. "I'm Bakugou Masaru, Katsuki's father."
"Oh, I'm, uh," the nerd took his father's hand as he stumbled on his words. "Midoriya Izuku. Nice to meet you, sir."

"Likewise. It's nice to see my son found someone to bring home to us finally. Mitsuki will be thrilled."

Katsuki sighed heavily. "Where is the hag anyway?"
"A show. So you can relax at least until this evening."

And Katsuki felt a bit of relief knowing he didn't have to deal with his mother for a few more hours, at least.

"How about I get you two a change kf clothes so you can shower? Then you can tell me and the doctor how you
ended up with all these cuts and bruises, alright?" Masaru said as gentle as Katsuki remembered him being.

It kind of hurt. Maybe he shouldn't have stayed away so long.
It was weird but Izuku and his father actually got along. Katsuki wasn't sure what he expected after his shower; but his very recent boyfriend chattering happily with his old man had not been top of the list.

Or for the doctor, an old woman named Chiyo, to walk him with her
cane upon him entering the room. He hissed in pain, meeting the woman's glare with one of his own.

"I can't believe you boys were flying around with these injuries!" she scolded as she led him to a seat beside his father. "Midoriya here said you got hit in head!"

Katsuki shot
the other man a small glare for ratting him out. The green haired boy smiled sheepishly, mouthing a small sorry.

"It's a minor concussion, old bat. /He's/ the one with the injuries," Katsuki gestured to Izuku.

"So I noticed. At least three bruised ribs, some burn marks-"
Katsuki's head snapped back up, his eyes having been looking anywhere but the woman in full lecture mode. "They fucking /burned/ you?!"

Izuku grimaced, hunching slightly to rub at his neck. "Only a little...," he said quietly.

Masaru sighed, shaking his head. "Now I'm curious
who they must be and even more so how you two met. Do you work with Katsuki?" his father asked.

Izuku and Katsuki shared a glance.

"Can't tell you," Katsuki decided and Masaru raised an eyebrow.

"You can't even tell me how you two met?"

"Through work but that's all I can
say," Katsuki shrugged.

"And I imagine /work/ is also why you're here?"

"Sort of had nowhere else to go," Katsuki admitted, wincing as Chiyo pressed on his wound. She shook her head in disappointment. "We won't be staying too long and that plane-"

"Already disposed of.
Inui said there were no tracking devices either," Masaru sighed, looking at Izuku. "My son's a bit of a troublemaker, I apologize."

"Oh," Izuku chuckled. "I think I might be a little worse, sir."

"A little?" Katsuki raised an eyebrow in disbelief. The man stuck his tongue out
in response. Masaru smiled slightly at their interaction.

"Well, whatever trouble you found yourself in this time, you know you can stay here as long as you need. Will you need a car?"

"Yeah," Katsuki said, frowning slightly. His mental list was piling up and he still needed
to call Aizawa to get to the bottom of this shit. "You and the hag should probably go on vacation too... Uh, just in case."

Masaru tilted his head slightly, narrowing his eyes for a moment. He didn't ask questions, though. No, that was his mother's job.

"Maybe we'll do that.
Chiyo, what's the verdict?"

"Mild concussion for your idiot son," she said with a small huff. "Seriously, you boys need some food, water, and sleep under your belts before you try and run off anywhere. Even then, with your injuries, you're just gonna hurr yourselves more if you
leave soon. A few days would be best-"

"It really wouldn't," Katsuki cut off, feeling a slight headache coming on. "At most, a few hours but then we got to get going."

"Of course," Masaru said lightly. "Just stay long enough to introduce your partner to your mother. Otherwise,
you'll have her chasing after you as well."

Katsuki grimaced, silently agreeing. His mother would go nuts if he left without saying hello or even goodbye. And once she found out about Izuku? Even more so.
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"And maybe once all this is over, you two can come by for a proper introduction," Masaru continued, sipping at his tea pleasantly. "And hopefully it won't be another five years before we see you."

"I-" Shit, he actually felt guilty. He hadn't thought it was that big of a deal
before this whole assignment with Midoriya started. He was busy being undercover, doing good damn work, but now he just knew he'd been running.

Running from what he still had no goddamned clue. Himself? His family? Shit he didn't want to face. But he was running, just like
Izuku had been running. Headlong into danger to escape the fact he didn't feel /alive/ anymore. Maybe Katsuki did it to avoid the fact he had nothing in his life.

Either way, he let his parents to worry about him until he figured it out. Something Izuku definitely hadn't done.
"Yeah," Katsuki swallowed slightly, looking down at his hands, trying to ignore Chiyo's prodding at him. "Yeah, we'll have to stop by for dinner once everything's settled. Right, Izuku?"

Chiyo actually paused in her treatment and gave him a considering glance. He pointedly
ignored her to focus on Izuku's reaction.

"I'd like that," Izuku said with a soft smile in his direction that somehow felt like forgiveness for him ever being an asshole.

"You're saying that now but you haven't even met the hag yet," Katsuki said and Izuku's smile turned

"If she's anything like you, I'm sure I'll love her," he said simply and it sent red straight to Katsuki's face. Because - fuck - how could he just just say that shit out loud!?

What the hell did he even say to that? Luckily - unluckily? - he was saved from having to
when a familiar voice suddenly shouted from somewhere in the damn house.


Katsuki bared his teeth, immediately glaring at his father. "You said a few hours!"

Masaru put his hands up peacefully. "I didn't expect her to leave the show when I told her you were

"You could have /not/ told her." Shit, was he even ready for this? Who was he kidding? He wasn't prepared in the slightest. He'd never brought someone home to his parents. Never had enough of a close connection with anyone to feel the inclination.

And now here he was
concerned with whether or not his mother would approve of Izuku. Not that he fucking needed her approval. He'd continue to love the nerd anyway but it /would/ be a load off his shoulders.

A load he didn't think he'd ever carry.

"You son of a bitch," Bakugou Mitsuki hissed as
she stepped into the room, red gown bellowing around her furiously. Like a cloud of blood. His blood if he didn't watch himself... which, of course, encouraged him to be a little shit.

"That says more about /you/ than me, old bat," Katsuki said flatly, turning his glare to his
mother's matching red eyes.

"Oh, you little-" she made a show of taking off her ball gown gloves.

"Um, honey-"

"Hush, dear, I have to teach this boy a lesson first," Mitsuki said as she tossed the gloves across the room. Katsuki stood up, much to Chiyo's complaining, and
faced his mother, half expecting a swat or punch or something. He was fully prepared for it, considering the anger coming off of her in waves.

So, he was completely blindsided when she wrapped her arms around him and brought him into a tight hug instead.

"Wha-what the hell!?"
Katsuki demanded, hands going to pull her arms off of him. She just clung on tighter.

"Oh no, you don't, you disrespectful little brat," she growled into his ear. "You don't have me worry about you for five years and then skip out on a damn hug, you hear me?"

"Fucking Christ,"
Katsuki sighed heavily, eyes rolling to the ceiling. "Fine, I give, but at least let me introduce you to my boyfriend when you're done strangling me."

She ripped apart from him so damn quickly he nearly smirked. "Boyfriend?!" she demanded, eyes finally landing on Izuku, who
blushed under the sudden attention. He stood quickly, though, and bowed politely in his mother's direction.

"Uh, hello, Bakugou-san, I'm Midoriya Izuku, uh," Izuku rubbed at his neck nervously once he straightened. Mitsuki stared him down for a long time. Even Katsuki started
to wonder if something was wrong.

"Are... you're Midoriya Inko's son, aren't you?" she finally said just when the silence was becoming unbearable.

Izuku and Katsuki shared a startled look. "How the hell-"

"Because I've known Inko since we were little girls!" Mitsuki said with
a dismissive wave of her hand. "We ended up getting pregnant around the same time too! And /of course/ we stayed in contact even when she moves to the States. And she's been worried about you, young man," she said, suddenly wagging a finger in Izuku's direction.


haven't called her in a few days! She was just telling me how unlike that was of you and your editor called her asking if something had happened!" Mitsuki scolded but Izuku looked absolutely bewildered.

"You know my mom?" he asked before his eyes widened in recognition. "Wait!
Are you Micchan?!"

"Yes! Goodness, I was starting to worry Inko didn't tell you about me!" Mitsuki huffed, shaking her head, as she pulled her phone seemingly out of nowhere. "To think you didn't call her because you're dating my /son/. Who would have thought-"

"Oi, you can't
call her!" Katsuki snatched the phone out of his mother's hand.

"Why the hell not?!" Mitsuki snapped, reaching for her phone.

"Read the situation for a second!" Katsuki said back, gesturing to Izuku's bruises and cuts. "In case the old man didn't tell you, we're not exactly
here for a relaxing dinner."

"All the more reason to tell her-"

"No, it'll just put her in danger. We're already putting /you/ in danger being here but we didn't have any other choice at the time."

Mitsuki crossed arms over her chest, a deep frown etching itself across her
normally smooth brow.

"Katsuki. What in the world did you get Izuku into?" she asked and he had to huff.

"I didn't get him into shit. But we did both get involved in the wrong person and, well-" he gestured to Izuku again. "But I'm working on it."

"We should take Inko on
vacation with us," Katsuki's father cut in suddenly, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "It has been a while since we've seen each other."

"That's actually a good idea," Izuku admitted, sheepishly. "Once you're away... you can tell her I'm okay."

"Oh, I intend to tell her more
than that," Mitsuki said, eyes sparkling. "After all, our boys are dating. Family dinners are going to be so nice. If you can actually get my damn son to visit," she hinted as she shot Katsuki another glare.

"Urg, whatever," he said, feeling exhausted.

"Well," Mitsuki clapped
her hands together. "Sounds like I got some work to do. Plane tickets, get you some phones, clothes, transportation. Why don't you two go rest while I handle everything?"


"Of course, Katsuki. This isn't the first time you've found yourself in trouble, after all."
That was true enough. This situation was a lot worse than any other he'd ever been in but he was grateful his mother was taking the reigns for a bit.

He watched as she walked back down the hallway, already snapping orders. She was confident, sure, and he never realized until
that moment that it was something he'd admired in her.

"I like her," Izuku announced with a bit of a yawn as they found themselves in a room. It was still in the middle of the day but a few hours of shuteye was probably needed.

After all, Katsuki wasn't sure when they'd get
another chance to relax. Not with the Attorney General involved potentially.

Shit, he really needed to call Aizawa.

"You would," Katsuki huffed, grabbing the man by the middle and dragging him into bed. "Starting to think you just have a thing for foulmouthed blondes," he
teased as he pulled Izuku closer.

"What's wrong with that?" Izuku said softly, snuggling up against him.

"Could think of a few but I know your nerd brain's gonna like that too much...," Katsuki admitted, tapping his fingers against Izuku's back. "What do you think about our
Moms knowing each other? Weird coincidence."

"I'm starting to worry if it even is a coincidence," Izuku said with a sigh. "Everything seems tpo well connected, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I'm starting to see a pattern too...," Katsuki grumbled, not liking it one bit. He didn't
think either of their parents were involved but it was still weird.

Why had he'd been placed on the mission with Shigaraki? Why did Izuku decide to dig into that bastard's stuff? Why did they suddenly both end up captured at the same time?

It was unnerving to say the least.
"We'll find out more when I get a hold of my boss," Katsuki decided with a sigh. "For now, we focus on saving our strength and staying hidden, alright? If the big boss is that far up in the government, I'm half expecting them to use government resources to get us back."

help then."

"Doubtful. Starting to worry they're in on it."

"... Well, this is going to be fun," Izuku said, completely unamused.

"Yeah, so much for your romcom," Katsuki looked down at him after a moment. "You doing okay?"

Izuku shrugged slightly. "I don't know. There's
a lot of... memories."

Yeah, Katsuki figured that would be the case. After all, this wasn't the first time Izuku had been captured by people. And as he said before, they were decidedly less pleasant.

"Look, I'm not a therapist or anything but... I'm here, okay?" His support
was about the only thing Katsuki could offer right now.

"I know," Izuku smiled up at him. "How could I forget my telephone angel?"

"You're shit at nicknames, nerd," Katsuki rolled his eyes, kissing him on the forehead. "Get some sleep."

"Hmkay...," Izuku buried his face
against Katsuki's chest, one arm going around his middle.
A few hours later, Katsuki woke up groggily to a knock on the door.

Actually, it was Izuku shooting straight up in bed that woke him. The nerd's hand had dived under one of the pillows at the knocking in an old habit. One Katsuki had seen multiple times when the man was
awoken suddenly, even if there was no longer anything there.

Katsuki slipped his hand underneath the pillow to intertwine their fingers, startling the other man. He looked at him, eyes wide, for a moment before he relaxed visibly.

The knock came again. "Urg, I'm coming," he
grunted irritably, giving Izuku's hand a quick kiss on the knuckle before he dragged himself out of bed and to the door.

His body was still sluggish but it'd have to do for now. They probably had already overstayed their welcome. He pulled open the door and was surprised by a
familiar face but it was one he'd only ever seen in files.

Midoriya Inko.

She took a step back in surprise as if she hadn't just been knocking on the door. "O-oh, I was expecting...," she trailed off but she already said enough.

"Mom?!" Izuku was at the door in a second,
immediately trying to squeeze past Katsuki. However, the blond held his ground, arm blocking the idiot's need to get closer to his mother.

"Why are you here?" Katsuki demanded. "Where are my parents?"

"Katsuki!" Izuku hissed. Katsuki didn't move, glaring down at Inko
demanding her answers.

She immediately turned red, hands flapping. "Oh! I didn't even think how sudden this must seem since you two have been sleeping and everything and we haven't even met properly - you were barely two the last time I saw you - but I'm Midoriya Inko!"
Izuku's mother wrung her hands nervously. "Micchan - uh, your mother - invited me on a vacation and just told me that Izuku was here when I arrived-"

"Yeah, gonna need proof of that, no offense," Katsuki said stiffly, wishing he had grabbed his gun. Anything could have happened
while they were sleeping. Shigaraki could have gotten a hold of Inko or-

"Katsuki! Stop being an ass and let Izuku see his mother!" Mitsuki rounded the corner, looking furious.

"What the f-" he snapped his mouth shut at the curse word, gave a harassed sigh, and allowed Izuku
to get passed him. The nerd enveloped his mother in a hug instantly and she started fretting over his bruises, asking what happened. Luckily, Izuku had enough sense to not answer. He merely shook his head and told his mother how great it was to see her.

"You should have told me
for having the lady knock on our door," Katsuki hissed as his mother came closer to watch the other two bond for a moment.

"Well, I didn't want to walk in on you two having sex or something," his mother said nonchalantly, looking at her perfect painted nails.

"Wait-" Inko
squeaked, pulling away from Izuku. "Sex?! You two are having sex?!"

Izuku turned a bright red, waving his hands very similar to his mother. "Mom! We were just sleeping!"

"This time," Katsuki couldn't help but chime in. He didn't think he'd ever seen the nerd's head whip
around so fast.


"Oh my!" Inko pressed her hands to her cheeks. "When Micchan said you were dating, I didn't think-is this why you haven't been answering my phone calls? Did you elope!?"

"What?!" Izuku squeaked, looking back to his mother and looking ready to panic.
"No! Nothing like that, it's just-"

"Wow," Mitsuki cut in, letting out a loud laugh. "You two are /adorable/. He's practically your little clone! I was expecting him to have Hisashi's personality or something but I'm relieved to see he was blessed with mostly your traits, Inko."
"Hisashi?" Katsuki asked, tilting his head. Especially since Inko suddenly looked so alarmed. However, there was no stopping his mother once she opened her mouth.

"Yeah, Izuku's father, obviously!" Mitsuki said, crossing her arms. "He was a bit of a dick, honestly."

father?" Izuku echoed, brow furrowing slightly. "My father's name is Hisashi?"

"Y-yes, I'm sorry I didn't tell you but-"

"As in Hisashi Green?" Izuku asked and Katsuki tensed immediately at the name. Especially when Inko nodded.

No. Fucking. Way.

Holy shit, what did this

Izuku swallowed down whatever emotion Katsuki could see twisting his lips and turned to his mother with a small smile.

"It's okay, Mom. I'm just surprised. But Katsuki and I have to get going soon," he hugged her fiercely then. "Have fun on your vacation, okay? I'll
come visit when you get back."

"Everything's ready, right?" Katsuki asked, looking to his mother. She was frowning slightly.

"Of course, who do you take me for?" she said, holding out a set of keys and two cellphones for him. "You two take care of yourselves, alright?"
"Don't need you to tell me that. Come on, nerd, let's get going," Katsuki said, forcing Izuku to pull away from his mother once more.

It felt like half a second before they were in the confines of the vehicle his mother had picked out. Fast with blacked out windows, just like
they needed, but his heart was jackhammering in his chest.

"Your /father/-"

"Is the big boss, yeah," Izuku finished for him, dropping his head in his hands.

"Holy /shit/."
[Hey, this is gonna be the end for part 3! More to come in a new thread ✌]
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