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1. With all this #CancelMyDebt madness, I'd like to talk about how I came to make an easy six figures without a degree, and with a shamefully lazy work ethic, after a lifetime of failure due primarily to procrastination and a shitty attention span.
2. I had a high (ALMOST perfect, damnit) SAT score. I had a perfect GPA. I took several AP classes and got 4s and 5s on all the tests. It looked like I was headed for great things! Not so fast. I was a lazy little shit who got through high school expending near-zero effort.
3. I was accepted to many schools - including a few VERY prestigious ones - but my father had no interest in paying one cent for my education despite this potential. This was actually wise (though I didn't know it at the time). So I took a full ride to a state school instead.
4. There I discovered the joys of the degenerate life. DJing. Partying. PC gaming. Basically a whole lot of nothing. I managed to contribute even less effort to college than to high school. Most of the time I didn't even show up. Managed to lose my scholarship quickly enough.
5. By odd coincidence, my DJing and music production was actually paying pretty well. So I stayed in school another two semesters on my own funds. But that was also a waste of money, because I still did nothing, barely bothered to show up, and was slowly sinking.
6. At this point, I realized I was wasting my life. My first album had sold well, and between that and my DJing, I bankrolled two semesters on that. But my second album was garbage, and I spent more time chasing pussy than DJing for cash. I had a choice: take loans, or leave.
7. Around this point my other side hustle, building websites, was starting to bear fruit. I'd always fiddled around with that, but I was getting offers to do this full-time for reasonable money. Could not do that full-time and manage a full load of classes - especially when lazy.
8. So I made the only wise decision I had managed to come up with my whole time since high school: I left school, didn't take any loans, and became a web developer - eventually carving out a niche building application UIs. This was all based on ROI.
9. The ROI of staying, and probably continuing to be a lazy, partying degenerate and getting into debt while doing it, was poor. The ROI of getting paid GOOD money - more than most graduates were making - going into web development was excellent. Best choice I ever made.
10. It was a good decision, though I regret how lazy and wrapped up in bullshit I was at that age. I could afford to go back to school now, and I've the work ethic to not be retarded about it. But now it's all pozzed and full of SJWs. So I'll regret that forever, basically.
11. But given the choice of debt for what was shaping up to be a mediocre academic record - supposing I didn't drink myself to death in the process - or taking the decent-paying work and bailing... I made the right choice. Always do the ROI math. Always know thyself.
12. So many of these folks today loaded up on debt, without the high paying job they wanted... how many of them drank, and partied, and were lazy fucks the whole time? The debt wasn't for your education, if you're one of those (and you know if you are). Be real. Be honest.
13. It was for a few years of post-high school degeneracy masked as "look at me, I'm getting my *hic* edumacationz! Now pass me another beer!" I guess today, a lot of them throw protesting into the mix too. Why not? That has just as little to do with education. It's all BS.
14. But my point is, one honest decision from a bit of unpleasant self-reflection - knowing that if I took the loan money, I'd be fucking myself because I didn't have the work ethic (at the time) to do what I was supposed to - saved me a lifetime of debt.
15. You don't have to go to college. You don't have to stay. Or maybe, like me, you just should have gone and taken work for a while until your maturity caught up a little, THEN gone to school... You have options. You have choices. Always do the ROI math.
16. I bailed myself out of my bad life choices. I'm not here to bail you out of yours. #CancelMyDebt is bullshit. You had the same options I did. You chose poorly. That's okay! I made bad choices too! But you've got to make the best of them. That's just life, my dudes.
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