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was burnt (allegedly because the author(s) "#VertigoPolitix" closed down the account themselves). It was entitled "The #emasculation of White Male #Identity". It argued that ALL major movements and decisions in the past 100 years ..
.. had one ultimate goal: to make European White males become powerless and, eventually, extinct. As the interesting narration appears to be available in text-form on the web, I will transcribe the entire narration here. I repeat that the author is "VertigoPolitix", not I.
.. Beginning of my transcription.
»[Voice of Noel #Ignatiev (no picture of his shown):] "The task is to bring this minority together in such a way that it makes it impossible for the legacy of #Whiteness to continue to reproduce itself." [Voice of narrator:] With only
.. a cursory examination, one can readily observed an overarching theme (that now pervades all Western #advertising, television, and every manner of visual #media): a passing glance immediately reveals (in stark contrast to those all around him) the painfully obvious,
.. almost effete, New White Male. In the vast majority of productions, he is portrayed as a weak, vacillating caricature, always in need of being clued-in by the #female superiors around him, always deferring to the instructions and moral directives of specifically-placed
.. minorities, whenever his character is exposed. Additionally, he now must seek #guidance from this very non-White protagonists whenever a #univeral perspective is sought, at which moment he is spoken down to with undertones of condescension and contempt (and sometimes
.. even bitter #hate). If by pure luck, this lone white half-man does indeed win the girl, or has been transformed into some good-guy killing-machine [here, a picture is shown which PERHAPS (I'm not a movie-expert) shows #BradPitt in the 2014 #WW2 film "Fury"; against this
..backdrop, I am not sure whether I should transcribe what I hear as


or as


if you know what I mean. LG,I ],
he must absolutely suspend his heroic stature whenever in the presence of a female (or minority-figure),
.. whose superior natures cannot be questioned. Nor does it matter what narrative format, or story-line, is being presented. The Western White Male is forever in need of repair from this #ToxicMasculinity (as defined by any and all around him.)

[Linguistic note: I'm not a
.. native English speaker, but I'm reasonably sure that it is an infelicitous formulation to say "in need of repair FROM his Toxic Masculinity". This apparently is not a clear mistake, but the "from" after "repair" tends to be used
to indicate WHO is doing the 'repair',
.. not WHAT the cause of the need of repair is.]

The social-engineering-goal behind this alarming policy is obvious:
by eliminating White Masculinity altogether, you remove the White Male
from reproductive dominance. Once this is achieved, it then only takes
a few short
.. generations to exterminate his race completely. The target-audiences of this agenda are:

(1) Ethnic-European #females, particularly those with aspirations of #family-building, who will be forced to perceive their natural sexual mating cohort with disdain or suspicion
.., and thereby consider non-white mating choices).

[Stylistic note. I think that the three adjectives in a row within the term "natural sexual mating cohort" are excessive, in particular as "sexual mating" is quite pleonastic. Saying 'natural mating cohort' would be enough
.. convey the intended meaning. LG,I]

(2) non-white ethnic enclaves, specifically those with high #ingroup-awarenes that are waiting to assert their cultural dominance when soical barriers have been sufficiently weakened;

(3) ethnic-European males themselves (whose morale
.. and defensive instincts were slowly been worn-down, eventually
succumbing to this persistent form of soft #PsychologicalWarfare). The power of visual #media to collectively steer entire populations is well-documented. It is no wonder that by the end of the First World War,
.. certain groups began fighting for control of this culture-making vehicle. Over a century of subtly perfecting techniques, the visual-cultural #matrix (and its component industrial complex) has had a virtual chokehold on the re-development of Western Civilization.
[ This is a (correct) example of the comparatively rare use of 'component' as an adjective. LG,I]
And the #sponsors of its new narratives have nothing but a sheer, all-encompassing #hatred of the #WhiteMale (his natural disposition, his historical achievements,
..intellectual acumen and, in particular, his #masculinity (which has been the glue that held #WesternCulture together for millenia). This quasi-military campaign being waged against White Male populations will not end. It has been designed from the outset with a singular goal
.. its cultural-marxist (and #neoliberal) generals, camped in their production-studios, special committees and boardrooms, simply no longer have any connection to the cultures and peoples from which they descended (being either alien to #European ethnies, or so deracinated,
.. and global in their outlook that their open #treason now no longer matters to them. [Linguistic note. Here, "camped" is not the #preterite of 'to camp', but rather the past-particle thereof, used #adjectivally. LG,I]

It is high time to understand that
.. this point of issue is 𝘵𝘩𝘦 core premise behind everything happening in the Western culture-war, at present.

[Remark. It is quite rare that I encounter an English #idiom I don't know already, but I didn't know "point of issue". (I was suspecting at first that the
.. narrator had misspoken and meant 'point AT issue', but no, it very much does exist: I reproduced another example of the idiom as a screenshot in 1131576593011433472. LG,I]

This cannot be emphasized enough. Backwards-engineer all the social (or cultural) phenomena from the
.. past fifty years and it is overwhelmingly clear what this has been all about. If Europeans can ever reassert their dominance in the nations and homelands, that is, [reassert] their #birthright, then #WhiteMasculinity must be venerated and nationalized again, pushed into
white masculinity must be venerated and nationalized again, pushed into every social contact vector with extreme prejudice, and become the central functioning-mantra within our own circles again.
[I couln'd make sense of the term "social contact vector". The narrator might
..mean '(social-contact)-vector or social-(contact-vector), neither of which appears to be a usual term. Of course, taken literally, the term makes sense: a 'social contact vector' literally means bearer/carrier of [possibilities for] social contact'; examples are: sports clubs..
.., other clubs, ballets, choirs, drama groups, universities, internet media. LG,I]
It must become our new #religion, our #SexualEthos and weapon, if we have any chance of success in the upcoming battle being prepared for us.
And god knows we shall have it.«
End of transcription.
In order to augment my 'static' rescurrection of the deleted video, I will now add all the pictures shown during the narration, together with brief indications of when they appear.

The video is illustrated only by still images EXCEPT for the very beginning: there, three
.. brief b&w movie-clips, all of the same white boy but from different perspectives, are shown. Each of three has to with #guns. It all starts with the boy apparently loading some sort of #AutomaticWeapon/#AssaulRifle:
Immediately afterwards, the same (or: very probably the same) boy is show wearing a handgun in a king of shoulder-holster/concealed-carry-holster (this scene appears when Mr. #Ignatiev says "such a way"):
Roughly when Mr. #Ignatiev utters the word "legacy", there is a cut to close-up of the holster, with the boy's hand drawing the gun (or, to be very cautious: SOME very similar hand, proably said boy's hand, drawing the gun):
There then is a black screen until the narrator says "observe", at which point (fittingly) the following picture of a family around a #TV set is shown:
Next, when the narrator says "passing glance", the following is shown (apparently this is Jim Parsons playing the character 'Sheldon Cooper' in the show 'The Big Bang Theory' produced by #CBS/Redstone):
When the narrator says "he is portrayed", the following image of the cartoon character "Homer Simpson" is shown:
When the narrator says "always deferring", the following still frame from the 2004 comedy film "Napoleon Dynamite" is shown:
When the narrator says "he now must seek", the following still frame from the 2018 action-adventure film "Robin Hood" by is shown (the two persons appear to be Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx):
When the narrator says "at which moment", the following image, available as "Adult beach boy confidence face facial expression" at… is shown:
[to be continued, hopefully]
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