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Heartbreaking moments when a Yezidi survivor met her family after 5 years of enslavement,torture and rape in IS captivity.
She was kidnapped from shingal with 7000 Yezidi Women and Children and forced to convert to Islam.
She was welcomed by her community.
21 Yezidis who escaped/rescued were welcomed by their relatives in shingal.
Most of them were children who lost their families and these children were used as fighters by IS after being brainwashed and forced to convert to Islam.
#YezidiGenocide survivors who was kidnapped with 77 members of her family: IS took us from shingal to Syria.
Men were separated from women and were killed.
Children were taken from their mothers and girls who aged over 7 years were also raped with all others.
Abu Salim Syrian the Sunni IS members raped this Yezidi Kidnapped with brutality because she refused to be his slave.
He tied her hand and mouth and raped her.
Abu Salim broke her leg and injured her hand.
IS made WhatsApp groups to sell Yezidi slaves.
8 Years #Yezidi girl who was kidnapped by IS and separated from her family was sold to 70 years Sunni Muslim to enslave and rape her.
IS Amir(s) have taken more than one Slave.
Some of them took 7 Yezidi slave.
They were sold for 1,500 -10,000$.
Most of them were sold many times.
This Yezidi Teenager was kidnapped by IS,brainwashed and used as Fighter after IS killed his father.
Yezidi Children after they escaped from IS they still suffer from trauma of Genocide.
This #Yezidi Child was kidnapped by IS and sold in a slavery market after IS killed her parents.
Sunni woman from Mosul bought him and thought him Quran and to pray like Muslims.
She said he was Yezidi (kaffer) and it was good to make him convert to Islam and teach him Quran.
#YazidiGenocide survivors: our neighbors have killed our fathers and brothers,filmed them when they killed them and showed us how they killed them.
They threatened us if we ran from Islamic State and get captured they are going to kill us too.
I lost hope while I was under enslavement of Islamic State.
I tried many times to kill myself, I took too many pills,jumped from top of the house where we were imprisoned,but I didn’t die.
3 of her sisters r still in IS captivity.
They r 8 & 11 yrs.
Painful moments when Genocide survivor met members of her family after years of enslavement,torture and rape.
IS shot IS but we weren’t injured so they captured us and took us to IS headquarter.
IS decided to cut my breast and my head and same punishment for my mother but we were able to escape before they beheaded us.
IS used to beat me on my head so I can’t see and hear good.
A Yezidi girl who aged 8 years was Kidnapped by Muslim Sunni.
They sold her in slavery markets and she was raped by 10 IS members.
She escaped and died in hospital two months later.
Her mother was shot 27 times after she killed an IS members and her body was thrown.
15 yrs Yezidi girl was kidnapped with her brought who his fate is unknown.
The Genocide survivor was sold in slavery markets and raped like all Yezidi kidnapped.
They were moved from Shingal to Tal Afar and then Raqqa to be raped by Abu Saeed Aljazrwi.
Abu Saeed used to keep her without food and has every Friday beaten her.
Yezidi Genocide survivor escaped from IS captivity and returned to their family and community who welcomed her.
Brainwashed Yezidi Children in IS captivity who were forced to convert to Islam,to learn Quran.
They were learned to fight and kill kuffars who are enemies of ISLAM and sharia.
1000s of Yezidi children are still missing.
I stopped trying to kill myself in sake of my mother in hope to see her said Yezidi Genocide survivor who was kidnapped,tortured and beaten.
She didn’t have any problems with speaking but she was tortured because of that she has problems.
Her mother is still missing
IS killed my aunt after she recognized two of them who were our neighbors.
Sunni Muslim neighbors have committed genocide against Yezidis.
They killed 1000s of Yezidis and kidnapped and enslaved 1000s them.
Yezidis welcomed their Kidnapped daughters and children who escaped fromIS captivity after almost 5 years of captivity.
They couldn’t believe that they are safe and have met their families after all this torture and enslavement.
Yezidi activist: Sunni tribes who were neighbors of Yezidi community have joined IS,committed Genocide against Yezidis.
They have,kidnapped,killed,raped tortured,burned,beheaded,buried Yezidis alive and enslaved them.
Members of Yezidi community welcome some Yezidis who escaped/rescued from IS captivity after years of enslavement and torture.
Still 3009 Yezidi are missing after 5 years of ongoing Genocide and persecution.
Yezidi teenager who escaped from IS and was used as fighter: there were many Yezidi children who sent to Islamic schools under IS captivity,they were too young and IS could easily brainwash them.
The oldest one was 14.
They taught them Quran and to fight.
Layla was kidnapped with her 11 years sisters and faced the same fate.
Tortured,raped and enslaved.
They imprisomed her with her sister in a room and started torturing them.
One of Kidnapped with her was tortured till white color of her clothes turned to red from beating
Yezidi Religious men went to Syria to welcome Yezidi Genocide survivors and to bring them home after years of suffers.
IS woman: enslavement of Yezidi women and girls wasn’t rape because it’s allowed in Islam according to Quran and sharia law.
Even if they are children there is no problem to be raped.
Abu batar Sunni Muslim from Mosul took me to a hotel to rape me and then his four guards raped me.
Then I was sold to Abu khatab another Sunni Muslim from Mosul who raped and enslaved me.
3000 Yezidi women and children are still missing after almost five years of ongoing Genocide.
Neither Iraqi ,Kurdish nor international community is interested in helping to search these missing and help to bring them back after long time of enslavement.
Even after defeat of Islamic state Yezidis are still suffering.
3000 missing and survivors are suffering from trauma of Genocide specially brainwashed children.
Women who have been tortured and raped,lost family members need rehabilitation.
Yezidi child who escaped from IS captivity: IS tortured and raped Yezidi women.
They sold them in slavery markets, even I was sold and resold.
I was used a servant.
This Yezidi woman decided to die and not to convert to Islam and not to be enslaved and raped by Muslim Sunnis who kidnapped 1000s of Yezidis.
A Sunni neighbors killed the two sons of his Yezidi neighbor,kidnapped and enslaved the three daughter and released the wife of his neighbor,told her to go to tell her man what the Sunni neighbor did.
This child is Yezidi Genocide survivor and has lost all family member.
While he was talking to one of Yezidi community after he escaped: he asked of I returned where o will go and to whom?
Yezidi guy met his grandmother after she survived genocide.
He lost hope to meet her as IS was killing old Yezidi women who can’t be sex slaves.
The happiness of Yezidis when they welcomed their survivors.
This happiness isn’t complete as many members are still in IS captivity and captivity of other Islamic groups.
Men were killed in mass graves while women were enslaved and raped.
Even 9 years girls were raped and tortured.
Many died under gang rape by IS members.
Many Yezidi Children were used as suicide bombers by IS as we have seen how the two brainwashed Yezidi brothers bombed themselves.
Kocho is a small Yezidi town in shingal,it was surrounded by IS for days and they were given two choices either convert to Islam or be killed.
The men were killed in mass graves after refusing convert to Islam and women were enslaved and sold in slavery markets.
IS families claim that Yezidi children are theirs and neither Iraqi nor Kurdish govmt is ready to help to make DNA tests.
@IraqiGovt @Kurdistan .
There are still 3000 Yezidi missing,among them 1000s if children.
Many kidnapped are trapped in refugee camps among IS families and many others are in captivity of other Islamic groups.
DNA Tests must be done for children in refugee camps where IS families live.
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