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Dear liberal white women,


Just stop.

Stop saying shit like, "This isn't the America I know."

'Cause what you're really saying is: you don't know shit.

And this is the other shit white women need to stop doing:

Disingenuously using their gender as a shield when a Black man or MoC tells them to check their privilege and/or racism.

Y'all use 'white feminism' ONLY when it's convenient for y'all, KATHY.😒

Stop that shit, too.
I'mma stop you right fucking here, EILEEN!

Y'all love pointing fingers at other groups when called out on your bullshit

You ain't about to flip this shit on Obama; not in MY fucking mentions

On THIS matter, keep Obama's name out ya mouth & handle up on YOUR skinfolk
Did you seriously just #NotAllLiberalWhiteWomen in MY MF'n mentions?

Come collect y'all cousin, white folk, before I go off😒
And while, y'all are at it, come collect Gracie, too, before she gets chewed TF out with this tone-deaf comment.

Y'all are really fucking trying today.

...but I got time. PLENTY of it.
In case you MF'n think I'm playing with y'all today...
Looks like this will now become the #HitDogsHoller thread

Here are some new entries...
Translation: "My fragile feelings are bruise & my privilege is in jeopardy, so now I'm not gonna be a decent fucking human being."
Because Black People should really concern themselves with what you, white person, consider "hard"
When it's "cosplay allies" like yourself...

Translation: "Please don't expose my faux attempts at inclusivity, solidarity, & allyship for non-liberal-white-women. I'm not ready for my privilege bubble to be popped."
The fact you think checking MF'ers on their ignorance & privilege is done for likes says more about YOUR shallow, inconsiderate ass

Yet another deflection tool used to shield you from Black Men/MoC calling you out on your bullshit

Naw…you ain't immune THIS time
Clearly, YOU were already the enemy...PRETENDING to be an ally & thinking we would fall for it.
First the fuck off, ain't no MF'n "card" to play; that's that white shit y'all pull when told off about who you REALLY are: selfish, entitled, privileged, careless, & outright DANGEROUS!

Second, you'd be the MAIN one voting for trump b/c "feelings," so fuck you
Translation: "How DARE you question my faux-allyship after I gave you people money!
What? No! Why on earth would I 'check' my privilege? It's why I gave you MONEY! That absolves me of such burdens!"

Yeah, excuse YOU! It ain't '72…it's 2019 & your white is showing
How the fuck you gonna tell Indigenous Natives, Blacks, the whole spectrum of PoC, LGBTQ+, Disabled, & immigrants this isn't the America *we* know?!

MF'er, it's ALL we know from cradle to grave! Unless you're trying to say WE'RE not Americans, and if so, fuck you
So, she wants to pull a "post-and-run": talk shit then immediately block me to avoid the MF'n reading waiting for her

I can't check her ass, but I wouldn't blame anyone who chooses to…*ahem*…✌🏿educate✌🏿 her

Not for MY benefit, obviously, oh no…but for yours😉

First of all, you don’t hop your ass into my mentions governing what the fuck I write

Second, point to where I said “all white women,” witcho sensitive ass

Finally, yeah, you ARE the same, ‘cause your fragile ass out here checking me instead of your privilege
Yes, it is.
You know why?

‘Cause liberal white women like YOU spend time COSPLAYING as allies, only to cry fowl when your fraudulent asses get exposed by having your privilege challenged, as your underlying racism, sexism against BW/WoC, etc. oozes out of you
YOU'RE why.
YOUR post is why.
YOU'RE the target audience for what TF I wrote, b/c:

1) the ones who say this shit MOST OFTEN, in an attempt to absolve themselves from this shitshow, are liberal white WOMEN, and

2) they, like YOU, are on some #NotAllWhiteWomen shit
Let’s get one thing MF’n clear,

It is NOT OUR fucking job to educate YOUR lazy ass on YOUR ancestors’ shitty history or how NOT to be a shitty person!

Also, check your fucking racism; *we* know what the fuck you’re trying to project with that “instigate” shit
White women…be they Trump/GOP voters or liberals wasting energy silencing marginalized groups instead of collecting their bigoted cousins & checking their privilege…are the purveyors, maintainers, & benefactors of white supremacy

Your argument is invalid, so no
The only way “those in power” win is when you wannabe “progressive” white men (like yourself) & women get all pissy & withhold your vote, b/c marginalized groups side-eye y’all on this kumbaya shit you like to throw out to absolve yourselves from any responsibility
First off, GABBY, I post what TF I want to post in MY OWN MF’n thread, so Fuck Yo’ Feelings #1

Fuck Yo’ Feelings #2: These screenshots, YOURS included, ARE facts...facts of liberal white woman fragility when her privilege is challenged & threatened by a Black Man
Gonna stop you right here w/ this bs "censorship" silencing tactic

Just as you were free to say stupid shit…in MY MF'n mentions, at that…other liberal WW can, too

That ALSO means *I* have free reign to check your ignorant, privileged ass…in MY MF'n mentions!
First off, fuck Bernie & his Bros!

Second, read these MF'n receipts and sit yo' loud & wrong ass down, white dude!
Bet, but let the record reflect:

That “umbrella” of mine you keep referencing: it’s one where excusing privileged white folk who deliberately blind themselves from the deepest scars & sins of American history, all to retain their gains & benefits...ain’t gonna fly
And since you already know what’s going down:

Yeah, you’re on some sensitive ass #NotAllWhitePeople shit, no matter how eloquently you phrase it

AND you compound it with some “I’m gonna take my ball & go home” wypipo bullshit b/c you’re not being coddled to

See🤦🏿‍♂️, this is why white dudes BEEN canceled eons ago

Y’all confuse nonsensical, incoherent, dumb shit (w/ a splash of racism) with wit

AND you look & sound inferior AF when you try to imitate Black Folk who are leaps & bounds more intelligent & creative than you
This is the mental gymnastics bullshit WW pull on BM/MoC I’m talking about

My original post spoke on the ignorance of “This isn’t the America I know”

I’m just gonna be blunt: What TF does this have ANYTHING to do w/ my post other than to derail the conversation?!
OK, NOW I see what she’s doing; she’s pulling a two-fer:

1) She’s disingenuously using her WW shield to silence a Black Man from challenging her privilege like her friend KATHY earlier

2) She’s centering her feelings b/c woe is her for her privilege

Girl, FOH😒
If you interpret “checking their ignorance of using tone-deaf phrases like ‘This isn’t the America I know’” as “attacking” liberal WW, then neither you nor said WW were ever allies

Even less so if they/you get all huffy & take their/your ball home b/c “feelings”
Oh, you DEFINITELY fucking need THIS input, b/c if you think we as BM/MoC are gonna continue to let y’all manipulative assess use your WW status to silence us from checking YOUR OWN racism & bigotry, you got life ALL kinds of fucked up!

That bullshit ends NOW!
BW never asked your honkytonk ass for help, @cblunt48

You bad enough to clap at a BW, hop your ass over here & clap @ me; see how bad you REALLY are

Credit to @Bravewriting for exercising this faux-ally demon

Thanks to @Brent_8706 for bringing it to my attention
Naw, MF’er, we’re done when *I* say we’re done

You had time to talk stupid towards a BW, you gon’ MAKE time for a BM to check your ass

Your underlying racism hopped TF out when a BW exposed you for the faux-ally you are

How about #resist being a fucking racist😒
I get how WW hide behind liberalism & gender to:

1) be manipulative AF to cloak your underlying racism, sexism, & general bigotry towards BP/PoC

2) silence BM/MoC from calling out your bigotry

3) have 1 foot in inclusion & the other in white supremacy

Not fucking today, RACHEL!

Nearly everyone knows “hit dogs holler” refers to guilty people exposing themselves when a certain truth comes out

You know gawddamn well I’m not calling women “dogs,” so this bullshit attempt to derail the convo ain’t flying this time
Trail of Tears?
Japanese Internment Camps?
Jim Crow?
Post 9/11 Islamophobia?

Those were the “American dream,” KIKI?!

Blindly defending the ignorance of your fellow “liberal” WW is one thing

Being THIS stupid doing it is another; pick up a damn book!
WTF does this even mean?!

You know what? Not even gonna bother w/ this fool since Chris (@notcapnamerica) already read his ass for filth

JEFF also highlights the racism amongst liberal white LGBTQ+ folk

You, Chris, are a scholar & a gentleman, and I thank you
White people always try to pull this kumbaya shit when either called out on their bigotry or their support of an unsavory candidate who also has underlying bigoted issues (fucking Bernie stans😒)

Ain’t shit to think about. If we get more trump, YOU get the blame!
First off, mediocre white dude, you & your ilk BEEN cancelled so you & your two pennies aren’t worth shit here

2nd, notice your fragile ass said “men” instead of “WHITE men” in an attempt to assuage your guilt & run from the truth

Lastly, “plenty” ain’t enough!
62% of WM & 52% of WW: trump

Gorsuch, Kavanaugh: because WP

Y’ALL be the main MF’ers who destroy shit out of greed, selfishness, & ignorance

And ALL you MF’ers do is project your OWN failures & insecurities onto other groups

Naw, bitch...YOU’RE the problem!
Next time y’all wanna pretend racist white women are all Conservatives...

Refer to this “liberal” WW’s post...before having the AUDACITY to fix your thumbs to type #NotAllWhiteWomen

And if y’all don’t check her, y’all are no better

PS - MF’er, I was born in 1983
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