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⏰signs of the times ⏰

now the difficulty lies not in finding the artificially induced weather, but rather a naturally occurring weather cycle. this was in texas a couple days ago. ill have more on how and what machines produce this effect
this was over kansas that same day
here is what I'm looking for. this one was directly under where that rotating cell began in Texas. Governor Abbot is going to be hearing from me very soon about why a high power transmitter facility is operating in west texas
just started reading how all this works today so i wont have a full report for a couple days. but here's the quick. they are using electromagnetism to connect the HAARP charged upper layers of the atmosphere with the lower near the ground, creating a tornadic spin up upward
Notice the date on this report. This was proven to work in 1992. I still in junior high and they already had it working,
Everyone's suspicion about Fukushima nuclear disaster from a HAARP quake might be true
watch the area in oval and smaller circle. all the cloud flares up happen right next to a nexrad station. and to the left on the Texas New Mexico border you start seeing the clouds break up into parallel lines and twisting. the fish clouds always let you know something is up
here is one from 2003. look at all the fish gill clouds
they held typhoon wutip in place for days while they were doing an emergency military exercise drill over guam. when it was over, they just blew off off the top layer and it faded away
they can also block storms. These diagrams are from an experiment higher up in the atmosphere but the same concept can be done closer to the surface from ground based equipment
here is the satellite feed from the pics above
different channel of the same video
visible satellite video feed
they are pumping our atmosphere with so much shit there is no telling what our climate might do. have you noticed the "weather forecast" are always being updated and changed sometimes daily
Two Texas HF Transmitter Sites. They are hidden inside power stations. This is what to look for everyone. All those plumes that pop up out of nowhere will probably have one of these
you can see when they turned the damn thing on!!!!! watch the little puff to the left of fort stockton
here is a nexrad induced gravity wave hitting the edge of a front that is also getting pushed from behind squeezing the moisture of out of the narrow band of air.

"debunkers" lee side waves come SE off of mountain slopes, not SW off the plains of oklahoma
Here is how its done. I guess this is why they are hidden in power stations.

"This statistical methodology is being applied to ART’s own ATLANT™ rainfall enhancement through ionization technology. However it is equally applicable to chemical cloud-seeding, which has been hampered by inconclusive trial analysis for 70 years."

a twitter friend sent me a link to this the other day.

here is another one is those sites west of san antonio.
may 5, 2019 over lubbock
here's another view of that on may 5
it's reacting with the fish gill clouds which are being made by nexrad pulses.
here is the ground view of those satellite videos. this is from 2008.
nexrad video showing the strikes that created the camp fire 🔥 on nov 8

nexrad video showing the strike from battle mountain in nevada hitting the storm in oregon on july 15. thousands of lightning strikes and hundreds of fires within minutes

Remember when this was how natural weather looked?? A warm air mass from the Gulf collides with a cold air mass from the north, creating thunderstorms and tornadoes.
But when the new weather patterns don't fit into what has been told to you in the past, they just rewrite or change this history books as they did with tornadoes in 2014. So now they miraculously form without the air masses and can this is just the new normal.
sorry for the typos. i always need to go back and edit for the character limit and those slip by

and introducing the SBX-1
They keep adding new types of clouds to the record books.

"In fact, the term "actinoform" is not included in the 2000 edition of the Glossary of Meteorology, which is considered to be the comprehensive reference work for meteorologists."

So now these popcorn clouds are precursors to rain and thunderstorms? Somehow i don't remember this happening when i was a kid playing outside everyday for ten years
Look at this, i was close with my made up name calling them fish gill clouds. They call it "mackerel sky" and like the popcorn cloud is now a precursor the bad weather. So in other words, nexrad radar clouds bring bad weather, GOT IT!
So these are the new normal too, nothing to see here
"Some clouds defy classification but are important to remember, such as the fallstreak or hole punch clouds" Really?? So now we have clouds that defy classification? So they just make up new terms like the one from today "actinoform clouds"
and look we have another new type of cloud introduced in 2009 "undulatus asperatus" I remember as kid we have cirrus, stratus and cumulus clouds or mixtures of the three.

Nothing to see here folks. Take off the tin foil hat. Move along, move along
This is right now, May 31 over the Pacific Ocean. Does this soupy mess mixed with parallel and perpendicular cloud lines look normal to anyone. Where the hell are the meteorologists & weather men and women?
Watch the energy waves come over the black and white video from the north
Here is the record outbreak of tornadoes going on right now
Watch the "T" (tornadoes) pop up. Always right by the four letter Nexrad stations. All kinds of gravity wave lines, fill gill clouds, roll clouds. Nothing here looks normal!!
that one was kind of blurry, here is a shorter one
this is for everyone that has been asking who is doing this? i'm going to start listing all the companies responsible. here is the first.

Meteo systems international

interesting.... there application status was abandoned TODAY!!!!

I found this interesting. Notice the terms being used. These were not added by me, they are apart of the video. Here are the still shots.

Is it just me or does "attempt" sound a lot like induced or man-made??
Here is the video and link.

May 17, 2019. Added text to match the video above. This is West Texas, where the hell is all this moisture coming from? and it begins SE of Fort Stockton, right over that power plant out in the middle of nowhere. Remember, they can drag the moisture across ionized power lines
they are recharging the aquifers for the decades long drought that is coming
here are the united nations extreme drought conditions maps for the near future. Are you seeing the pattern for where all this extreme weather is happening?
I think the point has been made. So will all "debunkers" that keep saying that weather control doesn't exist just please shut up.
I won't stifle free speech, but I will stifle stupid speech. Your argument is officially over, goodbye 👋👋👋👋👋
Just in case any "debunkers" were trying to come up with some clever (at least what they think is clever) comeback or a smart ass reply
LIES, LIES LIES. I swear to God, 99% of everything we have been told is a lie. Obviously, these are not normal clouds over the Pacific Ocean right now, just west of California. They are labeled as "Actinoform Clouds" Californians, be on ALERT, this is not a good sign!
They are doing something the Pacific Ocean right now just off the coast of California. These clouds appear when Scalar technology is being used!
NASA and more recently CIMSS tried to play this off as normal because they were identified in the past. The first time in history these clouds were made was in 1962. This was not weather tracking, this was spying on the Russians and monitoring the use of their new Scalar Weapon.
LIE 1: These ARE a recent discovery, appearing in 1962 because of Russian Scalar Weapon Testing
LIE 2: "Scientist dismissed them as merely a transition form between other, more familiar type of clouds"
LIE 3: "People Just forgot they were there"

The picture showing the first known actinoform clouds states: TIROS-V image of actinoform clouds over the Western Pacific Ocean on 07 October 1962.

Guess what else was happening in the Fall of 1962!!
Twitter is crippling my page. I apologize to anyone that asked a question and never got a response, i never got it. only seeing a fraction of whats sent. I know bc of the impressions count. It will increase by several thousand in 15 minutes and not one notification comes in
It looks like they are setting up their high pressure ridge on for the Atmospheric River that is coming
This is whats causing those shapes in the clouds...

Here is the link to the full video by Mortenza Sheshpari

This overlay showing the water vapor in the upper atmosphere is really jumpy. I have never seen it act like this before. Its always slow loading but one finished gives a smooth film. This looks like its being cut and clipped.
Twitter just stopped me from sharing this link through Direct Messages.
Has anyone else seen a hurricane sit and spin the same place for days?
How is that video above showing the clouds off the coast of California being burned off from the Northeast to the Southwest possible when the jet stream is doing this?

"Debunkers", this doesn't exist right? Crazy conspiracy theories right?

Every single one of you that continues to spread disinfo & denies that this exists are just as guilty as the Deep State assholes controlling it.

This means you too Weathermen!!!
now they are deleted my tweets
🛎️🛎️🛎️⏰⏰⏰⏰ATTENTION EVERYONE ⏰⏰⏰⏰🛎️🛎️🛎️

Everyone was looking for a culprit to point the finger at....start pointing.!

Formed "for our protection and benefit" of course. Don't you love how they say its always for "us".


Parsons Corporation is the backing behind the NAWPA. You wanted a name and face to this, well here it is. These are the people doing it!!!!!
I wish everyone would take off their tin foil hats and stop saying that the "Deep State" or govt is doing anything to control the weather.

Weather modification does not exist!

(for brain-dead idiot debunkers too stupid to understand, that was sarcasm and making fun you)
Here is a leaked document from 2008 (I have the whole thing) asking for information from the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission about "Event Contracts" due to weather modification and weather weapons. And Rick Santorum's bill to hide weather data from the public
i'm 40 years old and lived in south texas my entire life. i have never seen anything like this. i'm officially adding a new cloud type to the books.
"watthafucus godahelpus"
well now i know what created the #watthafucusgodahelpus cloud last night over houston

Add one more to the list of companies doing weather manipulation.
Solaren Corporation Manhattan Beach CA. Here is their logo "We are Creating Tomorrow’s Clean Energy with Today’s Technology"
Not sure how "Weather Management Using Space-Based Power System" applies
A troll just tried to interject himself into this thread and then blocked me about 10 minutes later 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I usually don't take joy in the suffering of others but for these little eunuchs I will make an exception. Bye Bye @n0tao 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋
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