To change an Omega's mind about Alpha's, Jungkook's going to have to go above and beyond to win the heart of his prince. But someone doesn't want this wedding to happen. What's an Alpha to do when he's trying to keep his head and his love at the same time? Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 since you can't be tagged in photo's
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 This is an ABO text fic! There will be written parts.

Warnings below!
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 Warnings:
-Possible Mpreg
-descriptions of violence
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 Friend group 1:

Prince Jeon Jeongguk of Seoul.
Jung Hoseok, Dance academy instructor.
Kim Namjoon, Professor. *wink wink*
Min Yoongi, Jungkook's cousin. ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 Friend group 2:

Prince Park Jimin of Busan.
Kim Taehyung, Gucci model. (He deserves it)
Kim Seokjin, Advocate for Omega rights. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:0

Jimin gets some bad news. Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:1

The omega chat room, normally filled with the latest royal gossip. ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:2

Jeonggum might have messed up... Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:5

The royal Seoul news has the latest gossip from the royal family and their inner circle. Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:6

First contact.... Does not end well. Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:7

Jimin complains to Taehyung.
Taehyung thirsts after Jungkook. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:8

Jimin arrives in Seoul two days after the announcement.

People are either happy, angry or down right ready to stake a claim. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:9

Jungkook consults his friends. Hoseok is the only one we can trust. ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:10

Jungkook's second attempt does... Not end well. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 Sorry, I was busy with work and couldn't update!
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:11

Jungkook owns a soft core porn Twitter account and his followers don't know he's an Alpha. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:12

Breakfast in the gardens. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:13

Seokjin is slowly losing his patience with Jimin and Taehyung is just here to stare at pretty princes. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:14

Baby bun and his Hyungs. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:16

Yoongi makes a discovery.. And not a good one. ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:17

Yoongi feels useless and Namjoon doesn't know what to do. Hobi just wants Jungkook to be happy. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:18

Jungkook takes a break from posting. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 Tonight's posting is done!! Expect a longer update tomorrow!!

#jikookau #btsau #abo #alpha!jungkook #omega!jimin #textau #aufic #twitterfic #jungkook #jimin
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:19

[Jin has left the chat] ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:20

Jimin has a... Interesting view on Alpha's and Jungkook freaks out. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:21

Jungkook posts on Twitter. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:22

Jungkook needs praise and validation. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:23

Jimin makes a not so nice Twitter post. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:24

Anyone catch the reference? Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:25

There's something odd about this post... ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:26

A new challenger approachs ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:27

Yoongi is a bad boy who needs to be punished. 🐰🐰 ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:29

Yoongi confronts Jimin. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:30

Yoongi snaps Hoseok. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:31

Yoongi and Hoseok talk. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:32

Jungkook bought himself a new set of clothes in a fit of sadness and shows it off to his followers. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:33

😧😧 His brothers being poisoned! ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:36

Hoseok is near his rut.

This might be a problem. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:37

Hoseok is on rut leave and Yoongi is a tease. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:38

Hoseok's thinking about dates. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:40

🤤🤤🤤 Jungkook's a tease.. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:41

Dinner in an hour!!! Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:44

Jungkook ran away in tears?? But why...? ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:45

All I said was I hate him to his face. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:46

Jungkook breaks down on his second Twitter. His followers are concerned. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:47

Is Jimin a bad person? ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:48

Tae is the friend we all need. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:49

Jimin says sorry to Jin, TAEHYUNG DEMANDS CUDDLES ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:50

Jimin attempts to deny what Jin is saying. ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:51

Jungkook has a secret room?? ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:52

The wardrobe was left open... ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:54

Jimin wants to talk. ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:55

Jimin panic texts Taehyung and leaves Jungkook hanging. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:57

Jungkook saw the news.. Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:58

Things aren't going to plan. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:59

The file that could change everything. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:60

Sun and Moon
Ying and Yang
Jungkook and Jimin ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:61

Junghyun knows more then people think.

Who is Kim Seokjin really? ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:62

Jungkook remains blissfully unaware of future events. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 Guess who's back back, back again...

@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 So, I know it's been a long time since my last post buuuuuutttt I was overworked and that was completely on me. Opppps.

Anyways, the next chapter is completely written out.
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:62

The killer is closer then you think. ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:63

Jungkook and Jimin have awoken. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:64

Namjoon strikes again. ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:66

The news has caught on. Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 Okay so maybe I lied about that being it...
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:68

Yoongi snaps back. Jimin is sad.. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:69

Jungkook's very own prince. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:70

Jimin tells Jungkook the news. Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:71

He didn't take the news well. Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:72

Yoongi and Hoseok to the rescue! Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 Okay!! That's it for the night. :))) for real this time.

#jikookau #btsau #abo #alpha!jungkook #omega!jimin #textau #aufic #twitterfic #jungkook #jimin
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:73

Jungkook isn't handling things well, but Jimin is there for him. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:74

Yoongi doesn't like Tae, Tae has heart eyes for Yoongi. ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:75

Taehyung has a plan. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:76

Caught in a lieeeee~ ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:77

Jimin to the rescue. Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:79

Yoongi don't play around. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:80

Yoongi texts a friend. Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:82

Okay, but Jungkook is cute. Image
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:85

Jungkook is so very innocent. ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 That's all! I'm sick as a dog rn, so updates will be sporatic until I am feeling better.

#jikookau #btsau #abo #alpha!jungkook #omega!jimin #textau #aufic #twitterfic #jungkook #jimin
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 Well hell, I have some updates
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:86

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah startignt this off with the pain train ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:88

So no smooches? *smashes phone and breaks skateboard* ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:90

Jin is suspicious..
Why was Taehyung in Junghyun's room?? ImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:91


TW:non-con, discussion of non-con, manipulation, murder. ImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:92

Back to our regularly scheduled progr- OH! 🔞🔞💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️
Jikook sexy time. ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 1:93

🔞🔞🔞💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️ ImageImageImageImage
@Shae_V_00 @maknae_pikachu @moconyx @shadownyx135 So, thus concludes today's updates. I am hella sick. This was a birthday gift. Uwu love you Shae!! As always.

#jikookau #btsau #abo #alpha!jungkook #omega!jimin #textau #aufic #twitterfic #jungkook #jimin

• • •

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