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Wanna know why the SpyGate plotters & their media allies are so FREAKED OUT all of a sudden?

They thought they had LEVERAGE on Trump, they thought they'd be able to CONTAIN stuff.

Like all the other FISA WARRANTS.

I wonder how many people are going to see the significance of THIS highlighted part right here....
Rosenstein did the last renewal of the Carter Page FISA warrant...for which HE was not the affiant, in late June, two months AFTER knowledge of that warrant had been leaked to the media.
Who the affiant was is still a CAREFULLY GUARDED SECRET because I'm pretty sure the FBI person who SWORE under penalty of perjury all facts in the warrant were true & verified has been the subject of a grand jury investigation for awhile now, perhaps a sealed indictment.
I *suspect* but cannot yet demonstrate that the affiant was Peter Strzok.

People don't grasp the only person LEGALLY LIABLE for that warrant is the agent who PRESENTS IT for approval.
"I did this investigation & I have throroughly examined the contents of what appears in this warrent and I *affirm* all the facts I am presenting to the court & to my superiors is verified and accurate."

When he's presenting the Page warrant based on THE STEELE DOSSIER.
The only question is which comes first: the declassification by Barr of the first batch of FISA surveillance documents, or the Horowitz report?
They were confidently told Trump would NEVER be able to declassify anything because the intel heads of the agenciens in Austrailia, Great Britian & Italy would throw a huge tantrum if he did.

This appeared to be working when Trump backed away from declass last September.
In fact, Trump's team wasn't ready to go yet and he needed to wait for Mueller to wrap up so they couldn't scream obstruction if he declassified while the Special Counsel was still investigating.
Mueller has now ended & despite the histrionics you see in the House, the Dem's desperate fishing expeditions looking for a crime are not going to go anywhere.

Meanwhile Trump will procede with declassification now & Horowitz will release his report & Huber will go public.
Many of the criminal referrals that were made long ago, it will be discovered that--SURPRISE!-- the DOJ assigned US Attorneys & seated grand juries to begin investigations based on those referrals without - can you handle the brutal truth? - PUBLICLY ANNOUNCING IT.
You wont see a public announcement by the DOJ that it has assigned a US Attorney based on a criminal referral to seat a grand jury & begin investigating because THIS IS ACTUALLY HOW THE DOJ DOES IT WORK *despite* what a bunch of bloggers & media people are telling you.
You might *inadvertantly* discover there is a US Attorney leading a grand jury investigation of somebody because it LEAKS, such as with the Andrew McCabe grand jury investigation last September.

Or the grand jury investigation into former FBI general counsel James Baker.
The DOJ still has never made any comment or acknowledgement of a McCabe grand jury or a Baker grand jury. Or a Comey grand jury. Or a Strzok grand jury. Or a Fusion GPS grand jury. Or a...hell you get the idea by now, right?
The vast majority of the time [I have to keep repeatedly explaining this, don't ask me why, I just do] the DOJ *does not announce* it is beginning a criminal investigation of someone, even if CONGRESS made a criminal referral on that person.

Some people REFUSE to grasp this.
You will NOT see an announcement the vast majority of the time until...SURPRISE!...an INDICTMENT is suddenly unsealed.

Only THEN are you going to learn a US Attorney was assigned, a grand was seated & then that US Attorney spent MONTHS presenting a case leading to an indictment
Bloggers & pundits who insist to you there is NO WAY NO HOW somebody like McCabe or Comey or Strzok could be the subject of a months-long grand jury investigation without it ever being publicly acknowledged by the DOJ or there being a TON OF LEAKS are dumbasses.
These people place their complete and total absolute faith in the DC LEAK CULTURE.

They can't EVER ADMIT Trump and Sessions completely froze out that culture because that makes these bloggers and pundits pretty much useless.
I've already explained at length how the cover stories were put in place and the strategy was pursued to *defeat* the DC Leak Culture most of these media people operate in.

They're laughing at Huber right now.

Keep watching.

Huber's not doing anything, they said.
Huber's part of the cover up, they said.
Huber is a Jeff Sessions hoax, they said.

Yeah, people are going to remember all of this, who said what.

That's the great thing about all this. EVERYONE is going to see who was right.
The very idea that what Huber is *really doing* would be leaked is comical.

He's way over there in Utah, he was hand-picked for this for a reason.

These people sitting on their asses in DC pontificating to you what their 'sources' tell them have no idea.
The DC Leak Culture folks *don't have any sources in Utah*, they haven't developed in any in the past 2 years, and so they are only going by what they are being FED by their usual DC sources, which is disinformation.
Trump is a MASTER at using cover stories to keep idiots out of his way, both his real enemies and stupid people who think they are his friends.
Cover stories *work* because 95% of people will never dig into them and question the holes in them. This is why Trump uses them.

The biggest mistake a lot of Trump-friendly media make is they *buy into* the Trump stereotypes.
Trump is just an impulsive guy, he has no real overall strategy, see, he just gets out of bed one day and depending on which side of the bed he gets out of, he capriciously rushes headlong into whatever current obsession he has.

A LOT of people buy this, Trump = Chaos.
Trump himself deliberately FEEDS this narrative because he finds it useful.

Virtually every cover story the Trump admin. has put out over the past two years is how bewildered Trump is surrounded by chaos & trying to figure his way out of the new fiasco he's ended up in.
Trump HIMSELF feeds these media idiots cover stories that will directly play to their confirmation biases about him, and brace yourself for a shock:

The people who buy into the narrative of Trump being a clueless, impulsive jerk surrounded by chaos do not just inhabit the Left.
Because they buy into every cover story about Clueless Trump surrounded by hand-picked traitors causing chaos all around him, plenty of Trump supporting media people want to WHITE KNIGHT for him & shout advice about what he should be doing.
These people have spent two years watching Trump - in their eyes - literally doing the wrong things, not listening to them, not locking them all up, not going public over a year and a half, unleashing the full power of the DOJ on the SpyGate plotters, etc. etc.
THEY can spot that Trump's carefully hand-picked people are traitors, Trump somehow can't.

THEY can spot that Trump is pursuing the wrong strategies not dropping the hammer back in Spring 2017, Trump somehow can't.
Trump was carefully preparing the battlefield all these past 2 years while these people were over there SCREAMING at him he was doing EVERYTHING WRONG.

You will spend the next few months having it demonstrated to you it was THEY who had everything wrong, not Trump.
And I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

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