@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour Dearest Jo , you have unwittingly highlighted to the year the decline thus demise of my former party in Scotland, 2014. So what happened then, and since, that has seen, as I forewarned then, the death of Labour?
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour Well that would be its unionist 1st mandate, its Bain Principle 2nd, 3rd England's will of the people supersedes Scots - the cherry on the cement boot cake.

See also 4th, millionaire socialists, and 5th its Hardies mandates erased from history, now only available on a T Towel.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 6th would be of course as you highlight, the ambiguity of policy - in trying to play bean counter and not just with brexit. 7th would be, like all other parties, not calling out the fraud of the moneyed class, broadcasted and media backed, moneyed class coup that was, is brexit.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 7th well that would be the leaning to the right, even before brexit, with its "immigration mugs", feeding also the anger of brexit, no better than that Treezas round up vans.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 8th That would be what I believe you are hinting at, and thats Scottish Labour being Scottish Labour, which, as long as it is not REGISTERED in Scotland, as a sister party, but a branch shed instead - will forever mean Labour being lost.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 9th , of course I have left it a bit late on the Orange Order, a blight in Scotland that Labour likes to indulge in - so backing the persecution of its Catholics - yet Antisemitism gets the coverage instead.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 10th would be the embarrassment that is Jim Kelly, as the shadow economy minister in Holyrood - despite being a qualified accountant, has to take off his socks of FMQ, and where Labour have nothing to offer on Scottish Budget but SNP Bad.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 11th, well that would be "lend tories your vote" by Kezia Dugdale, the enemy of the worker class, to defeat the SNP and Scottish Independence, at the cost of the Scottish Worker class, for the benefit of a few Lords, and did I mention millionaire Socialists already?
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 12th would be the using of the unions, to deliver pay rises - that Labour has not, and will not deliver in Wales, while complaining its Westmisnter austerity making it a shite hole - but that SNP wont mitigate what it wont in Wales.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 13th would be the Equal Pay debacle, where as a Labour council it denied and robbed women workers, aided by the very union that supposedly was working for them the GMB - and at the time ran by the very man you are lettering.

13b - taking it as a win for GMB and Labour.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 14, socialism in principle, but not if the SNP have the same manifesto. Its a Bain principle extension, where, by abstaining on SNP manifesto, if identical to, or better than Labours - it denies improvement on UK and Scotland.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 15, as you have highlighted - inaction, in the form of ambivalence, abstaining, and to a direct point enabling Tory austerity for grievance vote mongering, or as I have termed it malevolent benevolence as the opposition that no longer opposes.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 16, honesty - integrity - sincerity , I see none of that, as does the voter, where even the sectarian has seen the demise of Labour, and created the working class Tory by Labour being in bed with them from 2014 onward.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 17, Labour and the black stuff. Theres a whole history there that WE need to admit to, that has rendered a large part of traditional heartlands the shite holes of Scotland - you know, where ye last tried to be elected.

All because Labour prevented oil and Gas on the Clyde.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 18, Trident. The reason why the above never happened, which would have meant from Greenock to Stranraer, one of the highest areas of low pay and social investment deprivation, being the Aberdeen of SW Scotland.

Scotland says NO to Trident, but cant say NO to Trident in union.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 19, Northern Ireland. There is a murmur gathering pace that Labour will drop its 100 year rule of not standing in NI , in respect for Connolly and the sister party of the SDLP - from McCluskey to the NEC thinkers.

Which makes me wonder, respecting Irish indy, why prevent Scots?
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 20, House of Lords, now stocked with Millionaire socialist peers, and not the removal of it after 100 years of promising to do so. Lords that know should Scotland gain its independence, they will no longer be sitting in it - thus Labour chooses them over Scots themselves.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 21, Fighting the enemy that no longer exists, with a rule book 100 years old. This Marxist remit, of Corbyn, is no longer applicable to what has replaced capitalism - neoliberalism, which is the protection, reward, subsidy by state of private company and capital.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 22, Nu Labours baby was neoliberalism, that state subsidy of private capital, in PFI, in Tax Credits rewarding low pay, while companies offshore profits. NuLabour still exists, and I suspect that you Jo are one of them too - as does your local reps.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 23, Labour no longer listens, as evident by the very reason you have written to Dick. Not to the numbers, that you have lost as members, not to the voter rejecting you, in far larger numbers.

You, Labour, dont have ears for Scotland - only manifestos from the HQ for us.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 24, D'Hondt and the regional list that Labour created, that it never introduced in Westminster also - that protects the failed from being rejected, thus change in Scotland within the ranks.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 25, the Head Office mandate of "We will never work with the SNP to form a coalition Govt", a mandate repeated by successive leaders - denying England, Wales, and Scotland a "Socialist" Govt - on the same page.

The only reason for which is preventing an SNP Scottish Secretary.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 26, Preventing a Scottish Secretary above.

The only reason for which is that on there being one it would mean unfettered access to the historical bawbaggery of Labour on the Scots file cabinet, and not just by the Tories.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 27, Broadcasting. Scotland is a country, and with that comes the right to broadcasting, devolved. Labour have shown no interest in supplying that EU and UN human right - and will not as long as it remains the political prize for propagandism from ANY Govt of the day over Scots.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 28, On the day Holyrood was delivered, finally, after Labour conning Scots out of it in 1979, which in part led to the VONC of Callaghans govt, on the back of the winter of discontent, it stole 6000 miles of its sea.

Yet still blames the SNP for its own actions in 79.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 29, The Iraq war, to protect the oil dollar - is it time yet to send Blair and Brown to the Hague?
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 30, thats around how many years I was a Labour man, manned the barricades, stocked the original food banks for the miners, marched, watched Clydeside, Ravenscraig, and our estates razed to follow the home ownership of Thatcher with RTB - that Labour KEPT on doing as red Tories.
@JohannaBaxter @LabourRichard @scottishlabour 31, thats where and why I have more to offer than any Labour politician, protected, rewarded for failure, by union bench seats, regional list seats, NEC seats, or pretend socialist think tanks - on being rejected at the polls.

And by that of course, I mean you.
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