1/n Spent some time on LexisNexis over the weekend. Depending on your political orientation, what follows will either disturb or encourage you. But regardless of political orientation, I'm sure we can all say 'holy fucking shit'
2/n Here's 'holy fucking shit' #1
(#6) So many of these graphs look the same that, without the title, it looks like I'm simply reposting a single chart
(#7) If you're looking for a job in a booming industry....
(#8) Some of these terms (such as the one below) turn up so many results that I had to limit the search to a single news source
#13 I was telling @rasmansa that I don't recall the term 'people of color' being used so frequently in previous years/decades. Maybe there's something to this...?
#14: One important thing to keep in mind is that only results for articles which LexisNexis has inventorized are going to turn up. For instance, the trend below technically begins in the 1980s; but only a handful of articles that LexisNexis has for this period mentions 'racism'.
#15: Clear Charlottesville effect
#16 Our future is intersectional
Have a couple more I'm currently working on (including political correctness). Anybody have any other suggestions?
#17 'Unconscious bias' is more frequency referred to than 'implicit bias', but had to check
#18 During the 90s, the number of articles (at least on LexisNexis) mentioning 'political correctness' ranged from 4 (1990) to 380 (1990). 2007 was the first year this number entered into the 1000s (1056), which is where it's stayed since 2013.
@C_Kavanagh You asked for RW-related terms. Here's one.
As some of you pointed out, any search term is likely to see an overtime increase (if only due to growth in the number of news outlets/publications). As such, I think it's better to limit the searches to single publications. So here's the trend for 'PC' in the NYT
And here's the number of NYT articles mentioning 'diversity'
Original NYT Racism graph was actually an undercount. The search was generated with racism in quotations (and quotations should only be used when connecting two words). Here's the corrected figure. Let me see if other graphs are similarly affected.
The 'privilege' NYT graph was also an undercount. Obviously, the word 'privilege' need not refer to social/racial privilege. I nevertheless find it interesting that its use has grown tremendously over the past few years. It could be just a coincidence, but I'm skeptical.
Update: Currently working on tallying the annual number of NYT articles between 1980-2018 so I can calculate percentages. The NYT doesn't make this information readily available so I have to 'cheat' by using noise words (e.g. 'the') as search terms.
Update #2: Okay, I've finished one of them. Once again, using 'the' as a search term, I tabulated the number of results for NYT each year between 1980-2018. In the end, it seems that 'racism' mentions grew both in absolute terms *and* as a percent of all listed articles.
For instance, for 2018, LexisNexis produces results for 113,596 articles--2.07% of which mentioned 'racism'

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Dec 30, 2021
1/n After trailing them somewhat in 2016, white Dems (51.8%) are now significantly more likely (p=0.001) than non-white Dems (43.6%) to prioritize the use of 'inclusive'/PC language over speaking frankly about issues and problems facing the country. Little change among white Reps
2/n Disaggregating the Dem racial/ethnic groups, whites are sig. more likely to give this response than blacks and hispanics, but are virtually tied with their Asian counterparts (who, as some contend, do their best to ape woke white elite sensibilities )
3/n Checking in on white liberals, the figures overall (56%) are very similar as those among Dems. Somewhat surprisingly, though, sex differences in this response are fairly modest
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Dec 17, 2021
1/n 53% of white liberals (48% of white Dems) think that white people should feel guilty about racial inequality
2/n Needless to say, this is more or less the purpose of equity-oriented K-12 curriculums--i.e., cultivate white support for race-conscious/anti-white policies via the inculcation of collective guilt and shame.
3/n Alas, and as my dissertation research suggests, it may actually be an effective strategy. And I suspect proponents of such curricula *know* this (I mean, the relevant literature explicitly discusses shame and guilt in terms of its utility for effecting social change).
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Dec 8, 2021
1/n Very briefly (I'm vacationing in India atm), the 2016 CCES Team Module of American University shows that 30% of white liberals (19% white cons) don't think there ANY IQ diffs between wealthy and poor people. Among those that believe there *are* diffs..
2/n 32.6% of white liberals (vs. ~18% of cons) indicated that genes were 'not important at all' in these differences, which was their modal response choice
3/n Generally speaking, the Left is more likely to deny genetic attributions for outcome differences between economic classes and advantaged vs. disadvantaged social groups. They may accept their relevance to differences between individuals--but economic classes and..
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Nov 26, 2021
1/n Ah, forgot to give an update: I successfully defended my dissertation (in fact, fwiw, my committee members thought so much of it that they are nominating me for a best doctoral dissertation award), so I guess I’m now a ‘doctor’ 🤷‍♂️
2/n The years of research/work I put into this dissertation will now serve as the basis for many of the articles (and ultimately the book) I’ll be writing in the months and years ahead. Tl;dr of dissertation: White guilt and shame are central to..
3/n …to white racial liberalism (aka ‘wokeness’). In their absence, white racial attitudes would be far more conservative (note: my dissertation is completely agnostic on whether these emotions are ‘good’ or should be ‘encouraged’. I have my own normative position, but you..)
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Nov 20, 2021
1/n Someone asked me to compile these data, but I'll share them here as well: top 10 unarmed (i.e., no lethal weapon found) white vs. black deaths at the hands of police in terms of ProQuest news article search results Image
2/n Had to create separate graphs because a single graph would have obscured the bars for white victims (as below) Image
3/n I have the data for ALL unarmed black and white victims, so I'll probably write up an analysis via substack in the coming weeks
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Nov 10, 2021
1/2 The Mapping Police Violence database counts many cases in which off-duty police officers (for instance) murder their families or lovers (and each family member is counted as a separate victim). I mean..I get that these acts were committed by police officers. But are they.. ImageImage
2/2 ...but can they *really* be reasonably construed* as cases of lethal police force? I call bullshit.
3/2 Hell, even *accidental* off-duty shootings are counted: "Miller's husband accidentally shot her in the head when he was cleaning his gun. She was 22 weeks pregnant, and the child died after an emergency c-section. The killing was ruled accidental."
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