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Crazy -- the first question, the guy says he read the entire Mueller Report. Amash apparently draws an educated audience.

The questioner stated he thought Trump crossed the threshold for impeachment.
2nd questioner asks about the children being separated at the border.

Amash says he is concerned and they are working on legislation. The need more resources on the border.

Amash sounds reasonable.
3rd questioner -- all men so far --

"first I want to salute your courage" -- gets standing ovation.
This questioner states that he was in Vietnam.

Then asks if there is a way to amend the constitution so the electorate gets a mulligan.

Hilarious. He gets a laugh.
Amash says there is no mulligan. The people speak every 4 years, in between it is up to Congress.
4th Questioner, a woman, asks if he supports mandating vaccinations.
Amash answers the states have to decide. Schools have to decide. He doesn't think it should be a federal mandate. (WHich is consistent with Amash's libertarian views.)

Props to @ddale8 -- live tweeting is hard!
5th questioner:
She says Barr and others are ignoring subpoenas and that is wrong.
She is asking what the next step is going to be.

Amash says it is appropriate to proceed with an inquiry. She will make the determination as to whether there will be an impeachment.
Amash says she is concerned about her members who are in difficult districts.

Amash says worrying about your district is what is wrong with Congress. Members only follow the party.
Amash: Typical member 99% of the time.
He was kicked off budget committee because he only voted with them 95% of the time.

He says he votes with GOP 75% of the time.

He says it is not a healthy system.

People need to be more concerned about the process in Congress.
The speaker controls the entire process -- under Republican and Democratic.

Amash said Paul Ryan did not allow a single amendment on the House floor.
Pelosi is doing the same thing.

Messaging amendments that don't do anything substantive may be added.
He said it starts at the beginning of every term, and apparently every week, the rules dating back to the earliest congresses give individual members more power, are not followed. They vote to not follow them.

But they vote to not adopt those rules. If they don't vote against
those rules, they will not get a committee assignment and they cannot be chairs of any committee.
Amash wants to change that.

I'm curious is .@aoc agrees.
It seems to be something that would be very frustrating.
Amash is describing the role of the federal government in his view. Again he is a libertarian.

He disagrees with a lot of fed subsidies.
Woman in MAGA hat gets booed.
Amash tells audience to be respectful.

She calls Mueller report a smear attack.

Says there is no facts.

She says
'Going back to the Constitution, ' but then she says something that is nonsensical.

She goes on to say how do you determine
who violates the public trust.
And then says the Dems have violated the public trust.
Accuses Dems of a silent coup. The deep state. Says HRC needs to be investigated.
She is continuously booed.
Amash tries to grab control by asking audience to be respectful
She accuses Amash of being a Dem. But when she voted for him, he was a dem.

Amash says he has one of the most constitutionally conservative voting records. That he was elected under the tea party movement for smaller govt and lower spending.
Amash is being very respectful.
He says he is a principled constitutional conservative who has stayed the same regardless of whether it is Obama or Trump in the WH

Amash challenges MAGA lady to give him a factual response about what she disagrees with that Amash has set out
over 70 tweets.

She continues to recite the phony assertions of Fox News

She says you cannot have obstruction if there is no crime committed. Amash corrects her. He says she is wrong.

Amash: The reason someone isn't charged with an underlying crime may be because there
wasn't evidence because of the obstruction.

She says there was no crime because the investigation was based on a lie by Dems and deep state.
She says Trump wants to have limited govt. Amash says he isn't.
She says he wants to get rid of Dept of Ed. Amash says he is free to do so
That flusters the MAGA lady and she says she will stop.

5th questioner is asking about his own conviction. It is confusing. Unclear what his point is. Now he explains he was in jail for 33 years for obstruction of justice without any underlying evidence.
.@ddale8 -- where are you?
I wish you were covering Amash town hall.
Next questioner says her teacher is teaching them to think critically, not emotionally.
I missed her friends question but it is something about whether impeachment is worth it.

Amash says we are at risk of never using impeachment and that is wrong.

There are a lot of protections in place, e.g., 2/3rd in Senate to convict. But it is more dangerous for the country
to allow the President to lie and mislead without consequence. That Trump asked he WH counsel to create a false record. That is incredible dishonesty and harms the Office of the Presidency. He wants impeachment to deter this wrongful behavior.
I really recommend watching Amash's town hall.
Especially since I think I am done tweeting this.

Women says how can she teach students and kids not to bully and not to lie when Trump does it.

She says she doesn't agre with a lot of Amash's policies but applauds his morality.
Amash talks about how other countries don't care about the rule of law, that in those countries as long as your person is in power, then it doesn't matter what he does. He says America isn't like that. (I think Amash is underestimaing the lack of GOP interest in the rule of law
Orange shirt man asks Amash if the Speakers -- Republican and Democratic - are abusing power by forcing members to control Congress members so much. Amash says it is.

(I agree with Amash on this.)

Amash now takes on McCarthy - saying he is the GOP leader and goes after
anyone who goes against the party line.

(No wonder they are afraid of Amash -- once the dam breaks others may slip through.)

(Now I want to see a joint townhall on @CNN with Amash and .@AOC. I bet although their policies are very very different, they would agree on
necessary changes to make Congress actually represent the people and not the monied powers.)
Another questioner -- asks Amash if he is just trying to position himself and get more attention.

Amash says he won't rule it out, but if he were trying to roll out a campaign for something like Senate or gov or PRes this is not how he would do it.
My live stream froze.
And it is not coming back.

PS I apologize for all my typos and grammatical errors.
But listening to Amash is fascinating.
He does appear to be doing what he thinks is the moral and ethical thing to do.
He is risking his GOP career as a result of it
And again, I do not agree with most of his policy positions.
But I definitely respect his courage right now.
Amashis back.

Constituent asks why he supports non citizens voting.
Amash says he doesn't.
Amash says he thinks this is a question about a vote on a matter to recommit
Amash goes back to his position -- if a parent has a kid who goes to one school district but lives in another
the sates should be able to decide if that parent can vote.
(This is consistent with his libertarian view.)
Another questioner says it is clear that party loyalty isn't important and asks why he doesn't run as an independent.

Amash says the Mich system makes it hard to run as independent.

And that straight ticket voting harms independents.
Woman stands up and says she read the Mueller Report. She said he needs a diagram for the Russians.

She says it is confirmed that the Russians were involved in 2016 and what do we do to keep them out of this election.

Amash says it requires more security and the Pres to step up
Amash says Congress has some role.
He wants to keep elections handled at the state and local and that it is a buffer.
Most of the way to handle it is to have a PRes who cares about it.
Questioner asks if Amash is concerned that he will lose because he is standing up to Trump

Amash says he is not worried. He says he believes in the people he represents.
Amash said Trump did worse in his county than any republican in the history of the county and in the city of Grand Rapids.

Amash "In any case you should always do what is right."
Next questioner
says he is 2 time Obama voter and 1 time Trump voter

Asks if it is true if he has a factory and makes tools somewhere.

Amash -- I do not have a factory in China. I own part of his family business. He said the family buys less than 10% of his product in china.
Amash says most other purchases are from US and also from Taiwan.

He said his opposition to the tariff is against his own financial interest.

(I believe him because he is a free market guy and always has been.)purchases
I didn't hear the next guy.

Woman speaking says the people cheering Amash are dems who didn't vote for him.

She claims she worked for him and voted for him.

She says she has changed her position on Amash -- that he hasn't represented the popular will of his constitutents.
Amash says his job is to uphold the Constitution.
She is disagreeing with him.
She says he made baseless claims of obstruction and that Trump didn't knowingly obstruct justice since there was no corrup intent.

Now she asks why he doesn't talk about FISA abuses.
This MAGA woman is very upset. She says Trump was spied on for a year.
She is reciting Fox news talking points.

Amash says he tweeted about Barr misrepresenting Mueller report.
Amash says FISA comments are an excuse. That FISA only addresses a small part of the whole situation
Amash said he has fought against FISA abuse.

He is talking about FISA 702 allows the govt to gather all your information without warrants or probable cause. Amash voted against it. Trump signed that law.
Amash offered amendment to stop FISA 702. Trump issued a veto threat against Amash's US rights amendment to the FISA 702.

Amash said Devin Nunes and others like him wanted FISA reauthorized.

Then the following week they came out and complained about FISA.
Now I'm curious about .@emptywheel's comments on Amash's FISA comments.
Doug Booth is running against Justin Amash. I think he is a Dem.

He is asking Amash about ACA and why Amash has opposed it.
Amash responds that he didn't think it was the right way to handle pre-existing conditions. That the ACA resulted in higher premiums for people without presexisting conditions.

Note: I stopped listening for a moment. I needed a glass of wine.
I missed the beginning of this question.
It has to do with FISA or bulk collection of data.

Amash says he is open to looking at all the FISA Stuff.

This has been going on for over 90 minutes.
Ryan from the sunrise movement - a youth #ClimateChange movement.
Ryan asks Amash what his plans are for Climate Change

Amash wants to work with young conservatives to figure out how to handle it in a free market way.
(oh oh oh. I have some ideas for him. I wrote a paper on it)
Damn. I gotta go find that paper.
Whoops. Just found it.
It is a few years old, but still valid.

I need to send it to Amash.
I missed a couple questions -- I was busy looking for my market based approach to attacking greenhouse gas emissions.

Now Amash is saying the Drs should make decisions on pain management and not congress. (Sorry. I missed the question.)
I am not good at live tweeting. .@ddale8 is the master of live tweeting.

Next questioner is asking Amash if he talks to Pelosi. Amash says he hasn't had a conversation with Pelosi.

Questioner says HOpe Hicks shouldn't be able to just decide whether to violate the subpoena
Anyone else would be arrested.

Amash: Obstruction of justice and preventing the rule of law must be addressed.
Amash wants to winds up.

Woman is speaking and says she ran for office. She didn't say who she was or what she ran for.

She said she canvased last cycle for Republicans. She said the number 1 issue is healthcare. Also fair pay is critical. She asked Justin what he is doing
Amash wants pre-existing conditions need to be covered in a bifurcated system. (I don't know what that means)

Same questioner is asking about student debt.
Amash said loans are too easy to get.
(Oh Justin -- why not address the cost of college)
Now she asked him about fair wages
Sorry. I had to quit listening to a Amash. She said she needed a walk. And how could I turn down that face.
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