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Do You Even Q?

My thread on the media / shills / and mouthpieces, who write to discredit Q
1] Let’s start with a simple analogy:
If you had a 1000 piece puzzle, & I gave you at random, the last 150 pieces with no clue of the final pic, what chance would you have of assembling the said pieces so they would make sense to look at?
Of course the answer is virtually none.
2] You might ask why I give such a simplistic analogy to begin with, and the answer is quite easy, and logical.

This is exactly what those who ‘claim’ to know what #Q and the #Qanon movement is all about.
3] Seriously, think about for a moment.....

Q arrived in November in 2017. With a whopping 3349 posts (more of you count the ‘Patriots Fight’ board), to their credit to date, AND every post is not an outright story but rather a clue (crumb) of information.
4] How could anyone who hasn’t followed Q since the beginning supposed to understand and write about it factually, and in a non biased way?
5] Again, the answer is simple, yet logical, they can’t.

The MSM (except a few like @seanhannity, @SaraCarterDC & @marklevinshow), take one look and figure it’s all gibberish, take no time to ask questions, then write some loaded piece of trash and ‘claim’ what they say is true.
6] Like mate...Do you even Q?
7] Lets dig a little deeper, but keep this in layman’s terms so everyone gets it.

Q’s posts are not linear but there is meaning to them.

Sometimes the post is simple and straightforward, other times Anons have to figure out what the true meaning is behind the post.
8] Some posts are ‘markers’ where we can get a hint of a date when something specific will happen (Eg: Pictures of an analogue watch where the time and date all come into play for an announcement that’s going to be made by @POTUS
9] Some posts are pictures that are shared now, to prove that something happened in the past when it comes to light in the MSM in days, weeks, months or even a year’s time. This done deliberately for a few reasons, one is to avoid breaching National Security laws.
10] The second is equally as important, and that is to prove that it is mathematically impossible for these events to just be random coincidences.
We are talking Military precision here and nothing has been left to chance.
11] Analogy 2:
If you start watching a TV series at the beginning of season 4, you will be confused to begin with because you have no history, that provides the context, of the current episode you are watching.
Who is who?
Are they good or evil?
Why did they just do that?
All the ‘normal questions ‘ any reasonable person would ask to ‘TRY TO UNDERSTAND’ what’s really happening.
This is what the MSM will NEVER do....they make up headlines to make you buy their product!
13] And here’s the downfall of the MSM (in print, on TV & blogs), shills and & so called ‘experts’....they DON’T understand but pretend they do. That’s what they get paid to do. Anytime you hear the word ‘expert’, you can throw the words ‘journalistic integrity’ out the window.
14] Analogy 3:
If you’re a Vegan, you understand what it means to be one.
There are beliefs that you practice.
Is it illegal? No.
Is it understood fully by those who don’t follow these practices? Mostly, no.
Can you make a free choice to become one or stop being one? Yes.
These same and simple principles apply to being a follower of the ‘Q Movement’.
Vegans are not a cult, and neither is Q.
Q is not a conspiracy, and in fact Q has more integrity and legitimacy than 99% of all the printed media combined on the entire planet.
So how can I stand here and say this?
It’s easy, I am ‘one’ of the many patriots around the world that understands what Q is about, and trying to achieve. My beliefs hurt nobody, I hurt nobody.....
... in fact, the only people that will feel the pain of Q are the ones who are / were involved with corruption in one form or another.
From MSM to Social Media, corrupt governments, Hollywood, the music industry, big pharma and more....
So why have the MSM been continually been try to smear, discredit, divide , debunk and label Q in such a way that has never been seen before?

Take a deep breath and then let this sink in as you ponder the following....(just be honest)...
Q1] If Q is just a conspiracy / fraud / LARP (Live Action Role Play)why have the biggest media corporations ploughed literally millions of $$$ trying to undermine it instead of understand it?
A1] Simple, because they are complicit in the corruption and don’t want it exposed.
Q2] Why have NONE of the MSM had the balls to ask POTUS if Q is real or not?
A2] Bc their lies, biased & fraudulent behaviour would be exposed to the public. They’ve gone to far down the conspiracy road to back out now, so they double down on spinning their lies into ‘truth’.
‘A lie told often enough, becomes the truth’ - Vladimir Lenin

And this is exactly what the MSM and corrupt politicians are trying to do.

They have no evidence to contrary and they are panicking because the real truth is closing in all around them.
They are literally backed into a corner, but they are also a dangerous animal at this point in time as well. They have spent almost all their ammunition, are about to undergo prosecution, and their world is about to fall apart.
Down comes the house of cards...
They have attempted to divide us, smear us, undermine us, silence us and ban us, but we are patriots, we herald from all corners of the globe, we stand shoulder to shoulder, we stand as one in peace to lawfully end the corruption that has ruled this planet for too long.
For those that decode. Q’s posts, I personally Thank You, for without you I wouldn’t understand half of what I know now....
For those who don’t understand Q, ask, you will not be ‘converted’ or dragged kicking and screaming into a cult...quite the opposite, you will be welcomed warmly as we try and help you understand Q and what it all means.
Q is just the messenger to the people, the patriots who understand how deep this corruption goes, who is involved, and how we can learn to discern for ourselves the truth of what’s really happening right now in the world around us.
Don’t underestimate our resolve to see this through either. This movement is a lawful one that wants the people of this world to be free, truly free, and have the power to decide our own destinies....
.... We no longer need the enslavement of big corporations and corrupt governments to divide us and keep us weak.

Where We Go 1, We Go All.... #WWG1WGA
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